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Unused Cup Icons Have Apparently Been Discovered In Mario Kart 8


UK hackers, Chadderz and his brother Mr Bean, have discovered four unused cup icons in Mario Kart 8. At this point in time its undetermined whether they were placed there as forthcoming downloadable content, or they were simply scrapped by the development team. Still, it’s certainly an interesting find for Mario Kart 8 fans.

Thanks, Matthew

102 thoughts on “Unused Cup Icons Have Apparently Been Discovered In Mario Kart 8”

      1. Hopefully not cuz this game really needs track DLC more than anything.
        But probably not anytime soon as the August update/DLC is just kart parts and other minor changes… kinda lame if you ask me, but again, hopefully track/CUP DLC is on the way soon despite the August DLC.

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      3. Yes, this definitely needs to happen. It can extend the replay value of the game and make online races even more fun. This and character DLC would probably have me set. And screw all you cheapskates saying that there shouldn’t be DLC. Lol.

        1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

          Ever since Mario Kart Wii they’ve had 32 courses. I’m fine with DLC as long as the packaged game contains the normal amount of content. I’m fine getting more tracks right now and I don’t understand why other people aren’t :/

          1. I hope they add more tracks! I’ve gotten bored playing the tracks already in the game. I want at least 4 more tracks and I’ll be happy. I haven’t been playing Mario Kart 8 at all as of recently. I got to about 1900 online and I’m pretty much just bored with it now. I’m actually bored with pretty much all my Nintendo games. 3D World, NSMBU, and Wind Waker HD. Now I need to save up for Hyrule Warriors because it’s gonna be amazing.

          1. Don’t be stupid. The more characters there are, then the better. If they eventually add character DLC, your favorite one will most likely be in there, so quit complaining. And don’t give me the, but they should’ve been in there in the first place excuse either. The game is already finished and there’s nothing you can do about it, so you may as well deal with it. Or get out your money and just buy them.

            1. Tracks are way more important than characters. I really doubt a new characters stats are going to even be different from what the current roster is

              1. It isn’t about the stats, it’s just so people can pick their favorites. Most people complain about the roster, but I actually like Pink Gold Peach and Baby Rosalina. And I use Wendy and Lemmy Koopa from time to time too.

          2. Kind of true in some aspects… if i developed MK8 i would have added a color change for characters, like Smash Bros [i probably could have made the game 100% better if i developed it]… i mean ,seriously, it’s not rocket science to implement that simple feature, it would have saved sooo much room– Metal Mario and Pearl Peach could have been colors for normal mario and peach. Same with koopalings and bowser [also, with the addition of bowser jr. he can imitate smaller koopalings.]

          3. The only junk/wasteful characters in the game is the metals. If future DLC will bring more, then that’ll be better. But as of now, the game is fine. What it needs now is for Battle Mode to change back, fix the online play, make Voice Chat available for gameplay and not lobby only which was a disappointing dick move for a hyped game like MK8.

            Chill out dude. I’ve seen a lot worse than MK8.

            1. I’d say almost half of the roster in mario kart 8 are junk characters. The metals, koopalings, and babies. He’s right, having color or costume swapping could have worked well enough to have the metals in there and to some extent the koopalings. Just have one default koopaling on the roster and have different koopaling costumes. The same could be said with the babies, just have them be costume swaps for their adult counterparts. I’d much rather miss out on koopalings and babies and get some diddy kong, dixie kong, king boo, petey piranha,

              1. The metals were more of a waste since they’re clones, babies are expected and the Koopalings are a welcome because I love them and glad they ditch that prick Bowser Jr. But yes, we need Diddy and others back. Boo wouldn’t make sense because they lack legs to reach for the petals. I wanna see Petey return though.

                1. Yes, yes, we can’t ignore the flaw in logic of King Boo not being able to reach the pedals. MK8 needs to be a realistic experience. *Drives up wall on anti gravity track*

                  1. This is a different level of physics. Think about it. A ghost without legs and feet driving a kart doesn’t make sense. A kart with built-in anti-gravity wheels to drive on walls does..kinda. XD

      4. “RiP MK8 it got hacked so many hackers now” Said a lot of people. And now, we can confirm DLC or something… People man

      5. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

        it was rumored back in e3 2013, that there would be more than 32 courses in the game.

        1. Did you just suddenly give up on trolling or something? You almost never try to bash the Wii U anymore. What kind of trick are you trying to play? XD

      6. Seems probable, don’t know why they would even be there as just images if they were scraped, wouldn’t make much sense keeping things on disc that take up space and will never be used.

        So I’ll assume it is either real or just fake but I don’t think if they were real they would just be there for nothing.

        1. you need to watch more beta shows on YouTube, all games have a bunch of unused icons, enemies, and stuff in them that never get used not even in dlc, they scrapped them and never take them completely off the disk

        2. Never mind, didn’t really look at the images too long but they must be fake, they even look edited. Every other Cup icon has much more put into than just an image of something, they either have the leafs or the stars but those images have none of them.

          Also the borders around the items inside each icon are completely different from the supposed leaked ones, notice how the border around the items is much thicker and smoother on the cups in the game but the other ones have much thinner border lines and they aren’t even smooth borders around the items or character.

          So I say these are definitely fake, Nintendo would have put more effort into those than the people who used photoshop did trying to fool everyone.

          1. You can also notice the border line inside around the items and boo, aren’t even the same color as the other ones, the other ones have more a bronze type coloring to them, these ones have a more yellowish gold.

            That second star one is really badly done also the checkers are cut off and the borders around that are awful and so choppy.

            Obvious fakes and poorly done photoshop work.

      7. In other news, PlayStation 4 has sold 10 million units and the next Tomb Raider game is exclusive to the Xbox One…

        1. And there’s a COD limited edition Xbox One bundle with 1TB or storage space. That’s HUGE. Wii U only has 32GB, and look where the competition’s going now

      8. Oh damn! If they wanted to make a DLC of new cups, they could use the idea they scrapped! They do, however, look fake. I think they were probably just placeholders, though. Even though a “boo” cup sounds ridiculous.

        1. boo cup is not ridiculous: banshee boardwalk and that other one from snes as well as two new boo house themed tracks and king boo all in one convenient download!


        its not HACKED as in cod hacked its just code they can view YOU IDIOTS




        1. They could hack it if they wanted to. They’re just doing the simple hacks at the moment. Textures, cheats, and glitching.

      10. The strange thing to me is that the egg, sunshine, and ghost aren’t in the game at all… But I have really high hopes for dlc now.

      11. 32 tracks aren’t enough for this game especially if half of them are remakes. Idc how beautiful the retro tracks are they are still old tracks and the new ones are so much better with how creative they are. I really hope we get new courses

      12. Maybe they could be used for Battle mode DLC? I don’t think any other MK game had battle mode courses play in the 4-course way that the race tracks do, so it could be interesting to see.

      13. Jesus was black but Thats besides the point. I hope it’s just beta stuff and soon there will be DLC for Mario kart 8 since Mario kart 7 has gotten no DLC WhatSoEver which was upsetting after Nintendo promised new content to MK7 and 3dLand

      14. Of course, they could tie that in with a dlc character we all love named Plessie. Also, thanks! I love coming up with game ideas.

      15. Hope there will be tons more DLC and fixes for this game and that Nintendo should advertise it more regarding DLCs to gain more awareness and sales.

        I hope more characters, tracks, old Battle Mode and much more to come so I can dust off MK8 and start kicking ass again. :3

        1. We won’t be getting any DLC because there are some Nintendo fanboys that just cannot accept it. They want everything to be free and are unhappy whenever somebody asks for DLC. :(

          1. Knowing Nintendo, they usually and wisely price DLCs unlike COD DLC being too much for a few crappy designed maps that are almost too similar between each other.

            These extreme fanboys don’t have to buy DLC which is always an optional thing anyway. If DLCs are designed, bundled and priced right, then there shouldn’t be a problem.

            1. Most likely the same guys that complained about Mario Golf World Tour DLC. Fucking cheapskate trying to ruin everything.

              1. Amiibo is gonna be used in Mario kart 8 so hopefully it a for more than ghost data. And actually have DLC amiibo pabks for different games. Because have DLC you can hold is even more awesome. If Nintendo doesn’t do that I will literally be more disappointed in them than I allready am

      16. fake. Why is it that those “beta” screens appear as 3D, volumetric images whereas the actual images are flattened and two-dimensional?

      17. It’d be nice if there were some new cups added in, even if they just re-imagined old tracks. There are plenty to build off from. I’m sure if they made a set of four new cups, four tracks each, people would easily pay $10-15 for them. Throw in some new characters and kart parts and they’ll just add more replay value to this game. Though the best thing they could do is fix the battle mode (I honestly think they were too lazy to make battle arenas) but I doubt they’d want to fix it, they’ll just brush it off as “we tried something new and think it’s great!”

      18. I can’t believe people are still playing this game. I’m SO bored with it already. Though some people might have just bought it.

      19. DLC tracks later down the road would be nice. I’d gladly take retro tracks in HD & tracks from the original Super Mario Kart rebuilt from the ground up in full 3D if they don’t want to make brand new tracks. I’d rather they save making new tracks for the next Mario Kart, though, so retro tracks alone would be good enough.

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