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Zelda Nintendo 3DS XL Carrying Case On European And Australian Club Nintendo

Nintendo UK has tweeted that the official Zelda themed Nintendo 3DS XL carrying case is available on Club Nintendo in Europe and Australia as part of the Stars catalogue. The swanky case for your Nintendo 3DS XL will set you back 4000 Stars.

Emblazoned with the iconic Hylian Crest from The Legend of Zelda series, this neat carry case is just the ticket for pencils, toiletries – or even a Nintendo 3DS and some Game Cards! Fashioned from dark green nylon, it features a useful carry handle, plus a gold-coloured zip complete with two slider grips – one is stamped with a Zelda Heart Container emblem, the other with the Club Nintendo logo. Don’t forget it the next time you set off on an adventure! Dimensions approximately 19.5cm x 12cm x 6.5cm.

Thanks, Gamertimeusa

34 thoughts on “Zelda Nintendo 3DS XL Carrying Case On European And Australian Club Nintendo”

    1. Seriously! I’m starting to hate the US daily with shit like this, failure on health care, and a list of other shit. I’m moving to Canada

    2. Hey I’m American. I’m not really angry because of this, mainly because I have a regular sized 3ds and not xl. But I am outraged at the fact that there aren’t even 10 physical rewards for us to redeem right now, I’m also pissed at this years platinum reward.

    3. Nintendo Commander Mar-Vell

      I want it without that strap. Most cases don’t have strap. Strap is clumsy. Makes it look like a purse.

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  2. It looks cool but meh. I found a nice site that does shipping in the United States & there is this messenger bag that probably could double as something to carry my 3DS XL in. It will cost money to get it but I don’t mind since I’m more open to buying stuff like this for Zelda than I am Mario, Metroid or any other video game franchise.

  3. U.S. gets awful platinum/gold rewards, and incredibly limited and cheap physical rewards. Meanwhile Japan and other parts of the world get stuff like this.

  4. well my stars expire at the end of the year which is when i redeemed a ton 2 years ago. hmm i think iil buy this since its the only zelda themed item thats been on there in ages and the catalogue rarely updates. once every 2-3 months if that. this is probably the decent final item i can get! pretty sure it’ll be very limited too

  5. Awesome! Some gaudy 90’s pleather pouch. Just what I want to be seen in public with.

    Fanny pack too please, Nintendo!

  6. Are you American people actually bitching about this?
    Have you seen the AU rewards shop? Its freaking terrible! This is one of maybe 3 things on the shop that’s worth the bother!

    1. I just checked out the AU rewards. Mario pouch, luigi pouch, yoshi egg pouch, retro mario face towels… and some other okay stuff totalling out to 24 items to choose from. We have 5 physical rewards, which include a pair of kirby stickers, greeting cards, 2 animal crossing poster set, and a pouch with a little animal crossing logo on it. I think we have the right to bitch.

  7. OH, and not to mention the mario hat; something that us americans received as a PLATINUM reward. I can only imagine how great your platinum rewards must be.

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