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Hyrule Warriors Bug Fixing Patch Apparently Coming Soon And Also New Content In The Works

Tecmo Koei has announced on Twitter that they’re aware of a number of small bugs in the recently released Hyrule Warriors and are working on a patch to fix them. The company also said that they’re planning long-term support for the game, so hopefully that means we should get some additional content at a later date.

Thanks, Kyle

27 thoughts on “Hyrule Warriors Bug Fixing Patch Apparently Coming Soon And Also New Content In The Works”

  1. I love the pot shots at the skulltulas & Agitha in this game. Oh & don’t forget that Gohma is almost always an insect itself! xD

    Anyway, I love the sound of long term support. We’ll definitely most likely be getting a lot of alternate outfits later on with some new stages unrelated to the main story with their own isolated story plots.

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      Sonic, noooooo! Don’t ask that or we’ll be having alba, sickr, and/or silvershadowfly spamming the place with articles of the many newly revealed characters as Japanese players blog about it!

  2. Sasori owns Nintendo is my Blood

    So now that Robin Williams is dead whos up for boning his daughter.. I want me some Zelda

    1. Someone is going to track you down and kill you for your stupidity.
      And not even your family will mourn your demise.

    2. Fuck you Sasor owns Nintendo is my blood ! What kind of person are you i swear if i ever find where you live i’ll make you regret those words !

  3. I love how nowhere in the statement they confirm there is new content in the works, yet the post title claim it does. I like this website, but sometimes the misleading titles are just wrong.

      1. This is still in no way a confirmation that new content is in the works. Maybe it will be in the future, maybe it just means that they will keep looking for bugs and fixing it. It can mean anything. There’s no confirmation it is currently at works, hence the title is an example of bad journalism.

    1. >.< Nintendo Commander Wannabe forgot the fact that Koei Tecmo is developing the game with Nintendo mainly supervising. But whatever. You're probably just another idiot troll here. Oh wait! We already knew you were a troll with that "I'm mocking Quadraxis!" name of yours!

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