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Gunvolt For Nintendo 3DS eShop North American Release Date And Pricing Announced

The team behind Gunvolt has announced via Twitter that the game will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS eShop on Friday, August 29th. The 2D action packed action title will be priced up at $14.99.

40 thoughts on “Gunvolt For Nintendo 3DS eShop North American Release Date And Pricing Announced”

            1. You don’t play Mario or Megaman for the story, guy. If you want story play an RPG or read a book. And not Harry Potter, you tool.

            2. Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade is an excellent Alt. History anime; it’s one of my favorites.

              Anyway, games (whether video, cards, dominos, &/or board) are a form of entertainment that do not require stories. Some genres are more prone to including stories than others (RPG, Adventure, Survival Horror), & stories can certainly enhance the experience (Ikaruga & Muramase don’t really need stories, yet are better for them). Ultimately, though, stories are not necessary as gameplay is the main point of any game. Otherwise, it wouldn’t really be a game, just a form of entertainment that has both game & story elements, a hybrid. It’s all about the ratio & how seemless those elements can co-exist. I really like the way the Metroid Prime games convey their stories. But Metal Gear Solid & Liberation Maiden’s implimentation of story hinders the experience, ruining the momentum, interfering w/ the gaming aspects.

              Conversely, Novels ARE stories, so you can’t extract the story w/ out fundamentally changing what it is). Novels don’t require gaming elements @ all to be novels, but can be enhanced by interactivity (yet Lone Wolf novels don’t even need a digital experience to add interactive qualites & a non-linear story). Science books don’t require stories to be about science & to inform the reader about science, but a bit of history &/or literary analogies can enhance them.

                1. If story–big or small–is an element you must have to enjoy a game, then I can respect that.

                  Jin-Roh’s Point of Divergence occurs during WW II. Instead of Japan being defeated & occupied by U.S. forces, it was defeated & occupied by German forces. The film was sparse w/ the particulars, though the manga might elaborate as to how those alternative events unfolded (which could’ve had a much earlier Point of Divergence).

                  Anyway, the story really takes place about a decade later & focuses on civil strife, a soldier who falters in his duty, a young guerrilla bomber, multiple military factions, & internal politics, all w/ in the motif of Grimm’s ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. & to put Jin-Roh in a videogame context, the armor used in the film & prior in the manga, was inspiration for Killzone.

  1. Nintendo is my Blood

    This game reminds me more of Mega Man ZX Advent while Might No.9 reminds me more of the original Mega Man

  2. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

    am the only one who wishes for an fps on the 3ds. what happen to all the cod games on ds. they should make a cod game for 3ds.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            I’m surprised he doens’t respect, Nero, Hitler, Stalin, Satan and all other nonsense…

    1. Kenpachi!? Oh fucking hell no! You get the hell away from Bleach. It’s bad enough you like Naruto & give the few decent fans of the series a bad name! Don’t start doing the same to Bleach. Next you’ll be throwing Goku in there!

  3. I had completely forgotten about this game everyone was hoping it would be the new megaman lol and now we have mighty no.9….I’m still going to purchase day 1 tho looks great

  4. I bet this game didn’t cost 4 million to make! I hope it’s good!

    Another platformer… :/ But I’ll give it a try if it seems good.

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