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Nintendo Shares Rose 4 Percent After Pokemon Trading Card Game On iPad Announcement

Bloomberg is reporting that Nintendo’s shares rose 4% after news that the Pokemon Company is bringing the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online to Apple’s popular iPad. News of Mario Kart 8 selling over one million units in the United States also helped the share price rise. Nintendo’s share price has plummeted more than 80 percent since the end of 2007.

“We have been here many times before in regards to Nintendo’s tentative plans to introduce some of its characters for smart devices,” Amir Anvarzadeh, a manager of Japanese equity sales at BGC Partners Inc. in Singapore, said by e-mail. “This latest Pokemon cards plan which is already out on PCs is hardly a change in its direction.”

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61 thoughts on “Nintendo Shares Rose 4 Percent After Pokemon Trading Card Game On iPad Announcement”

      1. He’s right it is bad. Had they announced some other title like a kid icarus sequel or a new metroid, Nintendo’s shares wouldn’t have changed. This news would only encourage Nintendo to break into the mobile market.

    1. Wow… you don’t even try to hide your face Blackb0nd…

      Seriously, you praised Microsoft for making a timed exclusive deal with CD?

    2. No stupid ass. Going mobile which is just the beginning of Nintendo’s eventual downfall. The world wants Nintendo to crack and they’re about to get their gaming suicidal wish because when they do, its the end of gaming and we’re all gonna have to grow to bare with BS touchscreen only devices and play Freemium trash loaded with ripoff IAPs all the time.

      That’s not the future we want in gaming.

  1. That’s hilarious, and shows how out of touch these investors are. However, this is one time where I hope their investment is successful, though not for the reasons that they think it’ll be.

  2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    Those Titans need to be destroyed, enslaved or purified from corruption…

    They are nothing more than Apple worshipping Electrons…

        1. Nintendo is my Blood

          Hardly a war, I will find someone to teach him a lesson for me since I live across the world, I told him I would find him, and I keep to my promises

        1. Nintendo is my Blood

          No, his stupid video gave him away, I am watching his video frame by frame for anything like store names, signs, and he walked past the somewhere with the phone number of 973 483 1993, turns out it is the number of the Jean Nicolk Tire Shop, I google searched it and the building is a complete match, now I am actually recreating his route which will reveal more

    1. That would be a really bad idea though. Like, Apple and Samsung have such a monopoly on the smartphone market that Nintendo would have to do a MASSIVE ad campaign to have even a decent amount of buyers. Plus, they’d need way more eshop support and at least a few really solid new first party games either for free or for $1, which they would never do

  3. Why can’t Nintendo just try to go private? All this corporate stuff doesn’t really fit their image. In my humble opinion, they act more like Valve than any non private game company.

  4. Well hold on… if mobile really did this, then Nintendo could try to release ONE game as an experiment. Im not talkin about Mario or Zelda, but a new IP exclusive to mobile, just to try something out.

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