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Here’s The Unboxing Of The Hyrule Warriors Treasure Box

NintenDaan has managed to get his hands on the special edition Hyrule Warriors Treasure Box which contains plenty of Zelda related goodies. Things included in the box are the aforementioned Treasure Box and the Hyrule Warriors Scarf plus plenty of other cool things. You can watch the grand opening in the video embedded above.

178 thoughts on “Here’s The Unboxing Of The Hyrule Warriors Treasure Box”

    1. That’s not hard. People aren’t buying Hyrule Warriors for a Zelda experience. You’re buying it for mindless arcade-like fun. Zelda Wii U is going to easily top this in terms of the fact that Zelda U has Dungeons and Puzzles. Unlike Hyrule Warriors.

        1. Pfft. Everybody knows Zelda games rarely if ever do a limited edition thing. Besides the treasure box was Koeis thing

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Good, I think Nintendo is my Blood took it too far…

                Personally I don’t even care, I’m just having fun on the expense of his love for the Xbox…


              2. Sickr if you don’t want this to become into a war you should ban not only those people also sasori and you know that he is responsible for all of this.

                  1. Sasori has to learn how to treat people. nobody cares if he likes or not nintendo but we care about when he starts to attack people, you know that he wished deatd to Iwata, he made horrible comments against lamatsucubo and glados, the comments he did about MLK and Robin Williams. the best thing he can do is to leave.

                    1. You don’t deserve that much hate. At least Nintendo Commander doesn’t go out of his way insulting you all the time. All he ever mentions is about you is liking Xbox so he’s one of the better people on this site. Lol he only does it for fun. Unlike some uh… people. ._.

                        1. My advice to you, Anubis. Change your avatar… otherwise you’re a disgrace to the Nintendo community and My Nintendo News. Sickr is DEAD serious about it.

                      1. Sure, but if people continue messing around then it means you’ll all have to make accounts to comment. At the moment it’s lax and I’d like to keep it that way.

                        1. What ever happened when you made it so that only people who log in with there email could comment? It will certianly get rid of the anonymous spammers.

                        2. take my words and kill yourself with it

                          This bitch needs traffic and comments in order to keep his site going and keep getting his free game ratings. This fucker wont ban anyone you punk bitch.

                1. I’m convinced that nintendo is my blood is one of the biggest losers on the internet. Not only that but im convinced by his behavior that he is a psychopath. I’ve never commented before but have been following and this is enough for me to comment, if sasori was smart he would call the authorities just in case. The guy spent this much time digging for his info and where he lives, frame by frame, for weeks. All of this over nintendo bashing? There’s thousands of trolls everywhere. This guy is a freak and a loser.

                  1. I don’t yet have a username, I have been a reader for a few months though. You do know that you put enough evidence on this website against you to lock you away if anything serious happened to him. A hit man or anything, you will be the cause. You do know fbi can track your device and find you idiot? The thing is you actually said in previous comments that you generally want to kill him and you are talking now like your doing all this to do something in that nature. You actually spent weeks in doing this which is psychopath behavior.

                    If not what is your attention or else i will make a case out of this.

                  2. I have fun on here calling Sasori out and everything, but you sound so pathetic trying to act like you are Legion. You aren’t going to do anything to the kid because you don’t have the power to and just going on about how you are going to destroy him just makes you seem very childish.

              1. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

                i contacted the moderator and adims. the should be able to delete all these comments soon.

                1. You are so fucking dumb…… does any of his behavior phase you at all? He can just go to your youtube and do the same there, not to mention he knows where you live and he always says that wants to kill you.

              1. congratulations nintendo is my blood you should work on the narutard’s ED article. you did a great job helping to expose the narutard also congratulations to everybody who helped.

                1. This guy might actually be serious, no normal functioning sane human being would go through frame by frame on all of his videos to see if he can find anything to locate him. He found his address, he knows where he lives now and everything, he dedicated all of this time on this pointless stuff. He is talking killer talk as well. If sasori was smart he would call the authorities. This seems serious.

                  1. he should tell his parents about his activities on the internet or maybe he should turn off “his” computer

                2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


                  While I’m trying to find a way to destroy his entire Xbot race from our universe…

              1. O.o so that means he has your name and former address, and posted it on the internet?
                Be carefull sasori I don’t agree with many of your opinons, but I wouldn’t want bad things to happen to someone over an argument about video games.

              1. Listen to me, call the authorities and tell them everything and show them the evidence. Don’t play safe, he spent weeks to find your information, he spent hours on your videos frame by frame to find any piece of info, been googling, you name it. He now knows where you live and everything, he seriously was that dedicated. No normal same person would even go through any of that or even care to do it. At the end of the day this is just about video games as well and nothing serious, even if you say stupid things sometimes. He even said he generally wants to kill you in the gist of all this, remember? If you have to show your parents so they can help out with the authorities do it but don’t play safe, the FBI CAN track him down through his device.

                I study mental behavior for years and am majoring in psychology. This guy shows classic psychopath symptoms and he seems to be serious. He could do anything, even if he himself doesn’t do it, he will be the cause of it. Don’t play safe.

              2. Encyclopedia Dramatica

                still you uploaded a video tellin’ everybody you are a social reject an crying ‘cuz you are so alone..

          1. “This is a disgrace to greatness, if you’re excited for this then you’re a fraud”. says the man that has to pay for sex.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Of course he is lower class, he already admitted months ago to be a so called “Welfare gamer”…

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  I couldn’t care less about his family, I’m sure they would beat the crap out of him if they knew what he said about MLK unless they are equally stupid…

        2. You social rejects trying to find my address because I gave criticism to your favorite company, you damage controllers need to get a life.

          1. Nintendo is my Blood

            I never said this was YOUR house blackbonerz, I said it was sasori’s, but I’ll get to you if you like

          2. “you damage controllers need to get a life” look who is talking, the imbecile who criticizes a company only because he’s butthurt.

          1. “Damn, I wish I could block people on MyNintendoNews like my YouTube account.” are you the owner of the whole internet?
            ah, no you’re ust blackb0nd…in other words a piece of shit.

          1. Ban Sasori for what? Making comments you guys don’t agree with. I know he has made a lot of ridiculous comments, you guys are just as bad. In fact far worse. He would have gone away if you guys would have just ignored him, but noooo! “Lets just keep adding fuel to the fire.

            He’s not even trolling anymore and yet you guys STILL replying back. It’s just better if you just stop with the phycotic behavior before it becomes something more serious.

            1. He already tracked him down, and by the way he did it too is worse, that alone can get him in trouble. With that much dedication it’s enough to be a crime.

            2. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

              all make these day are cod comments or naruto comments, but these clowns are still replying to me.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Well the damage you did will not go away that fast but personally I’m just having fun of your Xbot alliance…

                I don’t like some racist remarks I’ve read in some comments in your videos either that a few make…

                Still, you shouldn’t talk bad things about dead people…

            3. You obviously weren’t there when he made sexist comments, disprespected MLK and Robin Williams. But it’s fine that you weren’t, it’s not like anyone would give the time to go back a million articles to see his retardation, unless they were EDiots.

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    It is not just a troll, he admitted of being a nazi ape a while back with one of its alternate accounts…

                    It can’t fool me with its alternate countless accounts…

                1. No, leave Nostalgia alone. She’s awesome. XD I’ve had plenty of decent conversations on here before with her. She’s just joking with you. Lol.

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    So I suppose you would still talk to that freak if it said horrible things about your mother right?…

                    Specially if she would be dead…

                    And other racist, homophobic nazi related garbage…

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        There is one thing called trolling and another one being totally stupid and disgusting…

                        Well, I’m guessing you are okay then with all these idiots that harrased RW daughter about her father and so on because that is the same…

                        1. You have to be insane if you think Nostalgiaww acts like that in real life. XD I just told you that is only part of trolling. Why do you think she never replies to you with comments that actually make sense? Because the point of it is to make you angry and hate her! Mission accomplished! XD

                            1. I guess I was just lucky then? Idk, lol. Try talking to her more. You might get past that god damn troll shield eventually. XD

            4. No you idiot, if Sickr deleted this he would be deleting your only true evidence. If this is actually a serious case, and if Sickr deleted it he would be just as guilty in any crime. He already tracked you down, which is already a crime you know. If Sickr deletes any of this he will be hiding any evidence you have, making him in the end just as guilty.

              Stop being so stupid.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              You only have more fappers that subscribed to your hypocritical graphicwhoring channel because they are just as shallow…

          2. LMAO Do you hear yourself right now? You act like you scare me. I’m just saying you should just stop before it really gets serious.

          3. I hate Sasori not for his comments against nintendo, i hate him because the comments he did against different people, sasori needs to learn a lesson but you’re taking it to a whole new level.


          5. Who cares I don’t like him anyway. Let him post his address. I remember 1 months two days, 5 hours and 25 seconds ago I got into it with him how Ammiibos would help Wii U sales etc. Also Nintendo is my blood, Google his address if you want to see the house!

          6. Nintendo was my blood was a great supporter for Nintendo. I remember the time when he and Ice boy got into it 8 months 12 days and 7 hours ago. I remember Jellybean and Nintendo is my blood got into it 18months, 17 days and 23 hours ago. I remember Aelous and him got into it 48months 27days and 15 hours ago. He will surely be missed………not.

            1. Yeah i remember HIM arguing with ice, and i remember him obsessing over ice boy for months and months and moths and months. Every comment ice made nintendo is my blood was there bashing, even if he was saying great things and excitement towards nintendo. I remember him obsessing over him every week in almost every post he made over 6 months was about iceazeama and ice wasn’t even here. He has been almost none exist on this page for well over a half of a year.
              The man was arguing with iceazeama with him gone for MONTHS. It just recently shifted to sasori but the obsession blow up.

              He really did the same for jellybean, for real? What a loser. He seriously has problems.

          7. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED HERE? O_O Sounds like some serious stuff. Guys, I think you really need to leave Sasori alone at this point. You always have to take it too far don’t you? The guy said nothing bad about Nintendo at all and he hasn’t trolled in like forever but y’all are still making hate comments. That’s definitely not a good thing at all. Come on people, these are just video games. Why on Earth do you keep insulting each other about it? People keep acting like Sasori is done crazed maniac or something. It’s really not that serious. I see Sickr took action today and usually he is calm and let’s you post whatever you want, but when he steps in, you know you’ve went too far. Wtf is wrong with people here? ._.

                1. prove it! show us some proof that you don’t feel ashamed of owning a wii u and remmeber that you said you feel ashamed to talk about it with “real gamers”

                  1. Some proof? I guess if you were here with me then I could show you the 6 Wii U games stacked up on my shelf. :/ And there’s even more games downloaded on my 2TB Hard drive. You know… The one that I bought SPECIFICALLY TO DOWNLOAD WII U GAMES? Just give it up. I’m not a flip flopper! YOU ARE! XD

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              First you love the Wii U, then you get disappointed to the max and bored with it, then suddenly it’s the best thing ever again…

                              You want an Xbox Done, then you want a PS4 instead, you call it the XBone while you want it again, suddenly you don’t want gimped PCs but a real one and then you want it all…

                              1. Uh, no. That’s called criticism. I like my Wii U but it’s not the most perfect thing in the world. I’m not afraid to bash it. If it makes you feel any better, back when we had a 360, I called it stupid because it didn’t let me access the internet without paying. XD But that didn’t mean I hated it. And WHO told you I would want a PS4 more than Xbone?! I already said I want both! Lol.

                                  1. Well you flip flop about how you hate Ubisoft with all their guys but you will love them again If they give you Prince of Persia. XD

                                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                      Because I love Prince of Persia but if they delay it, even that won’t be bought…

                    1. “The guy said nothing bad about Nintendo at all”. what about wishing death to iwata and all japanese people and let’s not forget that he tries to ruin the fun people is having MK8 with non sense like “am having fun with battlefield, is the games you should be playing instead of that MK8 scam”. just videogames, as you said.
                      “he hasn’t trolled in like forever”, sure, he is not a troll, he is a moron. what about the church he created only to make you think he is a “gaming martyr” (???) and saying he is the black jesus?

                      1. You beat me to it. Lol I was about to fix my comment. When I said he didn’t say anything bad about Nintendo, I meant he’s not saying anything bad about Nintendo NOW. Sorry for that confusion. :P

                  2. Lol, I always knew nintendo is my blood was crazy but damn!!! He took it ODEEE far, and it was just over video games. LMAO

                        1. apparently he found where the narutard lives and it’s not a surprise sasori’s personal info is everywhere. he keeps using the same nickname everywhere.

                  3. Lol, I always knew nintendo is my blood was crazy but damn!!! He took it ODEEE far, and it was just over video games. LMAO.

                  4. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                    Wow. So Nintendo is my Blood really found out all he wanted to know about Sasori’s location, eh? So he wasn’t just kidding just to put the fear of God into the kid? This is why you shouldn’t go too far with trolling on the internet. You NEVER know when you might just fuck with the WRONG person, and they’ll hunt down your information & find you in real life. Never forget that the internet doesn’t make the world safer but rather makes it more dangerous than ever before. If someone is pushed too far by trolling, they could very well snap & hunt you down. Sasori, Nostalgia_w. If you both truly are trolling, you need to cut it down a bit or you may one day wake up to a gun in your face. You both are mostly using words but there are some people that won’t use words but actions. With that said, you both don’t do yourselves any favors.

                    1. That is my point Ridley, people think that behind a keyboard they are invincible
                      My little stunt should be wake up call for sasori, if he values his life, he must value others as well

                  5. Anyway, on to the topic at hand. That Triforce Clock is smaller than what we thought it’d be. The videos we’ve been seeing really should have pointed out “actual size” for the clock in the videos. xD Oh & that Treasure Box was also beautiful. I could put the clock in that thing. Why, Koei Tecmo & Nintendo!? Why couldn’t you release that stuff outside of Japan!? I’d gladly pay 80-100 bucks for that stuff!

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