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Resident Evil Revelations 2 Box Art Found On



We heard rumours a few months back that Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is in development when a Russian site began listing the title for a number of platforms. Things have taken a step further today as the box-art for the game was hosted on The game was listed for PlayStation 4, Xbox, One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Here’s some rumoured information about the story.

There are three returning characters. Two female and one male. Two haven’t been seen in over a decade and one has never had an “in-game” appearance. Guess away. That’s more than enough.”
“Regarding the one who doesn’t appear in-game, I should be a little more specific(because I’m sure someone will call me a liar for being too general). They are mentioned in games but are a background character with no “active” appearance yet. It’s not someone from the movies/comics.”

Thanks, Nintendofan64

168 thoughts on “Resident Evil Revelations 2 Box Art Found On”

        1. The N64 and Gamecube were on par with the competition in terms of power and Nintendo gamers got all the major Resident evil titles. The Wii was far behind it’s competitors in power so that is most likely one of the reasons why Re5 and Re6 never came to Nintendo. Now with the Wii U, I don’t know why it’s not showing up, it obviously can’t be about the power because this game is showing up on last gen consoles too. I think it’s because Capcom is having money issues at the moment and they don’t think a Wii U version will generate enough profit.

    1. Damn it! We Wii U owners are the most irrelevant console owners EVER. It’s so sad and Nintendo didn’t mind taking my €370 at launch. We’ve been ripped off. It was the same price pretty much same as PS4 and it’s dead not a year later.

      1. Dont ever buy a *nintendo* console at launch. Really curious how much they will fuck up with the WiiU successor….

      1. That’s understandable, she has to fight and kill countless of zombies, monsters, superhumans, and other supernatural life and while doing so she gets her ass kicked and thrown around on numerous occassions so yeah :P

          1. Good choice! Some notable superhumans are Wesker, Ultimate Abyss, and heck even Jill became superhuman because of Wesker in Resident evil 5.

              1. All of them except for Resident evil dead aim, Resident evil Survivor, and Resident evil Gaiden, I never played neither of the Resident evil Outbreaks either :3

                1. Many resident evil fans argue about which main character is better, which one do you think is better? Leon or Jill?

              2. Do it, Re6 and Racoon city were not scary at all, they were basically a 3rd person cod game, good action games but not good RE games.

      2. I like how detailed Jill’s face is in that picture, All the colors, sweat, lights and all those other details…

      3. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

        i wanted to buy zombie u and resdient evil rev for wii u. but i played both demo from the eshop and the zombies scared the crap out of me.

      4. The Clergy or the Church of Sasori would like to take a moment to publicly condemn Reggie Fils-Aime for being a liar and a me-first executive. He has told half truths to Nintendo fans and has done nothing but sit on his ass while the American Nintendo fanbase misses out on Club Nintendo reward and japan ports. Where in the hell is the promise of dual gamepads. You know that would do been perfect for MK8. And the people that deny this forget the fact that Japan was selling the gamepads as a separate peripheral at launch. It would be best if he does us all a favor and “kill the clown” if you will. You know… pulling the ol’Robin Williams…

      5. Glad it’s being made for consoles this time.

        The 3DS game was good enough for the hardware it’s on, but the mechanics were kinda limited and the hit detection was just fucked up. RE6’s mechanics shit all over the Revelations, even though that game sucks.

      6. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

        mrwounderful01 and his pattern supermario01 are very powerful in black ops 2. he has a drak vader emblem and he is intellgent killer his clan is the called SWAT and he a spwan killer elietest. me and my team mates raged espicailly the younger people. the two guys destroyed our conferdence and erased are hope to figt back. mrwounderful01 score was 19,000 kills:114 deaths :9 kd ratio:10.0-15.0.

          1. i heard the rumour that mostly kids play black ops in all the consoles. so it is safe to say that sasori wuz defeated by kids

      7. Hey, Sickr, I got a question.
        Who the fuck cares?
        Seriously, who the fuck cares.
        How is this Nintendo News? Because the original games was on the 3DS? If it isn’t coming to Nintendo consoles, then it would makes sense to be like
        “Oh, there’s a sequel to that game that use to be on Nintendo consoles but now it’s on anything BUT Nintendo consoles!”

        At least making one report on that would make sense, but besides from that, why keep reporting it? If it’s not coming to Nintendo consoles then it’s not Nintendo news, it’s Xbox or PlayStation news.

        And while we’re at it, why do you bring up games that aren’t even coming to Nintendo consoles in the fucking first place? If it’s not coming to Nintendo consoles, then it’s not Nintendo news.
        It’s like if, say, PS4 Daily reported that Bayonetta 2 is a Wii U exclusive then every time there’s a update on Bayonetta 2’s production, they report anyways.
        It wouldn’t be PS4 news, now would it?

        Honestly, you are a manipulative, attention-hungry fuck who would literally pick the most troll attracting news just to jump up the site’s views.
        You would make a community filled with half die hard Nintendo fanboys and half trolls just so this fucking site doesn’t lose relevance and become an obscure gaming news publication site that would feed off any type of trolling attention they could get.
        This disgusts me, you disgusts me, there are people who would love to be in your position, people who would love to actually report Nintendo news as oppose to saying to themselves “Geez, we need more people to come on our site. What can report on next? Oh! I know! I’ll report on [Insert Gaming/Company Here] not making a game on the Wii U/3DS!”

        Come on, give me a break.

        1. He’s got a point, though, with most of what he said. It would be like IGN making a new article on the Nintendo section talking about a game not coming to the console every time there is an update. It’s very disrespectful towards the people that go to that section to hear only about the news for Nintendo consoles.

          1. But Resident Evil Revelations came to the 3DS and it even came to the Wii U, so this does not rule out the possibility of the next game coming to Wii U.

            1. But if it doesn’t come to the Wii U or 3DS, sickr should make just ONE article about it not coming to the consoles then leave it at that. But knowing him, he won’t do it. Just look at the many articles about Assassin’s Creed games that aren’t coming to the console. The first articles about Rogue & Unity that told us the games aren’t coming to the Wii U should have been the end of it, but no. He makes a new article every time there is a freaking update on the games. Now if one of the updates mentioned that Ubisoft decided to make the games for the Nintendo consoles after all, it’d be a different story. If anyone is still interested in getting those games & will get them on another console, they know where to go if they want to get more info on them. After the article revealing the games aren’t coming, he’s now just making articles for clicks & views to support himself and not to actually support Nintendo. Isn’t that the whole point in making a freaking blog for a certain video game company, to support that company? Constantly making articles about games we already know isn’t coming to a Nintendo console is just not support for Nintendo anymore but it instead becomes support for Sony and Microsoft.

              1. That’s no excuse to blame Sickr. It’s his job. What do you expect him to do? It’s not his fault that they aren’t coming to the Wii U. And if all he wrote about were games coming to the Wii U, there’d be like 5 articles a month.

                1. But we can blame him. He’s constantly making articles about games we KNOW aren’t coming to the console. I’m not saying not make an article at all about games not coming. He can still make articles about games not coming to the Wii U but he only needs to make ONE comment about said game. For instance, if he gets news that Kingdom Hearts 3 has been confirmed to be skipping Wii U, he should make one article telling us about that fact & leave it at that. Not make another article about KH3 later on talking about some new updates for the game. We come here for Nintendo news. We don’t need to constantly see an article talking about a game not coming to the console. We don’t need a constant reminder of that fact. It’s rather insulting. And he’s also spreading anger by constantly making articles about games not coming. Why do you think stranga is always so pissed off? Because as soon as he checks this site, he’s getting barraged with news about a game he already knows isn’t coming. This in turn fuels his anger & keeps him from cooling down. If he got maybe some time away from all the negative news, maybe, just maybe, he’d be more open to supporting companies like Ubisoft when they do make a game he might be interested in. So in that regard, sickr isn’t just damaging Nintendo but Ubisoft, EA, etc. You can’t tell people to support a company & then constantly remind them of all the things the company is not doing to support them in return.

                  1. Your relationship with 3rd parties had nothing to do with Sickr. It isn’t going to change the fact that the game isn’t coming to Wii U. So what, are we just supposed to hide from that fact? Are we supposed to pretend that those games don’t exist and act like there is nothing wrong? And honestly, this is a Nintendo fansite. Being a Nintendo fan (like me) does not always mean that it isn’t ok to hear about games coming to other platforms. It’s convenient and should definitely stay that way. It’s called “MyNintendonews”. Not “MybiastowardsNintendonews”. I don’t understand…

                    1. *facepalm* There is a difference between what I’m saying sickr should do & what you THINK I’m saying he should do. I’m not saying he should quit with negative news. Quite the opposite. He should continue making articles about games not coming to the Wii U. Just not articles about the same exact freaking game that we already know isn’t coming to the damn system. It’s like some of you want him to constantly make negative news articles just to try to drive people AWAY from the Nintendo consoles. In fact, he’s still effectively being biased towards Nintendo. Instead of only posting positive news, he seems to only be posting negative news instead. This is a Nintendo blog site. Stop posting news about games we already know is not coming to the consoles. For example, when Watch_Dogs 2 releases but not to the Wii U, he can make an article telling us it’s not coming to the console. But after that, we shouldn’t see any more articles about it since it no longer concerns Nintendo. It has effectively stopped being Nintendo news, good or bad! That’s what I’m saying. He can still make negative articles as long as they CONCERN Nintendo.

                      1. I always cared about seeing games regardless of whether or not they were on my system. It gives me an easier time to think about which one I want next.

        2. Yo dumbass, when Bayonetta 2 was announced as a Wii U exclusive it was all over Playstation and Xbox new sites. Its viable news and your limited intelligence is just unable to see that.

          1. >.< But the question is, are they STILL making articles about Bayonetta 2? If they are, they are just as bad as sickr by constantly making articles about a game that no longer concerns Playstation & Xbox. It's okay to make an article mentioning it's not coming to the console but to make another article after another talking about the game when it's no longer the concern of that console is click-bait for trolls, plain & simple.

      8. If Capcom doesn’t put this on the Wiiu, I will boycott them. I encourage others to do the same. We need to send a message to these companies that if they want to shaft us, they WILL regret it.

          1. Do you think I’m blind? Of course of platforms exist. But I’m not going to spend my money buying a PS4 or Xbox One, when Capcom could have easily ported the game to the Wiiu, and when it was originally on the 3ds. People like you are exactly the problem.

            1. I’m sorry you’re too stubborn to buy another platform to get a game that you like, but hey, you control what games you get, not me. I haven’t even played a Resident Evil game before so no, I’m not the problem. Have you contacted Capcom and asked them about it? I mean what are we going to do about it? Your whining means nothing. Go get a PS or Xbox and problem solved.

              1. Hi, I usually don’t comment because I am to shy but maybe he can’t afford another console or he spends his money on other things instead of gaming stuff, If the Wii U is all he has then he has the right to be mad about this… not looking for a confrontation I just saying :)

                  1. What if he’s a Nintendo fan who likes games like resident evil and can’t afford another console? Wouldn’t you be mad too if you couldnt afford another console for 1 game you really wanted to play and it wasnt on you console?

                      1. That is factually wrong. What if you wanted Mario Kart 8, or Pikmin 3 or many other Wii U games. Thats what I thought.

                        1. what if if this, what if that… it’s the best option for cheapskates, as you proposed.

                          play MK7 instead, there’s barely any difference.

                          1. No, MK8 is definitely not the same as 7. I prefer 8 because of the better controls and anti gravity and the multiplayer. And for MK7, the item balance is better.

                      2. I already am. But I’ve learned that at this point, Wii U isn’t going to have every third party game I want to play so I’ve just accepted that fact and just decided to save up for another console. If he really wants RE, I suggest he get a PS then.

                        1. Suggest all you want, its not going to change his mind, and you should’t have been rude about it and you should of said something like “why not buy a PS4 then?” Or something :P

                          1. If anyone is rude, it’s him. The guy somehow assumed I was a kid by the comment I made and even said “how old are you”. And he even told another guy to “shut up”when he didn’t say anything mean. Anyways, he is complaining about a game not coming to his platform even though he has other ones to get it on, yet he refused to do so. That doesn’t make any sense because as a gamer, you would go to the place where games you like to play are available to you. He has money to buy PS4 or XONE, but for some reason, he really wants to convince himself that it’s coming to the Wii U even though it’s not likely. He wants to blame the company about it even though (like I said before) he had access to play it and nothing is preventing him from doing so. He just doesn’t want to. If I had his systems, I wouldn’t even be complaining. I’d be happy the game even came to the system and I could play it.

                1. How old are you? Do your parents just hand you everything on a silver plate? Here’s a reality check, kid. I have enough money to buy a PS4. Or a Xbox One. But, I’m sure as hell not going to spend money on one when Capcom could EASILY port it to the Wiiu. They even have it coming to the 360 and PS3, which is almost a slap to the face.

                  Yeah, I have talked to Capcom about it.
                  Yeah, I’m stubborn. (Maybe you’ll be too, when you grow up)
                  And yeah, I’m going to whine. Things don’t change unless people get active and vocal about it, but you’re probably the same person who defended Microsoft’s decision to make the Xbox One always online.

                  But wait, I thought whining doesn’t do anything?!

                  1. Whatever. Deal with it then. Don’t come crying to me when this game is confirmed not coming to Wii U though. And by the way, your insults are not necessary.

                    1. That’s what I thought. By the way, I didn’t say anything to you. You initiated contact. So if your feelings get hurt, “Go somewhere else. Buy another platform. It’s not my problem.”

                2. Practice what you preach Hollow! You and I had the conversation not too long ago except you were in innerwolf8’s position. I was telling you to stop complaining and buy a PS4 but you kept telling me that I didn’t understand. Now that you’ve accepted the Wii U’s fate you can attack other folks for the same complaints you were whining about last week? Don’t be a hypocrite, you’re better than that.

                  1. I was not in his position. -_- He owns multiple consoles and he can just get the game on whatever he wants to. Basically, he should be grateful it’s coming to anything he owns whereas I wouldn’t be able to get the game AT ALL. And he said he can buy a PS4 or Xbox One if he wanted but he chose not to. I can’t just “go out and buy a PS4” like him. I would’ve already done it by now, don’t you think?

                    1. Oh, but that’s not my point. You’re being a bit of a jerk in this little thread and for someone who has similar complaints as this poor chap, you have no reason to be rude or suggest something you were complaining about a week ago. I’m just saying don’t be a hypocrite.

                      1. I was complaining about third party games. He is complaining about Resident Evil. If he already has different platforms and doesn’t want to buy a PS4 or Xbox One, then clearly his issue isn’t 3rd party. I’d hardly call that the same as my situation. I only told him to get a PS4 when I was unaware that he had other platforms. Since he does, I don’t really see what the issue is here.

                        1. You were blaming Nintendo for not supporting 3rd party devs. He was blaming Capcom for the possibility that this 3rd party game might not make it to Wii U. I told you to stop complaining about the Wii U and go get a PS4. You told this guy to stop complaining and get another console. The issue is you being a hypocrite. Now that you know he has the other consoles you think his complaint is meaningless, what about your complaints last week? Should you just sell your Wii U so you because you can’t get the new AC? You told him that he could sell the U to get another console. You can see the parallels I hope.

                          1. That is not what I was talking about. You misunderstood. I didn’t bring up the possibility of selling the Wii U for one game. There are MULTIPLE games that I want and the list just keeps on growing. He is complaining about ONE GAME that he can get on every other platform. He has the platforms to get it on, I do not. And please stop telling me to get a PS4 because it’s not that easy. I just told you I already would’ve done it if I could. I don’t have the money. But guess who does? Him. Yet, he still complained. I see no reason why it would matter to him if they didn’t bring it to the Wii U when he has other systems to get it on. He is being ungrateful and I would literally switch positions with him in a heartbeat if I could. It just doesn’t make sense at all.

                            1. Chozodian Emissary

                              Alright, here we go again… in circles. I call you out on something and you throw lame excuses at me and say that I am misunderstanding.

                              Plain and simple. You, HollowGrapeJ were complaining and I called you out. This guy was making a similar complaint and your response was rude. I’m telling you to not be a hypocrite. Take it or leave it. I’m done with this conversation.

                              Now! Who do you think these characters could be?

                                1. Chozodian Emissary

                                  I’m actually trying to help you. You were not being very nice to this guy who was passionate about keeping RE on Nintendo systems. I just don’t want to see this place turn you into a hypocrite. There are way too many trolls and jerks on this site, i don’t want to see you turn into one of them.

                                  Anyway! I think we will see Rebecca Chambers… if this leak is even accurate. What do you think?

                                  1. I don’t know honestly. I have never played a Resident Evil game before. =_= And he was not “passionate”about keeping the games on Nintendo systems. He just said we should BOYCOTT them if they don’t give us the game. If he was passionate, then the more logical thing to do would be to tell everyone to buy RE: Revelations on the Wii U in order to get more games, not forcing and demanding the company to give you the game. All I told him is that he was being stubborn when he said he WOULDN’T buy another platform or buy it on his older ones. He demands Capcom that he be able to play it on the Wii U or else we should all act against them until we get what we want, and that isn’t the right thing to do. Anyways, I’m not going to argue anymore if you aren’t going to listen to what I have to say and keep taking sides with people. That’s all I have to say about the matter, and he can do whatever he wants to at this point. I’m done with this conversation. -.-

                                    1. Chozodian Emissary

                                      We’re all passionate here, that’s why we come here. We all could do more with a little kindness and compassion. I understand where you are coming from and I understand where he is coming from. I respect you both on your stances. That’s why I don’t want to see you become a jerk like so many of these folks on this site. It’s okay, I get it.

                                      We don’t even know if this thing is real and if it is we have no idea what systems it’s even going to release on… So, we should just have some fun speculating.

                          2. Well I’m going to comment on the potential characters because all these petty arguments are pointless.

                            Could be anyone but we haven’t seen Rebecca Chambers in a while nor have we seen Claire Redfield. Everyone else is either dead or a one of character. Billy Cohen shouldn’t come back because he was a one off… Jill, Chris, Sherry Burkin, and Leon were fairly recent. Who’s been in the background that has never been playable? Ada was a thought but I’m pretty sure she had side missions in 6 like she had in 4.

                                1. Who mutated & isn’t coming back? If you guys mean Ada, Ada is actually a clone in Resident Evil 6. It’s not the real one.

                                    1. Oh okay. Well it definitely isn’t her as one of the characters for the new game. She was recently used so she isn’t a character that hasn’t been used in over a decade & she definitely isn’t the female lead that was only mentioned in the games but never actually seen.

                                      1. Chozodian Emissary

                                        Yeah! I’m racking my brain trying to think of who these characters could be!

                                        Rabeca Chambers hasn’t been around since Zero, we saw Claire Redfield in the CGI flicks, but not in any of the games. I doubt Billy Cohen will make a return. Who’s been working in the background but never playable and is still alive?

                                      2. Beats the hell out of me. I haven’t paid attention to the background stuff of Resident Evil in awhile.

                                        1. Chozodian Emissary

                                          It’s convoluted and full of plot holes but when pieced together nicely the lore of this franchise is really intriguing. A lot of people say they want Barry Burton but he was a zombie in RE 2, unless that was retconned. Other than Barry though, I have no idea who could be the male character, especially if he applies to the behind the scenes or the 10 year deal.

                                1. but you just said “I’m not going to spend my money buying a PS4 or Xbox One,” for 1 game. The good news is you don’t have to, then!

                                  1. And I’m not going to shell out money for an older platform, when I have a next generation one right in front of me. I guess if I get a PS4 or Xbox One, I should just continue to buy PS3 and Xbox 360 games because I’m able to.

                                    1. “And I’m not going to shell out money for an older platform,”

                                      Dumbass… then you that’s your own doing, you have no cause for complaint.

                                      1. I don’t care about you or your opinion, so I copied and pasted my earlier response. Take it how you will, but I’m not going to argue with idiots any longer.

                                        Since when does the PS3= Wiiu? Sorry, but I’ll save that for later “complaints.” I’m not saying Capcom owes me anything. I’m saying that I’m going to boycott them if the company decides to blatantly shaft Wiiu owners again. If you’re too stupid to see this (and you obviously are), well, I can’t change that.

                                        How can this be “my fault?” Lol, I’m not the one developing it. So what you’re saying is that:

                                        A. I can buy an essentially next-gen game on a last generation system.

                                        B. I should shell out a good 400$ just to play the game.

                                        How about option ‘C’? The option where Capcom puts the game on the Wiiu, when it would be easier than playing with Legos, and the original game was on both Nintendo systems. I find it funny how, yet, no one has mentioned why Capcom SHOULDN’T bring the game to the Wiiu. I’m the bad guy for complaining, but all of you sheep will sit there and kiss these developers arse like you aren’t already paying for the game. Here’s the thing: I can spend my money however I want to spend it, and if I don’t agree with a certain companies business practices, you can bet damn well I’m going to keep my money. Got any questions?

                                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                          Half of the Nintendo fans blåmes th other half for not buying these gimped overpricedgames because we have the brain to say no to injustice…

                                    2. Why would you do that, if the game is available for a current gen console you already own ? Your excuses make no sense. Instead of acting like a whiny child, accept the fact that the WiiU isn’t very likely to get support from 3rd-party developers, because it simply isn’t very profitable for them. Like it or not, that’s just the truth. Developers are working people and if they think developing for a certain console isn’t going to turn out profitable enough for them in the end, there’s no point in wasting time and money on doing so. Boycotting those 3rd-party developers that choose to not bring certain games to the WiiU isn’t going to get you anywhere, nobody is forced to develop for the WiiU.
                                      If you refuse to buy a game you want on a platform you already own, just because it isn’t coming to another platform you own, well then, sux for you, because you are going to be the one missing out on the game. That decision isn’t going to affect anyone else but you alone, because Capcom couldn’t care less about not getting $50 from a person with the mentality of a 3rd grader like you, acting all like “BUT I WANT IT TO BE THIS WAY, NOT THAT WAY. MAKE IT THE WAY I WANT IT TO BE OR I WON’T WANT IT ANYMORE >:((((“, there are going to be hundreds of thousands of people who will buy the game anyway.

                                2. So you do have the platform to get it on, but you whine when it isn’t coming to a specific platform? That doesn’t make any sense. You’re complaining for no reason. It would be more or less the same game on the Wii U as it would on PS3. You’re preventing yourself from getting games. Capcom owes you nothing. I think it should come to Wii U for all the RE/Nintendo fans, but if you complain when it doesn’t, even though you own the platform to get it on, then that is YOUR FAULT.

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                                        1. Nintendo is my blood the psychopath who wants to have sex with iceazeama and sasori

                                          Tell nintendo commander that since he’s black i hate him.

                                      1. It’s sad because that’s actually a good impersonation of nintendo is my blood. Sickr needs to get rid of that no life psychopath racist scum.

                                    2. Since when does the PS3= Wiiu? Sorry, but I’ll save that for later “complaints.” I’m not saying Capcom owes me anything. I’m saying that I’m going to boycott them if the company decides to blatantly shaft Wiiu owners again. If you’re too stupid to see this (and you obviously are), well, I can’t change that.

                                      How can this be “my fault?” Lol, I’m not the one developing it. So what you’re saying is that:

                                      A. I can buy an essentially next-gen game on a last generation system.

                                      B. I should shell out a good 400$ just to play the game.

                                      How about option ‘C’? The option where Capcom puts the game on the Wiiu, when it would be easier than playing with Legos, and the original game was on both Nintendo systems. I find it funny how, yet, no one has mentioned why Capcom SHOULDN’T bring the game to the Wiiu. I’m the bad guy for complaining, but all of you sheep will sit there and kiss these developers arse like you aren’t already paying for the game. Here’s the thing: I can spend my money however I want to spend it, and if I don’t agree with a certain companies business practices, you can bet damn well I’m going to keep my money. Got any questions?

                        2. It should at least come to the 3DS… I mean, the 3DS is the platform that started the whole Resident Evil: Revelations thing on the first place. Plus, the 3DS will make more money than the PS4 and Xbox One…

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                              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

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                                          That is no doubt Icezeama trying to mock me

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                                          2. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

                                            Though sasori should what what he says about me, after all Sickr can come to his rescue on this site, but I will always have his information.

                                            He should remember this, that is all.

                        4. If this is true & it skips the 3DS, where the game did the best, fuck Capcom. In fact, this should make it even more imperative for Nintendo to just buy Capcom. And do it before they suddenly decide to screw us over a 3rd time & release Monster Hunter 5 on everything but a Wii U or 3DS.

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


                            And then High Command should dismiss every Capconian that is hostile towards our empire…

                            I would erase them frm existence though…

                            1. Yeah. They should definitely fire any Capcom employees that have a grudge with Nintendo. They won’t do any good for either company as they’ll most likely just cause internal strife. It’s hard but you have to get rid of employees that will only just damage the business. Like firing a bartender that drinks all of the alcohol in the bar even after you told them to stop.

                          2. That’ll be a huge slap in the face to the same fans who helped revitalized the franchise after their fuck up from RE6 and the worst kind since canceling Megaman Legends 3 and Ubisoft’s line of BS Wii U bashing.

                        5. Anyway, on topic now. Rebecca is the only one woman I can think of that hasn’t been used in over a decade. We could have said Shelly Birkin… if she wasn’t in Resident Evil 6 as a fully grown woman. As for the guy that hasn’t been used in over a decade, when was the last time Barry Burton was used? As for the woman that’s only been mentioned in the games but has never been seen in the game, I have no bloody clue what so ever! Anyone’s guess is as good as mine.

                              1. If it is the real one, it just gives me a reason to be glad I don’t watch any of his videos. I refuse to watch a video if it’s just going to be one long troll video that’s just being made to negative attention. Only losers crave that kind of attention.

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                        7. Even if this is fake, if this turns out to be true, then this is a complete act of disrespect towards Nintendo fans who actually helped made Revelations a success and revitalized RE after the mess RE6 created. Nintendo, BUY CAPCOM NOW AND PUT AN END TO THIS 3RD PARTY HATE BS.

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                          I don’t know the reason why I cannot join it. Is there anybody else
                          having the same RSS problems? Anyone who knows the solution can you kindly respond?

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