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Hyrule Warriors Is Performing Well In Japan According To Japanese Retailer

Japanese retailer Tsutaya, which is the largest retail chain in Japan, has said that Hyrule Warriors is performing well. The Tsutaya charts list Hyrule Warriors as the third best-selling game this week. We should get official sales data from Media Create tomorrow.

The Obon Season [a three day Japanese festival made to honor ancestral spirits] saw strong sales over last year. Especially for the released Wii U software title Hyrule Warriors, with hardware sales going very well. The Wii U software division recorded sales nearly four times that of the previous year.

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56 thoughts on “Hyrule Warriors Is Performing Well In Japan According To Japanese Retailer”

    1. Still on the fence about this game. Then there’s the issue of where to buy it. I have to preorders at gamestop that I keep transfering because I always find a better deal somewhere else. They refuse to give me back my money or combine them to one preorder. It’s only $10 but I don’t wanna give them that shit. Guess I’m going with the Ocarina costumes.

  1. Nice Nice I bet Japan will get Dragon ball Z for Wii U since the install base over there is getting Larger.. not for US…… I like to live in Japan Now excuse me while i Pack my Bags!

    1. Japan is nice to those who are born and raised and look like a Japanese person.

      Gaijins feel terribly secluded when moving to Japan unfortunately.

      1. Strange as I’ve lived in Kyoto for the last thirteen years after moving from Liverpool and I e never felt “terribly secluded.” It’s almost like you’re repeating a very old stereotype as you know absolutely nothing of what you speak.

    2. Dragon Ball series is more popular in Europe believe or not. I know countries like Switzerland. Belgium.Italy, France and Spain rank it #1 or #2 as manga /anime whereas on Japan is #10.dragon ball game sell better in Europe.

  2. Sounds like a promising performance indeed. :) WTF needs 3rd party garbage rushed out of their money hungry ass when we got real quality games that works and worth the purchase right out of the door? :) Get em Nintendo.

    1. Are you saying games made by anyone other than Nintendo aren’t quality? :P And last time I checked, you weren’t getting this game due to no online co-op.

      1. Who said I wasn’t gonna get it? lol What I actually said was, I’m pissed too, that they or somebody we either falsely promised or mislead the online co-op part that’s gonna cost some sales overseas and make me question about getting the game and I also said that I feel skeptic about this game’s appeal to me because I fear that I might get bored of it.

        Care to try twisting facts and reality on me again? lol

        1. I would find the article where you specifically said that, but I’m busy right now. You literally said something like “Not gonna buy it anymore because of no online co-op and now this is going to hurt the game’s sales” …And then this article shows up saying that is doing well and now you want to get it again? Lol. XD

          1. All I said was that they promised this weeks before and then changed their minds which is gonna hurt the game for those who thought online co-op was gonna be in it. That’s it. The part about not buying this game isn’t about co-op but me being afraid that I might get bored of it quickly since I’ve been watching more gameplay videos and question myself.

            1. Oh well Nevermind. But um… Does this mean you’re getting Splintercell Blacklist? I was thinking of getting it and would be cool to have someone join online.

                  1. Why would I buy a game that I use to hope for to get as a birthday present last year but get disappointed by their BS gimping and excuses? They could’ve at least updated that version of its offline co-op back and maybe I would’ve bought it back then.

                    1. So you can play with me of course. Aren’t I reason enough for you to get the game? Don’t you want to play with the almighty God HollowGrapeJ? You should be honored I even asked… xD

                      1. lol Funny. But there can only be one God. XD Anyway, I might think about it but Ubishit pissed me off royally that I don’t even wanna consider touching anything of there’s again. Hell, I’m even trading in ZombiU away even though its the perfect horror game we needed but Ubishit help destroy that too.

                        1. Zombi U is too boring imo. I think like that it used the Gamepad, but it felt off when I was playing the demo. It just didn’t click for me. I’m going to try RE: Revelations and hopefully I don’t scream like a little girl. Lol. Jesus Christ the demo almost scarred me for life.

                          1. I’m not gonna lie. ZombiU scares the shit out of me, even to this day and even more than Resident Evil which is what’s been missing for years. Revelations on Wii U with its hell mode, OMG. I can’t stand it and that huge freaking monster waiting in the end got me jumping the first time and I had no ammo. That’s what RE needed all this time but I must say its a bit too much for me to handle. XD

                                1. Wait, no. I think you should get Watch Dogs instead. It’s a GTA knockoff with hacking as you might call it, but it is the closest we are getting to a real GTA at this point now that I think about it. XD

                                  1. No. Even if the port is legitimately full packaged with all the DLC included and shit, I am not touching that game and why should I? The online play is balls and Uplay is serious garbage.

                                        1. Watch Dogs isn’t actually bad from what I’ve heard. Most people say it’s like GTA mixed with the stealth elements of Assassin’s Creed. Some people say it’s boring, some people say it’s fun. I saw one dude that said “how can this be a new IP? This is literally Assassin’s Creed with hacking” xD If you happen to skip out on WD, don’t fear. For I am your Ubisoft sucker. I’ll test the game for you all. XD

                                          1. You also forget that embarrassing lack of customization and that “no punching with fists” BS. lol For a 2014 sandbox game, that is pathetic. GTA shits and over kills WD a million times over.

                                              1. …you car jack, you steal money, you kill, you buy and shoot guns, attract cops, it has all of the basics of GTA except for the punching with fists part. XD

                                                1. No dude. GTA is different. You see those things you just mentioned are all a part of GTA. They play a specific role into the game. GTA is about doing that stuff. Watch Dogs is about something else. You can’t always go in guns blazing or you will get your ass FUCKED up. Lol. It’s mainly supposed to be a stealth action game. The GTA elements are just an extra. The game isn’t all about stealing some drugs or robbing banks and stuff. Lol. But honestly, I didn’t even know it was gonna be like GTA when I saw the gameplay. It looked literally nothing like GTA during its first E3 showing. It looked like this epic badass NEXT GEN stealth game! What the fuck happened? Lol they downgraded the graphics and basically made it GTA with hacking (and some Assassin’s Creed) It definitely crushed the hype I had for it, but I suppose I can give it a try still. It’s just…the game looked like it had more potential. That’s unfortunate.

                                                  1. That’s what I’m saying. If dumbass lying Ubisoft would’ve kept their word and polish this game the way it was suppose to be and release it on time with Wii U as promised, it would’ve been a hit and I may forgive Ubisoft after Rayman stunt. But alas, they fucked up.

                                                    1. Even on PC it still doesn’t look as good as 2012 E3. Lol that’s Ubisoft for you. They got to play the true next gen version and decided everyone else should just stick with an inferior version. Same thing happened with Far Cry 3 PC. You know another Ubisoft game coming out hyping up graphics? The Division. And I can 100% guarantee you that is the next victim of Ubisoft. XD Show you this amazing next gen game and then make it look like a 1080P PS3 game when it comes out. Lol. Hell, they are probably in their offices right now playing Watch Dogs with the Dynamic lighting and realistic water effects and shit all to themselves. XD

                                                        1. Lol but you should know that not ALL companies will screw you over on terms of graphics. Like for example, the Witcher 3. Holy. Fucking. Shit. That game is literally going to rip apart all other games in existence in graphics. Battlefield 4 and Crysis 3 ain’t got shit on it. Some PC gamers are even WORRIED that they might have to upgrade or it might not run on their PC at ultra. I’d say the only thing that even comes close to the Witcher 3 would be Metal Gear Solid V now that it’s coming to PC. Damn, these games will put Ubisoft to shame in terms of next gen graphics… xD

                                            1. IF Advanced Warfare does in fact and finally fix most of the BS MW2 started with camping, OP stuff and boring ass unchanged gameplay and graphics for over 7 years, then I may give that a shot but only buy the preowned as a precaution.

                                        2. THe game looks well done, so it is no surprise that it is performing well. Especially in the country where the Warriors franchise is most popular.

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