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High Moon Studios Only Working On Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3 Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare, No Wii U

High Moon Studios have told Game Informer that they’re only working on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and confirmed that there isn’t a Wii U version this time around. We heard yesterday from Sledgehammer Games who said they’re working solely on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC versions of the game. Sledgehammer also revealed that Treyarch aren’t producing a Call of Duty game this year. Michael Condrey tweeted yesterday that Activision decided not to make a Wii U version this time around presumably due to sales.

“Current gen is also going to be great – the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms are being developed by the talented team at High Moon Studios,” they said. “They are committed to bringing an incredible X360 and PS3 Call of Duty game to fans. We’ve been working closely with those guys to ensure players get an awesome Call of Duty experience on all platforms.”

190 thoughts on “High Moon Studios Only Working On Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3 Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare, No Wii U”

    1. A favor that they make me, I was really tired of playing tha same every time!! Thank you, but Devils Third got my money already ;)

          1. You would agree, filthy human troll. As for Call of Duty, I could care less about that rehash series. Now run along while we enjoy Devil’s Third as it eventually does like Hyrule Warriors & ends up looking better later down the road.

        1. Shuhei’s troll side has surfaced, guys. It’s okay. We know you’re just angry it’s no longer a game going to Sony. Now join the ones crying about Bayonetta 2 skipping the PS4.

      1. Sorry but we don’t support gimped games just for the sake of support, human. I tried that for Assassin’s Creed 4 in the hopes of the DLC coming later like with the Tyranny of George Washington DLC for Assassin’s Creed 3 but Ubishit had to go full retard on us.

        1. It’s not you. You aren’t the problem. You bought the game. It’s the people that didn’t even buy the game in the first place that are.

          1. Which is why I wish I WAS part of the problem. For Assassin’s Creed 3, my money was well spent since we got Assassin’s Creed 4 but buying Assassin’s Creed 4 was not my money well spent as it’ll go to Assassin’s Creed sequels I won’t even be able to play on the Wii U. Well it damn sure won’t happen again as I’m going to buy Watch_Dogs for Wii U as a used game when it’s available as such. Ubishit won’t get my money to help fund the sequel for other consoles this time! Now to wait & hope Just Dance 5 or whatever entry it is flops on the Wii U, so we don’t have to worry about Ubisoft shoving casual crap down our throats as they’ll see we don’t want their god damn casual shit, either!

            1. Lmao! Lol. I don’t think I can fit Watch Dogs into my plans right now as there are too many other games I want at the moment. I’m still interested in the game and I’ll probably wait until next year to get it.

                  1. From what I’ve been hearing, the PC version of Watch_Dogs is the worst possible version you could get.

                    1. Don’t take my word for it, though. If you’re going to get it, I suggest going to IGN boards or Gamefaq boards to see what others have to say on the subject.

  1. We already know these games won’t be coming to Wii U, it’s like the 4th day of news about COD not coming to Wii U. How many more news do we need for the admins here to understand it will just not come to Wii U and we are ok with it?

    I want Smash and Bayonetta, not COD on my Wii U. if it comes good, if it doesn’t I don’t care ’cause I’m not a fan of these teen shooters.

    1. Because the personal opinion of you, Alosjs, a random person among the 7 billion people that populate planet earth, is what determines what the WiiU and the rest of the world needs and wants.

    2. Fucking this.

      If it’s not related to the Wii U, it’s not Nintendo News.

      Someone get sickr the fuck off this blog already

    3. The news isent for you, its for every one, and some people like those games, and were hoping the system they paid for, has the games they want to play

  2. Lmfao, WiiU has officially hit rock bottom in terms of 3rd-party support. I mean, if even CoD is skipping it, it can’t get much worse, can it ?

    1. Dude why the fuck are you even on this site if you hate Nintendo so much? Go to one of those pro-Sony sites that caters to ” occasional ” gamers such as yourself. Nintendo fans don’t want a fake gaming scrub like you on our side anyway

      1. Just because I’m able to accept and openly speak about the obvious failures and mistakes of Nintendo, doesn’t mean I hate them.
        Also, who are you even to be able to tell anything about me and my being as a gamer ? lmao. You literally know nothing about me, especially in terms of gaming. In fact, you mistook me for a “dude”, shows how well you truly know me. Try harder next time.

        1. And yet you blindly overlook the intentional gimping of 3rd party games on Wii U and almost all of them are gimped with a stupid ass excuse behind it. So don’t go gun blazing on Nintendo and the fan alone on this because its been going on for years and both side aren’t gonna deal with this BS anymore. From gimping on go fans to not making as much BS profit as COD does for every release, this nasty little circle isn’t going anywhere.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                I know, and this is why half of the Nintendo fans blames us because they feel we must buy games only to support, even if we are not even interested in that game…

                It’s pathetic…

                1. Are they seriously THAT fucking stupid?! Why should be buy deliberately gimped ports for “support” which is not support when you serve half of anything at the same price, just so they can see that we’re stupid enough to continue buying second hand garbage and continue jacking us off the same way for the next several dozen of gimps in the future? I swear to god, I always question myself WTF gave birth to those idiots.

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    Even if a game wasn’t gimped, why should anyone that isn’t even remotely interested in such a game be considered an idiot just because they don’t watse their resources in anything they don’t want just to support a game that others like?…

                    Then I can just aswell blame people for not buying Spore, N64, GCN etc etc…

                    1. Like ASSassin’s Greed. Its so boring to me and even makes gimped Wii U Splinter Cell Blacklist and GTA/MGS look like god. People wanna blame me for not liking such crack game? They can go ahead and deplete their IQs and waste their oxygen calling me an idiot for not liking boring stuff that they do because they lack the mental capacity of understanding the concept of people don’t always like what you like.

                            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                              The thing is, a core gamer is most likely to have a Wii U and multiple consoles, so if the core gamer buys a gimped multiplat for the Wii U and finds it horrible compared to the other versions, why should he bother getting it when it’s better for the other two consoles, and when you look at it that way, what would make you expect a Nintendo Loyalist would buy the game if the core game didn’t? Idiots blame consumers when they can’t even look at the bigger part of the picture.

                                1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                  Indeed, a majority of the apes on this planet will never stop with this foolishness.

                                  1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                    Yes I will, Platinum made a good deal, Bayonetta 1 and 2 in one package. Can’t get a deal like that for Bayonetta on Steam that’s for sure(because its not on steam)!

                          1. Okay, and when exactly have I overlooked the fact that the WiiU versions of some 3rd-party games were inferior to other versions ? Right, never, because I’ve never denied it or claimed anything of the contrary. So don’t go randomly accusing people of things that never even happened.
                            And I won’t even bother going into the issue anymore because I’m seriously tired of repeating myself like a broken record because you guys simply don’t understand. I’ve tried it often enough and it’s an obvious waste of my time, seeing how tightly you cling to your nonsense idea of “3RD PARTY DEVELOPERS HATE NINTENDO, THEY JEALOUS SO THEY WANNA BOYCOTT US, THAT’S WHY THE WIIU GETS NO SUPPORT !!! >:((((“. It’s getting absolutely pathetic at this point, so that’s all from me concerning the issue.

                            1. Anyone blaming the consumers no matter what the reason is has become invalid in both arguments and existence by default…

                              It’s the same as blaming a woman for being raped, a child for being abused and so on…

                              A bit harsh examples but the same laws are applied…

                              1. How is it the same as blaming a woman for being raped, are you mentally ill ? I seriously didn’t think you could sink any lower in my eyes but wow, congratulations, you have managed to achieve it.
                                Don’t even bother to reply to any of my comments anymore because I don’t want to converse with you in any way anymore.

                                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                  Once again, overreaction and cannot comprehend anything, good then I don’t have to deal with your deluded mind…

                            2. Then if you actually understood that, then you should have enough IQs to realize why nobody is buying their shit. Because its shit to drive us away so they can have an excuse to not make Nintendo ports anymore. Simple. If you don’t believe me about Wii U, then look at their shit support for their portable consoles where Nintendo usually does best and better. Even the DS almost overtook PS2 as the best selling game console in history and 3DS is destroying PS4 in every corner of the globe and do you see the 3rd party ever made one seriously good game to justify their earning of support for the mobile side? Not a damn chance.

                              Nintendo has always done the job almost on their own because of this and they do sometimes welcome 3rd parties with open arm invitation and they usually never take it but instead, they choose the other side that are burning their cash faster just to lose profit and slowly kill their business and brands in the process because they’re short sighted to figure out the formula of gaming.

                                      1. No it didn’t, lmfao.
                                        There was a report on that some time ago but it was false because the PS2 numbers hadn’t been updated for a while. The PS2 is still the best selling console to date, according to the most recent numbers.

                                      1. ???
                                        I said I won’t go into the issue, not that I won’t reply at all or look at the replies I get, lmao.
                                        Did I go into the issue ? No I did not. So there really can’t be any talk of hypocrisy.

                        1. Microsoft’s already there mate.
                          Nintendo is actually getting MORE money now thanks to the increase in both shares AND sales of the Wii U.

                          1. What… Who even talked about anything you’ve just said ? LOL.
                            But while we’re at it, the WiiU doesn’t even get remotely close to the amount of 3rd-party support the Xbox One gets. Sorry.

                            1. And how’s that possible you ask? Because Microsoft is busy burning and throwing money at these whores to attract attention and their diminished moral support like a devil posing as a woman throwing herself on you like a hussy.

                              Right now you’re hearing both sides throwing money to see which games and developers they’re gonna bait to keep making trash after trash.

                              1. The Clergy of the Church of Sasori would like to take a moment to condemn Stranga the hatred of women and viewing them as sex objects. Sasori does not approve..

                                Church of Sasori

                                      1. the clergy of the church of sasori confirmed that lord sasori loves his phil spencer gay, very, very gay. so we declare your comment as irrelevant as robin williams. mongolian of unnatural decent at his finest.
                                        this song will play 9 times to wake up the spirit of sasori

                                1. damage control!!! Sasori thinks women are sex objects, remember when you “god” asked that girl on twitter to show her boobs and don’t forget his sexist comments.

                              2. Do they get 3rd-party support or not ? Do they make money or not ? Do their consoles sell better and faster, resulting in getting more and more games or not ?
                                Exactly, and that’s what counts.

                                1. Again, look at Nintendo portables which fits every single description you just said and now look at its current or lack of 3rd party support on it and now look at the Vita and the 3rd party behind it still supporting a deader system than GameCube and Wii U combined. See the hypocrisy yet?

                                  1. You were the one looking down on Microsoft for paying 3rd-party developers, I gave you a reply telling you what that results in. Now you randomly bring in Nintendo handhelds.

                                    But either way, the Vita barely gets any support and we both know that, the 3DS gets WAY more.
                                    Calling the Vita deader than the WiiU was a funny joke though, I’ll give you that.

                                    1. Forgot to add:
                                      Bringing in Nintendo platforms at this point made no sense because we were talking about MS paying for support. Nintendo does not pay for support. Or, at least not as much as MS.
                                      Sorry about that.

                                    2. About. Vita, that’s not true. If dickhead Ubisoft ports Rayman Legends to Vita instead of 3DS despite their past BS delay stunt with Wii U over the opposite side of that decision, then it demonstrates 3rd parties either don’t think logically or they just plainly hate Nintendo either way.

                                      And yes Vita is more DOA and forgettable than Virtual Boy.

                                      1. Rayman Legends was ported to Vita because Origins actually performed really well on it, whereas it did quite bad on 3DS, which makes it an absolutely logical move to not bring the successor of the game to the 3DS. Also, just because the Vita got Rayman Legends and the 3DS didn’t, doesn’t mean the Vita gets more 3rd-party support than the 3DS. That’s just one single game, after all.
                                        And the whole thing with the delay of the WiiU version was because of Microsoft’s policy, apparently. But even if it wasn’t though, no idea why you would bring that up at this point because a 3DS version of the game has nothing to do with anything that concerns the WiiU version.
                                        And if the Vita is DOA, then I wonder what the WiiU is, seeing how it’s performing about as bad as the Vita.

                                        1. And how many copies did that port actually sold on the Vita around the same time it sold about 2 million after its first year? I wouldn’t be surprised if it made past 400,000 and Ubisoft, in its own retardation and hypocrisy, call that a success for a sequel but cancel ZombiU sequel for Wii U despite selling 500,000+ for a launch title.

                                          And how is Wii U doing as bad as Vita when all Vita offers is a shitload of gimped PS3 ports, mostly average to crap games except Uncharted and its memory card prices makes people wanna cringe hard and compare both of its market time and sales, Wii U is already about to over take Vita before the end of December.

                                              1. It’s not really that you know… The other systems sold well before they even had enough games. It’s the fanbase. PS/Xbox got their previous gen fans to upgrade, but most Nintendo owners are still on 3DS instead of upgrading. I told you if they made the upgrade, Wii U wouldn’t be where it is. I just don’t get it. What exactly is stopping them from getting Wii U if they like 3DS do much?

                                                1. I seriously have no damn clue how these people think and decide shit. Practically, most of humanity is strangely twisted at times.

                                                  But right now, Wii U needs games and that’s all it matters. 3DS this year has a steadier release line compare to 2013 which made it the hottest console around. So Wii U should at least take this opportunity to sell more with its own heavy hitters. If you’re so concerned about Wii U over the whole Smash Bros. 3DS > Wii U thing, don’t let it bother you. It is expected that 3DS will sell more but it doesn’t mean Wii U itself is in danger of Nintendo putting it down with its own games. I see the hype is just as great and many are saying Wii U or both more than 3DS alone.

                                                2. @stranga:
                                                  I don’t know the exact numbers but I heard it was close to half a million, which is quite good for a multiplat title.
                                                  And I can’t believe you’re still at that “The Vita only offers PS3 ports !!!!” because anyone who actually bothers to look into the Vita library knows that your statement is utter bs.
                                                  But hell, even if it did only offer PS3 ports, that wouldn’t change the fact that the WiiU is doing about as bad as the Vita. Same goes for the memory card prices.
                                                  Also, the Vita has sold nearly 2 million units more than the WiiU, according to the last report it’s at 8.6 million whereas the WiiU was at 6.8 the last time we heard, so I actually doubt the WiiU is gonna overtake it anytime soon.

                                          1. Yeah, but Nintendo doesn’t pay for third party support and 3DS games are harder to port over to any other consoles, and they tend, not always, but tend to be less pretty games because it’s weaker hardware and these guys don’t know how to effectively use it. They’ve tried on the Vita cause Sony’s paid them to, and it hasn’t paid off. The Vita is essentially an Off-TV controller for the PS4 now. If companies make handheld games now, they lean on making cheap phone games, cause they’re cheaper and smart phones are in 10x as many people’s hands than 3DS’s, or even more. The 3DS does still get third party support in Japan, though. I feel I should mention that. Japanese people seem to be more about the handheld gaming then western gamers, so they get crap tons of games. Nintendo needs to learn how to get western support…

                                2. Pretty much. COD, in general, is the third party game most likely to sell the best, and if even that’s skipping, then there’s no point in even hoping for anything more. Nintendo’s either gonna need a serious surge in sales or they’ll just have to wait it out til their next console in probably 2017. Hopefully they’ll get some more exclusive deals like Bayonetta and Devil’s Third to hold it out

                                3. Can’t get much worse? You act like COD is the best 3rd party on the planet. It’s only competing with AC on who can come out with the most franchises in 12 months.

                                  1. Exactly. CoD is one of the most “ordinary” 3rd-party titles out there, and what I’m saying is that it certainly isn’t a good sign if a game like that skips a certain console, BECAUSE it is so ordinary and it should be taken for granted on pretty much every console.

                              3. High Moon and Sledgehammer were never working on a Wii U version, if there is one. If there is a Wii U version, it will be a special Treyarch team. While Michael Condrey said “Treyarch isn’t working on Advanced Warfare”, they asked about Treyarch and not their Wii U team. Hence why he denied it.

                                1. I think they’ll just stealth release the game on Wii U but I’ll still buy it on Wii U just to piss Activision off thinking it wouldn’t sell ;)

                                  1. Piss them off by supporting their game? If anything, you’re a happy accident, maybe. I don’t get all the self-righteousness on here, everything these companies do is just business but people act like it’s some kind of crusade or battle of good vs evil. No, it’s just business. Well, whatever, everyone has their own fantasies, who am I to disallow them. Continue on

                              4. Pingback: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare NOT coming to Wii U - Page 3

                              5. Well, the overall loss here is fairly extensive. High Moon is working on a port down of Call of Duty for the 360 and PS3, but not the Wii U. Which means that’s a major title the Wii U is going to miss. Then again, almost no one plays Ghost, and it’s the same group that’s still on Black Ops 2. Though you can partially blame Activision for that one.

                                Also, that means High Moon has been working on something any johnny jobber team could have, instead of working on the most recent Transformers game. Especially considering how mediocre that game was it’s a double loss for gamers.

                              6. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

                                this is a sad day just like how mw2 never came to the wii. hopefully wii u gets the next cod game or get s a reflex or redux version of advance warfare. i’ll probabuly just get ghosts latter this year when i get a bit tired of black ops 2. advance warfare looked very promising and awesome. i was buy that over any nintendo game is holiday but ooo welll. i’ll get ghost, spilter cell or mass effect 3.

                              7. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

                                there still i chance of them porting it to the wii u. cant reggie give 20k to treyarch?

                                  1. Eh, they’d only want enough to compensate for the port and whatever time they’re losing on whatever they’re currently working on. That’d make the game sales pure profit and so it wouldn’t matter then even if it didn’t do well, but Nintendo won’t make a deal like that if they don’t think they’ll make the return on it, except for with Platinum and the Wonderful 101, but that’s a special case because it’s Platinum studios and they only make amazing games that never sell that well lol

                                  2. Who cares just bring a Rayman Legends sequel. And when is Actuvision and Ubisoft ever going to make something else totally different? Is that all they think of is pow pow you’re dead? What about an adventure platformer? Can’t rich 3rd party developer make a 3D platformer like Banjo-kazooie knock off? Collect things, explorer, what happened to those games? Didn’t dumb Ubisoft ever think abour a Rayman 3D Platformer?

                                  3. If they can stop jerking off Wii U gamers of their two straight DLC delays and lies, then maybe they wouldn’t feel as uncomfortable of being cheated of pre-order DLCs and buy the game with confidence. Activision themselves is at fault for hindering support by lying about Nuketown being in the Wii U version so when Ghosts almost came about, many were wondering if Freefall were to come on time this time for Wii U and it didn’t so some players skipped that game as well, avoiding the same repeat of BO2 Wii U DLC disappointment. Plus Ghosts itself is the worst COD since MW3.

                              8. Well maybe its time for them to make a 3DS version or 3DS COD game that is independent of the main build.


                              9. sasori obi the puppet master, COD wii u player #wiiuneedscodplayers

                                ghost and black ops 2 still needs more players and more maps to keep everyone playing. i hope wii u get rush for black ops 2 and dynasty ghosts.

                              10. Oh no! No call of duty? WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO??? Yeah maybe if Nintendo wasnt putting out their own awesome original shooter I might give two fuxs. I bought my Wii U for Nintendo’s software, the other guys suck anyway. Who needs 3rd party support? Let them haters hate. Ubisoft, activision, etc they can all go suck on a tailpipe. And so can the fans of their games. Rayman? Assassin’s Creed? COD? Give me a break those games dont hold a candle even to new super mario bros. Ive not only given up on 3rd party, ive embraced it. All of Nintendo’s software is exclusive. That means when the library fills up with amazing ten out of ten games that they cant play, playstation and xbox owners will be green with envy, because they will be playing the same recycled EA sports games and shooters. And if they are satisfied with that good. Let them not see the shallowness of their gaming. Let them miss out, and overlook the best software in the industry. Its what they deserve.

                                1. sasori obi the puppet master, COD wii u player #wiiuneedscodplayers

                                  call of duty black ops 2 wii u is better than new super mario bros u.

                                2. Yeah who cares we have Splatoons. A different type of FPS. I’ll get that. After Ubisoft announced what they said after Watch Dogs. Fuck them. Keep your watch dogshit game. I don’t even want it anymore. That money is stored for Splatoons now.

                                  1. True, at least with Splatoon we know that it will be a high quality game that’s actually worth our money not a Ubishit port sold to us like garbage. I actually was going to buy Watchdogs because of the gamepad feautures but after what Ubishit said, I’m never buying their games again.

                              11. sasori obi the puppet master, COD wii u player #wiiuneedscodplayers

                                i really wanted to try out the exo suits and garnades. :P

                              12. Lol aren’t High Moon Studios the guys that made Deadpool? That game is awesome. Anyways, I don’t really care for CoD, but this is bad. Third party support is gone now I guess. Nintendo’s games are the only ones I can play now and they better be absolutely top notch amazing games getting 10/10’s everywhere to make up for this, or else I’m selling this system. Bottom line. I don’t even really care if it was Nintendo or the third parties that did this to the Wii U, but I am not talking much more of it. With that being said, these exclusives better give me the best gaming experience of my life, or I’m jumping ship

                                1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                  I suggest you not jump ship, or else the sharks of regret will feast upon you in the ocean of torment.

                                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                      Does not matter. You may not see it now, but in the future you will, and when you do sell that Wii U for that reason, the magical ding-dong twinkie donkey Bilbo will take a dump in your room and fly out the window, where Shrek will then bring you and onion and whispers into your ear “This is my swamp”.

                                      1. Haha. Being funny and random as usual. But I’m being serious right now. If I don’t enjoy these Wii U games, I’m selling it and never looking back…

                                        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                          Sure you are. Just remember, Shrek will come, and he will let out a mighty roar as he fills you with his love.

                                                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                                      I don’t see anything wrong with that. If some girl flirts with you, I’m pretty sure that gives you permission to give a similar comment back.

                                                      1. I guess lol. Ok, then. Here goes… *inhales* You may continue to make more jokes oh beautiful and sexy Valve Glados. :P *covers mouth with hands* That felt awkward to say to a girl… XD

                                                        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                                          You have quite a way with words though. ;P
                                                          Its quite romantic and sexy.

                                                          That’s why Shrek will try to fill you with love, because its not ogre…
                                                          Its never ogre…

                                                          Shrek is love…

                                                          Shrek is life…

                                                            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                                              Valve Glados? Are we talking about that foreign pornstar that Grape Ape keeps talking about?
                                                              Sorry I don’t know anything about that pornstar. :P

                                                              1. Lol you know with me being 16, I’m still technically a kid so that means you’re being a bad influence to me. :P But fortunately, I already knew about that stuff since I was 8. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. XD

                                                                1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                                                  Yes, I know I am a horrible influence, in fact, I laugh at joke that assures me that I will go to hell just for laughing at it.

                                                1. i know this is a fool’s dream but i wish nintendo would purchase the rights for the next 2-3 cod games just to piss off the pre teens and let them broaden their tastebuds alittle instead of just going for the same old game again and again and again! hey i like third party games but not if they lack content and form bugtopia! if they can get off their high on cod they can see other games and then figure out hey what the fuck they keep serving us the same shit over and over and when they are finally back to cod… well you know where this is going!

                                                2. Okay now can sickr quit posting news about Call of Duty!? The next article definitely better be either Treyarch announcing it themselves that they aren’t working on a Wii U port, that the game is in fact coming to the Wii U after all, or that the next Call of Duty game is coming to the Wii U or not. Anything before that is just clickbait for the anti-Nintendo trolls & those pissed off at 3rd parties to come to & rant their frustrations.

                                                  1. Don’t come here then. Simple as that. Maybe you should go to N-life where it’s all sunshine and rainbows and absolutely no negative news since you can’t handle the situation that’s going on with the Wii U right now.

                                                    1. Excuse me for wanting there to be articles that actually pertain to Nintendo. This is My Nintendo News, not My Nintendo & 3rd Party News. Once it is no longer coming to a Nintendo console, it is no longer RELEVANT to Nintendo news.

                                                      1. That’s kind of selfish to be honest… I enjoy reading news about Nintendo just as much as you do, but I am fine with reading about the other consoles as well too. And you do realize that it is not all about what games are coming to the console, right? If you want that, then go look up the release schedule. It’s talking about news regarding anything to do with ANY past Nintendo console, handheld, or anything Nintendo has done. Just like how Resident Evil Revelations came to the Wii U and when there was the article about the rumored second one not coming, people (including you) said it wasn’t relevant anymore which is ridiculous. Resident Evil has been on Nintendo systems before the Wii U therefore, it IS relevant. Now if there was a brand new game coming out for PS3 and 360 only and the developer said absolutely nothing regarding the Wii U or Nintendo in general and Sickr posted an article about that, THEN it would be irrelevant.

                                                        1. >.< I don't give a flying fuck if it did once go on a Nintendo console. If a new game in the series isn't coming to a Nintendo console, it's no longer relevant to Nintendo so therefore it isn't Nintendo news. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has been revealed to not be coming to the Wii U so therefore that one particular game in the series is no longer relevant to Nintendo. If there is an article mentioning it might come to the Wii U, then by all means post it. But unless it specifically states it is coming to the Wii U, it no longer concerns Nintendo. Now if a new Call of Duty is announced, then sickr can post an article about that new game all he wants UNLESS it confirms the game isn't touching a Nintendo console. "Well Final Fantasy has been on a Nintendo console, so there should be articles talking about Final Fantasy XIV even though we all know the game is not touching a Nintendo console." Wrong! If it's not coming to Nintendo, it's not Nintendo news.

                                                          1. Lmao take a chill pill dude. I bet Sickr is reading your comment right now and laughing his head off. My point still stands though anyways. If it has anything to do with Nintendo, then yes. It is Nintendo news. I’m gonna keep saying it until you understand. XD

                                                            1. If he is laughing, it proves he is the biggest troll on this site. And if it isn’t coming to the console, then it doesn’t have anything to do with Nintendo. That’s like a PS3 only blog mentioning how the next Monster Hunter is skipping the console for the Vita, 3DS, or Wii U & constantly making articles about the game once the initial article mentions it isn’t coming because the game was once on the PS3. It’s rude & disrespectful to the people that go to that blog solely for PS3 news. They don’t want to constantly hear about the good thing happening to a game that they aren’t even getting on their console of choice.

                                                              1. Still relevant. Still relevant. Still relevant. It’s still relevant because it’s relevant news that has relevance to Nintendo therefore it is relevant. Sorry… xD

                                                                1. Whatever. it’s pointless to argue with someone that only likes these kind of articles because he’s a puppet for 3rd parties & because they give him a chance to troll people. If it’s not coming to a Nintendo console, it’s no longer relevant to Nintendo. So til there is an article that confirms it is coming to a Nintendo console, it’s no longer relevant. I guess we should constantly get barraged with articles about Metal Gear Solid V even though it’s been confirmed to not be coming to a Nintendo console.

                                                                  1. Ok, now you’re just being mean. :( Look, I know you are frustrated about these articles, but they wouldn’t really be here if Wii U has been more successful. This website is fun to be on and I don’t mind these articles since I already know how third party is on the Wii U. If you don’t like them, try talking to Sickr or try Nintendo life. But by all means, do not take it out on me. I like my Wii U first party games just as much as my other games. You don’t need to call me a puppet to third parties. I’m only trying to help get us more support anyways. You big meanie… >.< :(

                                                                  2. Then go bug someone else about this topic, because you’re wasting your time here. Once there has been an article stating a game isn’t coming to a Nintendo console, it’s no longer Nintendo news at that point so the constant articles about said game are irrelevant to Nintendo news because they aren’t coming to Nintendo consoles, therefore it is irrelevant to Nintendo. But if he wants to make an article about another game NOT coming to the Wii U, fine. By all means post it because it’s Nintendo news since it’s telling us it’s not coming to Nintendo consoles, making it relevant Nintendo news. But after that point, it’s now Sony/Microsoft news. Which means it has no bloody place on this bloody blog. We get it! The game isn’t coming to the god damn Nintendo consoles! We don’t need a constant bloody reminder of it. Again, this is My Nintendo News, not My Sony News nor My Microsoft News nor My PC News. Once it’s revealed to not be a title for a Wii U or 3DS, it’s NOT Nintendo news but Sony and/or Microsoft news. Most of us come here for Nintendo news, whether it be negative or positive news. We don’t come here for Sony and/or Microsoft news which is what Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Assassin’s Creed: Rogue, Metal Gear Solid V, & any other games CONFIRMED to not be coming to a Nintendo console near you is now: Sony/Microsoft News. You want news for games only coming to the Playstations or Xboxes? Go run to those blogs that are made specifically for them or websites made specifically for them. Or IGN. Or any other website that talks about a wide range of video game news. Now if Sickr changes the name to My Video Game News, then he won’t have to worry about people like me complaining about the constant articles talking about games only on the Playstations or Xboxes or PCs.

                                                                    1. Dude… It’s not that serious. Sickr isn’t going to change the way he writes his articles just for you and you have to accept that fact and move on. Don’t try and put the blame on me, Sickr or anyone else. I told you if you don’t like it, then there are other sites. And I’m pretty sure Sickr would tell you to do the same since you don’t like what he does. You are the only one bringing yourself here every week, nobody is forcing you. And you are really just making the issue seem alot worse than it actually is. I am used to seeing these Nintendo fanboys bash Sickr about news being irrelevant, but I cannot believe you would join their side. You don’t see people like Simply G or SSBBPhenom complaining about it. Because they already know what the third party situation is like and they just accept it and move on. And another thing: If you never cared about the game to begin with, then you DEFINITELY should not be complaining. Don’t be like those guys that say games are irrelevant just because they aren’t coming to your platform because there are people that are actually concerned about the game. Do not be selfish. This news is for everyone, not just you. Complain all you want but it won’t change a thing. I thought you knew better than that, Ridley…

                                                                    2. @Quadraxis: We got enough wars on Nintendo relevant articles, so you won’t have to worry about being bored. >.<

                                                                      @Hollow: I'm just stating the fact that this site is called My "Nintendo" News, not My Sony News or My Microsoft News. If he wants to talk about other games no longer concerning, aka relevant to Nintendo, he needs to change the name. And I'm not one for repeating myself but thankfully this is the internet so I can just copy/paste what I last said.

                                                                      "Then go bug someone else about this topic, because you’re wasting your time here. Once there has been an article stating a game isn’t coming to a Nintendo console, it’s no longer Nintendo news at that point so the constant articles about said game are irrelevant to Nintendo news because they aren’t coming to Nintendo consoles, therefore it is irrelevant to Nintendo. But if he wants to make an article about another game NOT coming to the Wii U, fine. By all means post it because it’s Nintendo news since it’s telling us it’s not coming to Nintendo consoles, making it relevant Nintendo news. But after that point, it’s now Sony/Microsoft news. Which means it has no bloody place on this bloody blog. We get it! The game isn’t coming to the god damn Nintendo consoles! We don’t need a constant bloody reminder of it. Again, this is My Nintendo News, not My Sony News nor My Microsoft News nor My PC News. Once it’s revealed to not be a title for a Wii U or 3DS, it’s NOT Nintendo news but Sony and/or Microsoft news. Most of us come here for Nintendo news, whether it be negative or positive news. We don’t come here for Sony and/or Microsoft news which is what Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Assassin’s Creed: Rogue, Metal Gear Solid V, & any other games CONFIRMED to not be coming to a Nintendo console near you is now: Sony/Microsoft News. You want news for games only coming to the Playstations or Xboxes? Go run to those blogs that are made specifically for them or websites made specifically for them. Or IGN. Or any other website that talks about a wide range of video game news. Now if Sickr changes the name to My Video Game News, then he won’t have to worry about people like me complaining about the constant articles talking about games only on the Playstations or Xboxes or PCs."

                                                                    1. “Once it’s revealed to not be a title for a Wii U or 3DS, it’s not Nintendo news, but Sony and/or Microsoft news.”

                                                                    2. Again, it’s relevant to Nintendo because it’s talking about Sakurai, a high ranking Nintendo employee. Like how that one article about the Microsoft employee was asking Reggie, a high ranking Nintendo employee, to take part in the ice water challenge.

                                                    2. Well, I think its time for High Voltage to dust off The Conduit series and bring the 3rd game to Wii U, with better voice over this time. ^^; The 2nd game’s terrible VO is why I avoided it.

                                                      1. If Nintendo has to, they should buy the rights to the series to make sure it stays on Nintendo consoles. With how shit is going, I wouldn’t be surprised if even High Voltage decided to go turncoat & screw the Wii U for the sake of better sales by taking it to the PS4 or Xbox One.

                                                        1. I certainly hope they won’t turn next and take Conduit with them. That’ll be a big problem for Nintendo losing yet another potentially good shooter. We need Conduit 3 for Wii U now and maybe a Trilogy edition but fix the god awful VO from the second game. Otherwise, I’m gonna skip that shit again. lol

                                                          1. Agreed. It felt weird hearing Prometheus not sound like Hercules for Conduit 2. Other than that, I enjoyed everything else about the sequel.

                                                    3. I don’t usually talk here but its really bothering me that people like Yoshida & Namie are constantly bashing Nintendo :| Like, if you have time to bash Nintendo, you have time to, like go outside and be productive! Also, I don’t like how people are bashing ubisoft & Activision.. Yes, they are ditching a system with a lot of potential, but its business. Greedy or not its still business. Well that’s my 2 centz :P

                                                      1. Except the Electrons not only insults our people but our empire aswell and just plain out lies while the Ubisians blame our people for not buying their games because they are overpriced, gimped and delayed…

                                                        I have no real problems with the Activisionists yet…

                                                    4. And pc. You know why? Cause Xbox 1 and ps4 are just pcs like everyone has been saying. They are going to beat themselves out of the market by compeating with the pc. More people are going to realize why by this games on the x1 or ps4 when I can just get it on the pc? More people have pcs. That’s where Wii u will win in the end. It has games the others don’t and games that you can not get on the pc.

                                                    5. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

                                                      To Call of Duty, I leave….

                                                      A dickbutt.



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