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SteamWorld Dig For Wii U Set To Feature Cross-Buy Promotion For Europe, Australia & New Zealand

SteamWorld Dig is set to release on Wii U next week for North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand after considerable success on the Nintendo 3DS. Given its popularity among Nintendo fans, the game’s developer – Image & Form – has worked in accordance with Nintendo of Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, managing to bring a special cross-buy promotion for consumers. For those who have previously purchased SteamWorld Dig on the Nintendo 3DS, you will receive 25 per cent off the Wii U version.

Unfortunately, the cross-buy promotion is not yet available for North American consumers. However, if Nintendo of America decide to implement the system, the developer will work to extend the offer to those consumers. SteamWorld Dig releases for Wii U on August 28, priced at $9.99 / €8.99 / £6.99. Here’s what Image & Form said in relation to the discount:

“Hi again all! Great news for some, promising news for others: It’s been quite a bit of back and forth regarding the cross-buy for SteamWorld Dig, that is, getting a discount for the Wii U version if you already own the 3DS version. We’re pleased to reveal that NOE has been able to implement this today. Everyone in the EU, AUS and NZ who owns SteamWorld Dig for 3DS will get a 25% discount when getting SteamWorld Dig for Wii U.

“Unfortunately, NOA (Nintendo of America) does not have this mechanism in place – a cross-buy like this isn’t possible yet for our American customers, and we don’t know when they will have it. Sorry, nothing we can do.

“It’s taken us some time to get this in place… we consider it at least half a victory. :) Happy gaming!”

29 thoughts on “SteamWorld Dig For Wii U Set To Feature Cross-Buy Promotion For Europe, Australia & New Zealand”

  1. If I’m ever going to buy this on the Wii U (considering that I already own it on the 3DS), it’s going to be after a cross-buy feature is implemented in NA. Sorry, nothing I can do.

  2. This is not Cross-buy, this is only a promotion. The definition of Cross-buy is that you buy a game for one console and you get the other versions for free. You CROSS-buy aCROSS multiple systems, literally.

    If the Cross-buy function would ever come to Nintendo consoles, then that would be a god-send. On Playstation consoles, it’s obvious that if a game comes out on multiple consoles, then a Cross-buy function would be available. But even if you own Super Mario Bros on Wii U, you still have to buy it on 3DS to play it there, I don’t get it.

    1. I’m aware of the term cross-buy. :) However, it is labelled as a “cross-buy promotion” or “cross-buy discount” in this sense, which is stated in the headline. Nintendo of Europe also featured a similar promotion with Pullblox back in June. Apologies for any confusion.

      1. It’s not really your fault. The developers don’t seem to understand what they are advertising. They could have said “Double Dip Promotion” or something.

  3. Making you buy the same games so many times over is one of Nintendo’s worst habits. I cut newer third party/indie games some slack but if you look at recent 3DS and Wii U additions to the Virtual Console it’s just sad… they’re adding the same games on the same day, or mere weeks apart and making you pay the same price on both systems if you wanna play it in both places. At least give us some kind of bundle option where we pay a couple more dollars or so to get both versions of a game smdh…

    1. Playstation does the same thing, so I don’t see a problem other than it being a problem that both companies should not do.

    2. I would have bought a good amount of games if Nintendo had cross-buy, mostly indie games and virtual console games.

    1. You really must have a sad and meaningless life to make such a joke. You probably have no girlfriend, a small penis, and sit in your moms basement while your step-father beats her and has other men fuck her.

  4. Nintendo commander Quadraxis slut

    Wiiu owner’s you’re all in for a treat steamworld dig is great game I can’t wait for what imageform comes up with next they are talented indie game developers one of the best

  5. Unless there’s also cross-save, I really see no point to this feature, unless someone likes starting all over. I have SteamWorld Dig for 3DS, but even if there were a cross-save feature, I still wouldn’t cross-buy it. I bought SteamWorld Dig as a handheld game w/ no intention of buying a console version.

    I’ve gamed before this feature, I’m a fairly patient person, & I can find something else to do between play sessions; no game was so addictive or I away so long that I was jonesing. Then again, I treat my 3DS like a unique, home console; the only handhelds I’ve played on the go were Game Boy & GBC. I’m usually too busy navigating space & human interactions to lose myself in a serious game on a dedicated platform; the safest place is home. & I’ve only ever seen 2 people playing handhelds outside a gaming event, or a store demo, or a dentist’s waiting room (on dentist-owned hardware): 1 guy playing his Game Gear @ Boy Scout camp over a decade ago (yes, he eventually had to use his flashlight batteries), & a girl last year playing a 2DS in a Beyond World Market. If it weren’t for StreetPass, I’d never take my 3DS on the go, but then it never leaves my pocket.

    So, unless SteamWorld Dig really requires actual thumbsticks & a larger screen to just enjoy it, the 3DS should be more than adequate for me. Graphics smaphics.

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