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Mario Could Have Been The Main Character In Splatoon

Nintendo has confirmed that it talked about the possibility of featuring Mario as the main character in Splatoon. Speaking with Edge, legendary designer Shigeru Miyamoto explained that the upcoming third-person shooter wouldn’t be considered a new property if it starred the mustachioed icon. The game’s producer, Hisashi Nogami, previously revealed that the concept behind Splatoon could have been built around an established franchise.

“There were heated debates over who the main player character should be. Whether it should be Mario, or a squid,” Miyamoto said. “When we talked about the possibility of it being Mario, of course we could think of the advantages: anybody would be willing to touch it as soon as we announced that we had the new Mario game. But at the same time, we had some worries. If it were Mario, we wouldn’t be able to create any new IP.”

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        1. Mario washing the arena after battle, oh how has he fallen.
          Well, rescuing princess’ for free ain’t really all that profitable.

          1. Mario has held so many odd jobs over the years! Janitorial cleanup for Splatoon would be freakin’ awesome!

    1. Yes and no. I mean splatoon seems really cool as it is now . I think one of its main appeal factors is that it branches outside of hyrule and the mushroom kingdom in an attempt to create something totally new. That being said a Mario based multiplayer shooter would be amazing!

  1. I would rather have it with squid characters than Mario. It wouldn’t have been a new ip it Mario was the star, and Mario would have way too many games lol

  2. I’m glad they didn’t. I like the Squid girls. Lol. I don’t need Mario in the game just for it to be fun.

  3. I mean what’s stopping them? They’re adding Link to Mario Kart 8 so why can’t they add Mario in this game since it makes more sense imo.

      1. Lol, that’s not what I mean. I’m talking about having a Super Mario Sunshine DLC, or at least have F.L.U.U.D as a weapon to use.

        1. No. XD This game has nothing to do with Mario and that’s good! I already see enough of him. Keep his items out too. Lol.

  4. HollowGrapeJ.. You give off the vibe of a girl that is often “wet”,, though it’s obvious your a dude lol

      1. yes you sound let say, like a youngster. Either that or it sounds like a girl typing.

        putting emotes like XD in that reply for example.

        But it doesn’t matter, I don’t care nor does anyone here.

        1. what, now emoticon are not manly enough? But I love putting them everywhere even thou I’m a guy and even thou I’m not a youngster! xD I t just help to feel the way the writer wrote. :p

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  5. I’d say that was a good choice, I mean we had NSMBU, SM3DW, Mario Kart and Smash Bro’s coming soon which all feature Mario. I really don’t think he needed to be in this.. Just overload.

    I welcome a new Sunshine or a HD remaster though, was one of my favorite Mario games, such vivid memories of how fun it was.

  6. As much as I want Splatoon,, I REALLY want a new Mario Sunshine game or at least a new Galaxy. It is great Nintendo is jumping out of their comfort zones though, this game would not have been as fun or creative if it was just another Mario Sport spin-off.

          1. It’s for people that haven’t played the game or want to play it again. If you did already, then good for you. I haven’t played Majora’s Mask, but I bet you have.

              1. Whatever. I want to play Super Mario Sunshine but I don’t want another Gamecube for it and having to search out for expensive copies online. Nintendo making a remaster would be beneficial for people like more. Same goes for things like Metroid Prime Trilogy. Nintendo Commander, why do you think all I care about is graphics? I wouldn’t own a Wii U if that was the case.

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Because you don’t want to play older games and most of your excuses about it are the graphics and then occassionally the gameplay…

                  1. You are completely wrong in every way. It’s because most older games I play I usually always end up getting disappointed by them. I don’t care about graphics. In fact, I downloading Super Street Fighter 2 on my Wii U not too long ago. What do you have to say about that? That game was released on SNES but do I care? I bought Kirby’s Adventure on my Wii U and that was on NES, but do I care about that either? It’s simple. I played Mario Kart 8 and enjoyed every second of it and then I went back to playing Mario Kart 64 and I found the controls (especially drifting) horrible. I don’t care if the graphics aren’t HD, but if I don’t like the controls, I won’t find it enjoyable. I don’t bash games based on their resolutions and crap. All I want to do is to be able to play older games with newer visuals, better controls, and better audio. Is that too much to ask for?

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      So you don’t like ALTTP, Super Metroid, Super Mario World, don’t want to try MKDD and other games…

                      1. 1: I haven’t played ALTTP. 2: It’s not my type of game. 3: 3D World is much better to me. 4: I haven’t played that either. 5: I have Mario Kart 7 and it is great. Yes, it’s not an “old”game, but it gives me enough fun out of it I need.

      1. Devil’s Third, MAYBE.
        Black Ops 2?
        LOL you’ve got to be f*cking kidding me!
        It’s a watered-down port with one, JUST ONE, year-late DLC map.
        Comparing a brand-new and exciting IP with the ability to use your own ammo as a trail to reach otherwise-unreachable areas to fight against your enemies, to a watered-down port like Black Ops 2 on Wii U, is like comparing a world-class steak to dog-shit with pepper on it.

        The Wii U version of Black Ops 2 will never out-class Splatoon.

    1. Just add Mario as DLC later. Yeah, it doesn’t make sense for him to turn into a squid, but it doesn’t make sense for there to be a baby Rosalina or Pink Gold Peach either.. *cough* mariokart8 *cough*

    2. Add “Mario” to any title and my excitement is halved. I’m bored of that fat fuck. Bring on the squid girls!

    3. So glad they stayed with Inklings! Love these little creatures, mainly because I love squid in general, but these characters really are neat.

      Not that I don’t enjoy the plumber, it’s just he’s got it covered… Way covered… It’s time for some new characters to shine!!!

    4. Should’ve put mario in it for the sake of sales. Mario’s their most popular mascot. He would’ve guaranteed some sales. If you’re a shooter fan and played any of the cod on Nintendo platforms, you know our community is small. Mario and Miis should’ve starred in this game. Oh well maybe dlc, maybe next time.

    5. It would’ve sold better simply with Mario’s name, but I like the idea of squid people throwing ink at each other. I’m glad this is a new IP.

    6. Nintendo milks mario too much as it is. I’m glad Nintendo opted to create a new IP instead of playing it safe with this game.

    7. Damn it you guys. We ask for a new Nintendo IP and when we finally get it we ask Mario to be on it. Make up your minds people, make up your minds!

      1. Mario shall never be put into this game. He has too many games. I don’t want him invading a new game. Sick and tired of seeing him. Give him a rest. Heck, I wish Year of Luigi was still a thing. Or at the very least, Rosalina. ANYONE but Mario.

                1. It started on Gameboy, next with Gameboy Color with Wario Land 3, then on Gameboy Advance with Wario Land 4 and Wii had Wario Land: Shake It which IDK if its part 5 or some prequel. XD

                      1. He eats garlic! And the Wario Land games are really fun! You can grab Wario Land Shake-It for the Wii for a dollar! He eats garlic in these games too for health, but his goal is the treasure of course.

          1. I’m sure you know this… you’re young but everyone knows about Mario’s odd jobs right?

            Either way, I’d love to see Mario come in and clean up the ink splatter off of the stage at the end of each round with his FLUDD. Just a quick little cameo as it shows the results or something like that. Someone else in here mentioned that and I think it would be an awesome reference.

            Mario is a plumber (obviously), but he’s also been a construction worker, a boxing referee, an archaeologist, chef, demolition expert, doctor, sports hero, etc. I’d love to see him as the janitorial clean up man after the Inklings cover the arena in paint.

      2. It’s a double edged sword putting mario in there. On the one hand like Miyamoto said, they would see 5 times the sales just because mario’s name is on it. On the other hand, they would have trouble because it wouldn’t be a “new IP” even though it is and it would be.

        In the end what it comes down to is that fanboys of the other systems would continue their BS argument that Nintendo doesn’t have new IPs. This argument only existing because Nintendo reuses characters across different IPs…

      3. it would nice if they left the game as it is and later on they add DLC’s later about nintendo characters and their satages.

      4. It’s safe to say that Nintendo caught me off guard with its recent DLC announcement for Mario Kart 8, with these extras bringing new franchises into the MK world and, just as importantly, serving up a significant dose of content. Once both packs arrive the number of courses will have doubled, which is substantial, while six characters and eight vehicles will significantly flesh out the game’s offering.

        There are a number of topics that are raised by this announcement, so let’s start with the most obvious hypetastic example. Mario Kart 8 is stepping out of Mario’s universe to incorporate other franchises, which is a first for the series — discounting the Bandai Namco arcades. The Legend of Zelda, F-Zero and Animal Crossing will feature in various ways, through vehicles and even new tracks, which raises tantalising and hugely exciting possibilities. It’s a concept I considered earlier this year, wondering aloud whether more diverse characters could bring even more freshness and thrills to the iconic racing franchise. MK8 is exceptional to start with, due to track design and features such as anti-gravity, and the idea of a track inspired by the Zelda series is the stuff of fantasy. For some — not all — this is sheer wish fulfilment.

        Of course, the flipside is an argument that this DLC is diluting the brand, opening floodgates to ever-increasing batches of tracks that confuse the overall package. That’s a fair view, though for starters I wouldn’t lump these two packs with the free Mercedes DLC that’s arrived with the game’s update today; having blasted around some tracks in these cars I’m agreed that they can seem a tad weird, though they’re actually put together rather well. This is more about taking Mario Kart in a Smash Bros. direction, albeit less extreme in its diversity; whether that excites or worries you is down to individual preference, though the concept undoubtedly gives Nintendo’s development teams some extra scope for creativity and playful ideas.

        It’s a bold move from Nintendo, undoubtedly, certainly one of its most surprising announcements of recent times — even accounting for its increasing willingness to try new ideas. Much as the Smash Bros. roster typifies, it opens to door to innumerable possibilities — Metroid tracks that take the outer space Rainbow Roads of recent entries to yet another level, or a Kid Icarus track that goes through the fiery underworld. If the Mario Kart franchise has perhaps been burdened by its Mario universe limitations and some generic settings (snowy mountains etc), this development lifts the lid. While rival karting games such as the excellent Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed have enjoyed crossing franchises and designing tracks without limits, Nintendo’s team has been slightly limited in comparison; I can’t help but be intrigued to see — as a result of this new-found freedom — what’s coming in these packs.

        From Nintendo’s perspective, it’s potentially opened the door to an impressive money-spinner, and one that can accentuate the ‘evergreen’ nature of the title. In its early weeks and months Mario Kart 8 has already performed well around the world, but like its predecessor will carry Nintendo’s hopes of being a consistent seller. These DLC offerings provide extra profile and buzz at regular intervals, with the November release of the first pack seeming to be particularly well-timed ahead of the Holiday season, while May’s second pack will draw attention to the title’s first birthday. Should Nintendo go beyond these offerings with more — the calls for a Battle Pack will likely be sustained and long — then they can provide terrific momentum.

        Regular batches of DLC can do much to make a game feel more like a platform, far greater a product after a few years than on day one and with a broadening appeal. As I’ve argued in the past when suggesting DLC should be a factor in MK8, it also helps the kart racer feel more like a modern contemporary of the racing genre; as much as I love mastering the original tracks, new courses, cars and characters will keep the title at the front of our minds when, typically, it would quietly drop back and become an occasional party game.

        From Nintendo’s perspective, it’s also a particularly logical use of its resources. It’s no secret that the company and its partners have to produce more content than ever for its systems, but with the groundwork done on the new engine that’s powering MK8 the process of designing new stages is surely far more streamlined — take Nintendo’s 2D Mario titles, which are put together with intuitive internal tools that are being re-purposed for gamers to enjoy in Mario Maker. The company has already outlined how challenging it found the transition to HD with the Wii U, which contributed to some delays and problems, yet with that hump cleared in various cases I’d expect that smaller teams are able to turnaround this DLC content.

        My final point in assessing this DLC announcement is that Nintendo is clearly keen to offer impressive value to draw gamers in; the fact that the big N is having to work hard for sales is clearly to the benefit of us, the players. The individual packs ($7.99 / £7) arguably offer solid value — with three characters, four vehicles and eight tracks each — but the double pack is particularly enticing at $11.99 / £11. At a quarter of the full retail price — more like a fifth in the US — there’ll be 16 tracks, eight vehicles and six characters. The 16 tracks part is particularly impressive, as that’s half the typical line-up, with the usual 50/50 split — based on the teasing layout in the updated game — between new and retro courses. Nintendo seems to be adapting its perspective of value to market realities — rather than demanding like-for-like sums for DLC extras, these are being pitched as affordable enough to be considered a fairly hefty bonus on top of the default content, with enough included to shake off any sense of content lazily ‘held back’. The core game has a solid level of content, but for a relatively low price it’ll expand nicely by next May.

        As you may tell, I’m rather optimistic about Nintendo’s DLC plans for Mario Kart 8, and don’t hesitate to say that my Wii U has been a place of smiling faces and hype over what I’ll see in November. That’s not going to be universal, however, and it should definitely be acknowledged that the absence of improved Battle options is a source of regret. Though these new tracks will likely be usable in Battle mode — you just drive in opposite directions, after all — the lack of proper arenas (I assume, at least) is hard to ignore. I’ve suggested above that Nintendo’s resources are surely stretched, and it’s conceivable that statistics for online play in Battle for previous entries, and focus group data, points to the mode being a favourite of a relative minority. That’s not really an excuse for the enduring weak-spot of Mario Kart 8, but it may be a reason.

        However you look at it, this is a brave move from Nintendo, changing the feel of one of its most iconic franchises by opening it up to other IPs. It also points to a potential model for other games in future, expanding core experiences with more content to fill gaps in entirely fresh releases. New Super Luigi U, lest we forget, was an early step in that direction. DLC is becoming increasingly common for Nintendo, and I wouldn’t expect this to be the last treasured franchise to break similar ground.

      5. Popularity-wise this game would indeed generate more sales with Mario starring in it, but let’s think for a bit.
        How long has it been since we had a new IP? This is something that a lot of people have been begging for in the passing months, and here we have it.
        Having Mario set as the lead role would just make this another Mario game, and we’ve already had 2 main ones (NSMBU and SM3DW)
        So I for one am glad to see that Nintendo has “new” characters for a “new” franchise.

      6. I’m am currently at the airport playing my Wii U at an outlet. Good thing its small unlike Shitbox one. Otherwise it couldn’t be a damn carry on. Boy is it nice playing Wii U at the air port. People sure are looking at me and the Wii U. Probably those Xbone or PS4 jealous their consoles has to stay at home because I
        it is too big. On and I was playing 3D World and DKTF and Pikmin 3. I may later play WWHD. I wonder if their are outlets on the plane?

        1. Lmao, the only reason why people are looking at you is because they think you’re a social degenerate who’s so desperate to play Nintendo games that you literally carry it with you wherever you go

      7. good decision, mario is so exploited these days that he needs a break and nintendo needs to revive a lot of their franchise. If an existing character has to appears Samus will be better fit

      8. Gotta give them props for not relying on the Moustachioed One for this game.

        …Of course, there’s probably gonna be DLC with Mario characters and stuff eventually, but it’s the thought that counts, man.

      9. I love mario, but im glad he isn’t the main character in this. This is suppose to be a new IP. It has to do well on its own without mario.

      10. Am I the only who one thinks that the concept of Splatoon is likeable, but the characters are really flat and boring?

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