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Miyamoto Still Believes Wii U Is Revolutionary

Legendary games designer Shigeru Miyamoto says that the company will continue creating innovative dedicated gaming machines. During his interview with EDGE magazine Miyamoto also said that he still believes that the Wii U is both unprecedented and revolutionary.

“Of course we had some concerns. After all, we’re human beings: our eyes cannot see two objects at the same time. But we were sure that, even with that kind of, say, weak point, we would be able to make something unprecedented and revolutionary.”

“We want to create, and they want to experience, something unprecedented all the time. For us to meet these goals, we need dedicated hardware that is designed to cater to the needs of these avid gamers. People might say that software is software. No. A unique software experience can always be realized with unique hardware that has a unique interface. That is why I believe Nintendo is, and will be, sticking to these dedicated gaming machines.”


58 thoughts on “Miyamoto Still Believes Wii U Is Revolutionary”

    1. You as a gamer and a potential developer are not even worthy to read his code for the first Donkey Kong and Mario.

    2. well, miyamoto has to say that. imagine if the biggest nintendo’s face said that he doesn’t believe in wii u. use logic people

    1. The Wii U is unique, but I wouldn’t call it revolutionary. The 3DS would have been revolutionary if 3D hadn’t already become mainstream. I would call the Wii revolutionary and the PS3. I wouldn’t really say the same for any other home console. (The original Game Boy was definitely revolutionary)

      1. WiiU is revolutionary. Play Deus Ex director’s cut and see how the WiiU made that game a new experience.

        1. Heh, I think that game’s a little above my age limit. The Wii U definitely took some interesting steps and it’s a unique experience, but that still doesn’t make it revolutionary in my eyes. It had the potential to be, but like the Kinect, I felt that the Gamepad ultimately just became an extra accessory rather than an integral part to the Wii U.

    1. You mean lack of games or having the same amount of games with little to no support and partial the content at the same price? I rather have no third party then keep getting second hand crap from those lazy, money thirsty bastards.

      1. Well it’s the third-party support that is hurting them. Many people are intrigued by the concept of the Wii U, but don’t necessarily want to play JUST Nintendo games on it.

        1. Third parties have gone greedy and stupid as well as hypocritical. They think. Nintendo platform only buys 1st party when the general hype for their games was always there but they have the knack to gimp and delay for others as their ticket to stop making Nintendo games. This hatred trend of theirs has been going on for years and when Nintendo finally makes something that resolved most of their past issues regarding space and hardware horsepower, they still don’t want to do shit about it. Instead their grand excuse for this gen is rather a pathetic one which most don’t openly say: Wii U uses a different architecture “Power PC” which they have used and been familiar with before but because x86 is simpler, they wanna take the lazy route to pump more garbage for quick profit off the bigger suckers from the other two consoles.

    2. You are the same people that said it would disappear in 2013. 2015 Xenoblade chronicles X and Zelda WiiU release. Please continue.


  1. If you believe that, please make a MARIO game that actually proves this. Mario Kart and Smash Bros are the only games that actually look like they use the system well. 3D World graphically looked nice, but the game was really similar to the 3DS title, and then NSMB titles were also put on other systems.

    I’m waiting for a true 3D Mario that pushes the system. Something with even bigger levels than Sunshine.

    Just hope it’s soon.

    1. How smash? Right now they hyping how you can use the gamecube controller. Same with mario kart 8. The gamepad isn’t really used that great for that game nor will it for smash. Now when you can make one player play on the gamepad and 4 other people play on the tv making it 5 players able to play at once like Sonic and sega all stars racing transformed. Or having the weapons and map on the screen without pausing like wind waker, arkham city, splinter cell blacklist, deus ex… Etc.

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      Star Fox is most likely what Miyamoto is referencing. But even then, I have a feeling the GamePad will be used in a gimmicky way.

  2. The main issue with Wii U is that since its been unnoticed by consumers and I mean only the stupid kind who can’t research or tell the difference between consoles, Wii U becomes as underappreciated as GameCube was and what’s worst, these excuses for gamers only wanna buy newer consoles for specs and graphics these days when its merely a secondary priority of the console’s hardware and software presentation. Gameplay and creative ideals is what makes games and consoles stand out and most of modern gamers have clearly forgotten that and sometimes support the wrong companies who tried to take advantage of their wallets with annual releases, recycled sports/party games, DRM and overpriced DLCs.

    When it comes down to Nintendo, they’re usually careful at playing their hand and not rush evolution of gaming just to please the incorrect crowd. I believe Wii U has so much untapped potential that almost no one wants to bother unleashing because of the current state of public and media attention. It doesn’t matter if Nintendo has 3rd party or half-assed 3rd party or not, they’ve usually survive on their own for a long time for a reason.

    1. So people are stupid if they don’t know what a wiiu is and don’t care? By your logic, you’re also stupid since you don’t know everything about everything.

      1. Now look who decided to come out of his closet. As you have failed to read properly, I’m talking about those who look at both last and new gen consoles and says its an add-on that’s weaker than 360, those kind of stupid people and you too fit the bill for jumping the gun just like them.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      Please don’t call me “Commander Shepherd”…

                      Even if he can be gay, he is still an Electron scum…

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          Don’t worry comrade, I would never annihilate you…

                          Unless you turn into an Xbot…

            1. The GameCube did have the strongest graphics of the 3 systems (PS2 and Xbox) and look how that turned out. The PS2 had better games.

              When it comes down to it, software moves hardware. There is finally hardware on the system, but it’s way to late since nintendos big hitters are still due until 2015. That’s weak, hardly useful to the consumers, and by the time that comes out, people will be using xbox one’s and PS4’s because a lot of games are coming out for those systems in 2015 as well. Zelda and Mario can’t save the world, and they should use their 99 other IP’s to make their console move. You just have a lot of internal issues in Nintendo that make these games seem nonexistent *cough* Metroid *cough*

              1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                I thought the Xbox was more powerful than the GameCube.

                Metroid IMO could save the Wii U (somewhat). It’s the most graphically realistic IP Nintendo owns and would draw the core gamers over. There also aren’t any other games in that niche on the system already. The problem I think is that Nintendo doesn’t really know which direction they want to take Metroid, or if they do know, they’ve only just decided.

          1. Wind Waker HD makes wonderful use of the gamepad. Map checking and item selection is swift and feels good. Assassins creed also makes use of the gamepad with a wii u optimization, so you can enjoy full screen visuals while still seeing a map. No One else integrates this into the system, so it is definitely revolutionary. Ps4 tries with the vita, but it’s not integrated, so you can’t develop for it.

          2. Miyamoto San has spoken, which other developer can even compare. His two under studies Aonuma and Sakurai are greater than all other developers combined.

            F= ma.

          3. I love the dual screen. It makes my video game experiences that much better. So I call it revolutionary as well.

            I can’t imagine switching back to a normal controller. I hope they stick with the Wii U gamepad for their next system.

          4. to be honest i understand where he comes from and owning a wii U. I understand the concept behind the wii U but what Nintendo did not take into consideration and badly sell to developper is the idea of the wii U.

            developper now think about home console like a PC. It is mission impossible to change they mind set since the area of PS3/xbox360.

            I think the wii U will do OK but they need a serious market plan as well as releasing one software per month. If they want to entertaint the idea of being to compete.

            Also I know it something people don’t like to hear but PS4 will rip Nintendo and MS apart next year due to the number of 3rd party games coming to this platform.

            I have to say well done sony for selling a console @ £399. I remember people moaning about the price of the wii U being @ £349. I though we were in recession in Europe (except germany who also bailed out lot of countries) but my guess is that we are not after all.

          5. what Nintendo is really lacking is a good online infrastructure an easier system in place to play with people online and chat and etc cuz the friend codes are atrocious. XBL paved the way as much as I hate to admit. PSN started off slow but its become pretty epic and Nintendo is just there. They need to understand the importance of online. Dont force online into games but ones that can do it should do it like Hyrule Warriors. Couch co-op is pretty much dead but removing that would be stupid too. Having both serves everyone

          6. The Wii U frustrated me far too many times for me to call it revolutionary. I’d say it’s just ok right now.

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