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Sonic Boom 3DS Shadow Trailer Leaked From PAX

New footage of Sonic Boom Shattered Crystal has found its way onto the internet ahead of PAX. The footage of the Nintendo 3DS title includes a mix of CGI and some fast paced gameplay footage which fans have come to expect from the series. The footage isn’t the best quality, but it’s to be expected as it’s a pre-release trailer.

Thanks, AMGZant

49 thoughts on “Sonic Boom 3DS Shadow Trailer Leaked From PAX”

    1. I played the 3DS version at the San Diego Comic Con and all I can say is that it’s terrible, the controls were the worst. I’m only getting the Wii U version.

    1. I agree with the chao garden but not for this game…
      It seems waaay too out of flavor for chao’s…
      I say they should just bring them back in a more traditional Sonic game. (Sonic Adventure 3)

    1. Me neither, although I keep trying. This game actually looks good. If it fails though… I think we need to let go of Sonic. :( He had a good run. (well, not really, but…pun intended.)

      1. It’s a spin-off and the next main game is already in the works, it’s Sega’s only profitable franchise anymore so I don’t see why they’d ditch him now, If anything he would’ve dropped off back in 2006

        1. I’d suggest Colors Or Generations. And if you plan to get Unleashed, DO NOT get the Wii/PS2 versions. Trust me, they are not nearly as awesome as the other versions.

  1. I am now sick of leaks and I’m going to try skip over any post with the word “leak” in it, because this is getting ridiculous.

  2. Sadly the 3DS version actually looks so much better than the Wii U version. How that happens is beyond me, at least the 3DS version actually looks and feels like a Sonic game and not just a Ratchet & Clank reskin.

    1. No matter what Sonic does he always get gets hate so I’m no longer listening to anyone that says the games are trash. Somebody told me Colors was trash and I played it and loved it. So I am done with haters. And with that being said, I will get the Wii U version of this game since it interests me more. The only bad Sonic game I have played are the spin-offs and some of the old ones. So meh.

      1. No problems with that and I am not hating on it or saying it will be bad, just saying the 3DS version looks to have stayed more true to what Sonic games are about, it looks more polished and looks more fun to me. Another thing is the fact that I am a big Ratchet & Clank fan, I’ve played them all and love the series myself, so that is my issue with Rise of Lyric is that it looks exactly like Ratchet & Clank but with Sonic characters, even the game play is almost identical.

        So if you never got into Ratchet & Clank or Jak & Daxter, have at it, it will probably be fresh and new to those who haven’t but for me I just can’t get into it that much and would rather just play the series I know this has derived from. Considering all the same people who worked on those games developed this version, which probably explains why it looks so similar.

        From my perspective I just wish the developers that did move from those series to work with Big Red Button had tried to step outside of their comfort zone instead of making a Sonic game that is exactly like all the others game they have worked on in the past.

        So I hope you enjoy it, I really do and that it is a good game but for me I might give it a try maybe, but from what I have seen so far, I am passing. Probably doesn’t help I am so hooked on what Sonic Adventure was and all the cool little things that made that game so awesome don’t ever seem to appear in any of these newer games, not that I want the same games over and over but I don’t see why people can’t improve on already solid formulas.

          1. Thanks. I’ll try to keep an open mind about it, hopefully between the months until it releases something persuades me because I do really respect all the developers who made it.

      2. IDK WTF said Colors is trash besides fools who ignored that for Unleashed (lol), but I tried the game and its actually decent, better than Unleashed anyway excluding the new voice I’m still trying not to hate. lol

  3. sonic rush was one of my best games i played on the ds back in 2006-07 but sonic boom just looks garbage on the 3ds. even sonic lost worlds looks better than this on the 3ds.

  4. The trailer actually makes the game look good (what trailers are supposed to do) but I am a little disheartened by all the negative reviews from people who have played it…I was really hoping I’d be able to get into Sonic (was always and still am a Mario man), looks like these 2 new games may not be everything I hoped they’d be…

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  6. The same development team who had made Sony’s Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time for PS3 and PSVita is making Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal. Looks cool. Too bad that Amy isn’t playable, but adding a new character Sticks is nothing to pout about.

    I prefer Rise of Lyric on the Wii U a lot more…especially with the new CRYENGINE. But for those who own a 3DS, I would give it a rental.

      1. You do realize Amy isn’t annoying in this game, right? That’s the traditional Sonic game you’re thinking of. Lol she is much more mature here.

        1. I’m talking about that she’s annoying in general. lol I never liked her except in the Advance series where I don’t here her annoying voice. XP And no matter how much of a change she undergoes, I don’t like her. lol

          1. She isn’t really that annoying. I like her voice in newer games like Lost World. It suits her. And her voice from Sonic X isn’t bad either. I found it adorable to be honest. Lol. Only choice I CAN’T STAND is the one from Sonic Adventure. I cannot take her seriously in that game. And all she ever does is annoying Sonic in that game in addition to having that “sweet passion”song in the back making her look even more stupid. XD But Sonic Boom’s Amy looks to be the best! She doesn’t annoy Sonic at all and I find her humorous in this game! Too bad we can’t keep this Amy though because after Boom, it’s back to being Sonic fangirl again. XD

            1. Exactly. From SA, I can’t stand the bitch either and its where it all started for me. XP IDC. I hate Amy as being as irrelevant as The Chaotix or even Bean/Mighty/Ray and shit. XP

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