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Nintendo Reveals Demographics Of Wii U eShop Users, Males Account For 93% And Females Only 7%

Some interesting information has come from Nintendo’s Unite 2014 video which you can watch above. One of the most alarming pieces of information is the male and female gender ratio. Only 7% of eShop users are female while the majority are male at 93%. Whether this is a good indication of the overall gender split on Wii U isn’t clear, but it seems as though Nintendo has struggled to capture female gamers with Wii U.

  • 90+% of Wii U consoles online
  • 70+% of connected users (i.e. 63% overall) visit eShop on a “regular basis. Many of those people are repeat.”

Wii U eShop demographics

  • 0-12 – 1%
  • 13-17 – 5%
  • 18-24 – 33%
  • 25-34 – 46%
  • 35+ – 14%
  • M/F – 93/7

121 thoughts on “Nintendo Reveals Demographics Of Wii U eShop Users, Males Account For 93% And Females Only 7%”

  1. 0-12 1%…isn’t that a bad thing? I thought that 8 and up is usually where most gamers start. It’s good that we have a lot of seniors as well though. Not a bad ratio although I wonder how they got these numbers.

    1. Well you also have to think about the means of obtaining sampling data. This isn’t an ideal SRS completely random and completely representative of the population data. It’s all voluntary response (the big tabu for anybody studying statistics) to answer Nintendo’s surveys in the eShop.

      1. In that case, these numbers should definitely be taken with a grain of salt. I doubt a lot of little kids would bother answering a survey. Thanks for the heads up =)

      2. Its more likely Analytics of the eshop rather than survey, so it wouldn’t be a sample it would be anyone on the eshop that ever logged in and purchased stuff.

        1. And we know people are 100% honest about their age.
          None of us has born on January 1st on a year that makes us old enough to access or subscribe.

    2. 1% at 0-12 isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A lot of parents probably do the purchasing on the eShop to keep control over what their kids are playing. The are probably quite a few people in the 25-34 and 35+ who have kids and are purchasing for them.

    3. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

      A lot of older gentleman online on Monster Hunter 3 U. A few girls here and there. This sounds about right based on my experience playing online.

      1. No it doesn’t. They have Nintendo eshop cards which you can add money to your balance by typing in the code on the back of the card. And they’re easy to get because they’re at stores that people normally buy games from like Gamestop and Wal-Mart.

    4. Well younger kids dont have the same freedom as grownups, while grownups have their own income and therefore can have more ressources, their is also more time where they can go online to buy. I also think that parents want to have their 0-12 kids playing more outside than playing video games, and i think they use their money on things like cloth, bicykels and so on.

    1. That is gaming.
      Funny how some claim that 50% of their userbase is female, when any twat can just check the box where it says “sex”, and “no thank you” next of it.

    1. This explain everything, why you love Xbox One so much and CoD, you don’t care about the system or the game, you just want to be a dude bro in hopes that you will get laid someday.

      1. ZING! This one gets it. XD To these idiots, its all about who’s got the biggest fake dick of them all. That’s why they buy Xbox One and PS4: Kissing asses for fixed friendships and showing off the manliness they never had. lol

    2. I think dudebros are fucking gay as fuck. They would rather fuck marcus gay phoenix from queers of war than a girl.

      #queers of war is gay

    1. That’s where your wrong. All of these people are kids because they for 1 wear diapers and 2 love sucking on mario’s nipples for milk.

      1. friedriceandkamehameha

        He’s saying that we have these actual percentages but people always say Nintendo is for kids. Really, that’s just their marketing cause they don’t wanna leave out any age groups when making games

          1. They allow, but don’t make. They know that their fan base is composed mostly of older gamers, they should try and capitalize on that.

    1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

      I digital download games that I think I’ll play ALOT. Anything else, I’ll just get a hard copy for and sell when I’m done. I still play Fire Emblem Awakening since launch. Never regretted a single digital purchase.

    2. And what’s wrong with digital copies? If those same females are on other platforms getting blindly scammed by ripoff DLCs, microtransactions and even those early access BS, then something’s wrong with them. lol

  2. Bioch get on your knees and blow me while i play black ops 2 and drink monster.. This is paradise according to SasoriObi. Disgusting.. God I hate men like him thats why I like my best friend Marisa now lol XD

  3. Yup no big surprise, only veterans bought the Wii U. Kids are all about the PS4 or Xbone this gen, Nintendo marketing has been too shitty to give any visibility to their console.

    1. You a part of the 7%? Lol jk. I’m referencing a post from another article. Don’t worry, Super Princess Peach U is on the way!

                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      Then why does awesome end with “me” and ugly starts with “u”.
                      3xpoz3d lol

                                1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                  I don’t win, but I do know people who have been hit with an ugly stick, but you were clearly hit out of the park. So you clearly won by default in the ugly contest, but then you were disqualified because you were too professional. XD

                                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

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                                        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

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                                        2. *flips hair while disabling cannon* *hacks PC, uninstalls Steam* Now not only am I prettier than you, you also have no games to play. XD

                        1. Fuck Ubishit. They wanna believe the audience isn’t there and that nobody buying their late and gimped ports is OUR fault, let them be fucking idiots. I could care less anyway. Watchdogs is a joke, ASSassin’s Greed is now another EA Sports/COD spammer and Uplay is as garbage as Origin.

                      1. Holiday 2015 PS4 fans get Resistance 4… Nintendo fans get… Wait for it….. Urban Champion U..

                        Thanks for raping us once again Iwata. Fuck you die of cancer already..

                        1. Seems right and I do agree. PS4 owners will need to wait until the Holiday of 2015 to get any games. Good thing it plays Blu-ray though. Since currently right now its selling as a $399 smart Blu-ray player.

                          1. What are you talking about? The PS4 has tons of games coming in 2015. Unless you are trolling him, of course.

                              1. I don’t need to name them. February alone is probably PS4’s biggest month in 2015. Anyways, I don’t see why I need to argue about this. I don’t support console wars.

                                1. I’m not even arguing at all. XD And these “console wars” is just a dick measuring/popularity contest, never a true battle royal of the best system with the best games like Sega vs. Nintendo days.

                                  1. Actually, you were arguing because you told me to name the PS4 games coming out in 2015. If you weren’t, then you would’ve said something like “Yeah. PS4 is definitely looking good in the next coming months” And Xbox One is also getting a lot of these third party games in 2015 too so they are both looking pretty good next year. Sorry, Stranga. But as long as you keep insulting Xbox or saying PS4 has no games, I’m gonna have to count you as part of this console war. :P

                      2. Wow seriously people quit it with the female jokes.
                        Besides, as someone stated above, eShop surveys are voluntary so younger audiences are under represented here (considering they don’t complete the eshop rating).

                      3. i will never trust eshope due to the crap age restricted system. you can’t even change your age on your nnid. physical copies and walmart fixed :)

                          1. You cannot change your age. At all. I just saw Resident Evil Revelations on sale on the eshop for $20 and I can’t go to it because my account is literally one year away from being mature (17) and I can’t even change it. Do you know how much BS that is?! This could’ve been my chance to get it but looks like I will be skipping it now. No way am I buying it for $50. Sigh…

                              1. No you can’t. It forces you to keep whatever age you put in and you can’t change it afterwards. I can’t buy (or even look at) mature content on the eshop because of this. I can’t even buy the DLC for M games. I appreciate Nintendo trying to be more protective, but this is honestly just stupid. Luckily, I don’t have to deal with this BS anymore when my B-Day comes and I am officially a mature customer to my Wii U!

                                1. Knowing Nintendo’s track record plus millions of BS lawsuit attempts over children with hypocrite parents being exposed to mature games coming from them, I can see where they’re coming from especially after the Swapnote incident.

                                  1. Lol it’s ok for kids to play CoD where you shoot and stab people. And it’s ok for them to play GTA where they say more swear words in one hour than someone says in a whole year. And it’s even ok for kids to play God of War where you rip off heads and guts. XD

                                    1. And if Nintendo were to allow..let’s say GTA5 or bring back the original Conker’s Bad Fur Day to VC (which will be my biggest blessing) on Wii U, the fucking universe explodes. XD

                            1. Sorry to hear that but I am glad u can’t. The game is rated 18+ for the reason we know and yeah it suck to be 17 but understand that we don’t get the mature game cause of teen like u. I may sound like a real twat but we18+ want also game and content for our age group.

                        1. Good. An immature kid like you doesn’t need to be playing mature titles. They’ll just fuck up your already immature mind.

                      4. and people say Nintendo is for kids…. Just goes to show, Nintendo should make their games a bit more mature. By that I mean less hand holding and more development with the core Nintendo audience in mind.

                        Good thing is Miyamoto explained that Nintendo is doing just that.

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                      6. I hope it’s a wake up call to Nintendo that the offerings on the eShop aren’t diverse enough to deliver content that is enjoyable to a wide demographic. 7% of your digital consumers being female is pretty bad when the largest demographic of gamers is female.

                      7. Maybe women aren’t as dumb as male gamers and doesn’t want to waste their money on digital garbage they’ll never truly “own”?

                      8. wow, it clearly show’s that the WIIU is NO kiddy-console like some stupid publisher always think or predict. what’s more interesting is that the WIIU has the same core-target-group age-wise like the other two consoles, BUT WIIU fans don’t buy the shitty third-party grap released. very interesting, indeed.

                      9. When u do any Nintendo survey they ask how many in the house play on wii u,they age and how often.assuming people answer the survey honestly which I am sure they don’t. I am not surprised the 0-17 year segment is not bigger. On the other hand if we take those data then Nintendo should cater for more mature games, but that won’t happen. Furthermore this explains why Nintendo fans are not buying stupid Cod or games where u know is just superb graphics but no gameplay. Do we know if those data are worldwide or just focus on one of the 3 region?

                        1. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood “game”, is not a game.
                          Playing fappy or any other bird on your mobile phone does not make you a gamer.

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