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Nintendo Is Apparently Holding A Closed Media Event At PAX For Smash Bros On Nintendo 3DS

One of the members of GameXplain has revealed that Nintendo of America is planning a closed media event for Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 3DS. It’s expected to be the latest and possibly the final build for the game which launches on October 3rd.

Headed to PAX! I don’t know when exactly it is, but I can confirm that Nintendo is holding a closed media event for Smash 3DS with a new (final?) build of the game, and both Andre and I will be attending for GameXplain. I’ll bring you all the news and impressions I’m legally allowed to here (depending on NDAs) and we’ll of course be recording discussions if we’re allowed, so stay tuned!

Thanks, Gombakid

72 thoughts on “Nintendo Is Apparently Holding A Closed Media Event At PAX For Smash Bros On Nintendo 3DS”

    1. Im going! Cant wait. Wish I could see whatever is going on behind closed doors though, hopefully there will be some surprises. It wasn’t listed on nintendos pax page, but im crossing my fingers for a playable demo of splatoon!

      1. Really? 3DS has been hyped since before the summer. Wii U only gets like 2 months (probably even less) to get hyped. Smh.

        1. Think of it this way, once the 3ds version is out, the wiiu version gets all the hype. People just want to hype up the version that comes first.

          1. I see what you mean now, but remember, half the people are gonna drop the 3ds version for the most part for the wiiu

            1. You cant take the wii u version on the bus, or to work, or in a car. Well, maybe…. but still smash at home on the wii u. Smash on the go on 3ds. No one is going to stop playing the 3ds version just because the wii u version comes out… remember, their are like 50 times as many 3ds out there than wii u’s. Those ppl arent going to stop playing.

        2. Wii U version has gotten plenty of hype. The Tournament and Best Buy Smashfest were both the Wii U version. Until earlier this month (because of the 3DS version’s upcoming release), a vast majority of the Pics of the Day were of the Wii U version. Nintendo is giving the Wii U version a lot more love (and development time).

        3. Hello? Both games have an equal share of hype but not share the exact amount of content and similarities between them. Stop being so worried about the Wii U version being overshadowed. XD

        4. 3DS version is launching first. That is why it has been getting hyped since before Summer.

          Doesn’t make sense to hype a game more than another if the game in question comes out “after” the other game.

          1. If the 3DS version is releasing this October, the Wii U version has 2 months or less to be hyped up if it’s going to be released this year. And plus, almost nobody even knows what a Wii U is so why wouldn’t it make sense? They’re hyping up the version people already know about.

            1. We know way less about the Wii U one but I think they’re pushing the 3DS one the most since it’s first, to talk the core guys who scoffed at the handheld version into buying it and not let it be completely overshadowed hoping you play it on the go after the Wii U one launches, but give it a couple weeks to a month or so after Smash43DS release here, and we’ll probably learn a bunch of cool exclusive stuff about the WIi U one.Things that make you NEED the Wii U one if you like the 3DS one, and actually persuade you into buying a Wii U if you only have a 3DS.

              That said, if they stupidly don’t have a bunch of cool stuff on deck to make the Wii U version better, I really don’t think it will sell well compared to the 3DS. Since the 3DS install base is so much higher than the Wii U, a lot of people will have to spend $60 + $330 to play the HD counterpart.

              Also very sad that I just bought that 3DS XL not too long ago and now I feel I NEED the “new Nintendo 3DS XL” since it fixes all the complaints and problems that the regular 3DS XL has…

              1. Um. I think you mean the original 3DS compared to the XL? Lol. I have an XL and I couldn’t be anymore happier. Before I got it, I got to try out my cousin’s original 3DS and then I tried XL and it felt better to me. Also, I wish I’d have known about Smash bundle and I probably would’ve waited, buy it doesn’t matter that much. I like my cool black one. :p

                1. I watched the Japanese Nintendo Direct this morning. “new” Nintendo 3DS and “new” Nintendo 3DS XL announced. “new” is in the title, like NSMB.

                  1. HOLY CHEESE STICKS! You weren’t lying. Lol I read about it just now. But I doubt it is coming to NA or anywhere else for some time now so you can enjoy XL until then.

                    1. You think? Hopefully lol, but with Smash 3DS coming out a little later here I thought they were just waiting a bit to show us this Nintendo Direct to give us the same time window, and also maybe swap out other info in it if we aren’t getting the games at the same time.

  1. You impatient bastards don’t deserve a reveal trailer, a final build, nothing. You want to post and look at leaks and spoil the magic that Sakurai has been concocting for us by sprinkling new information about the game every day and bringing us videos and pictures of the day of new characters that were unheard of, anticipated, or otherwise unthinkable. Now, everyone knows the roster and the stages for the 3ds version and the surprises are gone. Thanks a lot leakers. It’s not worth knowing the information if it was not meant to be revealed in this manner. Show Sakurai some respect, he is a genius in his master craft and deserves to drive his own hype train. #SorrySakurai

    1. Well, Sakurai revealed most of the characters, stages, and the like, so if you have a problem with that talk to him about it. You could also leave the site and find one that doesn’t spoil news, but you know- good luck with that. Not to mention Nintendo needs all the help it can get for the Wii U, and if that means revealing characters, or even fans leaking potential ones, that’s all that matters.

    2. Whoa there, calm down. Pretty sure none of us here were the ones who leaked that info, so your rage seems to be a bit misguided. You can’t blame anyone for using information that was already available through someone else, blame the person who leaked the information.

      Do people really care this much about it? I mean for god sakes you’re going to find it out on your own anyway and I highly doubt it would have made that huge of a difference or stopped you from enjoying the game any less. The game is going to be release in Japan in two weeks, do you honestly think when that happens no one is going to follow up on it or show all the game has from the Japanese version.. So I honestly don’t see what difference it made really.

      You could also simply choose to not look at it. I mean is that so hard? No one was forcing you to look at the leaked info, the person who leaked the information didn’t break into your home, hold a gun to your head while shoving your face into you computers screen, screaming I am going to spoil it for you!!! Look or I’ll shoot you!!!

          1. At least I am honest with myself and not some delusional knob who has to lie to himself daily in order to make himself feel better about his life, or some idiot who thinks having a girlfriend is some achievement that puts him above everyone else.

            With the shit you go on about you make people like Sasori seem sane.


  2. Hi SICKR,

    Do you remember a game called Dreamfall chapters Reborn ?

    In 14/8 they announce that it is a PS4 exclusive and it may come to Wii u.

    Unity Uplaoded a video in their Youtube channel in 21/8 and it says at 3:23 that the game is coming to Wii u.

    Can we consider this as a confirmation that it is coming to Wii u ?

    1. You know there is contact information and a twitter account you can send this stuff to instead of posting information that has nothing to do with the articles you post them in.

  3. 3DS version gets an early release and the most attention of the 2.
    Here’s to hoping both versions do well though.
    I have full faith in the Wii U version though. :)

      1. I want to try the 3DS version since it’s the very first “handheld” Smash Bros. But I think I’ll be waiting on the Wii U version since it’s the first “HD” Smash Bros in its history, lol.
        Not to mention I’ll be playing it on my old GC controllers which I’m really happy Nintendo is still showing support for. XD
        Although, during the Brawl days I was a Sideways Wiimote user.

        How about you?

        1. I’m getting the Wii U version first! HD Smash Bros is what I want! I don’t think I’ll get the Gamecube controller unless I see it supported in more Wii U games. I’d rather use the Pro Controller for now. I’ll get the 3DS version eventually though since it will be the first handheld game! I’m glad they have different trophies and modes so whenever I get tired of the Wii U version (which I never will) I’ll just switch to 3DS for a new experience. XD

          1. Haha, indeed.
            Well it’s good to know that I’m not the only one that will wait on the Wii U version first. I’ll be picking up 3DS version second as well. XD
            And no worries, I am certain Nintendo will have something planned for GC controllers in the future. :)

          2. Put if you get the 3DS version first you’ll have enough time to train for the Wii U version and dominate in battles! :D

            1. Lol I can’t because Hyrule Warriors will most likely take away my money this September 26 and then I may save up for Sonic Boom. I have too many other things to get so if I get Smash Bros, I may as well get the best version until I can get the other one. (Tbh, I’m actually not supposed to be buying games at all because I need to save for a PC, but Nintendo is trying to steal my wallet. Lol.)

  4. I think that the Wii U version of Smash will sell… A LITTLE less than the 3DS version, but not… MILLIONS less… Also, to those saying that the Wii U version won’t sell very much now that the 3DS version is coming out first should get their reasonings checked… I think that there is JUST ENOUGH time between the 3DS and Wii U release to keep the hype for the Wii U version. IN FACT I think the Wii U version might sell more since the 3DS version is coming early…

    1. Uh… The 3DS has sold far more than the Wii U. In no way is it going to get outsold by the Wii U version.

    2. The only problem I see with that is Nintendo fans are really divided, a lot of people who own 3DS’s oddly don’t give a shit about the Wii U. Everyone has to be an elitist of something these days it seems and if that wasn’t the case the Wii U would be flying off the shelves from Nintendo’s branding alone.

      I can’t predict the future and say for sure the Wii U version will not sell more but I have a strong feeling that is highly unlikely. If it were a math equation, it just wouldn’t add up.

      Be great if it did though, who wouldn’t want to hope that, but as far as I’m concerned that is all it is… Hope, because the statistics just don’t add up for that to even happen. Seriously just think about it for a second.

      Wii U is around 7 million units sold, the 3DS has sold 44 million units. That is close to 7x more 3DS’s out there than Wii U’s, it would take a true miracle for the Wii U version to beat the 3DS’s in sales.

      Not including many people with budgets will probably be just fine getting the 3DS version since it will be $20 cheaper. Then you have to think about all the children who have to ask their parents to buy these games for them also, which again parents don’t want to spend a lot of money most the time, so they will probably want their kids to get the 3DS version instead or even kids knowing that will be more inclined to ask for that version because it is cheaper and they will have a better chance at convincing their parents to buy the cheaper version.

      Not only that but many kids that only own a 3DS will have a very hard time convincing their parents to buy a $300 console and $60 game. It goes both ways also because newer generations who may just be getting into these systems may lean towards the cheaper 3DS. There are just so many factors that go against the Wii U version, I just don’t see that happening.

      That isn’t including competing competitors as well which is another factor, as if no one will want an Xbox One or PS4 around that time.

  5. Why the hell is everyone here still scared about Wii U Smash Bros. being left out by the 3DS counterpart? XD Man I never seen this much fear over a video game since RE2 days. lol Ya gotta calm down and release that both versions are equally hyped and equally secured for success regardless of how you see it with 3DS selling more. Of course 3DS will sell more because its cheaper and comes first but that doesn’t mean it’ll completely phase Wii U out of the picture. Both versions are different from each other and will cater all sides of the Smash Bros. audience. As for me, I’m getting both because I know I’ll be happy with each of them catering my own needs, Smash Bros on the go and one at home for hardcore Smash Bros. fun. Besides, I’m gonna be more invested with Wii U version anyway. lol

    1. Because Nintendo is supposed to be getting people to buy Wii U’s. They aren’t getting people from the Wii (casuals) to buy it unless they give it a lot more attention and advertise it, and it also gives several 3DS owners a reason not to get a Wii U since they already have a version. It has all of the same characters and the only thing that differs is probably like some trophies and maybe a few game modes. But that won’t justify the the purchase of $350 to someone that just wants to play the game. Lol. More we gotta sit here and wait and hope that Mario Kart 8 moves more Wii U’s while we wait all the way until Zelda or Starfox. Splatoon looks like it has potential, but that doesn’t look like it’s gonna move consoles. Yarn Yoshi and Captain Toad definitely aren’t going to seeing as how those are pretty much for people that already have the Wii U. I’m glad Wii U has more games I want to play, but I’m sick of looking at its sales. It doesn’t deserve those types of sales and that’s why I’m disappointed. Wii U needs a system seller and Smash Bros WOULD’VE been that seller. It would’ve been the only place you could get it meaning you could ONLY buy a Wii U for it! They could’ve at least announced a 3DS version after the Wii U one got enough attention and sold millions. I don’t even know what the next system seller could be because no 2015 game has no date, but if Mario Kart (one of Nintendo’s best selling games) couldn’t really keep it selling, then I’m really worried about the future of it. >.<

        1. People said the same thing about Pikmin 3. And 3D World. And Mario Kart 8. How many times is it going to keep repeating this?

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            MK8 = system seller, what are you talking about?…

            It made the Wii U sell more than 1/6 of its current state…

            Pikmin 3, no one said it would be a system seller, most said it had the potential and it did move some systems during 3-4 weeks…

            SM3DW the same as Pikmin 3…

            And Smash Brothers is just as much hyped if not more so than MK8 this time around…

            Don’t compare Nintendo franchises to the likes of AC or CoD because about 70% buys these blindly without caring at all what they hold…

            1. By system seller, you mean people that already owned a Wii U. The game did good, but what news have we heard about Wii U since? An article like “Wii U sells 4 million more units since MK8’s launch” would’ve been a system seller. There is supposed to be a Mario Kart 8 bundle in the store. Why have we not heard anything about it recently? It’s been there for 3 months now. It is supposed to be flying off the shelves.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                It made the Wii U sell a little over 1.2 million units, if that’s not good then I don’t know what is…

                1. Wii U isn’t supposed to still be around the same area as the Xbox One. It should have at least 12 million units by now.

                  1. Pretty much this.
                    Software sales wise, if Smash Bros Wii U can at least pull off the same thing that Pokemon X and Pokemon Y did for the 3DS and sell over 1 million in the very first day. That would be the best start the Wii U has ever had.

                2. A little over 1.2 million? Where the hell did you pull that from, it moved a little over 500k hardware units when MK8 hit close the 3 million in software units which was all in June, two months ago. Although it might be a tad bit higher now.

                  That is worldwide also.

                  So you’re telling me since then the Wii U has been selling more than that consistently because of MK8? Bullshit it has, otherwise Nintendo would screaming about this from the rooftops and MK8 would be close to 4 million in software sales also.

                  If you want to talk about the boost the UK had gotten, it was barely anything either when they said they average about 10k units per week before that and MK8 pushed a 666% increase during its window…. almost 70k units… Woo…

                  So yes, sadly mainly people who already owned a Wii U bought MK8 whether you choose to accept the reality of it or not.

                  I mean damn, I am not trying to shit on any good news the Wii U gets but why can’t people just be realistic about it when it comes to this system, as I said if this was the PS4 or Xbox One you people would be singing a completely different tune. Yea it got a 666% increase in the UK but as always people never ask themselves well what was the base number before that.. Sure it sounds great but when you actually do the math it isn’t that great for a title that was supposed to move way more and is also the worst selling in its series yet.

                  Not saying it is horrible or even bad but it isn’t amazing, it definitely it not the picture you’re painting either.

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    I just re read the article, I think I mixed the software sales with hardware sales, sorry about that…

                    Well I’m not saying that it’s selling a lot better than before, that only applies to Japan in some minor form…

                    I don’t think they Wii U is selling amazingly either, I think it’s doing fair at best…

                    1. All is forgiven and on my behalf I am sorry for being so brutal about it while going off on unnecessary tangents. We all make mistakes I suppose, admitting those mistakes is the important part and I have no problem admitting I am always on edge anyway because people everywhere constantly piss me off to no end with how the treat others and so on.

                      I usually just snap like a rabid dog and go into offensive mode.

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        No problem, just don’t take everything I say too literally, it’s just an overexagurated act…

                        1. Lol you always get in fights with Michelle. :p I remember not too long ago you called her an ape. XD But good to see you getting along now. Everyone be nice! Lol.

                          1. Another typo…! they****

                            I need to sleep, can’t even keep up with what I’m writing today. All these blue berry red bulls aren’t helping.

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              You should sleep, too much “wars” going on in here makes anyone sleepy…

                  2. Don’t bother, no matter how poor the Wii U’s hardware sales are and how minimal these games boost them, a lot of Nintendo fans always act like it’s great. That is what really annoys me about a lot of stupid Nintendo fans, they treat the Wii U like a mentally challenged child that can do no wrong.

                    Just like for Hyrule Warriors, it gets a measly rise in hardware sales and everyone is touting that as success just like with MK8 but then they never mention how quickly those sales fall off.

                    MK8 sure it sold more Wii U’s but not many, it didn’t last long either and especially not in Japan. I know for a fact it wasn’t what Nintendo had hoped for, after it’s release the sales were dropping constantly all the way down to 8k and people still tried to defend that saying it was good, simply because it’s beating the PS4 there. Really? Shit sales are shit sales regardless.

                    Oh god though if it were the PS4 or Xbox One selling like this and the Wii U was the top selling system, it would be a completely different story. I can only imagine how badly Commanders tune would change then and how much shit he would be talking about the PS4 or Xbox One with hardware sales like this from its best games.

          2. The 3DS and Wii U versions should have been launched simultaneously.
            In my honest opinion, I think that Nintendo’s biggest issue is their indecisiveness and choice for release dates.
            Remember how Pikmin 3 was supposed to be a launch title, and was later changed to launch window instead? Then it was suddenly bumped up to August. (They did say it was due to “polishing up” the game, but that is clearly not the point)
            Which brings me to 2 more games. DK: TF and SM3DW were planned to be released on Nov. 2013 and Feb. 2014 respectively. As time passed their release dates were then swapped out of the blue giving SM3DW the early date while pushing DK: TF to the 2nd month of next year.
            But what makes this such a poor decision is the fact that Nintendo released 3D World at the exact same time as the launch for Sony’s PS4. Which was a very silly move on their part.
            The constant delays, swaps and peculiar dates are pretty much the main reason the Wii U isn’t doing too hot at the moment.

            1. 3d world has sold almost 3 million just about, smash bros wii u has really nothing against it, plus the amiibo figs will sell as well. tropical freeze was moved due to lack of software( which was good to some degree) Pikmin was launch window actually , but they delayed it for polish. I agree they don’t focus on dates that well, but releasing both at the same time isn’t that great of idea you want enough room for both to sell

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