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Nintendo To Host Free Hyrule Warriors Fan Event Tomorrow

nintendo_hyrule_warriors_fan_eventNintendo has announced that it is planning to host a free Hyrule Warriors fan gathering tomorrow, August 30th, in Seattle, Wash. The event is open to the public but will have limited space. Attendees who cosplay as characters from The Legend of Zelda universe will be allowed to skip to the front of the entrance line. Hyrule Warriors will also be playable at the event, giving eager players a chance to experience the upcoming action game before it launches on September 26th.

18 thoughts on “Nintendo To Host Free Hyrule Warriors Fan Event Tomorrow”

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  1. Lucky to those that live in the area for this, lol.
    I’m still getting this game, but I hope there’s an eShop demo for the people that wish to try the game before buying it.
    Or for the people that were incapable of playing it at their select Best Buy store.

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  3. I started hating nintendo.. Im a big fan but thier games are getting bad every year i really miss old nintendo it was the best i think i will stop reading nintendo news and read playstation news

  4. Nintendo has, as usual and on que, fucked up the launch of the highly anticipated Azure Gunvolt game. It was supposed to come out at midnight (I stayed up for it) then the eShop struggled for a half hour, it finally switched to “now available” but the game’s download button still says “available soon.”

    it’s now nearly 7hours later, and it’s still a half ass mess. I’m off to work. I wanted to get some play in this morning, but well, that’s Nintendo’s seal of quality for ya. I’m going to start taking bets as to whether it launches at all today, or If their network crashes for the holiday. (like it did on Christmas)

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