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Ubisoft Is Bringing Poptropica: Forgotten Islands To Nintendo 3DS

Today, Ubisoft announced that Poptropica: Forgotten Islands, the brand-new adventure based on the massively popular virtual world for kids, is coming to Nintendo 3DS system. The game hits the shelves on October 14, just in time for the holiday season.

Poptropica fans will embark on exciting quests in the ultimate on-the-go Poptropica 3D experience. In Poptropica: Forgotten Islands, players explore the vast, uncharted Island chains of Poptropica, discovering the secrets of their past one artifact at a time. They must uncover the truth to prevent a shadowy force from destroying the Forgotten Islands’ history forever.

On the adventure through the Islands, players will find items that unlock new areas, gameplay challenges and mini-games. They will encounter different types of challenges focused on literacy and building problem-solving skills, so kids learn while having fun! Players can also customize the look of their avatars with new clothes and accessories to create their own Poptropica style icon.

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40 thoughts on “Ubisoft Is Bringing Poptropica: Forgotten Islands To Nintendo 3DS”

    1. Supporting with more kiddy garbage? lol Sorry but Animal Crossing already filled the gap this POS is trying to aim for and them making another Tetris for 3DS instead of Wii U is a stupid, I mean “very stupid” idea since Axis already exists.

  1. I always use to play this game every chance I got. Idk about this. I’d rather just play the one on PC. Poptropica is awesome. ^_^

        1. Not really. The last one was on 3DS. Lol. And there are like three other big Ubisoft games far superior than this that aren’t coming to Wii U or 3DS.

          1. Right, but they said that they aren’t going to release any more mature games for Nintendo right? So, I wouldn’t count those. We can’t blame them for skipping out on the Wii U when it’s proven to be disastrous. Give them a few years and they’ll whip something out for the Fusion.

              1. Well, they didn’t just mean content wise, but mature in the game’s design. I would consider The Crew to be mature since it’s a very advanced racing game that is very technical. Nintendo gamers may not be able to appreciate it….their stance, not mine btw ;)

  2. Ubisoft doesn’t give you triple AAA titles but gives you Nintendorks this crap LOL.. Talk about the red headed stepchild of gaming.. Oh I mean the Down syndrome that helps out in gym class and has the responsibility to clean the girls locker and shower while they tease him with their naked showers. Of course he cannot “arise to the occasion”.. In other words Nintendo wouldn’t know what to do with itself if it was on top.. Hears your applesauce Nintencunts

  3. Ubisofts idea that Nintendo consumers dont buy mature games is off the mark. Who is doing thier research, a twelve year old dude-bro jr.? All big gaming company’s have thier ups and downs, similar to a rollercoaster. Nintendo is proof of this. Ubisoft will not be on top forever, and they are going to regret not building a nintendo fanbase oneday.

      1. Yea they tried, once. The only game they actually advertised and stood by was Zombie U, and it sold 700,000 units with an install base of 4 million Wii U’s. That is a huge attach rate, and honestly that number is still growing. I believe it will hit 1 million sales eventually. All their other games are half-assed ports, with missing content. And NO advertising. Ubisoft is not obligated to put thier games on Nintendo systems, thats fine. I just don’t think it is a very wise business decision to mock and insult the entire Nintendo fanbase. It might bite them in the ass oneday.

      2. Tried what? They delayed Rayman and cost their fanbase on the spot plus their sales when they stupidly decided to delay and then launch it next to GTA5. Strike One. Skipping DLC for Wii U AC4 port. Strike Two. Delaying Wii U Watchdogs to high heaven without a peep of its progress or future release date in favor of other platforms when the hype on Wii U was already there plus there was a second studio doing the port and they just pulled them away, now the fanbase is forever killed . Strike fucking THREE. What next? Them extorting fans to buy more systems for more of their late gimped trash and then followed by some BS of Nintendo fans only wanting casual garbage from them? Is Strike four/five even possible…fuck it. STRIKE FOUR & FIVE for the final time. Oh hold up. I got one more. They claim Wii U doesn’t sale well enough for their games even though Xbox One is and always will be in third place anyway but the 3DS is beating PS4, bar none, worldwide around 45-50 million and yet, they’re so much of a hypocrite on 3DS when they don’t make shit besides shitty games and all they did for 3DS was Raving Rabbids which nobody cares about anymore, that joke Shadow Wars as an Advance Wars ripoff instead of a third person tactical and a couple of ports of old games like any lazy 3rd party would do as an excuse for “support”. To add insult to injury, Ubishit is slowly making 3DS games but guess what: They’re still casual garbage. So, Strike Six for hypocrisy and Strike Seven for pathetic 3DS “support”.

        Still think they’re trying or you’re just another sucker of the 3rd parties’s transparency of BS?

        1. Oh I forgot to mention about ZombiU being their ONLY true effort on Wii U game development. Even though it may not have hit one million but it did well enough for a launch title that they never patched its bugs or advertised the fucking game for it to do better and no that part of the advertisement is THEIR job, not Nintendo’s. So, STRIKE EIGHT.

  4. wtf this is the game kids played on liabray computer’s good luck ubisoft because kids will always go for the free stuff. welfies

    1. WTF is gonna buy this garbage? Virtual open 2-fucking-D..when Animal Crossing and even Disney Magical World already took that market? See what I mean about Ubishit’s stupidity and hypocrisy over Nintendo? They were never serious about them from the start.

        1. It’s not crap though. Poptropica is one of the best flash games ever. But it’s on PC for free so I don’t see why someone would bother with this…

  5. And not a single fuck was given over this casual crap.

    This is Ubishit’s best excuse for “support” on a massively popular 3DS? LMAO What a joke. Not gonna expect any real hardcore games from these assholes anytime soon.

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