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Gone Home Is Coming To Wii U eShop

Damon Baker of Nintendo of America has revealed in the recent Unity video that Gone Home will be coming to Nintendo’s latest home console. Baker wouldn’t reveal a date, only saying that the indie title will be coming in the near future. If you’re unaware of Gone Home then you can check it out in the video above.

70 thoughts on “Gone Home Is Coming To Wii U eShop”

            1. Well as a straight male I don’t like looking at or hearing about homosexuality, unless it involves two women. Even then when it’s the manly lesbians it’s pretty nasty too. As a religious person, although maybe irrespective of it, I don’t support homosexuality.

              1. A Person Not As Stupid As You

                It’s about a gay woman, so it’s perfectly fine for your perverted wants and double standards. Unfortunately for you, you don’t hear/see much.

                1. It’s not a double standard. I believe it’s wrong be it male or female. That being said I would enjoy watching two women. What’s better than one women? Obviously more women. This really shouldn’t require clarification.

              2. If you are against homosexuality you would be against lesbians just as much as gay men. The exception for hot women is juvenile.

              3. That’s really rude, your basically saying that yoy allow lesbian because you find it hot, but not for a homosexual because you say it goes against religion? That’s pathetic, to deny someone and say there DNA is wrong and they shouldn’t be here, when will primitive apes like you, die out, homosexual is a thing, get the fuck over it.

                1. I can’t “allow” lesbians since they don’t need my permission. I see it as unnatural, but I obviously love women so the more the merrier. Pretty simple, really.

            1. I didn’t say anything bad. I also don’t understand why it’s wrong to say this on the internet. What’s so special about the internet?

              1. You’re indirectly insinuating God or whatever powers are against gays. Maybe that’s not your agenda, but that’s what you’re doing.

                1. I don’t know whether or not GOD condemns it. Yes the Bible was written by men, and although it is considered the literal word of GOD, I have to be wary. I believe it’s wrong so I won’t support it. Most religions are against it as well.

                  1. God doesn’t exist anyway. You’re such a hypocrite, you’re against homosexuality but you like watching two women lol I’m sure your imaginary god would send you to hell for that.

                    1. You don’t know what does and does not exist and never will. You don’t even know if the universe is infinit or not the humane is so small and could never know the truth or claim to.

          1. So? Just don’t buy it and keep walking without the urge to say something stupid or having to force religious-generated hate messages down someone’s throat over gays which it ain’t the real Christianity or other religions I know that suppose to teach faith and doing good will for ALL humanity and life.

            1. Their God suffers from multiple personality disorder, cares about primitive laws and is just jealous if humans worship other Gods…

              Humans and their deities are just equally pathetic whether it’s the Abraham God or the Ancient Gods…

            2. The worst part though is that these humans believe in kneel before their God and yet they desecrate its laws, take matters into their own hands and conducts sins by twisting the laws “made” by this God…

              Obviously their God had nothing to do with these religions and yet they know but still blindly follow these ape laws…

              Apes following ape laws, how convienient…

      1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

        Rest assured, the game is mostly about misogyny. Homosexuality is mentioned briefly. I don’t know if empowered women put you off or not.

          1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

            lol. Feminists “want” power. Misogynists just strap you to a chair and whip you for about half an hour until they’re fully aroused, then ride you ’til sundown. All the while calling you scum and occasionally spanking you…on the face…Not that I would know.

        1. I never really understood homosexuality tbh. If someone likes the same gender then I guess that’s good for them. I remember being 8 and seeing two girls kiss each other and I just scratched my head. Like “What? .-.” Lol. People probably have reasons as to why they like the same gender so I don’t care. I can understand it. Lol. Anyways, I will probably get this if it has decent gameplay and stuff. If it briefly mentions homosexuality, then I’ll just let it slide since it’s only a bit of it. :)

          1. What bothers me is that these apes think that whatever people do in private, that it’s their business…

            How about you keep living your own pathetic life while letting these others live their pathetic life as life itself for humans are useless and should be eradicated at once to save this planet…

  1. Lol you posted the whole walkthrough. This game sucked and was way overpriced. Too short, nothing to do in-game, and boring story.

  2. I heard this game was about Robin Williams death by suicide. I guest you get points for killing yourself before your wife tries to intervene. Sounds kinda boring since that crown should of silenced the clown after making that shit for a movie Patch Adams.. What a pathetic worthless man if I had a husband like him I would of hung the rope up on the fan for him.. SR

  3. We have a game on the WiiU called “the Letter.” It’s the shittiest fucking game… No, 3rd grader project to hit the system…to call it shovel ware would be a disgrace to shovelware.
    Anyway, this game looks an AWFUL lot like it… Too risky for me!

    1. You serious? Lol I downloading the Letter not too long ago but haven’t played it yet. It can’t possibly be that bad.

  4. Isn’t this game like 5 minutes. I think it’s much better to find a Youtube video of someone playing than spending $15 on this walking simulator.

  5. This “game” is pretty terrible, it’s just a mediocre story about homosexuality that got overly praised by videogame journalism and the feminist agenda

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  7. Hooray! 20 bucks for a shitty game that can be beaten in less than a minute that’s nothing more than “I’M A LESBIAN LOOK AT ME.” Sure there’s a bit of reading, but it’s terrible when the person being referenced’s defining trait is their sexuality

  8. This comment section is getting weirder and weirder, anyway, if you have nothing good to say about the LGBT community, don’t say it, play the game or not.

    I already bought it for my PC but it’s kinda boring, I still have to finish it.

  9. I watched some of the gameplay & it is just move, point, click, read, repeat. This thing would have been better off as a freaking indie movie about two girls who fall in love with each other than a bloody video game about the sister of one of the girls wandering the house & reading a bunch of stuff.

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