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Wii U Is Apparently The Second Most Popular Current-Gen Console In Germany Thanks To Mario Kart 8

A number of publications are reporting that the Wii U is the second most popular current-gen console in Germany at the moment. The console is lagging quite far behind the PlayStation 4 which is currently seeing demand six times higher than of the Wii U. The reasons for the high Wii U sales is down to the brilliant Mario Kart 8 which has boosted sales no end for the console in Germany.

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111 thoughts on “Wii U Is Apparently The Second Most Popular Current-Gen Console In Germany Thanks To Mario Kart 8”

    1. Yeah, because Germany comprises a huge number in the total sales of consoles and games, right? Third parties aren’t going to start up and developing games now for the WiiU simply because it’s doing well in one European country.

      Even if this grabs the attention of third parties, it’ll just make them reiterate their focus on the PS4 instead.

          1. i was mostly referring to this line of yours

            “Even if this grabs the attention of third parties, it’ll just make them reiterate their focus on the PS4 instead.”

            besides: the wii u does have the second largest install base overall

      1. the wii u has been getting more steam recently in general, hopfully the holidays will bring In more sales, because sony and micro have nothing big to sell during the holidays so nintendos in postion to do well, they did pretty good last holiday and now they have bigger titles coming out then. I think the only thing coming to 4, and 1 is cod(which does sell, but not sure about console units), but I could be wrong haven’t seen much holiday list form the two. They are pretty much going advertise the hardware, then the games, which they do have good list of games coming out…next year, but so does Nintendo, but only time will tell

      2. Even though Germany and France so far are very interested in the Wii U along with Japan and now America… so yeah it kind of does matter

  1. Great! Let’s hope both Smash, Hyrule Warriors and Mario Kart 8 is over-advertised this holiday season! Bayonetta 2 needs advertising too!

      1. Sadly, I won’t get to pick up Bayonetta this year. With two Smashes, Hyrule Warriors. Mario Kart DLC, Mario Kart in general (can’t get enough of that game!), and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, which I got for free with MK8, I have too much to play this holiday season!

          1. Yeah, it was the only good game on the list I didn’t have. I got all the other good ones, and Wii Party U. I feel sorry for you Americans… What game did you get?

                  1. You should’ve chose Pikmin 3. I’ve enjoyed the first hour of that game more than I have with the entire NSMBU game.

                  2. I actually really enjoyed NSMBU, it’s the best in the NSMB-series, and the only one I really enjoyed! I got Wind Waker at launch, of course, as a huge Zelda fan. And Pikmin 3 was my favorite Wii U game in 2013, too bad you can’t get in to it. Better than 1 and 2, in my opinion!

        1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

          Smash bros will undoubtedly do very well. I set it lower on my priority list of priorities because of this.
          I really wanna play smash. But I’ll inevitably get it anyway.

        2. Pick up Bayonetta 2 first. Those other titles are great, but will all do well on their own. The Nintendo fanbase needs to stand up for quality 2nd/3rd party mature content. It’s important to the future of Nintendo gaming.

          1. I’m not even sure I’ll enjoy a game lile Bayonetta. I bought W101 at launch, but really couldn’t get in to it…Therefore, I won’t prioritize it. Smash, I know I will enjoy, and I’m pretty damn sure I’ll enjoy HW too!

            I’ve supported Nintendo 3rd party by getting games at launch before, but after I promised myself to buy less game, and only the ones thta really interest me, I’ve stopped doing it. I don’t have too much time to game in my spare time, and I’m sure as hell only going tl use the little money I have on games I know I’ll enjoy!

      1. We’ll hopefully see some TV adds for it very soon! Though, I never watch TV, so I have no idea if they actually advertises any game in Norway…

  2. At least the Wii U is destroying the Xbox One. I can’t believe the PS4 sold 6 times more than the Wii U in Germany. I bet there are a LOT of bored German videogamers in that country right now. PS4 is facing a drought just like the Wii U did, only the opposite happened and the PS4 sold extremely well (all due to hype of course) without a solid game library, which is why no one is poking fun at the PS4.

    This industry is so backwards it’s not even funny.

    1. Well, they do have a few things coming
      That’s out from the top of my head, but they do have some things for 2014… just not much 2015 will be another story for everyone. Though I curious to see how destiny will do, people were very mixed on the beta, haven’t touched it myself, but looks interesting

    2. I think that if Nintendo did a better job marketing the Wii U (and maybe gave it a different name), they could be doing about as well as the PS4 is by now.

    3. What are you talking about ? The PS4 does have games, just because there aren’t many exclusives yet doesn’t mean there are no games at all.
      I am German and I own a PS4 and I literally missed playing on it while I was on vacation. I bought it at a launch event, waited 7 hours in line and I have yet to feel the least bit of regret for doing so. So much for being bored with a PS4.
      And what drought ? Quite a few major titles are gonna come out throughout the next few months, including one of the biggest games of 2014, Destiny arriving in just a bit more than a week. Just saying, lmao.
      As for earlier droughts, the WiiU has been relying on 1st-party games only ever since release, the PS4 at least had some 3rd-party titles inbetween. The software droughts the WiiU experienced can’t even remotely be compared to the PS4s, let’s be honest here.

      1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

        I have to disagree with you with every point you made. I’ll just leave it at that, because with your mindset, I won’t be able to convince you, neither will you convince me.

      2. The PS4 has been experiencing a drought since a couple weeks after it launched. It may not be as bad as the Wii U’s biggest drought, but it is certainly there.

        The Wii U is finally in a position where it won’t be experiencing droughts anymore and it has a back catalog of games that are enticing enough to get people to buy the system.

        If the PS4 wasn’t hyped to death then it wouldn’t have sold as much as it did at launch. PS4’s drought may not be as bad as the Wii U’s, but had there been no hype, people would be saying the exact same things about the PS4 as they were with the Wii U when it first launched.

        The initial hype is what has allowed the PS4 to sell.

        1. I didn’t say it never had any droughts, in fact, I talked about its droughts in my last paragraph. I merely said it certainly is not in a drought right now + its droughts weren’t nearly as critical as the WiiU’s.
          Neither have I said that it wasn’t hyped. The huge amount of hype was the initial reason it sold so well, that’s no secret and I haven’t denied that at any point. Sony did a damn well job marketing the PS4, while Nintendo doesn’t do shit about the WiiU. Saying “it was just hype, if it wasn’t for the hype the PS4 wouldn’t have sold” is no valid argument, managing to create such immense hype, immense enough to sell a system at such a high rate without many games worth mentioning, is quite the achievement and requires some strong marketing, imo. If it was so easy, why didn’t Nintendo or Microsoft just do the same ?
          And sorry to break it to you, but the WiiU seems to be likely to experience another drought again. In the time between SSB and Zelda U, there’s what ? Yoshi’s Wooly World, Mario Maker, Splatoon…. Anything else ?
          Correct me if I missed any noteworthy games.

          1. Nintendo has already said that in the year 2015, the Wii U will have one major game release every single month. Plus, Smash Bros is more than enough to occupy a couple of months worth of time for most people. Smash Bros has more longevity than Mario Kart. Nintendo has games in the works that we don’t even know about yet.

            As for Sony doing marketing. Yeah, that’s not true. They certainly did more marketing than Nintendo but the PS4 hype came from the fans to be 100% truthful. After the PS4 beat the Xbox One in it’s revealing showcase, the PS4 received MASSIVE hype from people all around. It wasn’t because Sony was doing amazing advertisement, they just built a better console than the Xbox One and people went crazy. News stations started publishing articles saying “PS4 Beats Xbox One” and stuff like that just spreads like wild fire. Pretty soon after, people were ready to buy the system regardless of what games were coming out.

            It wasn’t Sony’s doings. They just got lucky. Kind of like how Nintendo got lucky with the Wii.

            1. Yea. Nintendo also said the WiiU would have grrreat amounts of 3rd-party support prior to its release. How much did we see of that ? Exactly. Just because they tell you something doesn’t mean it’s actually going to happen. I’d rather see actions speak, not words.
              And just because one game has high replay value, doesn’t mean consumers aren’t going to want more games. It’s about variety. And not everyone is into SSB, believe it or not. What about those people ?
              Also, even if Nintendo does have some unnanounced projects and titles, which they certainly do, no doubt, you have to take into account that the time of announcing a project or game isn’t the same as the release date. There’s always a couple of months between announcement & release.
              And I think it’s unfortunate how you refuse to give Sony credit where it’s obviously due. The marketing was damn strong, whether you like it or not. Teaser videos, trailers afters trailers that touch both veteran gamers and newcomers, slogans, presence at huge social events, TV spots, social networks – the PS4 was everywhere and Sony made sure everyone heard about it. And a lot of that is still going on. Do/Did we see anything similar to that from Nintendo ? Certainly not.
              The PS4 being stronger than the Xbox One was just another bonus for people. Being the most powerful console of a generation doesn’t do much for sales, as prior examples have proven in a very well manner already. It’s the whole “package” of a system that counts.
              Besides, Nintendo didn’t get “lucky” with the Wii either, they aimed for the casual market and scored a direct hit. They got exactly what they aimed for, nothing to do with luck.

              1. There are certain things I can believe from Nintendo and certain things I can’t. When it comes to delivering on 3rd party promises, I take their word with a grain of salt. When it comes to promises on games that Nintendo themselves provide, I will believe it, because they have total control over that. I believe them when they say next year that there will be no game drought, especially after Miyamoto announced today that Nintendo has many, MANY small development teams not unlike the team behind Splatoon, who are all developing different games. The teams are all relatively new and are composed of newer game designers that Nintendo has just now allowed to work on their own. Certainly, these games will be released next year to prevent a game drought.

                I like to give credit where credit is due and Sony doesn’t deserve credit for all of the PS4’s success. They deserve credit for making the console in the first place, but they certainly don’t deserve all the credit for the advertisement. Sony fans and the media did most of the work. Sony just sat back and relished in all the free and effective advertisement.

                1. How does Sony not deserve credit for making nearly every dev this gen want to make games on their platform along with thinking ahead and making their console more powerful than the competition? It’s not like they made it powerful by mistake. You have to give credit where credit is due. And they did a great job with PS4 whether you like it or not.

                2. It’s funny how you avoided going into basically any point I’ve made.
                  Developing a game is not a matter of a few months, unless it’s a “small” game. Splatoon was announced nearly two months ago. When is the release planned for ? Exactly, first half of 2015. So the time between announcement – release is 6-10 months. It’s not going to be much different for other, so far unnanounced games.
                  And I won’t even bother going into Sony’s marketing and how they very well do deserve credit for it anymore, as you’re trying really hard to ignore the points I’ve made regarding the matter.

      3. Finally, someone who isn’t downplaying the PS4 at every opportunity! You definitely seem like a much more reasonable gamer than most of the others here. I get that this is a Nintendo site, but it doesn’t mean that we always have to bash the other two consoles to make the Wii U look good. We can talk about the positives of the Wii U without resorting to such insults.

      4. “The software droughts the WiiU experienced can’t even remotely be compared to the PS4s, let’s be honest here.”

        actually yes it can.. the wii u also had third party support at launch

        the situation with the PS4 is not as bad but it’s certainly in the realms of comparability

      5. The last game i heard about that was a ps4 exclusive (not counting ports nor indie titles) was infamous and that was back in feburary…………..

        1. Who cares? Just play the games! Wii U probably has more exclusives than the other consoles, but that doesn’t mean I am going to buy every one of them when they release. I skipped DK and Pikmin 3. Lol. (BUT I got Pikmin 3 free because MK8 So eh.

      1. Always does, always will. People buy things because their friends are hyped over something, or because they keep seeing people rave over something online.

        People decide to buy products WAY before reviews are actually done. It’s the same for movies, T.V shows, books, etc. That’s why there are authors and movie directors out there who can sell books and movies like nothing even though the quality of their material is no better (or possibly worse) than someone who is just starting out in the business.

        Hype is the most powerful tool used in selling a product.

      1. It said in the article that the PS4 is seeing demand at a rate 6 times more than the Wii U. That means it is selling six times more or 6 consoles for every 1 Wii U.

    1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

      Overrated game + underrated console = properly rated experience.
      My only class this semester is math. :p

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      do not dissapoint us sickr

    2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

      And this is coming from the person who said he was done with Sickr and this site when his CoD petition was rejected? LOL

        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

          Yes, I will behold his fails to forever expose his historical retardation to the interwebs and laugh at.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

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            1. I remember when heyit’sguy posted that pic of sasori’s FB where it said he’s interested in men. i don’t have anything against gays but i find it curious. sasori’s hates everybody only to hide his own ass.

        2. the imbecile is obsessed with sickr. so far has been the “only one here who has been nice with him” and now this shithole is butthurt because his hero didn’t post the article he wanted.

  3. OH NOES! Now Nazis enjoy the Wii U!

    What dastardly plan could those fascists be planning with our beloved console?

    1. Germans must hate being called Nazis.

      Seriously, there were a couple Nazis in Germany during World War II and now everyone thinks that Germans are like mini Hitlers. No one stops to think about how Germans were affected by Nazis as well as the rest of the world. Nazi’s killed their own people!

      It would be like blaming the citizens of Iraq for ISIS’ evil deeds. Iraqis are NOTHING like ISIS.

  4. Xbox One hasn’t been released in Germany.

    So saying Wii U is the second most popular current gen console is equivalent to saying it’s in last place in Germany.

    1. 1 minute of research.. no less even.. literally less than one minute of research and you could have saved yourself that embarrassment of a comment.. is it really that hard?

      unfortunately there’s millions like you out there and the result is comments like yours.. everywhere.. it’s mind boggling

  5. Sick of people and these console wars… You should be ashamed to call yourselves “gamers”. Just play the games and stop making fun of consoles. -_-

      1. No. Everyone has a different taste in games and if somebody wants to get Xbox, then they should be able to do so without getting insulted.

              1. You can never be a true gamer if you insult the other consoles and take sides with one. It’s not supposed to matter as long as you’re playing games.

    1. I know, right? I used to bitch about the XB1, but now I realize I was being an ass. Now I kinda want one for Sunset Overdrive.

    2. Just because they prefer only one console doesn’t make them any less of a gamer, to be brutally honest. If anything, they are just elitist gamers. Sorry but religious zealots & racists don’t own the rights to elitism. It’s sad but true.

      1. As you said, Hollow, everyone has their tastes & gamers that own only one console just so happen to have a taste for just one console.

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