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Russian Nintendo Site Says Nintendo Direct Possibly Coming Tomorrow

Russian Wii U website claims that they have insider information that a Nintendo Direct may air tomorrow evening. The site believes that it’s related to the new Nintendo 3DS XL which was unveiled last Friday. However, we do know that the device won’t be coming to the west until sometime next year.

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58 thoughts on “Russian Nintendo Site Says Nintendo Direct Possibly Coming Tomorrow”

    1. Xbox One doesn’t make sense even with its BS useless TV and Kinect as excuses for “all in one” plus they gotta pay up to Sony over Blu-Ray for every unit sold so, more money down the drain. lol

        1. What patents are they paying Microsoft for? They’re merely a computer software giant and started as a software giant. As for the hardware, Microsoft is dependent on companies who supply and make them. Sony is the same way with a few innovations of their own.

          And what fancy features Xbox got over PlayStation or anything else? None because PC already had them ages ago. Xbox is nothing new for anything…at all.

          1. The internal hardware of the actual console aside, the Kinect is actually quite innovative and applicable outside gaming. Even NASA, among others, is working with it. Your ignorant fanboyism is showing in spades.

            1. Kinect..used by NASA…lol on what fucking planet did you came from thinking of them using a mere failed gaming gimmick of a motion camera? They’re NASA, who develop and possess technologies that makes Kinect look like a .50 cent toy machine prize. lol

          2. PC you say? like were Microsoft is king? OH ya, also Microsoft has lots of hardwear patents, and also any seller of android devices has to pay Microsoft 15$ per phone to use their patents even though android is a google OS….ya Microsoft has lots of stuff…also how do you think those games get programed?

    2. This would be a good idea, especially if Nintendo markets it as the “successor” to the 3DS instead of just an improved model over the original.

    3. I have to agree. That name might just get some people to quit complaining. In fact, I think Nintendo should just push it as their newest handheld since the original 3DS has been out for almost 5 years now.

        1. Exactly. They’re hypocrites. “Oh one fucking game is exclusive for the new 3DS. This is a ripoff and I hate. Nintendo for that”

          Actually, Xenoblade on 3DS isn’t exclusive since there’s a freaking Wii version. Bunch of idiots. lol

          1. There will be more than one exclusive. Who told you Xenoblade was the only one? And this New 3DS isn’t just minor changes. It’s basically a whole new handheld. Which is stupid. Now 40 million+ people have to upgrade just to play MM3D. :/

            1. I said there’s only one announced game and unknown amount of others which, chances are, could be slimmer than we thought.

              And WTH is MM3D? That game has been teased more than Ghostbusters 3. lol

      1. Ipad/iphone comes out with a “new” device every year. This is the first new device that well move the brand forward rather then a budget model or a larger one. But since the 3DS has bin out for 4 years this upgrade makes sense.
        In fact a 4 year life cycle is very reasonable, a consistently cheap device, with a rather large upgrade in power and features.
        As well as a rather good port that well excite customers and speed them up to the new xenonlade X
        Also many customers are planning on upgrading to the XL, but now they can upgrade to the new XL

        1. You are right. They forget this new model isn’t exactly an annual update because XL/2DS is the same shit minus 2DS removing features for cheaper price. XL is the same shit as the original. This new model is an update from a 3-4 year old counterpart and everyone quickly forgets that and calls out Nintendo for what everyone else and every technology does. lol I swear, people are growing stupid and forgettable by each passing day. And its not like they’ve been cheated of their money. If they recently bought one, keep it for another year, resell it to upgrade or trade in to upgrade. Simple as that.

          1. Ya, although this is just a sort of DSi like product, still I was planning on upgrading to the XL, and at this point so are a lot of people, this give me the opportunity to get the larger system with all the new stuff, also I think it depends on how much you play, I game a LOT, and I almost always have my 3DS with me, as well as my friends, so for me its worth having, but if people dont plan on buying games that use the C-stick, or NFC then its not really a “must have” and that’s ok, because this is a stop gap device.

    1. Something about business, in other words “sell as much older models so we can announce January 2015 that the new 3DS is being released over seas.” Not surprised, I believe they’ve done this once or twice in the past.

  1. They are making the same mistake again. If people cannot differentiate a wii and a wiiu, how will they differentiate a 3ds and a ‘new’ 3ds? Ugh this is just like when they said they wont make the same mistakes with the wiiu as the 3ds did. Good fucking job.

    Oh and give us some fucking core games. Splatoon isnt the shooter ‘core’ fans want. Too difficult of a task to make guns look realistic in games? Its almost 2015 -.-

    1. If the new model completely replaces the old by launch at the same price or cheaper, then they won’t know the difference anymore since the new is there. Plus, what’s with the “new” argument? Better subtitle than Xbox One and Wii U to a degree.

    2. How are Wii and Wii U names a mistake? The NES and Super NES had no problems selling millions upon millions of units. Same goes with Xbox and Xbox 360.

    3. Idk the “new iPad” sold rather well, and after all it is the “NEW” 3DS, as in the latest one, the Wii U was confusing not just by name, but imagen if the Xbox one looked just like the 360 and the big thing on the box was just Kinect. Most people would think that the Xbox one was just a 360 with a new Kinect.
      I just hope that the rezelution is higher, and their well be more apps (a streaming media app would be amazing, and maybe a remote app so i can control my tv with the IR transceiver.)

    4. This is not a new system, this is a stop gap system for customers that want more out of their games/device this is not a 3DS replacement, its a temporary 3DS upgrade to hold customers over till a whole new system comes out

  2. Russian Nintendo site also:

    ….also makes fun of Obama for his lousy terms as president of the USA.

    ….also agrees with Rusevs winning ways

    ….also clarifies that Zangief is from the USSR

    ….also loves wwe like Vladimir Kozlov

    ….also has a thing for Revolver Ocelot

    Stoopid poeple to mhuch stoopid poeple. Toodles!

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