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Xenoblade Chronicles’ Riki Assist Trophy Announced For Smash Bros, Plus Sakurai Teases Tingle

Super Smash Bros. game director Masahiro Sakurai has announced the adorable Riki from Xenoblade Chronicles will be an assist trophy in the upcoming brawler. In the creator’s daily Miiverse post, Riki appears next to Shulk in a new screenshot – shown above – with his trusty weapon, Biter. The orange-coloured Nepon also has three signature moves to deal including Happy Happy, Freezinate, and Yoink, along with a few others left as a surprise for both Xenoblade and Smash fans.

Along with posing as an assist trophy, Riki will also be a part of Shulk’s final smash within a chained attack as seen in Shulk’s announcement trailer last week. And for those who aren’t familiar with Riki, Sakurai mentions his personality is akin to The Legend of Zelda’s Tingle, though Riki’s more likely to make interesting sounds of his own than Tingle’s “Kooloo-limpah!” The director then goes onto tease Tingle’s appearance for Super Smash Bros which has yet to be confirmed. Here’s what Sakurai said on Miiverse:

“The legendary hero Riki appears as an Assist Trophy and in Shulk’s Final Smash!! As an Assist Trophy, he uses many arts like Happy Happy, Freezinate, and Yoink! He sounds a bit like Tingle…but don’t worry, Tingle will make an appearance too.

“By the way, a cursor will appear above Assist Trophies and Pokémon to indicate which fighter is its ally. Now you can tell right off the bat who it belongs to!!”

39 thoughts on “Xenoblade Chronicles’ Riki Assist Trophy Announced For Smash Bros, Plus Sakurai Teases Tingle”

    1. Data from Star Trek (who finds Nintendo games intriguingly fun)

      @Sony Commander Kratos
      Xenoblade Chronicles is a Namco game. So it’s not odd that Shulk is in it. After all, Nintendo and Namco are collaborating to make the next smash brothers, hence why Pac-Man is in it.

      1. Gosh you wiitards are really fucking retarded you know that? Shulk is a 1st party character since your know a 100% nintendo owned company named monolith soft made this game? Seriously do you think a 3rd party would of made this type of a game on nintendo over like the other platforms if a 3rd party?

        Gosh you nintendo fanboys are fucking morons who just sit on your stupid ass and damage control but not know anything.

        Data from star trek put on wiitard fraud list.

    1. Ok, go ahead, we dont care

      Not one bit Low-Lord Alzen

      Stupid name anyway

      Lord NintendoCore, thats a name to fear

        1. Facts?

          Realistically, you don’t even have an Xbox 360 yet… So you talking about getting the next gen CoD which is only on PS4 and Xbox One is about as pointless as you saying you’re going to get an Xbox 360, when you’ve been saying that all year and you still don’t have one.

          On top of you going around spamming a petition to bring the new CoD to Wii U, meaning you didn’t plan on getting next gen systems anytime soon anyway because you can’t afford them.

          I don’t really care if someone is broke, not everyone has extra money to blow, especially living on your own can be hard sometimes. Not everyone has parents who spend a bunch of money on them either, but you aren’t fooling anyone but yourself.

          Those are the facts.

          1. No they are not

            Both you and Lord Alzen are facts

            And both of you are fools

            The World is what you make it, but fools who gobble over opinions feed the illusion that, (of which) that they matter

            (Gets alittle hard to read at the end, just reread it several times, you should get it)

            1. Since when did I care that I matter to anyone here? Never.

              Looks as if you and Sasori are doing a better job at that. I’m not the one going on about how fearful my internet name is, let alone referring to myself as a lord.

  1. This was a throw away update. Dad that the leak screwed everything up. I was just thinking “we already know this” then i remembered we pretty much know everything now that its been spoiled. :-( Anywho, this PAX Nintendo press conference came and went and i haven’t heard anything……not even a teaser of what went down.

  2. America has better taste in games. Shoot Japan even does. The UKs kind of handicap when it comes to gaming imo. Aren’t they part of the EU? Smh

  3. I’m glad this game is getting more and more attention, it deserves it and is becoming one of the best things nintendo’s 1st party has made in recent memory. More new great ip’s like this nintendo.

    Yeah but i really hope that stupid piece of shit duck hunt dog is in it, because i always wanted to shoot the stupid bastard after he mocked me every time i missed a fucking duck, laughing making that stupid grin on his face, knowing that he is safe. I always dreamed about smacking this dog in the head ever since i was 4 and now everyone will be able to beat the shit out of it on smash bros after all these years of hating this stupid dog. Like seriously what kinda dog mocks it’s owner over and over again and runs away after you miss the duck? A worthless bastard is what kinda dog.

    Seriously who would have guessed in the future you would have actually get to attack the dog from duck hunt?

  4. Tingle is an available Assist Trophy in the E3 demo, but he simply has not been officially confirmed to return by Sakurai. I think he was just referring to Tingle as a returning Assist Trophy to softly deconfirm him.

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  8. I apologize if I can’t comment on the primary focus of this article, as I haven’t played any of the Xeno series, but YEEES Tingle!! Why didn’t I think of that!? I would break my consistent Mario mainage record if he becomes a playable character! He might be an assist trophy as he was last time, but I’ll cross my fingers!

    *glances across comments directly above this one*

    I’ll pretend I didn’t read those.

  9. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

    *facepalm* Apparently some people haven’t caught on to the fact Monolith Soft is no longer owned by Bandai Namco as they sold every bit of the rights to the company over to Nintendo, making Monolith Soft a first party developer for Nintendo now. Xenoblade Chronicles & all characters in it are 1st party. It’s been this way for years now with Monolith Soft.

  10. Anyway, Riki is NOTHING like that greedy, nutjob Tingle! Please tell me that was a mistranslation & not something Sakurai actually believes! Oh & Tingle better keep his ass off the playable roster or I’ll pummel his little fairy wannabe ass!

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