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Rumour: Could The New Nintendo 3DS Models Be Region-Free?

After last week’s announcement for the New Nintendo 3DS models, many rumours surfaced in relation to hardware specifications, including the device’s ability to double the RAM. But now there’s another rumour throwing caution to the wind and refers to Nintendo’s often controversial choice of region-locking. According to Tilmen from Nintendomination, the two new 3DS models could be region-free and will also deliver changes to the Nintendo Network ID setup. As always, until we receive official confirmation, this rumour should be taken with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Rumours aside, and according to the official Japanese website, the new Nintendo 3DS models will not come packaged with an AC Adapter and shall be sold separately – as was the case with the Nintendo 3DS XL model. Plus, internet browsing and shifting between tabs can be done with a simple tap of the ZL and ZR shoulder buttons.

So has Nintendo made the decision to go region-free, even after its continual insistence in the past to keep the feature? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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80 thoughts on “Rumour: Could The New Nintendo 3DS Models Be Region-Free?”

      1. I doubt it will be region free… as the console has different release windows in different regions. If it were RF, then the Release windows would be the same or close to other release windows.

        1. Unless it relied on the region settings? Currently, the region settings only show countries within your region, but if the system itself was region-free, and relied on the software settings for region locking (as in locked to region set by user), they could still implement region locking, while allowing foreign bought systems to play games from the users region.

    1. How would that effect older games? Digital I could see, but game cards? I’m thinking not, unless it was pre set to your region and just new games (xenoblade) were no longer locked. Because the games have to be just as region free as the system.
      I’m wondering if this means we may see a “new” Wii U next year with Xbox one level Hardawar and a upgraded gamepad. Not going to lie, id be down to upgrade already

    1. Yet these cunts cant remember to pack a charger with a rechargeable battery. Its almost 2015 nintendo, you stupid fuck

        1. That should already be included though. It makes no sense as to why they would sell a console without a way to keep it charged. It seems like Nintendo is trying to nickel and dime us.

            1. My 3ds xl (europe) did not come with charger. I have to use my 3ds charger. I believe nintendo of NA too chicken to pull the same trick as in europe in america fearing backlash.

      1. What a way” to say (i)hate the Nintendo” offer but If it was offered it would been nice to see them to use not a shut door to the madness
        That you want them to do they are just like Sony they don’t give a bonus battery

  1. Who knows.
    Nintendo did say they want to focus on the Core market and making their latest 3DS region free would be a great big leap and it’ll sell better for it :)

  2. Well the NNID changes is actually something they have been talking about so maybe summit is going on, but not sure if the whole rumour is true. Find out.

        1. Haven’t a clue but it did come from the official Russian Nintendo site but who knows. Might have been false news.

  3. I don’t know about the Region Free thing, but it having better support for the NN features is very likely. They weren’t meant for the 3DS, but I believe Miiverse and more features on the New 3DS will be a lot better!

    1. Didn’t Miyamoto say they’ll be focusing on the Core market now? Maybe making the NNID thing easier and removing the region lock could be true.

    1. What a way” to say (i)your a ass,the Nintendo” offer is better then a vita tv if you don’t have a HD tv Then You would need one and a vita memory card and a ps4 controller or buy two controllers but If it all was with you thats necessarily a big price but then you have the offered price of all together plus the PlayStation TV it would been a $399 bucks plus a game would cost a $435 a lot more cheaper for a NEW 3DS And A Game

  4. Highly doubt it. They were so stern on it I doubt they wouldn’t suddenly make their consoles region free. The hardware rumor is very much more believeable.

    1. Actually, making 3DS region-free seems rather likely to me. While their home consoles have been region-locked since the very beginning, the 3DS is actually the very first Nintendo handheld to have a region lock. Maybe they just decided it didn’t work as well on mobile for some reason?

    1. They do look very nice.
      Why did the Americans not get the colourful SNES like us here in the UK and Europe and the people in Japan?

        1. Nintendo of America: “What do Americans love?… I know, purple and dark purple buttons!”

          The UK/Europe and Japanese versions of the console was much smoother but the USA version seems very sharp which I’m guessing is a thing.

        1. Not really relevant to what actually happened, something tells me the marketing guy thought Americans would like a more adult looking console but still kids bought it anyway. To be honest, I think the European and Japanese versions of the SNES look better.

        1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

          Negative, Blood detectors confirm “Kallum” to be of Irish/Norwegian origin, does not contrast with Swedish nationality of subject.

          Probabilty of “Kallum” being Nintendo Commander’s real name… minimal.

  5. Stop giving voice to that fat fuck. He has absolutely no sources for his “news” and it’s all made up. I can do the same, look: New 3DS will have a catalogue full of Wii remake games.

  6. well we know Nintendo won’t do that cause that against their policies. if you look at countries like Brazil or Scandinavia countries that will be heaven on earth for them (cause games are really expensive). For those people who wants a game which has not been release in their country, they will then pay for a game instead of looking for a way to by pass the region lock thing. Additionally this will reduce piracy and all extra resources will be use to tackle hacking. Personally I when I have to opportunity to go US or Japan, I will buy a lot of cheap or unreleased games. :-)

    1. Same opinion here. I know the Region lock was used to combat piracy in the past (when cartridges were stolen and sold in another country, for example), but nowadays it only incentives piracy! People are going to illegally download softwares to run on their hacked consoles in order to play a game that didn’t leave Japan or USA. And being so easy to obtain titles from other countries for free, people start getting titles from their countries as well, which leads to 0 revenue to retailers and game developers.

      Nintendo now says they use the Region lock in order to protect the children, since different countries have different rating systems. A game set for R-18 in Japan might be rated 15+ in USA and M in Europe. In order to prevent children from accessing that content, they Region Lock it away. Why can’t they just make the Region Lock part of the Parental Control?! Make it an option to lock games from other regions from running in your console! Those who don’t want games from other region won’t get them, but those who want will!

      Now you have digital sales distribution. That makes things a little complicated in an economical way. People who live in Brazil may get their hands on a game from the Japanese store, which is way cheaper (games in Brazil cost 4 times what they should cost due to abusive taxes). That might lead to two possibilities: 1) the government would be forced to reduce the taxes in order to compete with the external market; or 2) the government would keep neglecting the gaming industry and let it fall apart, closing several retailers and making Brazil a digital-only sales country. The later one seems more like Brazil…

      In order to counter that, Nintendo would have to limit access to eShops from their own countries. Although having an option to access eShops from other countries would be the best option in my opinion, as you could get access to games that have been released solely in digital formats and are limited by country/continent. I believe lifting the Region lock in every possible way can only bring good things to Nintendo! But, knowing them, I hardly believe they will.

      1. you getting it spot on and described the situation in Brazil very well as well as other countries when they can’t find games cheaper or not available in their country. Doing business with brazilian companies I know their taxes are ridiculously high. As for Children protection well we all know it’s an excuse and a lot of …. (fill the blank)

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  8. I’m not sure if I like or dislike the new 3Ds. I like the new design but do I need to trade my 3ds for a new one? I mean sure it has a c stick but my 3Ds games won’t use it. I hardly use the 3D and SSB works on my old 3Ds and the new hardware still lacks an analog stick. The only thing that will make me want this is if Pikmin or if can connect to the Wii u. Also my gamepad already has built in NFC so why do I need the new 3Ds? Besides I’m not going to carry a big Ammibo in my pocket. What’s the point of a Ammibo for the 3DS anyway when the hardware is handheld?

  9. Complete and utter bullshit! No way those stubborn bastards would ever consider being less anti-consumer pricks towards their users.

    Also.. Fuck this worthless upgraded system. It will end supporting about 3 games, at most. You know its main purpose is to desperately shovel that ambino shit on to people. Hopefully, it fails.

    1. I agree on the exclusive part too. Why would a 3rd party developer just focused on the new 3DS when the old one has 40 million install base? I learned not to buy Nintendo hardware right away after the lack of games for Wii U. Plus that’s just more strain on Nintendo anyway. Now they have to make games for Wii U and old and new 3Ds games. Its bad enough Nintendo makes more 3ds tittles than Wii U tittles. Now they have to make new 3DS exclusives.

  10. If this means my dream to download games from other regions then I’m so gonna purchase this new 3ds!! I have fan-translations of some JP games so I wouldn’t even care if it’s all Japanese. Plus, it would mean I legitimately own the games. ^^

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  12. If this is true, I’ll throw all my negativity of this handheld out the window and purchase it day 1. The exclusives I could play. O.O

  13. With this NNID change to make it international, could I connect my NA 3DS to the user on my EU Wii U? If its true would I be able to pay for credits in the Wii U and buy stuff from the NA eShop with my 3DS?
    Im from Israel so I cant buy stuff from the NA eShop… Same was with the DSi.

  14. It’d be great if it did go region free, there’s some games I’d love to get (Hatsune Miku for one) that haven’t come to NA. I feel like region coding games just takes more effort, why bother? With older home-based consoles we had different formats of TV (NTSC and PAL) so those made a little more sense, but HD TVs no longer have that format and we’re talking about a handheld that Nintendo has full control over. I hope this does become region free, it’s something that doesn’t matter to everyone, but for those of us that do like to import we’d be able to without buying that region’s 3DS.

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