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Sounds Like Square Enix Is Content Bringing More Dragon Quest Titles To Mobile Devices

US Gamer recently had to opportunity to speak to Dragon Quest mobile producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto who clarified that the company is content releasing their Dragon Quest titles on mobile and tablet devices which are becoming increasingly popular.

“What I’m expecting with these releases on mobile platforms is… if this were a console game, we’d be taking a lot of risk on a single title. But with these being mobile games, we’re releasing them in succession, with multiple titles in a short span of time. We’re hoping that’ll create momentum and get people interested in, make more people aware of the brand.”

We heard yesterday that Fujimoto would like to bring Dragon Quest VII to the Nintendo 3DS in the west, but he’s concerned about sales of the title and whether it’s worth localizing when they are doing well on mobile and tablet devices.

“But when we think about localization, when we think about having to translate all the text—unfortunately, it doesn’t go as smoothly. We have to think about costs and manpower.”

“We had actually given up on the idea of localization altogether, but because there’s such a great response we’re trying to rethink this, to see if there’s any way to make this more feasible. We’re recalculating, and figuring out the costs necessary. Trying to work out the details.”

19 thoughts on “Sounds Like Square Enix Is Content Bringing More Dragon Quest Titles To Mobile Devices”

  1. you know theres only so meany fucking times the ‘we dont know if it will do well’ excuse can be used untill ppl start questioning it.

    if you afriad of releasing it on hand-helds and consoles then fucking release it on pc’s and shut up x-x

    1. If you look at the sales of the DS dragon quest games though they were good but they weren’t million sellers, In America Dragon Quest is not a million seller, so they are just looking at it like, we don’t want to spend that much money or time on something if sales aren’t happening

  2. Honestly, Square Enix should just change their name to Mobile Enix. Too much focus on that lately with old ports of old games and not enough focus on new big titles.

    1. Which kind of goes against what they had been talking about a few months ago.

      The other funny thing to add, almost every indie company sales are right now less on Mobile than 3DS even when they are doing badly, just look at the guys who made Chubbin’s in the statement they released today. Its one to the ever growing list.

  3. Square should just make Iphone games for now on. They can no longer compete in the console market. Square wants quick, easy money. They could care less about quality.

  4. i haven’t played the series! and i don’t want to play it on my phone :/
    square enix is dumb and can’t cost much to port the series on handhelds (psvita & 3DS).

    1. Specially since that entry has already been translated when it first hit the PS1. VA work would indeed mean more money but it seems that they are more worried about translating the text more than anything.

      Sounds like a bullshit excuse once again.

  5. Squareenix fucking pisses me off pimping out my favorite franchise to mobile devices and not on 3ds where it belongs!

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