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Nintendo America Announces Bayonetta 2 Nintendo Direct On September 4th

Nintendo of America has tweeted that it’s holding a Bayonetta 2 themed Nintendo Direct on Thursday, September 4th. The event will be broadcast at 3pm PT and is set to include plenty of new Bayonetta 2 details. We already know that the game is scheduled to launch in North America on October 24th.

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88 thoughts on “Nintendo America Announces Bayonetta 2 Nintendo Direct On September 4th”

    1. I kinda miss the old Directs that compile a bunch of games and cool announcements instead of just a one focused direct.
      But this is okay, i guess. :/

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        They probably changed it in order to make the E3 Direct more special. After watching Directs that highlighted only one game for the past year, E3 2014’s Direct felt like 4+ Directs combined. It was awesome for a presentation.

    2. Im not big on the Bayonetta franchise, or those stupid Batonetta Costumes, but I love Nintendo Directs, im praying they have a SSB 3ds one a couple weeks before NA release like this direct

      1. What else could possibly be said about SSB 3ds that you dont already know? Honestly i’m a little pissed off they released everything about the game and didnt leave anything left for a suprise when you actually play the game!

          1. honestly, she would be a very interesting character, and why would she be less deserving to be in Smash than other third party characters? Just because she only has 2 games to her name? Because she is too new? Because she hasn’t had enough games on a Nintendo console? Well, she is going to be an important part of the Wii U library and she would be a welcome addition with her hair-wielding madness that would probably be toned down but hopefully not too much if her Smash incarnation was a thing.

        1. HAHAHA SSB is being rated E10+. Like it would have gotten away with that having Bayonetta in the roster. A somewhat scandally clad Zero Suit Samus is one thing, but Bayonetta wears a suit made out of her hair that kinda manifests um… else where for many attacks. If the relationship between Nintendo and Platinum Games improves even further, I can see Bayonetta make it into SSB5, but not for this one (well, technically two).

          1. They only need to leave partial nudity and excessive violence, which both are doable on a game like SMB, without sacrificing her character.

        1. aren’t people getting mix feels about it after the beta? Haven’t played it so no opinion on it, and sure it will do well

          1. Hmmm not sure… wasn’t able to play the beta. I hope the game’s good because it’s the only game I want for the PS4 this year…

        2. I smell Watch Dogs-like criticism coming for that overhyped ass game. Only you ponies are anticipating Destiny, hell even the Xbots aren’t hyping it up as much as you clowns are lol

  1. I CALLED THIS. REALLY. I thought it later this month the week Japan gets, but now a few days. I hope we get a Smash Direct soon!!

    1. Why? Holy shit Why? I’m not trying to be rude, but what else could they say about Smash that you dont already know???? They have already spoiled the whole game!

  2. The Megaton hype has just gotten real this Thursday night. The Bayonetta 2 Direct is gonna be one of the BEST Direct presentation ever made since Sakurai’s Smash Direct.

    1. The Hype-Train is off the rails today….

      In all electronic Industries….

      Either way, Hoping to see something worth a thumps-up…

  3. I just pray to God that they advertise the hell out of Bayonetta 2.
    Because this is one of the many games I am looking forward to, and will be pretty disappointed if the sales don’t reach their desired goal.

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      1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

        We could use a more efficient school system. What’s weird is. I didn’t learn crap in Elementary or middle school. It was actually High school that I learned the most. But I’m always struggling. Even today in College. I wish I had elementary and middle as a foundation.

  4. I hope Nintendo takes Bayonetta under their wings and that she’s in Smash. Probably won’t happen though, but I think her vs. Shulk would be a cool match plus it could lead to a better relationship with Platinum and more Bayonetta games in the future. This is one of the few third party exclusive titles making the fanboys for the other two consoles mad and convincing non-Nintendo gamers that maybe they should pick up a Wii U; i’m all for it.

    1. I’m looking forward to this Direct. I really hope they detail the online co-op mode and any other unannounced features. But Nintendo gotta knock it out of the park with some heavy advertising for Bayonetta 2 if they want it to be a massive hit. A special bundle incentive would be nice as it would sell not only more software units but more hardware units as well. Bayonetta 2 will be game of the year but it’s up to us Nintendo fans to thank Platinum Games for their hardwork by purchasing this game.

      Support #OperationPlatinum

  5. I’m not a fan of Nintendo releasing so much information about thier games like this. This is a new trend that just started this generation. They released everything about Mario Kart 8. They released everything about Hyrule Warriors. They released everything about Smash. And now Bayonetta? I’m sorry but this is bullshit. Nintendo needs to advertise this game with commercials and PREVIEWS, not 45 minute long spoiler shows that only fans watch to begin with. They better not do this with all of thier games… If they spoil the new Zelda I will never forgive them…. it’s really starting to piss me off.

  6. sickr posting useless ish like square en releasing to mobile games. What? How does that even related to NINTENDO?
    Whatever, I’m not clicking that useless junk of “news”.
    While you’re at it why not post all the indie games not coming to Wii U??

    1. My retailer has priced the game 47€ (the 2 games in one pack). O.o
      For comparison sake, think 1€=1$, even though € is stronger, but game industry seems not to care.

  7. I wonder how well this game is going to do with Smash Bros. releasing the same month. I hope it does better than The Wonderful 101.

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        1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

          I feel embarrassed every time I see his wall of text. He’s eventually gonna hit the age of 17, look back and realize what a dumbass he was.
          Then again, I know plenty of guys who didn’t realize it until they were well into their 30’s
          I know this because I used to be a 13 year old little internet punk. Just thinking about it makes me feel like throwing up.

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  9. I absolutely can’t wait for this game. I need it in my life lol. But on a serious note, this Direct should be really good because we will get to hear new stuff and it will bring more publicity for the game. I hope we can get the game to sell over a million copies.

  10. “We’re proud to announce we’ll be rereleasing the first Bayonetta exclusively for the New Nintendo 3DS.”( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

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  13. I can’t wait for tomorrow now! I hope they show off some more cosplay outfits! Like Zero Suit Samus or Princess Zelda!

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