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Famitsu Teases Reveal Of Big New Game From Capcom

Next week’s issue of Famitsu will include the reveal of a big Capcom game. It has yet to be confirmed whether the unannounced title will be released on a Nintendo platform, or if it is regarding another installment in an existing franchise. Capcom recently confirmed that Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is in development. Although the original Resident Evil: Revelations is available on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, its sequel hasn’t been announced for either platform.

97 thoughts on “Famitsu Teases Reveal Of Big New Game From Capcom”

        1. No, even the new director suggested that if they make a sequel that he might make him gay.
          I think that they should actually make him bi, and he should be rather flamboyant and chase after every one, I mean he is part demon, why would he be so self restricting?

  1. The Clergy of the Church of Sasori has declared that Capcom will reveal “Street Fighter 5 – Shadow of Destiny” Turbo and it will be releasing for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, iOS (port), Playstation Vita. Wii U and 3DS versions are not being considered at this time…

    1. They already did. Revelations 2 skipping Nintendo after they help made the last game a success, suing Techmo over BS add-on DLC excuse that almost EVERY gaming company has done for years even before Capcom existed and its open source so anyone, even indies can use and distribute.

      They’re already on their way to bury themselves sooner than we thought.

      1. Capcom is showing obvious desperation for money. I hope they lose the case so it’ll put their asses even further into the grave!

    1. Heard theyre making a remake of a gamecube remake of the first resident evil , how many more remakes are we going to get? Sadly i think Capcom is just another cashgrab company now.. :-(

      1. “Sadly i think Capcom is just another cashgrab company now”? What so you mean “now”? They were the original with their four versions of Street Fighter II!

          1. MK8, Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, Hyrule Warriors, NintendoLand, Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition, Super Mario 3D World, Super Smash Bros 4 and many more better games would like to say other wise ;)

  2. 1. Not Coming to Wii U
    2. Not Coming to Wii U
    3. Not Coming to Wii U
    4. Not Coming to Wii U
    5. Not Coming to Wii U
    6. Not Coming to Wii U
    7. Not Coming to Wii U
    8. Coming to 3DS Xbone and PS4 but no Wii U
    9 Not Coming to Wii U
    10. Not Coming to Wii U

    watch none of these games are not coming to the system.

  3. Let me guess………..something that will release for every console but the 3DS and Wii U? Seriously, the lack of third-party support is causing me to lose interest in gaming. I wish I could find a new hobby sometimes.

    1. How? There are plenty of third party on other consoles. Keep the Nintendo ones and get the others to fill the gap. You don’t need to always stay with one console!

      1. But its disgustingly unfair to treat such platform when the fanbase was always there and even helped a few franchises survive and they always get stabbed in the back. This is why 3rd parties on Nintendo can no longer be trusted and its not about business. Its about how fucking stupid those companies can be. Capcom in this case, is one of them now.

      2. I could never afford a PS4 (I’d never buy an Xbox One). Even my Wii U was a birthday gift. Besides, I’d never pay that much for a console I’m uncertain if I’d even like. There’s not many third-party games I care about. Just a small handful, such as Assassin’s Creed. But still enough to make me disgusted at third party companies all skipping the Wii U.

      1. i do not see what’s your problem. my lord has revealed his erectile preferences and he can control black holes, in other words he loves his casual trips to the ol’ sodom. In fact, the clergy of the church of sasori condemn your actions and hope sasori, now known as lord aizen can forgive you.
        btw, lord sasori loves his men gay, very, very gay.



    25 pathetic wiitards already killed themselves over wii u being the next titanic, and bad news guys….. NINTENDO IS STILL ON BOARD LMAO!!!!!!! Iwata is running back and forth screaming like a girl that the ship he created is sinking and capxom isn’t releasing any more games to help it stay afloat.Sorry failwata but the captain has to stay on board, so die like a true captain you failure. You killed your fans a.k.a passengers and future buyers with the wii fucked u also known as wii titanic u.

    Looks like everybody is abandoning the titanic u and failwata, no respect…. no respect.

    R.I.P titanic u and how iwata didn’t build you right, R.I.P wiitards who committed suicide over it and R.I.P the people who died a.k.a left nintendo on board.

  5. Possibilities

    (1) Street Fighter 5
    (2) Ultra Street Fighter 4: AE (XB1, PS4) with Haggar, Alex, Charlie etc.
    (3) Resident Evil 2: REmake
    (4) Devil May Cry 5
    (6) Street Fighter Alpha 4
    (7) Resident Evil 0 HD

  6. Alba,

    Is thier any chance that this blog is going to be moderated at some point in the near future? The comment section is tough to read with all the “special” comments being made.

  7. it’s so clear that it will not come to WIIU – I gave up the hope the any third-party-developer will release something new on WIIU anymore. maybe Ubi, Disney&Activision will release some of their shovelware-titles, but that’s it. very sad days for gaming nowadays

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  9. Whatever they announce, I hope it’s Street Fighter PS4 and XB1 or a new DMC. Let’s hope it’s something good. :) And to everyone in the comments complaining, we pretty much know it’s not coming to Nintendo platforms. If it does, I’ll be surprised. I don’t know why the heck so many people bash the X1 and PS4 in these comment sections and then say that they want these games. Common sense would tell you to get the other console too if you wanted to play. Stop taking sides and just enjoy the games. Nuff said.

    1. I think nobody is complaining about PS4/xbo but about publishers that totally ignore over 7 mio potential customers – and a lot of other nintendofans and future WIIU owners for their games. the bias against nintendo-fans within the industry is ridiculous.

        1. I’d normally agree with you, but Microsoft’s business strategies are what’s killing gaming for most of the older players (I don’t mean to exaggerate, I really believe whay I say), so in my opinion they deserve all the bashing they can endure.

        2. Well that’s Microsoft’s plus that asshole Don Mattrick’s fault for fucking it up twice with its reveal of DRM as gaming dictatorship and making “back door” excuses at E3 that those BS features means no harm when its all damage control and lies and they still launched the damn system with DRM intact and that goddamn pointless NSA camera that failed twice as miserably as the first time. Not to mention there’s no good games in sight and the new, gay Rare has killed yet another beloved franchise “Conker” by not making a sequel people wanted, thanks to stupid ass Microsoft control over them while lying about “letting them have the same creative freedom that made them huge when OLD Rare was with Nintendo”

          Yes, Microsoft deserves every last criticism they earned even with Windows 8 being a nuisance and some of their other hardware techs like Surface failed just like Zune did when competing Apple with their false ass attack ads.

  10. I quite severely doubt this, but perhaps it’s the announcement of Street Fighter V? As a fan of SFIV, this would be quite hype for me, but it probably wouldn’t be coming on Wii U which would be such a shame. However, if it were to come on PC, that would be cool for me.

  11. Why even bother announcing this? Should have just waited til the game itself was actually revealed THEN tell us the news. Now if it’s revealed to not be coming to Nintendo consoles, this article hyping people up coupled with the article revealing it’s skipping Nintendo will just piss everyone off even more. Maybe Sickr really does just like the negative comments. @.@

    1. Sickr has more than one console so pretty much any news regarding video games is interesting to him. He could care less if it’s just Nintendo related. XD

      1. Exactly why he’s the biggest troll on this website. lol He named the site MyNintendoNews but talks about non Nintendo news every chance he gets. *shrug* Oh well. I’m reaching a point to where I’m just going to enjoy the fighting, like Quadraxis. *hams it up like Mark Hamill’s Joker* Hehehe HAH hah hah hah!

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