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Producer Of Castlevania Teasing New Project At PAX?

Koji Igarashi, the former producer of the Castlevania video game series, has been teasing what appears to be a new project at this week’s PAX event. The flyers shown in the image above were handed out to attendees during the Mighty No. 9 panel at PAX leading some to believe that it’s Igarashi’s next game.

25 thoughts on “Producer Of Castlevania Teasing New Project At PAX?”

      1. I don’t think there’s any point putting up stories like this. It’s 99% likely to skip Wii U, whatever about 3DS. This just P1$$€$ me off that we’ve got no 3rd party support. I know you’ve got to write something but how’s about something that is definitely coming to Wii U please?

      1. Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, Smash Bros ….One game a month for the rest of 2014. One game a month the entirety of 2015. It’s your loss not mine. I own Ps4, and there will be some amazing games, but your crazy if you think there is not gonna be a 2015 playstation drought.

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    1. On the bright side, if it is a MetroidVania in the works, there’s a decent chance for it coming to the 3DS. Dawn of Sorrow was a smash hit. But- still- I wouldn’t bet anything on it [coming to Nintendo playforms].

    2. Da KOOL ninja sippin da Hendog

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    3. Nah, there is no suspense, just expect that nothing will hit Nintendo platforms that is a retail game, not even games that would make sense and sell the most on Nintendo systems. There have been a few games where this was the case. Which ultimately leads me to the conclusion that Nintendo just sucks with third parties, to the point where even the slightest mention on Nintendo when discussing games turns them off.

  1. *sighs* Igarashi left Konami, said he wanted to do something similar to how Keiji Inafune is making MN9, basically he’s doing similar.
    Making a game the long time CV fans will enjoy, even if it’s not really a CV game.
    I can’t wait, because i fucking hated LoS.. and LoS 2 was even worse.
    I wanna see a return of games being made by japanese devs.. cause all this western highering just ends up making a series i used to love become total crap… to me

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  3. Nintendo really should have tried to pick up Igarashi, Inafune, & Sakaguchi as developers for Nintendo. Maybe they tried but the 3 men wanted to actually make their own companies instead. The least Nintendo can do is make friends out of them, so Nintendo can secure their support. Who needs watered down Final Fantasy, Megaman, & Castlevania when we can have their creators make new, spiritual successors instead? If Nintendo can do this, screw Capcom, Konami, and, to a lesser extent, Square Enix. Who needs the two (Capcom & Konami) that apparently only use Nintendo for publicity & money to fund their projects for other consoles? Once again, Square Enix seems to be the lesser evil when it comes to using Nintendo for money & publicity. Least Nintendo’s consoles are getting games from Square Enix left & right with only a few skipping over Nintendo consoles, even if they rarely leave Japan.

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