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Shin’en Is No Longer Developing Exclusively For Nintendo Platforms

Former Nintendo centric developers Shin’en have revealed that they are now developing for the PlayStation 4. The company tweeted that Nano Assault Neo will be coming to PlayStation 4 sometime later this year. However, Wii U owners still have Fast Racing NEO which is still scheduled to launch on the platform.

Thanks, Namie

192 thoughts on “Shin’en Is No Longer Developing Exclusively For Nintendo Platforms”

        1. Its the ONLY best thing they got left which they’re still taking a bit of loss from because of the cheaper price tag. Vita ain’t doing so hot, PS3 cost them BILLIONS of dollars loss and almost 70% of their business elsewhere is drowning the company. The only reliable divisions they got is PlayStation, Blu-Ray and movies.

                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      I have a PC, I can get nearly every games on PS4 on there. Uncharted is basically the only interest I have for it.

              1. The Playstation division is not their only profitable division. They’ve reported a huge overall profit in their latest report, which was only a few weeks ago.

                1. Again, I don’t see any profit gain, just negatives. I still believe those gains are from selling off previously owned assets, which really isn’t a gain at all.

        2. If you’re unbiased, please explain to us why you think the PS4 is the best? I’ve owned all the systems up to this gen…only have the Wii U from this gen. There simply are no games that make me “have” to buy a PS4 or a Xbox One yet.

          1. It’s called an opinion. Why did you call him out for saying PS4 is the best? Unbias means you are open to all games and you don’t pick a side. He just prefers the PS4 the most. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like everything else.

        3. Weirdest thing to say
          “I have both, am a nintendo fanboy, and am therefore unbiased”
          A fanboy would be biased, I think you’re meant to say “I have both, but I prefer Nintendo, and therefore I’m unbiased”, even still by having a preference on Nintendo there is still biased.
          Relating to your original comment, then yes you aren’t biased, understand?
          Is this comment even necessary??? (mine).

        1. You may say that, but other sources tell me otherwise. Not saying your wrong, but those source have been reliable to me for as long as I can remember when I started reading gaming news.

          1. Glados, do you always type “you’re” as “your” on purpose or something? That’s like the 12th time I’ve seen you write it that way. Not trying to be a grammar nazi, but that’s driving me insane. XD

            1. Its a very horrible habit, it all started back when I was a human child of N/A years old before my entire memory was download into a machine that controls a laboratory of dangerous tools. My 2nd grade teacher neglected to correct me on my use of the word, therefore I continually use the said word in wrong pronunciation, which then cause Pandas to trample the fat cop who knocked on the door only to meet his nightmare of panda poo being used in the making of commercial products at Sea World.

          2. What other sources ? Because as far as I know, Sony is undergoing a huge restructuring right now, which is going to result in them getting rid of unprofitable divisions and keeping/improving profitable ones.
            Sony has reported a huge profit just recently, which is a sign that the restructuring of the company is already taking effect.
            Making changes in a company that’s as huge as Sony isn’t a matter of weeks or months, hell, not even years. They have been working on changing things for years, and it is now starting to pay off.
            I stand by my point, Sony won’t be leaving us any time soon, fortunately.

            1. I’m getting the opposite of your sources. I would give you them, but you probably won’t believe me anyways. They are reporting losses, I don’t see gains, anywhere, and if they did get money, I’m sure its mostly due to selling off some buildings and assets.

                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      Even if what you claim is true, making up a small portion of the huge amount of money does not mean “safe from bankruptcy” it means “delay death by a couple of months” when they make up 50% of that billions or millions that they used up over the past decade, I’ll believe it.

                    2. You don’t really expect them to make billions and trillions of dollars right away, do you ? Of course they’re going to start with smaller profits and keep it growing. They’re, as I’ve already said, undergoing a huge restructuring, which, as I’ve already said as well, is not a matter of a couple of months. It’s going to take a while until they completely recover, obviously.
                      It’s common sense, really.

                  1. Okay so what you are generally saying is, I can’t critique Sony and I have to agree with all the positives and ignore everything bad and stupid that they did. Listen, I see you do the same thing to Nintendo, and honestly a lot of times I almost never agree with any of your points about it, so basically now I’m doing the same thing that you do, if I see something wrong. Also it doesn’t matter if they can’t make that up overnight, doesn’t save them the excuse of having a high chance of bankruptcy. Another thing, it’s common sense for them to slowly get better right? Strange you don’t say that when something negative happens with Nintendo, so I find your words hard to swallow. Honestly, I don’t argue much with others, unless they are retarded or lack common sense, you are not one of those people fortunately, but it seems to me you kind of damage control. Look, I know you don’t want to see them go, but ever since they’re credit rating went to junk, it’s pretty much downhill for them lately, I don’t want to see them go either, but it happens, and at this rate, I will continue see things the way they are until they do something that can change it.

                    1. Finally! Someone finally said what I’ve felt about Namie. This is why I once said she’s 75% Sony & 25% Nintendo. She says she loves Nintendo but I barely see it. It’s more like she loves what Nintendo was when Yamauchi was in charge. Maybe she’s just nostalgic for the old Nintendo days. If that’s true, it’s kind of funny considering Nintendo was actually WORSE during those days. ESPECIALLY when it came to 3rd parties.

          1. How can they if they’re losing so many divisions? XD They can’t even buy a game studio if they try.

            Sony should become an entertainment business and stay away from hardware like computers but keep PlayStation since its their only best merchandise left.

          1. Rayman didn’t even start on Nintendo consoles, and PS4 fans are obviously starved for something new.
            By the way? It sold best on Wii U for a VERY long stretch of time.
            It only got surpassed by PS3 numbers because Mario 3D World came in to replace it, leaving the PS3 gamers to give it an ever so slight boost over the Wii U version.

    1. I don’t mind too much. I mean, if it was the other way around (PS4 exclusive coming to Wii U) I would be happy. It’s not a big thing like Rayman: Legends, so I’m fine with it.

      1. nobody should develop exclusively for anything, it’s just a means of shutting some players out of one game or the other

        but that’s almost utopian

        1. Wouldn’t it be nice to have only ONE console every gen instead of three? Everyone gest access to all the games and features of all three consoles, and no more console war bs. The owner of this “absolute” console would be neither of the big three just a random company makes the console, allows region-free games, and is open to Indys. Its a silly, stupid little dream that will never happen, but just a thought for gaming unity. :)

      2. Then Sony and Microsoft shouldn’t have exclusives on their consoles either. I’m sorry but Exclusives are what make a console… well a console, without them then what’s the point? Most of the games would appear on PC so why should I buy a console?

        1. I don’t want to be bothered having to pick a console. I just want to play games, any game, without having to buy 3 systems and having a good PC. I think any videogame enthusiast wants that,

      3. Yet no one complains about Sony exclusives, PC exclusives, etc being developed exclusively? Your argument is moot.
        What else makes your argument moot is, competition is what makes the market go round, or some modified saying of “money makes the world go round” to apply to this situation.

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                      1. thestrangablog, I can’t wait for Nintendo to be come third party like Sega.

                        Nintendo will soon develop games for Xbox One, PC and PS4

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                1. I know…still Sony claimed the exclusivity of the console version after Nintendo approached Red thread and told then they wanted the game in their system, but that’s the world we lived in (to be Honest, Sony paid for the console time exclusivity which in my opinion is stupid.)

                1. yea seemed alright but I don’t think I’ll be grabbing it. Their Fast Racing Neo game maybe though, if they ever show stuff for it.

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              1. Nintendo needs to get their shit together with 3rd party relations.. pretty soon it will just be them only developing for the system… and alot of ppl will be hard pressed to shell out the $$$ for a few excellent games vs an abundance of good/decent games. Shame, but its true.

                1. They’ve always been on their own. The consoles and dev kits were always available to them if they wanted to make games for their platform. They chose not to because for a few reasons: its Nintendo so they hate them for whatever short sighted reason and the money..but mostly its all about the money and they use every underhanded tactic to cheat money from the unaware, the fanboys and the stupid. They know Nintendo fans aren’t one of them and they usually expect great, fun games which they almost never deliver unless they have some creative minds with them but that’s rarely the case. Some of Nintendo policies, yes they need to change but compare to everyone else like EA especially, they’re more right than them. Nintendo expects and chooses the best in the business. Third parties rarely have anything worth while and for some of their games, they usually lose their luster and value pretty quick.

                  1. Lol, you’re a dumbass. Nintendo will soon become third party like Sega . They will develop for Xbox One, PC and PS4, which are the real next gen

                    Wii U is an underpowered console tailored to casuals and soccer moms

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                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              I just find it fascinating and pathetic at the same time how these primitive lifeforms keeps the same name in everything they are active in…

                                1. Are you talking about Sasori and me? please be careful with your words, bullying is bad, bad is bullying, spread love instead.

                      1. Keep dreaming, kid. Keep believing that Ubishit is right that the Wii U is just a casual console. You’ll go far with that mentality among the rest of the people that are cheap & desperate for Nintendo to go 3rd party.

                2. So just because he put one game on another system do not make him a betrayer it’s just this game am sure he will still make games for Nintendo and who knows maybe nintendo will buy them out idk they have their mind on making more new ip with their younger teams that’s what miyamoto is doing now which got slaptoon sorry if it’s spelled wrong but that’s what they want to do now.

                  1. They’re still developing the other games exclusively on the Wii U, so I don’t see the problem in letting the PS4 fans have a go.

                3. Good for them, third-party exclusivity is just silly. They should release their games on Steam too, broaden their audience even more.

                          1. Well… They did a damn well job with Mario Sunshine. LMAO.
                            Jokes aside (even though I genuinely meant it, Sunshine is one of my favorite Mario games, haha), there are lots of positive things Nintendo has done, but to me personally, their recent decisions and actions were more negative than positive.
                            But if you really want me to say something positive about them: They certainly give/gave us many, many fantastic games.
                            There you go. (:

                                1. Lol well… Don’t be surprised if anyone here calls you a fangirl. You don’t really ever compliment Xbox and you always say negative things about the Wii U. I will try to defend you from haters, but it’s not really that easy to do if you don’t say some good stuff too. XD And in addition, you said you don’t have a Wii U yet, so that actually INCREASES the chance that people will call you a fangirl. XD Don’t get me wrong though, I am not calling you one, I’m just saying other people might. ;p Even if you were though, I’d still love ya. :P I would just have to discipline you every time you say something bad about Nintendo. Lol.

                                  1. Haha, I don’t really mind what people say, not at all, I know I love Nintendo and that’s all that matters for me. d:
                                    I don’t have to like every single thing they do to be a fan of theirs, and unfortunately, I really do not like the WiiU. And since I can form an opinion about it without owning one myself, everything’s fine. I mean, I’ve played it for many hours still, even if I don’t have an own one, so, I’d say my opinion is valid too. (:
                                    But thanks for looking out for me, I appreciate it, haha. ;D

                    1. Not even Gamefreak, the developers behind Pokémon, is limited to Nintendo consoles (they had a few games on non Nintendo consoles like that Pokémon clone for the PS1).

                      Besides, who said they were close partners, to begin with, anyway? It’s their decision to develop on a non-Nintendo console, and no one says they’ll stop developing games for Nintendo consoles in the first place. (In fact, it’s the opposite – this blog says they’ll continue to develop games for Nintendo consoles despite them developing for the PS4 as well.)

                      1. Considering they had been developing for Nintendo only, since 1999, I’d call them close partners.
                        And I didn’t say they won’t develop for Nintendo anymore. But seeing them starting to go for other platforms is, in my opinion, not so good for Nintendo.
                        Having a 3rd party developer develop for Nintendo only > Having a 3rd party develop for Nintendo and others.



                  LES HAVE IT RIGHT MORONS

                5. porting 2 year old games isnt DEVELOPING FOR my nintendo news try harder with the click baiting

                  and its a gimped version ,

                  1. Seriously, so-called “fanboys” are the embarrassment to the actual fanbase that actually tolerates other gaming platforms even if they don’t own them.

                  1. Lol Nintendo has stated before they wont go third party dumb ass. They have said that they will burn with there ips before going third party btw xbox fail will be done after this gen but keep trolling I know you need attention and id love for you to talk shit face to face id smack the shit out of you and make you my bitch hahahaha

                  2. It’s worse than that – Nintendo said that if Nintendo’s consoles go down, so will their games.

                    In other words, Nintendo would never go third-party even if they collapse.

                  1. “never cared for shin in games anyway”

                    Yet made a comment on a Shinen related thread.

                    Invalid argument detected.

                6. LOL typical fan logic, praise and defend Shin’en like their gods when they were only on Nintendo platforms but now since they are working on the PS4…

                  Traitors… This game never gained my interest….

                  1. its two years old it has no gamepad twin screen 2 player there NEW GAME is for wiiu its being shown within days weeks

                    lol ps4 fans

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                7. Nobody should really have a problem wirh this. Hell, if Rareware decided to go multiplatform in the late 1990s i’d be fine with it.

                  1. With any luck, Nintendo consoles will get the true version while the others get nothing but ports. If they end up being crappy ports, it will give the Sony & Microsoft fanboys a taste of what we have to go through on a yearly basis.


                  LOL PS4

                9. I never particularly thought shin’En was a “prized” Nintendo-centeic developer in the first place. Never bought one of their games.

                  Maybe they should do something OTHER than the “Neo” brand…

                10. I don’t mind that the game becomes available in multiple platforms. WHat worries me if they start making games that do not suppot nintendo.

                  Honestly, with everything that has been said, I blame nintendo for what’s been happening with third party developers. I love the wii u and the 3ds, but Nintendo isn’t making a big effort to get big third party games on the system. They got more money on the bank than Sony, so they should be able to pay developers to make games for their platforms too.

                  Like they did with the gamecube, they made so many different awesome deals to get so many cool games. The most famous one that comes to mind is when they made a deal with capcom to release every resident evil game on the platform, some even exclusive! Also, the gamecube got the awesome remake of the first resident evil, and resident evil 4! (before they made it available on other platforms).

                  I really think Nintendo should try to do deals like that again, developers leave not only because the platform is weaker in specs, but because the other companies just offer better deals, and personally, I don’t blame them.

                11. Pingback: Shin’en is no longer developing exclusively for nintendo platforms

                12. Fast Racing NEO (aka ‘F-zero killer’) is vaporware. They were supposed to reveal the official trailer like 6 months ago.

                13. Boo. I have both an love Nintendo. If they’d let Shin’en do “F-Zero” or “Waverace” this wouldn’t be a possibility. Anyway… good for you Shin’en. Nano Assault Neo is awesome… won’t be buying again on my PS4, though.

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