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As Expected The New Nintendo 3DS Will Be Region Locked

A Nintendo representative has confirmed to US video game site GameSpot that the newly announced new Nintendo 3DS will indeed be region locked like its predecessors. This goes for the standard new Nintendo 3DS as well as the new Nintendo 3DS XL. This basically means that you’ll be unable to play games from other territories on your new console.

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133 thoughts on “As Expected The New Nintendo 3DS Will Be Region Locked”

      1. DS didn’t have region locks and that systems was plagued with piracy to the point that Nintendo was losing developers and put the 3DS out ahead of schedule.


    1. Cause developers (especially with companies like Nintendo) make AMAZING games and will only release them in Japan or a specific region and people everywhere have to hear how good the game is but can’t play it without buying a 3DS or whatever system that plays the games for that specific region. I understand both sides of the argument since Nintendo cares a lot about the different levels of censorship, ratings and sales but it does kind of suck how divided the gaming market/software is compared to every other entertainment field/medium…

    2. I’ll give a few personal examples:

      I learned English by playing video games (I live in Brazil). From the time I was a kid to this day, 90% of the games released have not been translated to Brazilian Portuguese, and the only languages available during the SNES – PS2 eras were either English or Japanese. Since I couldn’t even read Japanese, all I played was games in English, and that’s how I learned the language. Years passed and I now am studying Japanese, and playing games in that language helps A LOT! I learn more about pronunciation, words and writing than I would by convenient means! And I remember more about the things I’ve learned by playing video games than when I studied, so this is the perfect way to study Japanese.

      Another example I can give you is regarding Region-exclusives. I wanted to play Tales of Graces, Xenoblade, Pandora’s Tower and The Last Story so bad, yet I couldn’t do it because they were not localized here. Not only my problem, but lots of fans that made petitions asking to bring those games here – to which Nintendo resisted until the very end of the Wii’s life. That led to many softmoding their consoles in order to run either imported games or illegally downloaded versions. One takes more money than normal, and the other one is for free – which method do you think great part of those players choose?

      Nintendo says the Region Lock is there to protect the children as a form of Parental Control, since every region has their own methods of rating games that might make a title rated 18+ in Japan available for 15 years olds if they decide to import from USA, as an example. But what about all those who are over 18 and want to buy games from other regions?! Just make it part of the Parental Control!

      1. bing I was in the same situation as you are. You actually described my experience but for me I lived in another country. In your case cause you live in Brazil the price tag for games are so high that buy from other region is the cheapest way to experience the joy of video game. To be honest there are millions like you and who do not live in Brazil even in Europe until recently we got screwed by Nintendo. If you look at it Europe is where the piracy is the highest and this region lock is one of many factor PS4 and xbox 1 are more successful (fact). To be honest the 3 DS new version will be hacked and nintendo has only them to blame.

      1. if you just said that it helps no one and that it affects 1% of the gamers…aren’t you just contradicting yourself there? let’s say that there are 700 million gamers in the world and that 1% of them is bothered by this…7 million? is that “just” to you?

        1. You understood what he said wrong. Basically what he said was that it doesn’t affect a lot of gamers (1%), BUT it doesn’t HELP a single person at all. It is just a hinderance for everyone.

          1. No you miss understood.

            Read his comment carefully, he’s saying that it only effect the 1% so why should they (Nintendo) even bothered.

        2. 1% was more like figurative expression of a group that is very small in comparison, not actual numbers.
          And no, it is not contradicting anything.
          It is a thing, that while being enforced, it bothers this small group of people, but does not really give any benefit whatsoever.
          If it was not enforced, pretty much it would be business as usual.
          I was just stating, that downside of removing region lock is none.

    3. For example, Pokemon X/Y on 3DS have different event Pokemon distribution according to the region they’re from. In Japan, wi-fi distribution occurs quite more often than Europe or US or UK that they were called the ‘master race’ because they can get stuff pretty easily over there. And for those who went off study abroad and found themselves in a region different than their original region (For example Americans might have trouble looking for US version 3DS games in Japan), they have to buy a new console altogether just to play games that they wanted. Worst come to worst they can always order it but shipping overseas will add more to the cost of the game itself.

      Hope that explains. I have friends who buy 3DS LL instead of XL just so they can play JAP games like Pokemon and MH4U and we live in a US-based 3DS region.

  2. lets pretend it isnt fr clicks then tell that it is for more clicks GROW THE FUCK UP WEB SITES NOONE IN REALITY ACTUAY CARES

    people just pretend its a issue to look stupid on the internet

    jesus gaming jurnalism in the gutter

  3. 99.999999999999 % of tjose complaining about these things dont actually care in real life HOW FUCKING PATHETIC LIVING AS A FUCK HEAD ONLINE

        1. More like spoiled. Most of the industry is opening up archaic DRM policies. Some companies have a long ways to go, and Nintendo isn’t even the worst of them. I’ve yet to hear a compelling reason for why region locking is good for the consumer, however.

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  4. I have no problem with this. The majority of major titles are released in all regions. Nintendo has to be able to meet ratings board requirements in many different countries separately, and region locking is the most logical way to do this.

    1. Nintendo has to deal with rating board requirements in countries a title releases in. All this does is ensure that people from external regions can’t readily import of their own free will.

    2. This is Nintendo ways of staying chummy with retailers. A person from AU could easily import said game from the UK for two thirds, at times even half of the price that AU retailers are asking for. If Region Locking wasn’t a thing people from south america could easily get games from NA for a fraction of the price but because of “piracy” Nintendo refuses to let go of that idiotic practice.

      It’s bullshit, but Nintendo gamers eat it up, we’ll buy the console regardless.

  5. If I was a nerd who would be willing to play a game with a walkthrough to get around Japanese text then id probably be mad. But I’m not pathetic. Be happy with what we get.

    1. You idiot. Its not just Japanese games. Games that released in EU first like Pandoras Tower, The Last Story, Xenoblade Chronicles, bravely Default, inazune eleven, ect. Some of these games came to NA way later but if we had a chance to import a lot of us would’ve. Its all vice versa as well, games like SMTIV still hasn’t hit EU, and they’re only getting a Digital version of the game.

      Or what about Smash for 3DS? Japan is getting it a whole month before the rest of the world does. If some of us could we would import that game so we could get to play it to.

  6. Idiots saying it doesn’t matter…it does, there are a lot of japanese games that have a low chance of coming west. If there were no region lock then we could just import them and not have to worry.

      1. Yeah that “small” minority is the reason why Nintendo is still a relevant company. Those Die Hards that continuously import games that support Nintendo but ninty diesnt give a shit about them. Nintendo keeps fucking up with this whole Region locking, what they need to do is let that practice go.

  7. forget the region, just make the other games in English or whatever language and release those in other markets. If there are games that are good but only in Japan, I want them.

    1. Ninty is @ the mercy of the global economy just like any other global company. Banks & governments (mostly banks) “manipulate” prices. In principle, it’s about supply & demand. Now, it’s a bit different when the vast majority of the product (i.e. game) is intellectual, but there is a standard (w/ in the gaming industry), which is then tweaked according to the strength of each country’s currency.

      But 3DS’ region-lock is software based. I’d presume that if a 3DS publisher really wanted to release their game region-free, they would, or @ least they could from a technical standpoint. But…

      …while many PS3 games are region-free, ATLUS chose to region-lock Person 4 Arena because they wanted “to avoid excessive importing, because all versions of the game share the same features and language support, but have differing price points and release dates in each region”.

      Also, DVDs & Blu-rays are region-locked.

  8. hopefully my original 3ds doesn’t competely damage. the glossi shell has cracks, l and r buttons are destroy and removed and the chager port broke off and removed off the back of the 3ds.

  9. I know I’m in the minority, but as someone who speaks Japanese, this is highly annoying.

    I don’t understand how Sony has no problem with this, but Nintendo does.
    I might just be ignorant on the issue, though.

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  11. xD Why are people getting so angry? Did you guys really expect Nintendo’s stance on this to change mid-gen? Sickr shouldn’t have mentioned that rumor in the first place, because people foolishly believe the rumors then get pissed when said rumor is proven false. It sucks but whatever.

    1. People aren’t mad because they believed rumor to be true, they are mad because Nintendo still won’t let this practice die. Its only hurting its consumers.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Except people loves Nintendo, nobody cares about the two pathetic parties in that country except the sheep…

          1. I know that the deepest, darkest truth underneath all of those morons “pretending” to “hate” Nintendo is that they heavily envy their very existence and games that they have always wasted time and breathe praying that they’ll one day come to other platforms besides theirs.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              It’s like the bully thing…

              They either bully because it’s in right now or because they envy that the victim has the intelligence to do their own thing and be their own thing no matter what…

              If our empire would ever fall, I’ll avenge them by convincing the PC Master Race…

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    1. Yea but someone else might import alot and sell it on amazon. Thats what theyre afraid of. they wanna sell games to differnt retailers/countires at differnt prices

  12. Why is everyone so pissed? Its your fault for believing and putting faith in a rumor in the first place, not Nintendo’s fault.

  13. Damn. I thought for a second that i would be to buy Japanese games that i would never have been able to buy otherwise…

    JK. I’ll never be able to play Japan exclusives… Unless I waste money on a Japanese 3DS..

  14. I am really saddened by this. We all want to play Mother 3 or the orginal mother in a 3DS and one of the Many problems that we have with Nintendo is that they don’t release awesome games from Japan (I’m looking to the past Fatal Frames game.)

  15. I got an import GBA SP because the US version was sold out. Luckily, the import fee was waved since I also bought a new GBA game (interestingly, my 1st GBA game was Golden Sun, & the game I got w/ the SP was The Lost Age). I miss Gamefellas. JPN electrical outlets & US outlets work the same & of course it was region-free, so I could charge & play seamlessly.

    I imported Mr. Driller DS just because the US version lacked a mode that was in the JPN version.

    I imported Ace Attorney because I couldn’t find a new US copy, even shortly after its 2nd printing (luckily the game included English & was already discounted in Japan, so w/ import fees & shipping, it cost about the same as a localized copy w/ shipping).

    Those imports instilled in me envy for Japanese Nintendo consumers because Club Nintendo was, @ the time, JPN-only.

    I imported Last Window (PAL) because I loved Room 215 & the dev went bankrupt before a US release.

    I imported A.S.H. because it was a game I really wanted ever since it was announced but it ended up JPN-only. A shame I’ll miss out on the story, but I must experience its gameplay.

    Aside from that, depending on import fees & languages, I wish the 3DS was region-free. It’d be awesome & fun finding games released in non-US countries for a lower price, even if there were US localizations of those games. Publishers might as well just release all their games in the country w/ the weakest currency. Just include all necessary languages & a Language Mode.

        1. Then I feel sorry for you over the Vita. Face it or not, Sony just officially killed it not just by ignoring the damn thing but making the $99 TV version and using their smartphone for PS4 remote play. They’re not even serious about Vita anymore. lol

              1. It’s only available for two phones, Sony Xperia Z3 and Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. These phones look to be, like the previous model, on available through T-Mobile. It won’t have much of an impact on Vita. And considering you need an amazingly fast Wi-Fi network to really take advantage of remote play I don’t see it mattering to people much. The Vita TV has actually been wanted by gamers for a while. It was likely planned in advance with the first model Vita which had an unknown port on top, but it was removed in the second model and the PSV TV was announced. The Vita, just like the Wii U, need good first party titles or third party exclusives to make the system a must-have. It’s not dead yet.

                1. That’s true. But if you look at it, its like Sony is deliberately burying their own portable system without even trying anything with it. I mean TV and now smartphones filling its sole existence so there’s almost no point to own a Vita now.

          1. Feel sorry all you want clown. I get to play all the PS1 era Final Fantasy games as well as classics like Metal Gear and Chrono Trigger on the go. Which equals fun, fun, fun. Your loss. Not mine.

            1. You mean from that ridiculous PSNow ripoff Rental system? Hell no I wouldn’t fall for that. lol If it were INCLUDED with the PSN subscription or discounted at..let’s say $8-10 a month or have it as a separate service charging at least $15 a month for unlimited access and play every last available game. Now those ideas for PSNow would’ve worked. But $5 rental for 4 fucking hours? I can pay almost the same price for some games and keep it as long as I want.

              No buddy. Your money waste over that BS is your loss. lol

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  17. to be honest Nintendo also want to preserve the Japanese market and optionally the NA market. There are so many JRPG i still need to play and which has not been release outside japan, the franchises which come to my mind is the tales of and dragon quest series. Another case is where I remember a dragon ball RPG (super goku den Totsugeki-Hen and Kakusei-Hen) on SNES I played which was not in my region cause Bandai did not release it outside Japan but it was a success. All that to say Nintendo will reduce the piracy cause half of it is due to game not being available in certain region.

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