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Here’s The Wonderful Japanese Commercial For Super Smash Bros On Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo Japan has uploaded the latest television commercial for the highly anticipated Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 3DS which features live acting, special effects and fast paced gameplay footage. Super Smash Bros comes out on September 13th in Japan while those of us in the west will have to wait until October 3rd.

Thanks, WhiteEagle

124 thoughts on “Here’s The Wonderful Japanese Commercial For Super Smash Bros On Nintendo 3DS”

    1. You know what sucks? Smash is one of my favorite (if not most favorite) Nintendo series and it releases in Japan on my BIRTHDAY. I mean if the wait wasn’t already bad.

    1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

      Everyone’s gettin’ smashed! This commercial hyped me up again for the game! Japanese commercials man… XD

        1. For the guy who said battlefield was hard, I’m pretty sure you couldn’t handle even the first boss of bravely default.

          Now go eat your grape cool-aid flavored fried chicken, my monkey friend.

    1. Ok, if that could actually happened, that would make this game beyond AWESOME :O
      And so much fun!!!! I want this game NOW!! >_<

  1. If this was an American commercial, they would have to put a disclaimer stating that “your friends might not get thrown out of frame and explode while playing” in order to avoid a lawsuit u.u

  2. This is fantastic indeed lol! I want such quality or better for the West commercials too, especially UK cos…..I want to see great ones on TV :-P

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    1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

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        1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

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    1. Yeah fuck that i seriously would rather get smash than unoriginal for a new ip dogs, GTA and sleeping dogs are better from what i played of watchdogs.

      I haven’t played smash in 5 years so im kinda looking forward to it, (not that much though) maybe if you guys would play more than just smash forever you would not get tired of a new installment. I would not wan this game at all if i kept playing brawl but i new there would be a new and most likely a way better installment so i sold it.

      Though brawl kinda sucked.

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  5. The new Smash Bros is finally getting released in a matter of ten days! Ten! (In Japan of course) Do any of you also remember the E3 way back, when they announced Wii U, and Mr Iwata-San mentioned Smash Bros on 3DS and Wii U and how it’s a product of the future? The hype that generated. Now it’s almost here. Lets get ready to Smash!

  6. The racism, biggotry and other forms of ignorance in the comments section here is pathetic.

    On a more related note; lol this commercial was hilarious. I wonder if the ones we get here in the U.S. will be as funny, or will they’ll decide to hype up the roster and the action of the game. For the Wii U one, i’d love it if they decided to reference the SSB64 commercial but have a bunch of new characters jump in near the end or something…

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Whether our opinions might differ in some areas, I think that the wars feed you with souls and feeds me with dark energy haha…

        1. What do you mean it feeds me in souls lmao i understand how it can feed someone with dark energy but with souls? Like i eat there souls or what haha.

          Things should stay on videogames and can branch of into different subjects like when everybody fucks around but things should not get to personal or violent, it’s like come on do you act like that in real life over such pointless things and if you do you better have a good fucking reason to get into someone’s business of you know what i mean.

          This website is not to fun anymore because of all of this. Before it wasn’t like this and you could screw around more and if you argued it would be some stupid funny troll vs fanboy thing bit now it’s gone to far it’s pathetic.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Just refering to your avatar and I think you mentioned once or twice about something along those lins in your “time”…


            Most of my attackers have been butthurt severely…

  7. Great commercial. It’s always funny to see one of the people getting KO’d hitting the screen! Best KOs of them all!

    1. mylord, your brother stabbed you in the ass. we will take actions.
      in words everyone can understand “we hope he is lefthanded”

      Church of sasori

  8. NINTENDO getting so hardcore porn DP smash bros making us double dip dat hardcore bitch

    3DS is vag and wiiu version the hard anal bang cannot wait

  9. Every.single.time. I scroll down…….nothing but stupidity. Not even closely related to the topics or videos posted. Just a bunch of people arguing. I like coming to this website for the updates, but, man does this section need a moderator or maybe just no comment section at all.

    Anyway, still excited for the Game. The demo was fun. Music is fantastic. Its a bit more technical than Brawl so mastering these movesets will be a challenge, but in a good way. I’m just ready to play this game & be done with looking for updates. Maybe one day these comments will be about the games.

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