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Pokken Tournament Development Is Currently At 30%, Could Feature Hidden Tekken Elements

Pokemon Company CEO and president Tsunekazu Ishihara, Tekken series chief producer Katsuhiro Harada, and Soulcalibur producer Masaaki Hoshino had the opportunity to speak to Famitsu about the recently announced Pokken Tournament for arcades. The developers explained that the game is roughly 30% complete. Here’s some of the details taken from the extensive interview.

“I believe that this project’s most entertaining and refreshing aspect is about being able to move your own Pokémon and watch them react and pull off moves in full-frame, and the freshness of real-time. We’re working on making those aspects as enthralling and fun as possible,”

“Yes, Mega Evolutions are implemented in the game,” responds Hoshino. “I believe you might be able to tell just by watching the trailer, but when Lucario changes forms, that’s the Mega Evolution.”

“When you think about Mega Evolution, there are those [Pokémon] that do Mega Evolve and those that don’t, so you might wonder what happens to the ones that don’t,” says Harada. “We’ve already thought of plenty of things like that since the early planning stage, in order to make it more like a Pokémon game.”

“That’s how we’re thinking of shaping this game into one with an emphasis on Pokémon’s way of playing, along with many of the game’s own ideas as well,” he adds.

“Over the 700 total Pokémon… is what I’d like to say, but the development wouldn’t be done on time by the time we decided,” responds Harada with a laugh. “We expect it to be a little more limited.”

“That said, I believe that the general direction that current fighting games are trending towards having more characters,” adds Hoshino. “I also believe that getting a grasp of how to play as all the characters is a big part of the fun, and as far expanding that goes, we’re thinking of starting with Pokémon that are easy to understand, and with a nice range of movements and ways to play.”

“This time, it’s a battle that takes place in the world of Pokémon, so we’re not thinking about having Tekken characters appear. However, once you play it, then there might be some sort of hidden elements that could bring a smile to fans of the Tekken series,”

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57 thoughts on “Pokken Tournament Development Is Currently At 30%, Could Feature Hidden Tekken Elements”

  1. In all seriousness, this game will have to do a lot more than Pokemon to convince me to get it. I already played Tekken 6 and Tag Tournament 2 and the gameplay is not clicking for me.

    1. This has Pokemon in it. I’m sure they’ll throw in a bunch of features and twists to enhance the gameplay. Besides, I bet I can kick your ass in this game blinded and with one hand tied behind my back.. :3

        1. You said Tekken’s gameplay isn’t clicking for you, yet you say you put 100 hours into it. Okay, cool.

          Wait, what?

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                  1. XD … Yeah, I never really understood the “small” joke tbh. You can’t really control what size it is that’s just natural. :P

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      It’s a human pathetic ritual to blame their fellow humans for their natural born genitlia that they have nothing to do with…

    1. ““I believe you might be able to tell just by watching the trailer, but when Lucario changes forms, that’s the Mega Evolution.”

      – That’s so condescending…

    2. Give me a Mienshao. Seriously, you can’t leave out the pokemon that’s called “Martial Arts Pokemon”, you just can’t! Which it a name like that… they simply cannot be beat!

    3. Just give me Mewtwo so I can pummel the hell out of Lucario for constantly stealing Mewtwo’s fucking spot in Smash! ARGH!!!

    4. Lol I was just just about to comment and say if Mewtwo isn’t in Sm4sh at least put him in this. He’d be perfect in this and one of my mains

    5. Yo no wun here cahn bet me in da cod kwik scop I da best I bet al in pohkemon weth lvl 0 majicarp 1v1 me no wun cahn WIN!!!!

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