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Here’s A Closer Look At The New Nintendo 3DS Featured On Capcom Stream

Capcom Japan employees have shown off the new Nintendo 3DS in a recent Capcom stream. The new Nintendo 3DS shown is the special edition Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate version. The new Nintendo 3DS will be released in Japan on October 10th, but we will have to wait until next year to get our hands on it in the west.

156 thoughts on “Here’s A Closer Look At The New Nintendo 3DS Featured On Capcom Stream”

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  1. Hey guys, this is a little of topic, but quick question: If my 3ds wireless isn’t working, is there any way to get it fixed other than sending it to Nintendo? I talked to a really rude Nintendo rep the other day, and he said it would be $95, and especially with smash 3ds coming out in a month…i gotta get it fixed! Thanks in advance!

    1. Mine has been messed up too- for quite some time…
      I heard you have to open it up and detach the wireless prong and
      re-attach it, but i cant open mine (at least not yet) and idk if you wanna risk opening it…
      Another thing was to hit the 3ds (not opened apart) where the wireless prong is located (near battery part), not sure if you wanna try that weird trick though.

    2. I just got my 3DS back today. It was only gone for three days. Super fast turnaround but the price tag is a little steep.

    1. its under the back cover, with the battery. i forget the link, but there was a video on itU guys get your pussy wet over a new 3ds? LOL wow

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      1. Why? I mean, I’ll never get their consoles day one…actually… You’re right. We shouldn’t get this day one either.
        Lol, what If Xenoblade port comes out 3 years after the New 3DS launch? Lmao!!!
        Anyway…I will IF it launches or bundles with Xenoblade or a Zelda. Otherwise, No Fucking way.

        1. I’m never buying Nintendo console or handhelds day one ever again. The Wii U already made me regret and now this has officially convinced me fully. I got a Wii U for Bayonetta 2 and Zelda. Not New Super Mario Bros. Lol.

      2. I wouldn’t speak so soon. MH4 and Xenoblade are to help motivate Japanese consumers to buy the new 3ds day one. When it actually releases in NA it will have differnent games to help motivate American consumers to purchase day one.

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          1. I’ll probably wait until Majora’s Mask 3D is here. (It’s inevitable) And if those colored buttons aren’t on the NA version, I will never forgive Nintendo. XD

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    3. Unless some cool Mario or Zelda games comes out that will only work on the New 3DS, I see no sense in buying one. Especially if they have small screens. I’m too used to my XL screens. I’m not taking a step back again.

      1. True. But they are probably going to release a remake of Majora’s Mask on the New 3DS or another interesting game…

        1. A Majora’s Mask 3D exclusive to the new 3DS?… If you knew about Nintendo games, you’d know that Ocarina of Time 3D came out as one of the 3DS launch games….and that game is probably larger than Majora’s Mask. #Getittogether

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    4. Wait… Who the hell is that anime mime pirate in the video? I’m seriously confused…
      And also- youtube caption translation is really not that good for Japanese-> English.

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