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Eurogamer Says Project Cars Is Already A Better Racing Game Than Forza Or Gran Turismo

Online gaming publication Eurogamer has managed to get some hands-on time with Project Cars. We already know that the game has been delayed for the Wii U, but that hasn’t stopped Eurogamer from proclaiming that the game is already a better racing title that the stalwarts, Gran Turismo for PlayStation and Forza for Xbox.

“If you are looking for something with cars that are realistic, with tracks and with features that you wished had been in Forza and Gran Turismo for many years, with no tire squeal like there is in Gran Turismo, cars that don’t go round in a funeral procession like Forza, then Project Cars is the one for you,” says Tudor, before resorting to humility for a brief second. “But to even be compared to them is honour enough.”

“The feel of the cars has improved, thankfully, after the somewhat wayward efforts in Slightly Mad’s last game. “At the end of Shift 2 Unleashed we were looking on all the forums, Reddit, NoGripRacing, GTPlanet, and we were looking at the big concerns,” says Tudor. “It was input lag, handling, how the feedback doesn’t feel right on the wheel. Day one we were like, what the hell, we’ve got to fix that. There was a lot of rewriting, we’ve got a brand new tire model. It’s super-important. The tire model is the physics that drive the thing that’s most in contact between the car and the track. It’s super-important – it drives everything. It drives the handling, the grip levels, the temperatures, when you’re swapping tires, how the rain effects things.”

“It tells of the enthusiasm that’s swelled around Project Cars since its release, the waves of excitement that have met each exquisite looking, fan-made trailer. The crowd development model has helped Project Cars establish a community before it’s even launched, and some of that enthusiasm has now started to bleed out elsewhere. Can it genuinely square up against the likes of Gran Turismo and Forza? With its features, its momentum and its appetite and understanding of what makes motorsport tick, there’s every reason to believe it could be the game that reminds the old guard what makes racing so special.”

45 thoughts on “Eurogamer Says Project Cars Is Already A Better Racing Game Than Forza Or Gran Turismo”

      1. Wtf? There’s no way it’s better than Gran Turismo
        Gran Turismo is the god of racing games
        Who ever said that must be a babies
        This game is for babies
        I guess a lot of baby gamers in euro

        1. You’re like a child repeating the same, boring ass sentence without learning anything new to sound smarter. You seriously gotta cut the shit out. lol Gran Turismo didn’t create nor found the racing/SIM genre because they existed long before the series came and long before PlayStation did.

          1. Why not Drive club? Its developed by CodeMasters nor Polyphony, if anything RM has proven that they can tackle such project, even their engine sounds shit on GT sounds.

        2. Was the god of racing, its been going downhill since GT4. There are bigger contenders now and GT falls behind all of them so it wouldn’t surprise me if PC was indeed better. GT6 brought almost nothing that improved on GT5.

          Unless you count that Moon Race as revolutionary.

    1. That’s not a screenshot, that’s an actually photo… *searches up Project Cars on Ultra Settings*…. Fuck…. PC wins ._.

  1. This game needed to be WiiU(Nintendo) exclusive and because it wasn’t it’s now just another racer. Could have been a great rivalry.

    1. Putting it on other systems while they have their own brand of racing SIMs doesn’t make sense. If it had been a Wii U exclusive or on Wii U and PC, it would give a great competition against Forza and Gran Turismo.

        1. Actually, it would seeing how Project Cars is the most heavily hyped Racing Sim of the year. So the Wii U would have pushed more units

        2. And how would you know that and don’t give me that “Ninty fans don’t buy 3rd party” excuse because they don’t buy gimped crap. This is one of those games the fans would love to have as their own brand of Forza/Gran Turismo on Wii U and I would buy it around Christmas if it were to release in November.

          1. No, you just proved it, and so did many in this site. Nintendo fans don’t buy Gimp’d games, but when a game that isn’t gimp’d gets delayed all of you retards boycott it. Face it, if its not an exclusive Nintendo fans don’t buy it.

            1. That’s incorrect. Its all in the matter of communication to fans. Ubishit failed on that big time but these guys have explained themselves truthfully time and time again which is exactly what a responsible 3rd party developer should do in situations like this plus they have shown dedication and true confidence for the Wii U unlike the big fat fucking Ubiliars. Believe me, if there’s any true development team and game to support, its this one because they have shown it. Now its up to the port to prove that.

  2. LMAO, well i hope you guys enjoy the wii u’s version with definitive screen tearing and lag. “wow it’s like playing through a thunderstorm on the screen!!!!! SOO INNOVATIVE!!!!” Great damage control.

      1. Damn if your going to take a comment and get so sensitive over it so seriously, than wow real life must be horrible for you.

    1. Okay, why are you on a Nintendo website if you obviously don’t like the Wii U? Why are you looking at news for the Wii U? Do you really not have anything else to do? Are you just such a useless existence that you go to random places to insult a console? Is that really what your life is? Congrats, man. Thanks to this comment, everyone here knows that you are a depressing loser that has nothing better to do than “troll” Wii U fans. You are pathetic.

      1. hahah alright loser, you should ask your mom why your such a pussy who cries over a simple commets on a website. Your only friend is wii u that’s the only explanation for such a bitch like you who got so upset over this.

        1. Wow. I can immediately tell by the maturity in your comment that you’re probably twelve. The fact that you jumped to using such hostile words obviously means that you were offended by my comment, meaning that I must have hit home pretty accurately. Now, if you would be so kind, go back to your room, get on your Xbox 360 and just play Call of Duty until you get old enough to realize how pitiful you are. You don’t belong here. Websites like this are for real gamers, not pathetic gamer bro’s that have noting better to do than waste their lives away trying, and failing, to troll people. It saddens me to see someone try so hard to make other people upset just so that they might feel a little bit better about their sad, depressing, meaningless existence.

    2. If that was the case, then why did the Devs talk more about the Wii U version for so many years? Plus, they seem more hyped for the Wii U version, the PS4 version is being hyped up by Namco, the publishers.

  3. Can’t say I’ve seen gameplay videos of this game. Also can’t recall if it was playable at PAX or E3, so I’m a bit unsure of these claims….

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  5. At this point, I think we can blame any delays for Wii U versions to Microsoft. Like with Rayman Legends, once the game was no longer exclusive, the Wii U version came months after the Xbox & Playstation versions. This is the 3rd time a Wii U version will come months after the others. If this keeps up, I hope the Xbox One bombs so bad that Microsoft drops out of the business. Like EA, they are becoming a blight on the industry.

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