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Wii U And Nintendo 3DS Smash Bros To Get Additional Characters By Linking Versions?

We already found out today the entire roster for Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 3DS, but a report from a user of NeoGAF claims he has a solid source who says that there will be additional characters in the Wii U version. Interestingly these extra characters are unlocked by linking the Nintendo 3DS version to the Wii U version. The additional characters apparently include Dixie, Ridley, Chorus Men and Mewtwo. It’s worth noting this is a rumour for now.

Thanks, Ahmad

143 thoughts on “Wii U And Nintendo 3DS Smash Bros To Get Additional Characters By Linking Versions?”

      1. They all should put babies version for all the rosters

        Wait, it doesn’t have too because they’re all ready babies
        Nyakkkkk nyakkkkk nyakkkkk nyakkkkk nyakkkk

      2. Actually sounds legit! I’m sure Sakurai know’s what the fans asked for and turning on requests like the desperately asked MEWTWO, would be a bit dumb. Either this new rumor concept, or DLC,or other linking, or even AMIIBOs!! There’s high hopes there will be more characters added!

    1. Excuse me but fuck riddley! I like metroid but i dont give a shit if riddley is in the game or not. But Tingle should definitely be playable!

      1. They are just saying this because Mewtwo and Ridley are not in. Plus, if Ridley’s a boss character in the Wii U version, then how could he be playable? These types of fanboys will find every little piece of evidence to support Ridley is in. They will make up anything to say he’s in. It’s ridiculous. Thank God some people accept that their favorite character isn’t in and just moves on. I think Ridley deserves to be in but it just doesn’t work. Don’t trust any rumor with Ridley in it.

        1. Plus these guys are so fucking selfish it’s sad. I’ve been seeing comments on YouTube saying, “thumbs if you’re upset with the roster” and that is most stupidest shit I’ve ever seen. Having MegaMan, Mario, Pac-Man, and Sonic all ion one game is amazing. But no these close minded people that want THEIR character in are not satisfied because they’re fucking selfish. Hell, the roster has like 49 characters, biggest Smash roster ever.

          1. How is that selfish? First of all, the fact that people don’t like certain characters doesn’t magically remove those characters from the game, so it can’t even be selfish in the first place since disliking any characters doesn’t harm other people in any way (and that is the definition of “being selfish” – harming other people by actions only you benefit from yourself). Secondly: How is the number of characters even relevant in this matter? If there are 49 characters in the game and you dislike all 49 characters, what use do you have of these 49 characters being in the game? I mean, if you are hungry for pizza, does it really satisfy you if you can choose between 49 kinds of chocolate instead of getting a pizza? That logic doesn’t make any sense. Additionally, even if there were some characters you’d like, the statement “I don’t like the roster” would still be true as long as most of the roster wouldn’t impress you. Going back to the food metaphor: Imagine you would only ever eat pizza and you would go to a restaurant with only two different kinds of pizza on the menu and 47 kinds of chocolate. You would probably also say “I’m disappointed by this menu”. Still I don’t see how that would be selfish. It’s not like you can choose what characters you like or dislike.

            1. Dude, if they don’t like any of the characters in Smash, they probably don’t even like smash, so you’re RIGHT, it doesn’t make any sense! Everyone has an opinion, so yeah, there are bound to be people upset with the roster because out of 49 choices, they STILL didn’t get the character they wanted. But, I mean, the characters they put in really make up a LARGE portion of Nintendo, aside from Ridley and Mewtwo. If the characters they like DIDN’T get in, I honestly wondered what they thought going into this game. Did they think Goku would make it or something? Basically, I side with both of you. It’s bogus people are complaining, even if you don’t like any of the 49 characters that’s still FORTY-NINE characters and that’s NOT an easy feat for a developer, so a little thanks and respect thrown their way would be really nice (people have NO IDEA how hard making a game is), but at the same time, yeah, everyone has an opinion and you gotta respect that. But they should be a bit more grateful, I think, just as a sign of respect to all the hard work put into the game.

            2. ok first off, I didn’t really mean to put much emphasis on the number of characters, but sorry if you thought I did. I was just trying to point that out that there is a large variety of characters and disliking one doesn’t mean that they have to dislike all. back to the selfish part, I was not harming anyone for my own benefit, I was simply pointing out my thoughts. now I think you understood me the wrong way because what I meant was the people that I’m talking about are the ones that hate the whole roster just because their favorite character didn’t make it. I don’t know where you got the idea of them disliking more than one. sorry if I misunderstood you.

              1. Well, the comment you quoted specifically said “thumbs if you’re upset with the roster”, which doesn’t say anything about the opinion of the person posting that comment, except that he/she dislikes the roster. But it doesn’t say that said person does so because Ridley isn’t in it. I guess that’s where the confusion originated from. That one comment you picked as an example just didn’t really support your argument well. :)

                1. Well you would assume that I was talking about the people earlier in my argument who were complaining and bitching about how if Ridley or their favorite character is not in, and you would also assume that I was talking about the people commenting on videos named “Full Smash Roster” or “Ridley De-Confirmed” and of the such. And like I said earlier I’m not hating on these guys because I think Ridley deserves to be in but it just doesn’t work.

          2. its there opinion. read it with me. It’s there opinion. Some people don’t care that icons that came out after they were born are in the game. Some people were looking forward to a playable ridley. You can’t just.. will other people to not be upset, somebody be watching some clockwork orange.

        2. I’ll have you know, if you’ve played Other M, the Ridley in Sector 3 is not THE Ridley, but rather a clone to preserve his species.

          1. And Anonymous that’s a bad point because if they have Meta Ridley as a boss and make the original Ridley playable they would have to scale down original Ridleys size even though meta Ridley is suppose to be model after the original one. so using your logic meta Ridley should be a little taller than Samus, like the Ridley fan base wants him to be, and let me just say, that’s way too small for a boss

        3. when you play as Ridley in the stage where Ridley is a boss-hazard, Alfonzo will jump in and take over Ridley’s role.

    1. They said the 3DS can’ handle 8 characters at one. Imagine playing as them vs another 3 ice climbers. For a total of 4 popos and 4 nanas. I guess they will be WiiU exclusives.

        1. The 3DS can handle 8 characters on screen at once. People just make up things on the internet then everyone else spreads them around passing them off as facts. It has never been said by anyone, other than some little kid on the internet, that the 3DS can’t handle 8 characters at once. I’m pretty confident it could handle 20+ maybe even. What you said about blue peach and the gay star is something that people keep forgetting. It would appear that they work much like the ice climbers so I’m not sure why they didn’t add them in there. What they were having trouble doing was getting 2 buddy units running on shared code to work right. Space peach and the gay star seem to be doing it though.

          1. Sure and the Ice Climbers just happened to be the only ones from Melee not on here. Its because 3DS is weak. Now if they thought about power the twins would have been on here. So Wii U version has to get dumbed down because of this dumb idea.

            1. Also don’t tell me another lie that 3Ds is more powerful than GameCube since Melee and Brawl looks better than Super smash bros. 3Ds. Wii is just a GameCube with motion sensor controllers.

                1. Oh yeah Wii has better graphics than Gamecube. Still cant justy why Melee looks better than 3Ds version if the handheld is more powerful.

              1. Funny how those three don’t have a twin with them though. Bringing Dr, Mario back but not ice climbers says he could have easily brought back Roy or Pichu. Why not the twins before Dr. Mario? Any answers? I have one because the 3Ds ain’t more powerful than the Gamecube. Graphics looks worse on 3DS and no twins.

                1. You sound like a broken record, and you have absolutely no idea what system specifications you’re talking about.

                  Move along now.

          2. Blue Peach & Space Peach lol that’s great. And yea I figured the 3DS could handle it, I’ve seen that a lot about the system, and someone always brings up the blue peach argument. Never got a solid answer though.

          3. It was ign that first broke the story that sakurai said he couldn’t do a character that was several combined characters on 3ds

        1. Pikmin to Ice Clibers are totally different too. Olimar can’t do shit without them. Thats part of his move. The twins can play totally alone and can still knock out opponents.

        2. Put it this way. Olimar’s Pikmin is like Link’s sword or Fox’s gun. The twins have their own weapons and still works either with each other or alone.

    1. No it wasn’t -_-; People were way to quick to come to that conclusion. Just cause the leaker got a little ahead of himself doesn’t mean it was fake. Are you just going to forget the fact that he predicted Shulk, Villager, & Wii Fit Trainer?

      1. But didn’t that leaker also predict Chrom (who has been confirmed to not be a playable character)? I’d say the only legitimate leaker was the “ESRB” one who had images/video of the game. Shame it turns out that his leaks showcased the full roster.

        1. He didn’t have all the info, and only had some of the earlier info. That gave them plenty of time to change up the roster. He said that Sakurai often changes his mind, and does so whenever he pleases (which is why the Shulk reveal ended up being Lucina & Robin) The Xenoblade director even retweeted the upcoming reveal (which hardly ever happens). I’m not saying its real but it can’t be brushed off as fake either. We’ll just have to wait until the Wii U version is released to find out.

    2. Not really. How do you explain Gematsu’s correct predictions, then? The idea of possible inside information still exists.

    1. lmao! I know I should be super excited, but i’m not… maybe because we ‘re done with all the leakage and are left with the final product. Part me just keeps saying this can’t be the final roster. They unlocked the characters way too quickly, and I still can’t believe sakuri would leave out iceclimbers

      1. Rosalina&Luma does everything the Ice Climbers did, but better.
        If Luma dies, you can resummon it, and not having it doesn’t affect your recovery move.
        On top of that, you can use a special to separate it and control it from a distance[and allow some degree of autonomy from your control as well, should you get knocked too far away], which makes her spacing game far superior to IC’s.

        Seriously, just pick up Rosalina&Luma.
        I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

  1. Already going to debunk here. Sorry, I’m just not in the mood to hear whinging and last straw hopes for “Ridley is ALIIIIVE” or “MEWTWO IS ALIIIIIIIVE!!!!”.

    In all seriousness, I’m satisfied with the 49 characters in the roster as of current. Any more would be possibly DLC. And I’m not bothered by that at all.

    1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

      Your opinion & dislike of hearing people whining isn’t debunking. Just saying.

    1. Sakuri caught all kinds of shit from fans for removing mewtwo, now they remove ice climbers and still don’t fully give us the characters we want. we got a lot of characters but the quality of those characters in question here.

        1. Like Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo 64…oh wait, no they weren’t. What would be heresy is not having one of the original 12 characters.

    1. It’s not conveyed well in the article, but the source says they will be playable on both. You just have to have both versions to unlock them on either system.

  2. I’ve been saying this for a long time now. I mean, the 3DS roster COULD be the final one, but it just makes sense to have some exclusive unlockables on each version and let you add them to the other one by linking the two. How else do you get those stubborn 3DS only guys to buy buy a Wii U if they keep making 3DS versions/series entries of all the Wii U “system sellers”?

    1. I don’t get the stubborn ones who would settle for the 3DS version. It’s gonna be so uncomfortable to handle compared to a gamecube controller or pro controller, and the screen just isn’t big enough to compare to a nice big HD screen most people have. I have a 42″ in my room, and my roomate has a 70″ downstairs in the living room, no way I’m gonna be playing on a 6″ screen with cramped controls. Even if a lot of the boards seem a little more interesting, it’s the fighting and feel that matter most. Smash Run looks fun, but after it’s completed, I probably won’t go back often. I play smash for the fights the most. I love doing the Break the Targets, and multi-man melees, and home run contests and all very much in each series, but once I 100% them, it’s all about the battles with my friends that take up most of the time. I can’t speak for everyone obviously, but most people I ever meet don’t say “Hey you wanna play Smash Brothers and play all the Break the Target levels?”

      1. Lmao that would be epic if someone got hyped for every Smash but only because of Break The Targets.

        But as for the 3DS only people, they’re so loyal to that system and want NOTHING to do with Wii U. They demand that everything be brought over to the 3DS- from NES Remix(which they’re getting now) to all the yet-to-be-announced Wii U features in SSB4 (some even demand Link, Villager & Isabelle to be added to MK7) but then they rage at Nintendo for not selling more consoles/getting more Wii U 3rd party support -_- And sadly so far every cool game Wii U has had the 3DS has an answer for(3D World-3D Land, MK8-MK7, DKCTF-DKCR), so unless you’re like us and want to enjoy Smash in HD, you don’t really NEED the Wii U version. We don’t know what cool must-have features it has yet and going on “official statements” only the characters are all the same. Same physics and feel, etc. Only real difference that we know of are the stages and that Smash Run is ONLY available on 3DS. I plan to buy both versions day one, so I certainly would appreciate some sort of bonus for doing so. I’d buy the Wii U version regardless, but I hope I get more than HD visuals and different stages. Make me appreciate buying two versions of the same game, and get some of those 3DS gamers who apparently don’t understand how great Smash will be on a big ass HD TV (jealous of that 70″ though lol) to buy a Wii U.

        1. Hahaha Break the Targets is how the real hardcore Smash fans get down. Very true on the fact they have an answer for everything, I must say I prefer most of the U versions, mainly for better handling and controller size, but gameplay from them all as well. I loved MK7, but 8 has me addicted bad despite a lot of flaws. Tropical Freeze is better to me than Returns. I liked having the multiplayer with 3D World, made it a lot of fun, so I pick that, plus it was way more challenging at the end. Champion’s Road was fun lol as well as the final mystery house. I agree with you though, although I don’t go back often to the single player modes and such, I do very much want them, and am hoping for a lot of exclusive Wii U modes. I think they are waiting on announcing them so 3DS buyers don’t skip that version possibly. I’m getting both day 1, pre-ordered when I went to best buy to play them during E3 so I am getting 2 gold smash coins. The 70″ is pretty nice ain’t gonna lie lol. As beautiful as it is though (it’s also a 3D tv) I went in best buy a month ago and saw some 4K tvs that were probably 40-50″ that made the 70″ look boring. 4K is serious lol. We are getting a soundtrack for getting both versions, by the way, so that’s a good start, but in game rewards would be sweet. The characters would be nice, but I’m sure a lot of people would complain about that.

          1. Lol true and you know Target Blast will get all the MLG Angry Birds fans.

            Yeah I couldn’t only play the handheld versions of these games. I love my XL but if they made a 3DS player for Wii U i’d prefer that lol. I mean, I don’t play it THAT often outside of my house ironically. The main reason I take it with me when I go places is to StreetPass and get Play Coins. I think i’ve had at least one iteration of every Nintendo handheld and home console since the GBC (NES for the home consoles). There’s so many benefits to having both systems every time but this 3DS loyalty crew needs convincing. People will rage but i’m all for version exclusivity in Smash as long as you can transfer your unlocks to both. Even if they offer the Wii U characters to 3DS via a title update or timed unlocks, I just want the Wii U version to have some surprises. I mean, Poke’mon can sell people 3-4 versions of a game in the same generation(Pokemon generation, not just console gen) and people buy that like crazy. Also jealous about those gold smash coins! I wanted to go to Smash Fest so bad but I had to work. It was like 20 min. away from my house too :/ Ready for that soundtrack though.

            Either way you should add me on both systems(if you want, if not that’s cool too lol), i’ll need some decent players to play with/against on both versions ASAP, and most of my current Wii U friends were random YT people who might not even buy Smash and people that sent me invites from Black Ops 2 haha.

            1. hey just read your comment, will respond more when I get the chance but gotta run, whats your NNID though? I’ll add you when I get back home. and does adding each other on wii u make us 3DS friends too?

              1. Same as my name on here, SSBBphenom, and unfortunately you gotta add the whole FC to be friends on 3DS even though the NNID is the same.

            2. Added you on Wii U. I would love if they made a tv adapter for 3DS. The XL feels too cramped, and playing on handhelds for too long hurts my neck. I was taking my XL with me for a while but I got a car so I don’t get steps. Gave up on find mii also, after playing through that and the second one. I can play my U at work, and have a new lan adapter coming in the mail so I can play online at work again when it comes. That sucks you couldn’t play or get the gold coins man! I’ll be on often. You have MK 8? I’m down for exclusivity, it would make both games feel unique and it’s own game.

              1. Yeah i’ve been playing the demo(too bad no online lol). It feels/controls way better than I expected for a handheld but isn’t as comfortable as a controller. Definitely NEED that Wii U version imo but hey if they wanna keep playing Smash 3DS until next gen then more power to them. They’ll be missing out though. And yeah I have MK8 and just preordered the DLC the other day too. Let me know if you ever wanna race. I’ll also be getting Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2 and any other big games we get on Wii U. Hopefully now that these games are finally coming through people will actually BUY them so we can get some more cool crossovers/third party support and more “mature” games from Nintendo. It’ll be nice if they actually do start focusing on their core fans instead of the casual/passive market.

                1. I’ve been playing the demo too, saw you get your code in the new article lol. I was saying the same thing in one of the articles about the game handling much better and running smoother than I expected on a handheld, but it’s definitely not in the same league as a pro controller and certainly not a gamecube. Still quite impressed with what they accomplished with what they had to work with. I got the Mario Kart DLC day 1 lol had to get those colors so I can have orange Yoshi even though I mainly use heavier people lol. I’m definitely down to race, at work now and my lan adapter I ordered hasn’t come in yet so I can’t play online at work til I do. I am getting Hyrule and Bayo as well. Gonna be a pretty good holiday season lol.

      2. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

        I’ve played a few matches on my SSB 4 3DS demo & I’ll say it’s weird playing on the handheld. Getting both versions would be the best way to enjoy this game & this rumor would make getting both versions even more useful.

        1. Yea it’s far better than I expected for a handheld, but it’s still a cramped handheld. Just won’t cut it. I’ll enjoy the hell out of it, but once I have 100% the 3DS version and the U version is out, I’ll be on the U version far more often. Pretty much unless someone actually hits me up for the 3DS version lol.

  3. I highly doubt that Ridley will ever be a character. He’s already a boss. And for everyone else I guess it’ll be pretty awesome. I’m just hoping for dlc that includes Wolf, Ice Climbers and a newcomer. Either way I’m happy with this roster. Idk why people are complaining. Yes, there’s a few clones and some stupid characters. But there’s amazing ones to; Mega Man, Shulk, Rosalina, Robin, etc. There had never been characters like them before.

  4. This actually makes a lot of sense from a marketing perspective. Nintendo is going to do everything it can to insentivize players to purchase both versions, and there is simply no way Nintendo doesn’t know how wanted Ridley and MewTwo are by fans. Makeing them as a sort of cross buy deal would be a pretty brilliant marketing move.

  5. I highly doubt that this is going to happen… this doesn’t dismiss the possibility of DLC packs featuring more stages, levels, modes and characters.

      1. Well what can you say from Sakurai. He’s thrown a lot of surprises at us already. So,Duck Hunt Dog was another one. But, i need to have some type of proof then that,because i was about to believe the gematsu leak,before Chrom wasn’t revealed as a playable character,which caught everyone off guard. Now, i believe there may be some DLC,or there may be some connection with Amiibo,besides what was shown at e3. This is my opinion,but we’ll see.
        The one thing in still wondering about is if we have the Easter Egg conversations in this game. If so,how do we activate it.

  6. chorus men? Why is nintendo acting like they’re at loss of characters? (if this is true) add more star fox or earth bound characters, or even characters from the mario & luigi rpg series. at least they HAVE a fighting style.

    1. I would rather see Chorus Men, they’re pretty unique among the characters we have, and we don’t have any playable Rhythm Heaven characters, a franchise currently more popular than some of the other franchises represented already.

  7. Christ, these leak trolls need to give it a fucking rest. We have the full roster, and you’ll find out for yourselves in a few weeks if there are any more hidden characters.

    Fucking Ridley is to SSB4 what Sonic was to Melee. GIVE IT UP, PEOPLE.

      1. haha. Ridley comfirmed for ssb5! but dark pit is removed and fans are crushed! DX. It is sad though im not even a metroid fan and i thought it would be cool to have ridley in smash… but who knows there is always the possibility of dlc

        1. Yea I have barely played much myself of the series, but I wouldn’t mind him at all, and feel bad for his fans. DLC for this game would not be a problem as long as they took their time with every character they add and don’t half ass them all just for the sake of having them in.

    1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

      Because that direct only teased Ridley as a boss. It was never a confirmation. You people seriously need to learn the difference between teasing & confirming. Sakurai has been teasing the Ridley fans & haters since the SSB Community on Miiverse started.

  8. This is one of the prime examples of why you shouldn’t believe rumours. As soon as i saw Ridley and Mewtwo (never heard of chorus men) i already knew it was bullshit. Although Mewtwo could be DLC (maybe) there is never going to be a playable Ridley.

    If they want to play as Ridley so much they’ll have to hack the Wii U, then the game, then make modding tools, then make their own Ridley. I personally think a roster as large as that would last me ages.

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  10. It makes too much sense. Think about it, it gives people more incentive to own both versions and not just one. I for one will be getting both regardless of if this is true or not…:)

  11. I do think more characters will come out for the Wii U version’s release, but I don’t think it will require linking to the Wii U version to unlock them in the 3DS version. that goes against Sakurai saying there will be no exclusive characters. I say they’ll just be added in a patch or free DLC.

  12. I was begging for Mewtwo but no, I hope hope this doesn’t happen. Not everyone has has the money to go out and spend on a 3DS of Wii U to get extra characters. At that point make it dlc, it’d be cheaper than buy a 3DS or Wii U if you don’t have both.

  13. While it would be a good way for people to want to buy a Wii U, which Nintendo is having a hard time selling, the character choices he chose for the rumor makes things too far fetched. Though Sakurai did say both versions would have the same character, so this could possible while still staying true to Sakurai’s words.I’m getting both so I get the characters both way, but you would think the rumors would tome down some.

    1. An internet use among countless many more

      I thought the same. I would be ok with that. But actually people already get soundtrack on 2 discs when register both versions. Might be not enough as a benefit through …

  14. Hmm, me likey. Nintendo have earned the right to a low level of scrutiny for stuff like this based on similar situations in the past. It’ll be a boon for those in the right situation, but shouldn’t make things to hard for others, either. I doubt it’s gonna be a cheap business tactic. Give it time, fellas.

  15. Sounds like a very real possibility.

    Maybe that’s why Dark Pit, Dr. Mario and Lucina are at the bottom of the roster – they unlock characters for the Wii U version.

    1. it.. still will if they cross unlock in both games. Same amount but we get additional content for both with the Wii U release.

  16. My only issue with this is that the padlock for allstar is gone after all present characters are unlocked. That is the only, and granted a significant, thing that points away from this.

  17. Is it likley that I’d be able to link cross-region? I have a UK 3DS that I’m hanging onto mostly for the games I have plus the 8500 street passes, but my Wii U is american.

  18. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

    I love how people use the mention of highly requested characters from fans like Ridley & Mewtwo to immediately call this fake. Apparently they are forgetting there were other highly requested characters from fans that WERE added as playable like Megaman, Pac-Man, & Shulk. Til Sakurai or Nintendo themselves prove this rumor false, no one is right OR wrong, though. Could this rumor be false? Yes, but it could also be true. We just don’t know. If someone wants to use this rumor as hope for their highly requested character, leave them the fuck alone. It’s not like it’s hurting you. If it is hurting you, you should rethink your priorities.

    1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

      Oh right! I almost forgot! RIDLEY 4 SMASH!!!

  19. Why do people want Ridley to be playable? Is it because he was in the intro of Melee? Well guess what. So was Samurai Goroh from F-Zero and the Runaway Five guys from Earthbound. I don’t see People clamoring for them to be playable. Besides we have Charizard which takes the place as huge flying Dragon Character.

    1. Is THAT the reason? aww man I just thought Ridley was an awesome character that meant something in Metroid. MY BAD… Guess I should always second guess why I like something…

      1. Well I was hoping you would be able to get that fact already. I just assumed you would have that part of Ridley’s character in your mind as he is Ridley. I just gave a couple other reasons.

      2. I gave those reasons assuming you know about Ridley. Looks like I was right to assume by your sarcastic nature of typing.

  20. No more Mario Characters,No more Pokemon, and especially no more Anime/Sword Characters. More variety please. Duck Hunt Dog is great. He’s unique. But what about. Chibi Robo he has all courts of unique attacks at his disposal. Or. Maybe. a Nintendog.

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