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Super Smash Bros Is Destroying Some Peoples Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad


Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS is currently out in Japan and judging from streams everyone appears to be enjoying it. However, Kotaku has learnt that the game has caused some Nintendo 3DS Circle Pads to break off completely. It’s either the rubber part of the Circle Pad breaking off or the plastic part underneath which appears to be coming off as well. Nintendo Japan has yet to comment on the situation, but it appears to be reasonably widespread.


Thanks, Thosol01 and Michelle

173 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros Is Destroying Some Peoples Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad”

      1. This happen to my old 3DS… mainly cuz of MK7 and just constant use.
        Now i fear it will be my XLs fate, especially with SSB.

      1. @Nabhan Abdullatif (@nabhan_a_latif), you are right about replacements, they are cheap and easy to replace but you do have to be careful where you get them from, mine hasn’t even begun to break because im not too rough with the circle pad which is why these people have theirs broken. i had my xl for 2 yrs and it is still in good condition.

    1. Honestly, what dumb players, its not the game, its people abusing their system, I got my 3DS, the day it came out, and other then a few scratches in in the outer plastic shell, it looks just like it was brand new. Treat your device well, and was your hands befor using…just saying

      1. Something tells me you have never played Smash Bros… And if you have, something tells me that you aren’t very good at Smash Bros…

      2. Smash Bros and Kid Icarus Uprising both have a constant requirement to quickly dash the circle pad. If you’ve never done so, you probably died a lot in Kid Icarus and have relied too heavily on the C-stick in Brawl.

      3. It’s not, I’ve been extremely careful with my system while playing smash brothers. But in order to do smash attacks, while not forceful, you do need to do quick movements with the joystick. This causes the joystick to start breaking. Mine hasn’t broken yet, but I can feel where it’s going to start breaking if I continue to play Smash Bros. I may sell the game to avoid it breaking on me.

  1. It happened to me T.T guess I’ll have to wait till next year to get the New 3DS XL for a new circle pad. My warranty already expired… I can’t tell you enough how annoying it is to have an comfortable stick thingy for a circle pad

    1. If it’s unusable then just try to fix it yourself. That’s what I did with the crappy 360 controllers. I took parts from different non working controllers and made a frank end on troller that did. There’s probably videos online on how to replace parts on a 3DS. These things are built in China by a 10 year old, I’m sure if you put the effort you’ll figure it out

    1. Its not a matter of being careful. Its just the 3DS, at least the original model, was badly designed in many ways and so if you play a lot of games and very often, it will wear down. My poor baby…the circle pad rubber popped off.. the bottum screen border scratches the top screen, the paint on the d pad is chipping off… ):

      1. Scratches from the bottom screen is Nintendos fault. They replace my screen like, twice a year for free.
        I guess it’s cheaper to continue to fix my 3DS than to just use a better quality screen or improve the design.
        (both my original and xL.)

    2. I’m sorry. It’s not possible. I take good care of my 3ds and from all the games I’ve played, this one managed to break part of the rubber :/
      The circle pad needs to be stronger for this game (and maybe kirby fighters too)

    1. I wouldn’t call the vita completely solid, the buttoms are quite plasticky, and the d-pad feels the same as the original 3DS, also the touch screen is overly sensitive if you wipe it while playing it freaks out the UI or sometimes registers imputs while not touching even being completely clean.

      Also this might be a thing of mine but I think that back touch pad has to be the stupidest gimmick since the power glove.

      That said I still love my vita but it’s not free of issues

      1. I disagree with just about everything you said. To each their own but I never have those issues and the d-pad in the Vita, to me is probably one of the best on any handheld I’ve used in my life and much quieter than the 3DS’s. It is excellent in fighting games.

        I wouldn’t call the back touch pad gimmicky either, it is mainly just like the Wii U’s gamepad in that regard. The only problem is barely any developers actually put good use into it. Tearaway is one good example of putting really good use into it, but as I said just like with the gamepad people barely ever take the time to use all the features. I also have never once had that happen with my screen, I’ll even wipe it with a fiber cloth sometimes while it is on and it never freaks out like that nor does my screen ever register a touch without touching it.

        Just maybe your Vita’s screen is a bit messed up, not visually but buggy or something? I swear that has never happened to mine, I’ve had it since launch. The only thing I agree with is that it’s ultra sensitive though, which is good for a touch screen but it never acts up like your describing.

        1. I agree with most of your points, too. I don’t use my Vita much anymore, but when I did, I actually adored the d-pad. In fact, I would PREFER that d-pad over any other console controller’s. The little click is just enough tactile feedback I need to play without exerting more energy that I have to. I might be delving into pseudo-science here, but I feel maybe people are breaking their 3DS circle pads because they’re inefficient at using it. You idiots are squeezing and pressing too damned hard. But I guess not everybody can be as nimble and dexterous as I, especially a bunch of mouth-breathing, lumbering oafs like you all.

      1. Any? Implying every single store in the world? I’ve seen broken devices at plenty of stores, not just the Vita. What do you expect when everyone and anyone handles them?

        Most people are assholes and think just because it is a demo, they can treat it like shit, so many do.

    2. Even though the OLED screen can break with just a slight nudge and not to mention the buttons which start to go after a month of gaming… My 3DS still has it’s circle pad…. Also, PS4 has it worse you know.

      1. I am sorry but you people don’t even own one to be talking about it, if you did you wouldn’t be saying such stupid things. A simple nudge? What a load of crap.

        I’ve dropped my Vita on hard wood once and it didn’t even scratch it, let alone break the screen. It is still in perfect condition.

        Just to prove what you’re saying is total bullshit even more, since many of you people can’t help but mention another device, always talking shit about it when you never plan to buy one or even own it yourself.

        WOW! Look at that, dropped three times and the screen didn’t even break, not even on concrete.. I love proving you trolls wrong.

        1. have you ever put your vita in your pocket? best handheld design my ass, it either hurts you with the analgo sticks or you wear them out by just putting it In your pocket

          1. I couldn’t put the 3DS or 3DS XL in my pocket either. Your point? Handhelds are much bigger than they used to be, I have to carry my 3DS XL in a pouch I crocheted.

            I wouldn’t put these expensive ass things in my pocket anyway, even if they did fit.

                1. I’m assuming you’re most likely a guy. These things aren’t fitting in my pants, not everyone wears the same pants either.

            1. “Handhelds are much bigger than they used to be” no they’re not, theyre roughly the same size if not smaller. the only small handheld of nintendo was the SP/GBA. the game boy was thick and clunky, about the size of a closed 3ds. you wouldnt put an open 3ds in your pocket, would you?. the first DS was also chunky and thicker than todays handheld. if the 3ds is uncomfortable in your pocket then thats your problem. its a perfect fit for me, and likely the majority of people who use this site. And of course the XL wouldnt fit. they made that thing for people who have a hard time seeing and/or want a bigger handheld for visuals to only play around the house, not to lug around in your pocket. Nintendo always make a larger or smaller version of a handheld for everyone’s preference if you want convenient portability, stick with the standard 3ds.

              P.S. Not even the PSP had a smaller handheld in the past, they all got “slimmer” until the Go came out, then the vita got bigger again.

          2. Hell most phones don’t even fit in your pocket anymore, they look retarded bulging out of your ass or side pocket, this huge square.

            I kind of feel like it is your own fault, if you seriously tried walking around with a PS Vita in your pocket… You could’ve taken one look at it and knew that wasn’t going to work, so if you wore your sticks out, that is your own fault.

            You must lack a lot of common sense.

            1. excuse me for trying to take a “portable” or “handheld device” with me, its bot like they were made for that or something, not everyone carries a handbag with them.

              1. Well to fair no one ever sold the device, claiming it could fit your pocket. Portable does not mean “fits in your pocket.”

          3. I put my Vita in my pocket all of the time (especially while at work), even with the trigger grip on it. I have no problem with it. It fits comfortably in there and doesn’t get damaged. I got my Vita shortly prior to launch in 2012, have used it every day, and it still works great down to this day. No physical damage and that’s even after being dropped on the tile a few times. My heart has stopped quite a bit due to that.

            My original 3DS on the other hand, I had to send it in for service twice because of the circle pad. I just ended up trading it in and got a 3DS XL instead. So far my 3DS XL is working well; hopefully that lasts.

            1. Thanks for your anecdotal story that obviously proves that the Vita is more robust than the 3DS. I have a launch day original 3DS. I’ve used it for hundreds upon hundreds of hours. it’s still in great condition. Honestly, 95% of my consoles over the years are still in great condition. The only exceptions are my Dreamcast randomly giving up the ghost and my DS Lite having a broken hinge. I think in general it’s not how sturdy the console is, it’s how well the owner looks after it.

              The framing of this story is nonsensical. Smash Bros is breaking people’s circle pads? No, people are breaking their own circle pads. Look after your stuff.

        2. I’ve had my vita since launch, dripped it on concrete just like that video and its fine minus a little scuff.

          most of the idiots here are anti-everything that isn’t Nintendo. Just ignore them.

        3. I think you might have been lucky as my ps vita (the first model) fell from the table once (someone fell and pushed the table so yeah) and now I have a broken screen on mine. I had never dropped it before and now I can’t use it or send it to sony as the numbers on its back faded… nor I have the box here with me.
          I dropped my 3DS once cause my dam chihuahuas were running around and pulled the charging cord (yes i was playing while charging it) and it hit its.screen at the edge of a table amd it didn’t break. It was a hard drop… so basically I was more lucky with my 3DS than with my vita… I wish I could post a picture of both here just to show you…

        4. the vita is durable but it scratches up pretty easly since it has a high quality screen..but last I checked, Sony lost faith in its own system, not even giving it any kind of support. Only third parties can save it now. Sad sad…

          1. I guess I can be your mother if you want me to, since yours didn’t seem to teach you much… OOOOOHHHH SNAP!

            Dumb… I know…

            1. XD Of course you would claim such cliché BS as that. Any child with Internet and porno access already said this. lol

              Speaking of dumb, why you’re interested in me all of the sudden? XD Wait, I don’t wanna know. *Remembers Olga of Hey! Arnold* *Shivers* Shit…

              1. LOL.. What?

                What does internet access and porn have to do with what I said…? I was just making fun of you. I even said what I wrote was stupid.

                I keep responding to you because you keep talking about things, you obviously have no clue about. Pretty simple, someone has to correct you.

                It just bothers me when someone tries to act like a smart ass all the time when they aren’t even right on top of that. Being a smart ass is one thing but it is really stupid when you aren’t even smart about it to begin with.

      1. Are you mentally challenged? The reason Vita isn’t selling is because of Sony’s lack of marketing and no first party support. The build design has nothing to do with the sales. Vita is an absolutely beautifully designed console.

    1. If I remember correctly, didn’t Nintendo stop making the launch Aqua Blue 3DS just a few months after it came out in Japan?

      1. It can be changed to the d-pad in the full version, so don’t worry, although I hate the d-pad on the 3DS because it clicks so loudly.

    1. I would probably say this game requires more movement than Monster Hunter. You generally don’t need to do super quick movements with the circle pad constantly in Monster Hunter that often as you Smash Bros.

    2. Lol um no. Monster hunter is slow paced by design and doesn’t require a snap ever. If u think this is true than you’re probably both the fastest MH and slowest smash player in the world.

  2. happened to mine playing kid icarus uprising lol. it’s probably best that it’s already wrecked for smash so i dont have to worry about it coming off

  3. simple fix, ninty should just patch the game to allow the option for the d pad to control movements instead of taunting.. I’ve been making enough mistakes with up and down specials as is.

      1. Hello Michelle, where did you see that? Frol what I have seen on the japanese game photos, on the japanese custom control menu you cannot switch circle pad for d-pad. You can juste change buttons. It was the samedi for kid icarus :'( I wish a patch could come for this.

    1. Sadly, the analog sticks in the XL are exactly the same. Not to say it will happen, it could be a number of problems causing this or maybe even a manufacturing fault, so I can’t say.

      At least they are easy to replace on your own and don’t cost much online, given you know how to take apart something without screwing it up.

  4. The nerds are taking the game too seriously and are treating the slider pad like its an analog some streams if the game, you can literally hear people sliding the pad around really hard.

      1. Well, the 3DSes aren’t new, are they? They’d have to make the old design this way. Then, release a supirior version of the system, along with a systembreaking game!

  5. People gotta be careful playing Smash Bros on their 3DS’. I played the demo at Best Buy and I could feel myself moving the pad with care as to not crack it off.

    You guys just gotta slow down and play Smash Bros 3DS without snapping the stick back and fourth. There is not reason to do it. Your characters moves at the same speed whether you smash the pad or if you gently move it.

    1. This is correct, but having to change our habits after so many long years of playing a certain way is going to be very difficult.

      It was like in Halo, switching from Default to Bumper Jumper in the middle of Halo 3, for the first time in any Halo game. That was one of my most difficult gaming moments.

    1. Yea this is happening way too much to the original 3DS. I’m calling a manufacturing fault, the glue used must’ve been bad or something but some people have even broke the entire damn stick off, not just the rubber.

      … I hope this doesn’t happen to my ALBW 3DS XL.

      Were you being gentle? Be honest.

  6. Play it less then, have long breaks between sessions or be more careful/less harsh with circle pad movements to avoid this, it’s not rocket science………

    1. lmao really all it takes is a picture of a broken circle pad to make you not want smash. you werent gonna get it anyway hater.

  7. Well, although this seems really bad you can’t really blame them. I’d say the reason it brakes is because of the 2-tap run you do which is probably too much for it to handle. They did say this game wasn’t designed for the Circle Pad though didn’t they, maybe this is why.

  8. Dang, how hard are they pressing down on it?! I played the demo with my XL and I didn’t even press on the circle pad that hard. It doesn’t require that much effort, people!


  10. Sad. I knew this would start happening as soon as the game was announced. Imagine if they remade Mario Party 1 for 3DS, hahaha. That stick is no fit for a game like SSB.

  11. People are too rough with joysticks. Even on the GCN I’ve noticed how rough people handle the controls. Light up a little lol

  12. Look like I won’t be getting the SMB. I like to keep my game systems in great conditions. I think saving up for the PS Vita may be good for me.

  13. Actually, the retards playing the game are destroying their own circle pads, not smash bros itself. This article reeks of clickbait

  14. this is depressing. good thing the wii-u version is coming out soon, i’ll never look back :p PLUS i know i’ll enjoy playing smash w/ a NGC controller far more than playing on a 3ds. the face button layout is awkward to play the demo w/ and i don’t care for how the R button is shield only and L is for grab only. i imagine it will play better on a New 3ds or New 3dsXL bc of the added shoulder buttons but the face button layout and the general shape of the 3dsXL will always bug me when playing smash. i love the 3ds, everygame i’ve played was an enjoyable experience.. but playing smash on it was a bit lackluster for ME personally. the wii-u version will obviously be the definitive version lol so i don’t feel like i’ll be missing out on much by not playing it on the 3ds. it just makes me sad… WHY ALMIGHTY NINTENDO?! i mean, i was BORN w/ a gameboy in my hand!

  15. ppl should seriously treat their Nintendo hardware FAR better than they do, some of those pics were disgusting. some ppl just don’t care i suppose. BUT to be fair, Nintendo really should build their handelds/home console controllers to last. this has been a re-occuring problem since the NES days. the NES console design was horrible, the controllers had problems as well, yellowing plastics due to exposure to UV light (bc of an ingredient in the plastic) the snes and controllers were prone to similar problems (minus the design flaw) the n64 joysticks were just awful.. touch screen controls would simply stop working on the DS family of handhelds, and now we’re experiencing circle pad problems w/ the 3ds family.. very few ppl are bigger Ninty fans than I, but c’mon Nintendo.. your fanbase deserves hardware that’s a bit more “built to last” in MY personal opinion. srry, had to vent lol.

  16. oh oh! hide yo 3dses! hide yo Wii Us! cause super smash brothers is braking all the systems in here! lol but seriously if people are braking their circle pads while playing smash brothers. How is super smash brothers the problem!?!?!?!!? it’s the player that was rough with the circle pad not smash brothers.if i play Mario party on the DS and scratch up my 3DS is it Mario party’s fault I did it? This article makes no sense ugh…

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  18. I’m getting a nintendo 3DS XL tomorrow and I’m also getting Super Smash Bros ( The new one ) and I fear that my circle pad will break, luckily Nabhan Abdull told us if this did happen I could get a cheap replacement only 10$ P.S Thanks a lot Nabhan for the information so I could get a new circle pad whenever I need a new one. :3

  19. I think the circle pads broke because you know how Super Smash Bros is a game where you would move ALOT running around, ducking, and other stuff. Plus, all that stuff requires a circle pad so you’ll be using it HEAVENS I MEAN ALOT!!!!!!!!

  20. Tip: if you don’t wanna think your circle pads gonna come off, then buy PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures 2. You don’t have to worry about any breaking circle pads cause people mostly care about abilities more than movement when it comes to PAC-MAN.

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