Super Smash Bros Nintendo 3DS Players Given One Day Ban Online For Playing As Peach In For Glory Online Mode?

Reports are surfacing from Japanese image board 2Channel that players that decide to play as Peach in the For Glory game mode in Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 3DS online are being given a one day online ban on suspicion of dishonest play. Japanese gamers have been trying to unravel why this is occurring and the main conclusion is that by using “Peach’s down+B attack (move that pulls out turnips) near the start of the battle, the game erroneously sees it as you’ve illegally brought an equipped item into the match” Here’s the transcript from 2Channel.

Q. After playing as Peach in the For Glory online mode, I was smacked with a 1-day ban on suspicion of dishonest play…

A. It’s a bug that has been reported by quite a number of players. The exact details are unclear at this moment, but it appears that if you were to use Peach’s down+B attack (move that pulls out turnips) near the start of the battle, the game erroneously sees it as you’ve illegally brought an equipped item into the match — that’s the most valid explanation that the community can come up with, for now.

It’s best that payers forgo using Peach in the For Glory mode for now.

Q. How long will the ban last?

A. The ban will last 1440 minutes, or effectively, for one full day.

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    1. Imagine how many bugs there would have been without a delay. Do you think they delay games just for fun?

      1. You can literally say that about any game. When people mention skyrim, people say “it is a buggy mess”, but when it’s a nintendo game, logic of “imagine what it would be like if it wasn’t delayed”… Oh the hypocrites

        1. If you read past the first sentence you’ll see it’s followed by “Do you think they delay games just for fun?” which clearly indicates that I’m talking about all games in general and not just nintendo’s.

          1. you responded to a guy talking about sakurai. you didn’t say “do you think games are delayed just for fun” if you said that, that would apply to every game. this is just you trying to cop out and I as the god of the new world will not let you do that.

            1. *facepalm* You are either a narcissist that truly believes the stuff from your mouth, or you are so good at role playing that you do not once break from character.

  1. Honestly, I’m glad they’re finding all of these issues before the international release. Better to fix it now than to have to deal with all the issuess when the game launches here in the states.

  2. Ahhhhh sakurai gives us a horrible roster and a game with already bugs? Lol he’s tooo selfcentered. Hope he doesn’t direct or work on Smash 5

    1. He worked his ass off so shitty people like you could play his game. So shut the fuck up or leave. I don’t care, just don’t come in here with that trash.

  3. At least this can be easily fixed by coding objects like the turnips and bombs as items that the system should overlook when determining this ban, the circle pad problem, on the other hand, is a problem with the 3ds’s fundamental design. we need a real analog stick or something close to it on the next Nintendo handheld.

        1. A shame Zero Suit Samus doesn’t have a butt attack. xD

          1. Lol it’s probably good for her not to have one anyways though since Sakurai made her look like a super model and gave her heels and people would start with the sexist shit again. XD

  4. Heh, I thought it would have more to do with people stopping matches to engage in creepy pervy upskirt-peeking stuff. You know those crazy Japs.

    1. I’m not sure if I did, I preordered at the best buy event and think I remember them not having a sku for that bundle but that I’d be able to switch my preorder to the bundle when it’s available and still get my smash coin.

      1. It’s probably available now at your local Best Buy. I checked the site, and they have it listed for $99.99. Also, if the rumor is true that SSB4 is coming out 11/21/14, then they should should definitely have preorders ready. I already have 4 GC controllers, but I really like that Smash-themed controller.

  5. Not cool. somehow, I feel like the game should have launch when everything was free bug (like an October release.). Hopefully they should fix this. The same goes for the Wii U version.

    1. I don’t think you have a realistic expectation of game design. As the popular adage goes, you fix one bug, and create five more in the process. No game will ever truly be bug free, and now that Nintendo is finally catching up in the online patching department, they can actually fix bugs post release. Remember the game breaking Goron Glitch in Twilight Princess? That would’ve been a nice game to be able to patch.

  6. Wow. Barely out & people are already getting banned over stupid shit. xD Apparently Nintendo hasn’t learned from Miiverse that automated robots for banning is a very bad idea.

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