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Digital Foundry: Bayonetta 2 Runs At 720p But Struggles To Maintain 60fps, Xbox 360 Original Is Smoother

Respected technology analysis site Digital Foundry has been given the chance to get hands on with the highly anticipated Bayonetta 2 for the Wii U. The publication says that the game is running at 720p but is struggling to adhere to the 60fps set by the developer. The publication even goes as far to say that the original game on the Xbox 360 is smoother than Bayonetta 2.

“The bulk of the game’s technical improvements stem from those outrageous set-piece moments. While much of Bayonetta 2’s underpinnings are shared with the original – right down to its native 720p presentation, lacklustre texture filtering and no anti-aliasing – the engine manages to deliver sequences more complex than anything the original had to offer. However, this decision backfires a little in some respects. At its heart this is a game that owes the roots of its design to classic fast-paced PS2-era 60Hz action games such as Devil May Cry. Those backgrounds racing by as you fight hordes of angels? They may as well be flat-shaded boxes without compromising the gameplay. Sure, all of those pyrotechnics and crazy levels are a core part of the experience but they’re ultimately little more than fancy window dressing – and it comes at a cost.”

“That price is a hard hit to sustained performance and it’s the one area of the game that didn’t quite hit the target during our initial play sessions. Once again Platinum Games aims for a 60fps update, but similar to Metal Gear Rising, it struggles to maintain it. While it’s certainly light years beyond the awful farmed-out PlayStation 3 version of Bayonetta, the overall experience isn’t quite as smooth as the original Xbox 360 game. On the plus side, the irritating tearing of the original has been completely eliminated, but while it’s still a fast and responsive game, the consistency in the update leaves something to be desired.”

300 thoughts on “Digital Foundry: Bayonetta 2 Runs At 720p But Struggles To Maintain 60fps, Xbox 360 Original Is Smoother”

    1. Don’t worry people this is not true. I saw the game back at comic con in San Diego and it was looking extremely awesome !! And it runs pretty smoth, super smoth!!! When you get the game you won’t be disapointed !!!

      1. I know Digital is bullshit just like they were with Mario Kart 8. I’ve seen its gameplay and runs like a charm. This is all biased attack on Wii U because 1. Wii U is beating Xbox One and 2. Bayonetta being their exclusive game which is why they’re still pissed about it even though Xbox and PS already given up on Bayonetta in the first place.

          1. Speaking of fail, where’s the news of Xbox One passing 6 million or has that sad truth slipped your mind because you’re such a pitiful bastard for ignoring it? Titanfall, Halo remakes number 3 and even price drop that’s long overdue, didn’t do shit either. So join the club of console failure noob because you’re rooting for the wrong team buddy. lol

            1. wait the xbox one has been outselling the wiiu since it launched fact u mad u wiiuhomosexual the wiiu has no 3rd party support and bayonneta2 runs like shit on that dog shit system lmao

              1. IDK if you’re for real with that weak ass troll reply trashing the Wii U and defending that trash of a DVR box like a child. If..actually since you are for real, you’re pathetic and mad. XD Hope you still have fun with that big ass black cinderblock for a cable box when it explodes. lol

              2. March NPD Results: Titanfall on Xbox One is Number One Selling Game

                5 million units SHIPPED, not sold to customers and this was Microsoft’s last console sales update. From the looks of it, its selling like shit. XD Go ahead. You can cry now. Xbetamax DOne probably never broke 5 million worldwide so they basically lied in your face to make you gloat like a misinformed idiots while PS4 sits pretty at 10 million SOLD and Wii U sold approximately more than 7 million by now.

                Nice try troll. But these facts don’t bullshit like you do. lol

              3. WiiU has outsold xbox 1 for the last 4 months worldwide kid,and it had much better launch numbers too,Digital foundry just review unfiished builds of WiiU games how can Bayonetta2 be worse in framerates then the 360 build when people who have played both say Bayonetta2 is much smoother ?? Mariokart 8 does not drop frames never…..

            2. Uh, you mean the Xbox One’s official numbers which are simply 5 million units shipped?

              Yeah, Microsoft hasn’t put out any numbers since April because it’s doing abysmally. They’re providing -shipment numbers.- Which means they haven’t even sold that much.

              And go ahead and reference other numbers, these are Microsoft’s latest:

              Hell, it couldn’t even outsell the 3DS on its opening week in Japan.

              1. XD I can’t even begin to image how many Xbetamax DOne units they actually sold, not shipped since April which is the same BS play Activision did with Ghosts when everyone knew it lost its sales records to Rockstar’s GTA5.

                They haven’t announced anything yet since then so I’m guessing its beyond worse than I thought. XD It probably haven’t broken past 5 million sold units in truth when Wii U did 7+ million ATM and PS4 is sitting pretty at the top of the mountain at 10 million (fluke) sold units via specs hype.

          2. You might want to lay off the caps lock, kiddo.

            Also, nice try. There’s evidence everywhere to show the Wii U is outselling Xbox. Just look how well Xbox sold in Japan, one of the most populated places on the planet…barely any. Pretty sure Nintendo, which is based in Japan, did quite a bit better than Xbox Done.

            1. Your right WiiU is destroying xbox 1 and when you look at the 3rd party support xbox 1 has for such a failed console makes it a much bigger joke. haha

          1. Comparing Apples to Oranges in this “test” when the game’s not even completed and exclusive on one console is completely invalid. There’s no damage to control to be made here except Digital DumbFoundry fanboys themselves. Keep serving them sweet cry tears to me fanboys. XP Your own self pity of damaging Wii U and Bayonetta 2 is so rewarding to us.

            1. everything you just said makes no difference since the game has low framerate either way. comparing it to the original, or not. 30 fps is 30 fps. look at the video where it falls to 30, then goes to 50, then falls to 40, then to 30…that shit is shit

              1. Right and where is that video to prove such BS? From what I heard and seen, Bayonetta 2 runs well. Guess you saw the incorrect video of them testing Titanfall’s abysmal framerate on Xbox One and got it twisted. lol

        1. I agree
          II have seen the youtube video … And only 4 ’13’ ‘is too little to judge …
          It would be more believable if they had shown a copy of the game JAPANESE …
          but I do not see any written japanese and youtube video too short to judge

          I have a few questions, can anyone answer me, kindly?

          So somehow Digitalfoundry a western gaming site has got their hands on an advanced copy!?

          in their article and I quote it ”the overall experience isn’t quite as smooth as the original Xbox 360 game” like lying much and besides how can they get the copy so early cause last time i checked reviewers usually get their copies of the games a week or two before their release….!?

          how did they do get early review copies not JAPANESE?

          why no review site has done? (they are the first… REALLY?)
          no EDGE, no ING, no Famitsu , no GAMEINSIDE have also had their rewiev game in advance? OR NOT?

          Maybe they have a special relationship with Nintendo, so they receive the rewiev game in advance …!?!

          because the test only a month before the release of Bayonetta2?
          just to ruin the reputation?

          They are really doing a frame-rate test on a pre-alpha demo? These are the guys that somehow felt that 1 frame-drop from Mario Kart 8 effected the gameplay, so I not surprised in the least. Digitalfoundry is a complete joke, and I’ll be judging the FULL RETAIL game for myself.
          (I don’t believe that for a second they get advance copies.)

              1. Digital Foundry can be as biased towards Nintendo as Gamespot, another website I don’t bother visiting at all. IGN could be biased but that’s only if they hand over the review job to the wrong guy like they’re handed the review of any Nintendo game they would never bother to try but madly in love with Xbox games. That’s when BS reviews happen. Other than that, IGN has a decent track record with proper analysis and reviews of Nintendo content.

                They wanna say Bayonetta 2 isn’t as smooth as the first game on Xbox 360 for two reasons: The graphics are vastly improved with a lot of action going on at once which is understand for the framerate dips. But regardless, if its only during a few parts of the entire game, then the experience is as smooth enough on Wii U but this analysis wanna make it sound like Bayonetta 2 runs like shit on Wii U compare to Bayonetta 1 on Xbox 360 which makes the comparison stupid itself. You’re comparing a completely different game on a different platform to the old game and systems. If it were Bayonetta 2 on Wii U/360 comparison, it would make sense but not in this case. Digital Foundry is being redundant.

                1. I too think that the graphics are better in version 2
                  The fair comparison would be BAYONETTA 1 version U with version xbox 360
                  and not Bayonetta 2 with version xbox 360
                  I wonder why they have not done so, but they were thrown into the comparison should be pressed without the definitive version 2…
                  ….then they just prejudices
                  I repeat: only 4′ 13” video gameplay are far too few to judge

                  be waiting for the final version and then we’ll talk :)

                  1. I know the game’s built is well done and they’re probably being pissed over the game being exclusive to Nintendo so maybe they’re trying to damage the game’s hype as much as possible so other platforms can get a hold of it again.

                2. The graphics resolution and gameplay are clearly better i mean you can tell the difference just by looking at it it’s clear as day…..DF have beendoing this for all wiiu games sinse launch….

              2. They dont get advanced copies they did it with mariokart they basically get a preview build not final build and start doing an analysis on it ?? stange for all we know mariokart8 is 1080p native ?? but going off what ive seen both Mariokart8/Bayonetta2 look smoother than anything ive seen on ps4 so what ever DF….

        1. Their report sounded mostly good. They said some parts fail to meet 60 fps because there’s too much shit going on in the background. It all depends on how much the fps dips though, and they didn’t give an answer. Anything over 40 will be unnoticeable to almost everyone. Idk when I read it I read mostly good news

          1. Indeed, the artitcle was mostly positive, but SICKR handpicked the negative parts such as the title which give the article sound worst than it really is.
            Having said that, Digital Foundry still needs to be called out in their overwriting of negligible things (like MK8’s 1fps drop). They spend a lot of word on things that will mostly go unnoticed by the gamers unless if they look for it, I guess they gotta do it to get the word count up.

            1. Keep in mind 720p isn’t even that bad. All the Uncharted games are 720p and you can’t even tell, they’re still amazing

              1. Yes, its amazing, for a 7 years old hardware such as the ps3. Its 2014, 720 is not amazing anymore, in fact its terrible. But even I would let it pass as long as we get good 60 fps gameplay, something we dont.

                1. 60fps is just a number originally tied back to the frequency AC power in certain regions. What matters is if the gameplay is smooth enough (and it is). Dropping down to 40fps in certain parts of the game, isn’t a big deal on playability.
                  Just like the resolution gate between XB1 and PS4, from a visual perspective during gameplay, the differences are small enough that it doesn’t matter. When you have to do side by side comparisons and purposely look for imperfections, then perhaps the difference isn’t as obvious the numbers say (due to diminishing returns).

                2. …..
                  Please tell me you’re not serious with that stupid-ass statement.
                  “720 is not amazing anymore, in fact its terrible”?
                  It’s nowhere near terrible. Not even CLOSE to terrible.

                3. 720p NATIVE isn’t terrible. Hardly any games on PS3/360 were native 720p, they were all upscaled to 720 or 1080p. There is a difference.

          2. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

            They did the same with Mario Kart 8, remember. It was mostly a good review but they acted like 1 frame rate drop was so bad that it just HAD to be mentioned.

    2. It doesn’t really need patching…. the game is still smooth at ~40-60 FPS, and has more happening on the visual side too, and no screen tearing.
      Most people will have trouble noticing the difference between Bayo 2 and the original in terms of framerate.

      Don’t worry!, the game will feel nice to play.

      1. Exactly, why waste time patching something so unimportant. The game is fine the way it is. The report didn’t sound bad to me. Most of what they were saying sounded like compliments.

      2. That isn’t smooth at all,the control latency will be atrocious.The game doesn’t look as good as GOW3/Asension.No AA,no texture filtering,low resolution textures.Sorry but the frame rate needs to be closer to 60fps,

    3. You babies are so lucky! I’m a crazy potato but i love little babies. I’m going to keel all you babies in destiny. Oh wait, no destiny for babies!

      1. Destiny can suck my balls. It is yet *another* mmo first person shooter. You want a good FPS? Play planetside 2, not that overhyped bullshit. Hell, I’d rather play laggy-ass Warframe than destiny, especially thanks to you PSWhore fanfags.

          1. Butthurt much? Lol, go back to playing your shitty CoD. Hell, shove that controller up your butt and around the corner for all I care.

  1. I’m sure the three or four people who care about this sort of thing will be furious. The rest of will just enjoy what is (hopefully) a fantastic game.

      1. Even if that was true – which I doubt – so what? The fact we’re getting a second Bayonetta is more than enough for me. New stages, new characters, new moves, new weapons and a new story make it different and all I want. More of the same? The original was that good it doesn’t need more tacked on.

          1. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

            Sorry to burst your butthurt bubble, but the Wii U is more graphically flexible and overall powerful than any other system.

            The Wii U uses a graphics hardware that many high-end PC’s use. It’s not that it’s graphically amazing, or can run everything in 1080p 60fps all the time…in fact, none of the supposed “next gen” systems can do that.

            However, it is much, much more efficient that the other systems, because it doesn’t consume a huge-ass amount of power to go towards its standby mode, data streaming, or other bells and whistles like the Xbox Done and PSWhore. Its data and power usage goes almost entirely towards the actual game.

            The other consoles have been downgraded due to these bells and whistles I mentioned; Xbox One, originally designed to handle 1080p with ease, now barely runs 720 smoothly without overheating or exploding. PS4, although less likely to overheat, also spends a lot of power in unnecessary things, making it only able to run 720p, although it does so pretty smoothly.

            The Wii U, on the other hand, although not as primarily graphically intensive, is able to withstand a decent amount of graphical fidelity for much, much longer, and much, much smoother. It actually uses LESS power than the Wii while doing so, as well. The only reason many games don’t have the best graphics on the Wii is because companies refuse to alter their cookie-cutter formula when making games. They stick to normal, basic console programming, then release a downgraded, barely altered form for the Wii. It stutters and runs badly, and people deride the Wii U rather than the companies themselves.

            Ironically, one of the best examples of decent graphics on the Wii U would be from Ubisoft, with Assassin’s Creed, Black Flag. They actually put a decent amount of effort into the game, and it shows. On metacritic, the user-review site, it was tied for the top with Xbox 360. PS4 was rated a couple points lower, and Xbox One was even worse, although the Xbox One isn’t as trustworthy of a review, as only 3 people reviewed it for the system.

            I would paste a bunch of links to support my statements, but my comment would not go through, and stuck in the “moderation” cycle perpetually. Look up each of my points on Google, and you’ll see that the vast amount of hatred for the Wii U is entirely unnecessary and entirely due to bad marketing on Nintendo’s part, and general nonsense from dudebros.

            1. The graphics card in the Wii U used to be good, but for most PC’s, that’s pretty much considered low end now since there are much better ones. The one in PS4 is quite strong as it can still play games at stable frame rates. But it’s also becoming outdated quickly too. None of these next gen consoles can do 1080P 60FPS. Which is disappointing. But exclusives make up for that I guess. :S

              1. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

                Actually, although you’re mostly right, the Wii U graphics haven’t really run up against a wall yet. According to a few software developers who have experimented with the Wii U in their games and played around with its capabilities, the Wii U possibly has a lot of hidden potential. This is shown when it continues to support 3rd party games that are run on supposedly much more powerful systems. Given a skillful developer who actually tries to optimize the game correctly, literally any game can be run on the Wii U.

                I did a lot of research on each of the systems, but the Wii U especially, because although the PS4 and Xbox Done have been shown to already reach their graphical limit, the Wii U hasn’t even shown signs of reaching the end of its potential yet, and this intrigued me. I wanted to see if the Wii U was really better than the other systems, and checked on maybe 13 different sites. Seven of those were outdated, but the rest were relevant. Half of the rest were heavily biased against the Wii U, however, because the people who tested it played games that didn’t use much of its power.

                The rest actually gave technical reasons why the system was vastly more powerful, one of which is that it uses a more efficient power core, more flexible graphics card, and it has the ability to share the burden of data with its gamepad for fast, easy data streaming.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Must have missed the “2” there…

          This is a bit of a letdown but personally I don’t care much…

            1. Digital F*ckup isn’t a reliable site to trust and rely on. Makes absolutely no sense of using a pre-release build as their source. Every Wii U owner will be buying Bayonetta 2 (including Bayonetta HD) just for the fun of it and support for both Nintendo and Platinum Games.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                I don’t know why others are buying it but the challenge and chaotic gameplay this game offers won me over, even if I don’t usually like these type of games…

        2. No. They’re talking about Bayonetta 2 not running well on Wii U even though the evidence points to the contrary and also comparing both different games with different systems making this test sound all completely stupid.

  2. Nintendo fanboys:

    Look at all you Xbots and Ponies MK8 runs at 1080p 60fps losers!!!

    So what if Bayonetta 2 runs at a average framerate it’s all about the gameplay and Dogital Foundry is biased anyway!!!

    1. The whole point of the Mario Kart 8 argument was that Xbox Oners and PS4 users were all talkin’ smack about how WIi U couldn’t handle powerful graphics while the Xbox One and PS4 could.

      Then PS4 and Xbox One were out for almost a year and STILL struggled to get games on both systems that ran at 1080p and 60fps while the Wii U DID GET an awesome game to both look beautiful and run at top graphical power… It was just our time to rub their smart-assery in their faces.

      Obviously we, Nintendo fans, are not graphic whores, so we really, really do not care if Bayonetta 2 runs at an average frame rate, because the game is all about the gameplay.

      If you would like, you can call all gamers hypocrites…. this whole ordeal proves that at least…. Not a big deal, it’s kind of something we have known for a while now.

      1. You guys both know Mario Kart 8 is native 720p also right? Not 1080p.

        Kind of odd not saying you’re a graphic whore but then literally saying “It was just our time to rub their smart-assery in their faces.”

        Sigh… I was just talking about this with commander yesterday. You guys aren’t making yourselves look any better than all the people on Xbox One or PS4 that brag about 1080p and graphics constantly.

        A good game is a good game, it doesn’t matter what the HD definition is and as I’ve pointed out in previous comments, everyone assumes 1080p means 1920×1080 but it doesn’t, so it makes these arguments even dumber.

        Who cares if it was only in 480p or not even in HD at all, if it looks good and plays well, that is all that should matter.

              1. Lol I guess. But I don’t think she would join the “empire”. She is kind of like me. Doesn’t really take sides. She just attacks or defends whenever she sees bullshit. XD

            1. Meh, that isn’t worth the effort. Anyone who has been here long enough, obviously knows I don’t care about carrying some brands flag across an imaginary battlefield.

              So they can call me whatever they would like. I’d much rather live in reality than others imaginations.

        1. Lol, wow that’s ignorant.i mostly agree, but it needs to be HD… We live in 2014 afterall. Not 1080p, but HD in some form. ;)

        2. It is native 720, but upgrades automatically to 1080p on a t.v that can produce 1080p graphics… That is pretty much 1080p….

          and when I say “It was just our time to rub their smart-assery in their faces” that has NOTHING to do with me or anyone else being a graphics whore… it has everything to do with making fun of Sony and Microsoft fans… We weren’t bragging because we “actually” care about graphics. We were bragging just to start shit with Sony and Microsoft enthusiasts.

          It was for fun and I never said it was anything to be proud of. I even said at the end of my comment that you can call me and every other gamer a hypocrite, because we all say one thing and do another thing ALL THE FREAKING TIME. I know a good game is one that has good gameplay and graphics don’t matter, yadda yadda yadda. Your preaching to the choir here…

          So I don’t need a lecture on what I ALREADY KNOW.

    2. Getting a racing game to run at 1080p isn’t anything special. Racing games aren’t very demanding on a consoles hardware.

      1. Mario Kart 8’s graphics required a lot of power, plus it works really well online too, which is really, really nice considering the online is not a good as PS4’s and Xbox One’s, but the trade off is that it is FREE!

        So that is why Mario Kart 8’s graphical achievements are impressive.

        1. What do you mean online isn’t as good? lol It works and its free as its suppose to be. Why am I paying $50-60 for free online play on other systems? Just so a console box can break or having an online service get hacked and downed for a month again? lol

          1. Xbox One and PS4 have fast, more stable online systems.. that’s why it costs money to play online on those systems.

            Nintendo’s online network is really great for being free.

            1. All online play infrastructure generally play and function the same, even on PC. The reason why Microsoft charges for free online is because they’re money hungry bastards even though they already make more than enough from virtually every sold PC and Windows softwares on earth. As for Sony on why they’re charging for 3 reasons: 1. They’re plainly copycatting always same for copying Nintendo in some areas. 2. PSN downturn from 2011 hacking (which is their own fault) so they need money to keep it updated and secured. 3. Because Sony is going broke, they need to squeeze as much money out of people as possible to stay alive.

      1. Explain to me how a free online patch to fix a game is ANYTHING like EA?

        Go ahead try it… EA is awful because they do not give their fans what they want and they charge extraordinary amounts of money for DLC that was PLANNED ahead of time… not because they patch a game.

  3. Don’t say it struggling to maintain the 60FPS without saying how much does it drop, if very few frame rate then you are not being honest here

    1. Yeah i’m kinda wondering how they got true hands on time, beforeit even released, they don’t get the game till oct 20 , and I doubt they have review copy

  4. While PC begins to enter 4K resolution and 60 fps is a given, the sad little peasant consoletards are still stuck with shits like this. This game would’ve run ten times better on a 2008 PC LMAO

        1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

          >.< Using all caps for an entire post/comment is a DEAD giveaway that someone is desperate to get attention. Run along, newbie troll.

    1. Seriously? You are arguing that we, Nintendo fans, should switch to PC?

      Ummm HELLO we are NINTENDO fans… we play NINTENDO games. A.K.A games that don’ Why the hell would we switch to a system that doesn’t get access to out favorite franchises?

      One of the dumbest things I have ever read. Why don’t you go preach to Xbox One fans, because they are the only ones that would really be willing to switch. Even Sony fans like their Sony exclusives.

          1. Because it isn’t dipshit.
            Emulator or ROMs don’t count because not everyone has the incentive to get one and set it up.

    2. Except one thing: If you have no job or any relevant skills to make money for such consistent PC upgrades and games alone with additional content, where’s your superiority in PC gaming then? Unless you have the money, you have no say or standing to gloat about how PC is better. No shit PC is advanced from consoles but gloating about it without having such tools and funds to prove it yourself makes you look like a complete ass.

    3. See Hollow, this is a perfect example of what you do not want to become. This is why there is no master race, a master race would not feel the need to brag anyway, they simply would know they are the best.

      Along the lines of something commander would say, only lowly earth forms brag about themselves.

      1. I’m not going to become like that. :p I was going to say something but I figured it wasn’t worth the effort. He’s trolling anyways.

    4. Irrelevant, since it’s an exclusive. Yup, the game is exclusive to Wii U. Now go dry your salty, salty tears elsewhere, thanks.

  5. Nintendo why did you have to go and snatch Bayonetta away? It would have been awesome on the Xbox One or PS4. Instead we get this shitty system that doesn’t even work as well as a 360. ARGGGGHHH

    1. Nintendo saved Bayonetta 2. Had it not been for Nintendo, the game never would have existed, because your “precious” Sony ad Microsoft couldn’t give a shit about the franchise…

      You should thank Nintendo and buy a WIi U to play this game :)

      1. You do realize on a Wii U this game is not going to sell at all? Kind of stupid on their part for them to even make it for the system. Sony or Microsoft would have eventually allowed Bayonetta to be on the consoles anyway, just not on their launch window. Now it’s a Nintendo franchise and it’s not getting the sequels it deserves, but whatever

        And I’m not a Nintendo hater, I love their games, I just thik this is a bad idea for the franchise and for sales

        1. They made it for the system because they support Nintendo. Go cry somewhere else about your CableBox One and PSWhore, we don’t welcome it here.

      2. I. AM. NOT. A. HATER. I love Nintendo, but Bayonetta was just a bad idea for the Wii U, a system that is, like it or not, a piece of crap compared to its rival systems.

        And my “precious” PS4 or Xbox?? Jeez, they’re not even worth getting now. There’s no good games out. They do have far higher graphical capabilities, and is more at home for hardcore gamers, and that’s why Bayonetta should have been for that system, whether they had to wait for it or not.

        1. “wii u, a system that is, like it or not, a piece of crap compared to its rival systems”.

          Nope, sorry, wrong there. The Wii U has been proven to be more efficient with its graphics engine, more fluid with online play, and takes up FAR less power. Also, like always, it has a far lower day one failure rate compared to the Xbox Done and PSWhore; the PS4 has a problem with overheating whereas the Xbox Done has actually exploded upon power up in a few cases because of its dinosaur power core.

    2. Umm platinum wanted to make a sequel on ps3/Xbox360 but Sony and Microsoft refused to fund it :S the only reason Bayo2 exists is Nintendo. Imo it’s a good move on their part, I think they should try and seize or at least get some rights for other franchises to fill the gaps between first party game releases.

    3. Because 1. The last game failed in their platforms and 2. Nobody on either Sony or Microsoft side never bother to give it a second chance. Nintendo did and that’s why it on their system because they gave it a new life.

      What about your Tomb Raider sequel being an Xbox One exclusive when its a supposed multiplatform that did well from the last game? That’s where you should be bitching about companies taking exclusivity of games.

  6. That’s load of bullshit. How can they test Bayonetta 2 on Xbox and say it runs better when the port doesn’t exist on it but exclusively for Wii U?

    WTF kind of bullshit am I reading from these idiots?

    1. They are saying Bayonetta, the original, ran better on Xbox 360 than Bayonetta 2 runs on the Wii U BASED ON graphics and framerate.

      1. Why compare two different games from two different platforms if they’re not testing the final build of Bayonetta 2 framerate and visual performance live? And on top of that, the game’s not even finished and has two months to go for polishing so this whole “test” is bullshit.

  7. even so MGR is still enjoyable with slightly low framerate, though I think these guys are kinda talking up their ass, but hey that might be just, I wait till the game comes out

  8. Sony Emperor Xperia 👨

    So i was right after all lol, Platinum Games should be bringing Bayonetta 3 to Ps4, since Wii Uncapable can’t handle realistic graphics at 1080p 60FPS like the ps4

    Nintendo cheated all of you fanboys by selling you a console weaker then Xbox 360 7 years after the 360 at double the price.

    It’s a joke that Bayonetta 1,a game released 5 years ago runs better on a outdated machine.


    1. The game is only not keeping up with the framerates, because Bayonetta 2 is graphically more impressive than the first one. Had they made the game as graphically stylish as the 360 version, the Wii U one would be able to handle it absolutely fine. So, no, this does not prove the Wii U is weaker than the 360. It proves the exact opposite actually.

      Had Bayonetta 2, the way it is now, been put on the 360, it would be EVEN WORSE than the Wii U’s framerates, because the 360 is weaker than the Wii U.

      If anything, Nintendo will gain exclusivity rights to Bayonetta 3 on their consoles.

        1. hello grown man does dick/peeing contest on the internet about plastic pieces of entertainment, who finds himself to be better because of hardware he owns , who most likely wants attention so he has something to do with his life, until the internet, kills u off with thousands of other people like u making very irrelevant in the few years to come, how are u doing

    2. Once again, I guess I have to explain what EVERYONE ELSE has already explained…

      The test was bogus. The copy they received was unfinished, and their review, though worded negatively, actually meant there were slight framerate dips during the more chaotic fighting cutscenes. At worst, it would dip down to 40-50 fps, for maybe one second or less before leaping back up to 60 fps.

      The Xshit 360 had much worse framerate issues as a whole, as there was severe screen tearing for the first game, though not quite as bad as ps3.

      Please go damage control somewhere else please, and actually do research before you run your mouth.

  9. I wasn’t really a fan of Bayo 1 and I wasn’t planning on getting Bayo 2 but this is kind of shitty for the people who wanted the game. I may not have liked Bayo 1, but it ran beautifully on the 360. Annoying voice acting and a bad plot is what killed it for me.

    Hopefully this will get ironed out before the game is released.

    1. Hm… the game is still fairly smooth at ~40-60 FPS variable, there really is not that much difference, most people will have trouble noticing a difference between Bayonetta 1 and 2. No screen tearing on Bayo 2 is a big plus too.

      Don’t worry – it’s not really something that needs to be fixed.

      1. 40-60 smooth???????? ?

        There is not much of a difference??????

        Wow…wow wow ownewowowowowowowowowowowowowoowoowowowowowowowowowowoowow

        Your stupidity broke me

        1. The human eye only begins to notice differences in frames right around 18-24 fps, and that’s assuming they’re fucking ninjas. This is coming from someone who’s had actual experience in animation.

          So have fun getting cancer from staring at a screen too long just to try and prove me wrong, Dorko.

          1. Actually between 18-24 is when the human brain starts processing those frames as an actual animation, anything below that doesn’t seem natural. But to say that there is no difference between 40 and 60 is stupidity. it affects the gameplay. there i’ve proven you wrong. I’m have experience with animation. I actually went to school for that shit. Don’t try and tell me anything.

            1. I met one of the main animators of Family Guy at a family Superbowl party, and he told me that 18 FPS is just at the edge of human perception, but that 24 FPS is passable for most basic animations, as most human eyesight can’t track the frames that fast.

              I got this from someone with actual EXPERIENCE. Schooling doesn’t mean shit against experience, sorry.

              1. Good. I said the same thing you just did. Are you actually saying that 24 fps in good enough for a video game? For a video game in 2014. You don’t know shit about animation, son.

                1. I never said it was good. Don’t put words in my mouth or I’ll shove my cock in yours.

                  40 fps is plenty good for 2014, especially considering Xbox Done’s so-called “graphical fidelity”; as long as it only dips for a second or two during cutscenes or battle backdrops, I honestly don’t give a shit…nobody will really notice, except for so-called “experts” like yourself (salty fantards).

                    1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                      It must be good because I didn’t see any problems when they were doing Tag Climax for Bayonetta 2 on the Treehouse Twitch video from a few days ago.

                    2. Yup, it isn’t good. Fortunately, it’d only be for a second or two to prevent system problems, and then it’d be back to its 60fps self. If you seriously are butthurt over that, you need to rethink your life.

                2. Sorry, do I know you? I believe you’ve been impersonating me for some time now…do you mind explaining yourself, you beta male, you? *licks dorito fingers and snorts like a sow in mating season*

            2. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

              Uhm… How did you prove him wrong exactly? I can say the exact same thing you just said with NO proof to show for it, too.

                1. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

                  You just provided a link explaining how smooth 60fps is in OFFICIAL SIMULATIONS and MOVIES. The article mentions nothing about video games being adversely affected by not having 60fps, and instead talks about how 24fps adversely affects film shot with an actual camera, due to exposure of the lens and such.

                  Video games are NOT shot with a camera, they are animated using 3D graphics editing programs, and every once in a while, motion tracking. Because of this, they run much smoother at 24 fps than film, as the graphics are rendered all at once, frame by frame. There is no blurring due to “overexposure”.

                  As a supposed “animator extraordinaire” you should know this. But then again, you aren’t an animator. You went to school for animation, but aren’t an animator, and apparently you didn’t even pay attention in school.

                  I don’t know why I expected any better from you, but apparently I even surprise myself sometimes. Pathetic, Donko, simply pathetic.

              1. He doesn’t even the link he showed wasn’t proof, all it show was common sense and information irrelevant to the subject.

                1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                  Oh I know. Exactly why I didn’t even bother reading the article that he gave me the link to. I did skim through the page to look at the pictures, though, noticing it was just pictures of movie sets. That was a dead giveaway that he didn’t even give a link to the actual subject we were discussing. The idiot thinks so highly of himself & lower of others that he probably thought I’d be dumb enough to actually believe FPS of CGI is the same as FPS of actual gameplay.

                    1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                      I already got a name for him: Dumko.

  10. How can it be ironed it,a patch isn’t going to fix a framerate issue caused by weak hardware, if the low resolution and frame rate where caused by poor game design then a patch would have fixed the issue, in this case it’s not happening because Wii Underpowered couldn’t do justice to this game

    1. Games get patches to deal with framerate issues all the time. Even games running on weak or really outdated hardware.

      I.E. Every PS3 and 360 game made after 2008-2009.

      Almost every one of those games were shipped unfinished and needed a patch, if you took the time to look into the patch details you’d see “fixes stability issues.”

    2. It’s not really an ‘issue’, the game still runs quite smooth (faster than most games released these days). Most people wont notice much of a difference between Bayo 1 & 2

  11. Runs as good , if not better then BF4 on PS4 . Watch the video , it can maintain between 40-60 FPS. Not a bad looking game either. Definitely picking this up.

    1. Breakdance move is back.
      It helped me earn my first pure platinum.
      Only thing I hated about it was the end where it pauses the flow to “take” a picture.

  12. mario Kart 8 is a simple non complex non demanding game

    you should be a blind fanboy if you think wii u isn’t weak

    1. The Wii U isn’t weak. Its just that the xbone and the ps4 is more demanding and powerful. But it doesn’t mean the Wii U is weak. :P

  13. if Wii U was powerful mario Kart 8 had to be 1080p 60FPS

    and every ps3 and Xbox 360 port had to be a definitive version on the Wii U but that’s not the case.

    watchdogs on wii u will be the weakest performing version of them all

    1. The whole MK8 1080p is a mixed bag and we all know how biased Digital Foundry is, like testing an incomplete Bayonetta 2 and comparing it to the first game on another platform is completely unrelated to the main game and system. This so called “test” is poorly done and compared.

      And why call Watchdogs on Wii U the weakest version when 1. Its not out yet nor any footage has been posted and 2. Knowing Ubisoft as well as the rest of the lazy party, they’re just gonna poorly port it over just like they did with PC versions being infected with too many glitches and poorly optimized so that game being evidence of Wii U’s true power doesn’t count for shit.

  14. before you even play a game you see how weak the Wii U is with its ultra slow operating system

    the console cannot even go to home menu with 2 usb flash drives inserted into the console together

    1. Funny, mine can do that just fine, while configuring mods on said USB sticks. You probably tried to stick your dick in there instead and the Wii U refused to take it because it was too small for every single one of its orifices.

  15. This article is a bit misleading, especially to those less versed in the technical side of games.

    Bayonetta 2 looks slightly better and has more going on (the real-time summons etc), than the Original 360 game. It is not really fair to compare Bayonetta 2 to a game that doesn’t push hardware quite as much.

    Yes it doesn’t run quite ‘as smooth’ as Bayonetta 1 on 360, but Bayonetta 2 is still a generally smooth experience at 40-60 FPS.
    Just because it doesn’t maintain 60FPS doesn’t mean it’s not a smooth experience.

    Many modern and more popular games these days run at 30FPS (e.g Destiny, Watch Dogs etc), so to average above 40FPS is still pretty decent.

    Don’t worry and try to ignore the people that are just here to talk it down.

  16. Cap'n Nintendo Beard of the Nintendo isles

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      1. Cap'n Nintendo Beard of the Nintendo isles

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  17. Not so sure what is the source material they are using, doubt Nintendo went out their way to give them a early copy.
    But I have watched every 60fps trailers that has been released, and I cant notice any issues.
    Early PS3 version did have noticeable issues.
    If FPS really drops to half that often, it might be a issue,
    but I’ll wait until the game is officially released to pass any judgement.
    I don’t believe that after all this time, and them working closely with Nintendo, that they game would have any game breaking issues.

  18. How is digital foundry biased for presenting FACTS? The game can’t keep a solid 60fps, but so what…the game will still be amazing despite that and maybe we’ll get a day 1 patch or something.

    1. Cap'n Nintendo Beard of the Nintendo isles

      Yarg, the sometime troll speaks true, tis a matter o numbers, no matter the “FPS” tinkermajig say, we set sail for high adventure. Ho ho

    2. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

      Because they are once again nitpicking about something so minor that most people enjoying the game won’t even notice. Like the time they pointed out the 59/60 FPS with Mario Kart 8.

  19. This isn’t going to affect my purchase in any way whatsoever. Bayonetta 2 is a great game and I can’t wait to play the first one too. Stfu Digital Foundry. :P

    1. Yeah and comparing both different games from different systems without even having both versions to test that theory is completely stupid. XP

      I’m still buying this baby and give Watchdogs/Ubisoft a big ol fuck you as I enjoy this game and Smash Bros. 4. :3

  20. DF is just another under qualified media drone living off of negative hype and ignoring reality. Remember all the concern about MK8? Who cares what these morons say, all I care about is if the game is fun, not whether some decimal doesn’t line up on their nerdometer.

  21. A sad attempt to ensure that Bayonetta 2 fails by people still pissed that Bayonetta 2 is a Wii U exclusive. It wouldn’t exist without Nintendo. Besides all that how the hell can you compare Bayonetta 2 on Wii U to a different game on 360? Hello Bayonetta 2 is NOT ever going to be on 360. Comparing apples to oranges is pointless! If they compared Bayonetta on Wii U to 360 this might be valid but they didn’t. Get a Wii U if you want to play. Otherwise stop your bitchin’!

    1. Precisely man. I don’t get the hate over this when the first game failed in sales and neither companies gave them a second chance. Nintendo stepped up and give Bayonetta a new life. Them fuckers should be grateful Bayonetta is still going and as for getting pissed over exclusivity, how’s it hanging with the Rise of Tomb Raider being Xbetamax DOne’s exclusive when the last game did great on multiple systems and has no need to be saved by one company? Fucking hypocrites.

  22. This is the reason I don’t trust Digital FLOUNDRY for unreliable information using old fashioned technology. Whether they accept it or not, I’m STILL buying Bayonetta 2.

  23. I have a hard time not imagining that the DigitalFoundry guys’ enjoyment of video games is actually heavily impacted by technical contrivances such as these. Shit’s sad, man.

    1. DF is a parasite feeding off from fanboys that argue over insignificant crap like this.
      I would question two things, no matter whats the game: one is their source of material, and another is their integrity.
      For them to release this kind of crap, when we do not have any kind of reviews of the game on any other source, is rather shady.

    1. Because the developers are trolls. They like fucking with people with OCD. “Heh, think it’s gonna be 60FPS, nope! It’s 59 fps!”

  24. I played a demo 6 months ago and it was incredibly smooth… I don’t know what this guys are talking about. It’s not even noticible if there is any problem.

  25. Why did they publish this article a whole month before the game? Couldn’t they have waited to test the FPS in October?

    1. It’s because they’re too freaking remedial for not waiting for the official release, thus using a pre-release build (PAL version).

  26. the game is coming on October and they already judging for it? Do they said the same thing with Destiny?

    I would rather wait for more reviews, though it will not change my decision of buying the game.

  27. I played it a month ago at Gamescom in Germany, and it felt super smooth. It looked like it was 1080p, but in the end I don’t give a shit if it is just 720p and has 10fps more or less, this game is awesome.

  28. If it’s anything like the original this game will be mediocre. if this were a good Wii U game, I’d care about it’s lackluster performance on the Wii U

    1. Just because you look at DF’s video doesn’t mean Bayonetta 2 is a lackluster performance… especially from these hypocrites using a pre-released disc (review disc).

    1. True. But frame rate should still be a concern. Especially in 2015. Pretty sure you wouldn’t want to play a game at 7FPS. Just saying. Lol. :)

  29. I have seen the youtube video … And only 4 ’13’ ‘is too little to judge …
    It would be more believable if they had shown a copy of the game JAPANESE …
    but I do not see any written japanese and youtube video too short to judge

    I have a few questions, can anyone answer me, kindly?

    So somehow Digitalfoundry a western gaming site has got their hands on an advanced copy!?

    in their article and I quote it ”the overall experience isn’t quite as smooth as the original Xbox 360 game” like lying much and besides how can they get the copy so early cause last time i checked reviewers usually get their copies of the games a week or two before their release….!?

    how did they do get early review copies not JAPANESE?

    why no review site has done? (they are the first… REALLY?)
    no EDGE, no ING, no Famitsu , no GAMEINSIDE have also had their rewiev game in advance? OR NOT?

    Maybe they have a special relationship with Nintendo, so they receive the rewiev game in advance …!?!

    because the test only a month before the release of Bayonetta2?
    just to ruin the reputation?

    They are really doing a frame-rate test on a pre-alpha demo? These are the guys that somehow felt that 1 frame-drop from Mario Kart 8 effected the gameplay, so I not surprised in the least. Digitalfoundry is a complete joke, and I’ll be judging the FULL RETAIL game for myself.
    (I don’t believe that for a second they get advance copies.)

  30. Actually for a console to display the game on TV and on Gamepad can be understandable. So comparing it to a 360 alone is stupid. I think the Wii U is weak in lack of four Gamepads and Mario Kart 8 long load times and works 25ft but not graphics after seeing Zelda U. As Wii U lacking 1080p\60fps so? Neither is PS4 and Xbox One games neither.

  31. seems like i’ll be getting watch dogs for wii u in the holidays. can’t wait to hack with the gamepa. hopefully ubisoft makes exclusive minigames for the wii u gamepad.

  32. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

    This is Mario Kart 8 all over again. Digital Foundry talks very positively of the game but then mentions something so minor that it shouldn’t even be a fucking concern. Talk about nitpicking.

    1. They do this with every game though. They analyze the FPS and resolution and it they find something interesting they’ll talk about it.

  33. I’m done supporting Nintendo weak technologies, it’s 2014 you idiot…when the next console war is running on 4k…stupid Nintendo will be like make a console at 1080p and unique…fuck you Nintendo for not supporting the core gamer like me.

  34. I call bullshit on Digital Foundry. The gameplay they claim to be testing is in full English text and audio. They couldn’t have gotten a complete copy of the game when its not even do to be out in the US till Oct. 24. I may have believed them if they used a Japanese copy which is out in about a week. But even then, that would bring up the question, how did they get a review copy of the Japanese game?

  35. Well, Bayonetta 2 has quite a bit more going on than the first one. They’ve already claimed they have Bayonetta 1 running 60fps solid. If they patch it, then great. If the framerate dips a little bit, that’s understandable, and it still proves the Wii U is a bit of a powerhouse.

    Most people complain that these native 720p or 1080p 60fps games on Wii U are simplistic graphics etc etc.. well this is a highly detailed game with a crapload of stuff going on in the background. It might not have AA and some other graphical effects, but it’s still native HD 60fps, just like Mario Kart 8, with much more detail. Pretty impressive for a “last gen” machine.

  36. The wonderful 101 only had visually noticeable frame rate issues when over 200 sprites were on screen. Even then with witch time and all the other time alterations, slow down on normal for drawing etc, it was hardly noticeable.

    Why didnt digital foundry compare Bayonetta 1 on wii u with the 360? The fact they did not do this makes me think they are full of shit.

  37. Seriously, who gives a shit what digital foundry thinks. There’s more to games than resolution and framerate. If a game is good, it’s good. These articles are my least favorite on this site.

  38. anyone who uses fraps to check frame rates should imidietly be put down and never be spoken of again! i trust the developers more then this guy testing this with no background in coding or anything of the like!

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  40. After watching the video again the game should be capped at 30fps.It rarely hangs at 60fps.Part of the video has a very clear area and yet it couldn’t stay at 60fps.Nintendo made a really crappy console with a broken controller.

  41. And who gives a fuck? Good gameplay and decent graphics are all a game really needs. Shit doesn’t have to be perfect. Do they do this with every game that comes out on the other systems too?

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  43. Wait…. Xbox 360 original runs smoother? This game was never released on the Xbox and if they are talking about Bayonetta 1, Then they are comparing TWO different games. If they are going to compare them, they should compare Bayonetta 1 for Xbox and Bayonetta 1 for Wii U.

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