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Walmart Has Begun Listing A Special Smash Bros Wii U Amiibo Starter Pack


Popular US retailer Walmart has begun listing a special Super Smash Bros Wii U Amiibo Starter Pack. The new bundle features a copy of Super Smash Bros for Wii U along with Mario, Pikachu and Link Amiibo figures. The set is currently priced up at $99.

Thanks, Michelle

124 thoughts on “Walmart Has Begun Listing A Special Smash Bros Wii U Amiibo Starter Pack”

    1. Does anybody know if amiibo have any online functionality. Like for example, can my amiibo fight you or your amiibo online. If they can then it’s the closest to pokemon that we’ve ever gotten.

        1. That’s the main reason I bought it. If you can train them to fight a certain way then it’ll be kinda cool to fight them against each other. I also bought it to hopefully get an ai opponent that can fight better than the level 9 ones. Of course if the online in this game works well, unlike brawl, I will have no need for an ai opponent.

                    1. That’s weird I never gave them to anyone. It shouldn’t be unless someone got access to my freaking email, which worries me.

                      1. That’s very odd…..I hope you’re email hasn’t been hacked. Are you sure you didn’t send me and the other guy the same code?

                        1. I’m sure I double checked. Let me send you another one ok. Try it and if it doesn’t I have one more that might work. I’m thinking maybe I sent you the one I used. Contact me by email instead of here on the comments.

              1. Well you should be happy with them then, they don’t work online though but they say they will be much harder than any CPU and you can fight them against each other or have them help you fight friends locally.

                Watch the video I posted below.

            1. Well I hate to tell you both and this is why I’m using them as figurines only, Nintendo said they don’t work online. Obviously because some people would just get OP Amiibos, and it would basically turn most the games used with them online into a Pay-to-Win game.


              I can understand it but I also completely agree with you… Well what is the point really then? Maybe they’ll have better uses in other games but Smash Bros. not so much.

              Apparently more local friend crap is what they said when they announced them, they only work with local matches, so you can take them to friends and battle each others Amiibos, fight against them or have them fight with you, which I’m sure barely anyone will do.

              So who knows how this will turn out, I’m just using them as figurines to put somewhere.

      1. How is that a good deal? Wii U game is $60 + 3 Amiibo figures is $39 = $99. If they’re going to bundle it, you should save some money.

                1. No, i mean his calculations… it says that the figs are lower than the real price, but the actual making it a sort of rip-off deal.

              1. Nope, nevermind, it’s not that kind of optional… Other bundles usually take out a price of an item if that optional is free… In this case, that optional isn’t free and costs ~$13 to add into the bundle… Whoops.

        1. It’s not a deal at all. I’m not buying Smash on day 1. I’m waiting for the inevitable, real deal. I know there will be one. Especially on the Amiibos.

          Still up in the air regarding smash for the 3DS. My first impressions were not really spectacular, but I think it was growing on me.

          A DAMN shame we already know the full roster. :/

        2. I’m assuming it’s a bundle crafted by WalMart to get more sales. Most people are too lazy to do the math and automatically assuming it’s cheaper to get the bundle, even though it might be little to nothing.

          Amazon on the other hand has a bundle that saves you ten dollars.

        1. They’ll eventually release those, Nintendo is releasing them in volumes so you’ll end up getting your favorites sooner or later.

      2. Can I just point out that by technical standpoints, this is a worse deal then just going out there and buying 3 Amiibo’s and Smash Bros for Wii U.

        Look at it this way, each Amiibo is $12.99, multiply that by 3 and ya got $38.97. If we add that to the price of Super Smash Bros for Wii U ($59.99) we get $98.96, so therefore Walmart is overpricing this by a nickel. So therefore, save yourself a nickel and buy them all separate!

                1. I wonder if you have to register your first code in order for the others to work? I never did because a friend sent me one of his and i downloaded it before checking my email

      3. I have unused club Nintendo codes I’ll give to the person who gives me the demo code for smash that’s for the NA/US region. You could use them to get actual games instead of demos and what not for free, I’d like the smash demo code though. Email me at

        I’ve been trying all day, its desperate and silly I know for people who are tired of seeing this, I feel stupid trust me, but I’d just like to have a chance to play now. It sucks how Nintendo would do something like this to other fans

      4. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

        I’m going digital with the game itself, so this deal is meaningless for me.

      5. Smash Wii U game = $59.99
        Amiibos (12.99 x 3) = $38.97
        Total = $98.96

        Don’t buy this from Walmart, they are stealing us 4 cents!!
        For everything else, there’s Master Card

        1. You should really read the description. You get 4 not just 3 and one only cost 4 cents. Almost free Amiibo.

          “Customize your Super Smash Bros (Wii U) Amiibo Starter Bundle w/ Mario, Pikachu and Link with optional: Additional Amiibo”

            1. I regret to inform you they are wrong, I don’t blame any of you. The ad is very misleading.

              Notice the keyword “From” before the $99, sadly when you add the fourth Amiibo, they still charge you full price for it. So it ups the price to $111.96.

              I feel bad for submitting this now.

            2. It says add an additional Amiibo for ~$13. It’s optional, but they still charge you for it if you so choose to add a fourth.

          1. Sigh… You still have to pay for that fourth Amiibo… I didn’t realize this until now, until I actually tried to pre-order it.

      6. I desperately hope this flops for the sake of nintendo to not become a bigger joke than what they already are and what they are viewed as.

        If any of you guys buy amiibo but not bayonetta 2 or xenoblade, i seriously hate you.

        “haha look, GAMES don’t sell but the manchildren love amiibos!!!! Now we don’t have to try and all we have to do is make baby games that have these pathetic plastic toys in them!!!!, huh let’s just dumb down all of our franchises some more”

        Yeah fuck you i would rather you go 3rd party if your gong to turn into a bigger pile of shit because wiitards support crap.

        If your mad them i know im talking about you, if your not you most likely aren’t a wiitard and past the test of not being a wiitard.

            1. Worse that could happen is they don’t take off and they stop selling them.

              It really isn’t going to hurt Nintendo in this case. I bet most people who aren’t Nintendo fans, really don’t even know about these or what they are anyway. I imagine most people are just going to buy them and use them as figurines regardless, while barely ever using them with the Wii U.

              1. I hope they flop harder than the wii u. WII music sold. wii shit sports resort sold and all of those casual horrible games, and what do we get because of it? SHIT? Nintendo forgetting about the core market and there core fanbase, the list could go on and on. The wii era’s success (a very horrible era) is what made nintendo such a pile of shit and when this garbage sells and great games don’t then they go back to further shit. If the wii never was a success, the wii u and everything garbage with nintendo most likely would not exist.

                I guess i should blame nintendo fans for this, actually no witards. These amiibos are just another thing that makes nintendo and it’s players look like jokes. Oh and this stuff definitely makes and made a difference because back then nintendo wasn’t viewed for manchildren and there image wasn’t only for babies. Nintendo would just be nintendo, not something viewed as pathetic…..

                Nintendo fans always hate why they get treated like shit lmao and they don’t know why, it’s because they support and damage control all of it.

                1. I don’t agree totally, but if the Wii wasn’t a success, you are right that what is the Wii U now, would have been a more powerful system, similar to previous consoles, that were always the most powerful, thus supporting the best games. Not just their games being the “best” or most popular, but the versions of multi-platform games always being the best. One of the first missteps was not making the gamecube also a DVD player. It might sound stupid, but I know many a playstation 2 owners main thing was that it played DVDs, and of course Blu-Rays with the PS3. The first XBOX made the wrong decision with HD-DVDs, although it was a good effort (sort of). Nintendo must of just thought the Wii would be an intermediary at first, showing some of their R&D in an inexpensive package. Then it blew up and they realized they could save money on tech and because the Wii made so much there wasn’t as much pressure to produce another big winner, even if they had that intent (3DS popularity also figures in not making the Wii U the best system it could be).

                  To be honest, even though I love the Nintendo games, and everyone defends them on here, it would be nice to not only have all the games, but also the best and most innovative versions of those games. Like the motion control and Wii U game pad, or the XBOX’s motion thing, that is the only thing that separates the consoles from a PC which will always be the most powerful (although a console really does make gaming easier since it is a device for the purpose solely for the most part).

                  So, just figured I’d agree with that one sentence and admit that while I really like the Wii U, if it was way more powerful, had a bigger hard drive (why do systems have such small hard drives? I have 96GB on my SD card for camera for Christ’s sake), the game pad was a more streamlined and user friendly device (I do like it, but there is always room to improve) and the thing played blu-ray discs) I would have shelled out $500 for the thing at opening no problem instead of $350.

                    1. The touch screen could be slightly more responsive and the screen could be slightly bigger and the controller itself a little slimmer… I will say that is going a little far, as I think the look and feel is great, but to say it is absolutely perfect wouldn’t be right. Maybe anything more makes it too expensive to make sense as an accompaniment to the system, but if I were to be a tough critic all around (and maybe user friendly isn’t the best way to describe it, as I didn’t go over that post a bunch before commenting) I would say that the design and secondly the use of the gamepad could have been better. I think it is good for solo games and adds a good element with maps and inventories and the like, and there has been some use in the games, but nothing that is roping in more players in my mind and certainly not enough of a pull to tell even %25 of Wii owners that the upgrade is an absolute.

        1. Nintendo isn’t the only company that sells collectable figures… Hasbro, Marvel, DC, etc… Sure, a casual may see it as just a toy, but among collectors, it’s something worth having.

      7. $99 for three amiibos and a game? Maybe im tripping but im more willing to shell that out for a gamecube controller bundle more so than this.

      8. Sorry guys… Had to jump back on and tell you this, just to clarify, you actually have to pay for the fourth Amiibo. I know, bastards, right? They get you with the wording though, which even got me.

        Keyword being “From” $99, don’t ask me why they did this. I have no idea.

        To clarify further, it only comes with three listed and even though it says you can add an additional one of your choosing, when you try to pre-order with that additional Amiibo, the price goes from $99.00 to $111.96.

        I know it is bullshit, sorry.

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      10. I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, I’m playing the game and it’s amazing!
        Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!! :*

      11. It says “order today and will be shipped by dec.31”? If this deal can’t be shipped before Christmas, I don’t see many people getting this. Surely that’s an error.

      12. Man, the price looks basically the same as they would be if each one was bought separately. I’d rather buy one Amiibo at a time.

      13. Can someone please share a smash bros 3ds demo code with me im dying to play smash 3ds and sadly my parents wont even have money to buy me the game when it comes out :( so can someone plz share a code with me i would REALLY appreciate it and thanks in advance :) plz email me at

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