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Smash-Tember Kicks Off On Nintendo Minute

Nintendo Minute has unveiled its first Smash-tember video, focusing entirely on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. The latest episode in the ongoing YouTube series sees hosts Kit and Krysta playing around with the hand-held version of the upcoming fighting title, including battling it out on some of its exclusive stages. Out now in Japan, the game will release in North America and Europe on October 3rd. A demo can be downloaded by certain Club Nintendo members, and it will be available to all users from September 19th through the Nintendo eShop.

51 thoughts on “Smash-Tember Kicks Off On Nintendo Minute”

  1. I just preordered both the wii u and the 3ds version. Now I got to get me either a 3DS XL or a 2DS since I gave my last one away. But I really want the new 3DS XL though.

    1. I know. Its awesome right? Oh yeah. You’re been busy playing that POS Knack to care about anyway. XP Keep trolling in vain. Super Smash Bros. is far better than any PS4 game out this year. Guaranteed.

  2. I have an original 3DS. Should I upgrade to the Smash Bros. Limited Edition XL or wait for the -New- 3DS XL model? The problem is i want a bigger 3DS but i dont know how long i’d wait for the new model…

    1. The new model well most likely come out pretty soon, jan/feb/march march is the end of their fiscal year, and I’m fairly sure they want it out befor then. Seeings how they would have already missed December, which also tells me they have other exclusive games in development for it, that way when December in of next year their well be enough games that the upgrade would be more worth it (metroid maybe?)
      I wouldn’t upgrade just for a larger screen, the XL dues not offer any thing else, and the screen resolution is also the same, so all the pixels get bigger for that larger screen. But I’m definitely holding out to upgrade to the newer XL system

  3. Is anyone planning on using the pro controller for the Wii U version? I just don’t know if the GC controller is that “perfect” as everyone seems to think.

    It sucks that Nintendo chose to release a wires controller instead of a wireless controller like they did before. sigh

    1. I plan to use the pro controller. My GameCube controllers are beginning to fall apart. Only have 2 left (and one’s left side control stick is missing the rubber/plastic grip).

      The thing about GameCube (and wired controllers in general) is that (apparently) there is minimal chance for lagg and disturbances. It’s not something that most normal players would ever notice, but if you are playing professionally, every frame and millisecond counts. But, it’s honestly not a game changer- most people wouldn’t usually ever notice the difference. And the Z and R buttons are in a really good configuration for the GameCube controller, in my opinion. But in terms of comfort, I’d say the Wii U Pro is pretty strong. It’s also more expensive than GameCube controllers.

      There’s also an option for a GameCube Wavebird controller, which is a wireless GameCube controller. Not sure how much these things go for on Amazon/eBay, but getting the adapter and one of these is always an option. I heard GameStop was going to resell Gamcube accessories, so perhaps you might want to check this out in a few months, if you are after some controllers.

  4. Can someone please share a code with me im dying to play smash 3ds and sadly my parents wont even have money to buy me the game when it comes out :( so can someone plz share a code with me i would REALLY appreciate it and thanks in advance :) plz email me at

    1. That and Dark Samus isn’t playable which is BS giving the fact that Sakurai just slaps Dark Pit in it and he’s a direct clone plus Wii Fit being a joke and a waste of a slot.

      Dark Samus
      Ice Climbers
      Dixie Kong
      King K. Rool

      All of these guys, if were included instead of DP, Dr. Mario, Wii Fit, Zero Suit Samus and maybe Mii Fighters (relocate the Mii selection elsewhere), the roster would’ve been THE best Smash Bros. roster yet.

        1. Excuse me but I’m talking about having a little more variety and franchise representation. There’s a few dumb characters and clones that shouldn’t make the cut because either they’re clones or not interesting. The ones I listed actually brings more representation and variety instead of just being another character with familiar moveset and looks.

  5. Tonight 2 EU codes will be given on the site fantacalciopac, if you have club nintendo codes that you don’t use don’t waste them, send them to the admin of the site, thank you.
    I still don’t know if there will be some NA codes, so please don’t ask for it :)

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