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Miiverse: Nintendo Disables Images In Mario & Luigi Community

Due to a bug being discovered in the Mario & Luigi Miiverse community, Nintendo has now disabled users from posting images in that specific section of the social network. The glitch that was discovered yesterday allowed anyone to post any image in that particular Miiverse community leading to some adult images being posted by savvy users. Here’s what Nintendo had to say.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the screenshot feature has been disabled in this community. We are looking into the cause of the problem. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

123 thoughts on “Miiverse: Nintendo Disables Images In Mario & Luigi Community”

        1. actually, that’s different

          since Miiverse’s purpose was to share things of the games and was exploited, it can be patched.

          Swapnote, on the other hand, allowed ANY kind of content. That’s why it was dropped

              1. only a fucking retard thinks the wiiu will be around till 2018 the wiiu will not be supported until 2018 get fucking real bayanetta 2 and future ports of ps4 games wont handle the wiiu

                1. When I say 5-6 years, I mean late 2017 to early 2018 if your reading comprehension wasn’t so fucked. lol

                  And “Bayonetta 2 won’t handle the Wii U”…what? XD Bayonetta 2 IS a Wii U game moron.

          1. the wiiu iswiiu is last gen and i was allways going to say it my next generation console from nintendo has not been reveled by nintendo as it is called the fusion ds that is going to be released you talk like your mario toy and your luigi i dont talk from pictures do you talk from a picture or your real self

            1. I’m gonna stop right there because you’ve just leaped over the borderline of stupidity. I don’t know where to even begin deciphering that sloppy ass comment of yours. Nothing in it makes sense and so do you.

                1. As soon as I saw one of his posts look like a Kindergartner typed it, that’s where I stop. XD Its definitely gotta be some underaged Xbot Fanerd (new insult word I made up. lol) who’s parents that buy him M rated games unsupervised are as braindead as he is. lol

      1. The bug was already patched by the game’s latest update.

        The fact that unpatched versions of the game could also access Miiverse, however, meant that the problem could still persist.

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  1. What is this bug? I can’t imagine how you would be able to do something like this with Nintendo’s system being so restricted. I figured that’d it was only possible to post in game screenshots.

    1. Something about making it possible to post whatever was showing on the screen. If that was indeed the camera app, you could post anything you took a picture of!

    2. it is only possoble to upload game screen shots as you have fucking said that is a fucking fact nintendo has made it so you can not upload dick and nasty pictures

      1. Don’t get the wrong idea! I love the Xbox consoles, but I’m still a Sony/Nintendo guy at heart. Just look at my Madden 13 record on the PS3! (Terry-The-Man) I’m owning in that game! 14-13

          1. Eh, one of those losses is fake since the opponent did a weird wi-fi trick where it made me log-out. Still, they set you up with opponents on your level due to an adapting online engine so it’s better than it looks. Trust me, it’s a blast! #DontGetTheWrongIdea

          1. As your name suggests..

            By the way, I have already preordered Hyrule Warriors and looking to finally preorder that SSB 4 Wii U GC bundle. Great games on the way.

            Just wish there was a way to get back to Miiverse lol. If there weren’t all these strict regulations. But I guess the Big N can’t do that when there are people posting phalluses.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Nice, sadly I won’t be getting Hyrule Warriors now since my resources will go to Bayonetta 2 and Smash Brothers 4…

              I’ll get it eventually though…

              Well, no one should go against High Command without an army or impossible powers…

              Even though I’m a Massive Security Attack Drone Commander,they can still shut me down…

              1. Almost forgot. I’m most likely getting Bayo 2 once it comes out as well. Thank god I saved up.

                The Big N can shut down anyone even if that someone is a Nintendo God. Just look at Ness, Captain Falcon, and The Iceclimbers.

                  1. Just because they are Gods does not mean that they should be left off the hook, haha. Maybe one day the forgotten Gods, Ness; Captain Falcon; The Ice Climbers, will ascend once again..

      1. I don’t know, maybe Nintendo was thinking, the miiverse community would love this kind of trust and freedom and that they may show restraint and maturity.

    1. And they wonder why maturity almost doesn’t exist on Nintendo platforms. Because there is no true maturity from these childish idiots. Seems these people got childish and maturity confused.

  2. no one can put pictures of dicks on miiverse is is even not campatible and is filted by miiverse by the admins i have tried to post game pictures of miiverse it not really happening people are not putting photos of fannys and dicks as posters on miiverse

  3. its more like we dont want to support the fucking wiiu piece of shit please understand nintendo are cunts as they always have been

  4. supermario 3dsworld is not a real mario game because it is a sequal to a handheld game that means it is not a console exsperence its a new3ds game not a wiiu game suckers

  5. the wiiu has had no real mario 3d game as nintendo confirmed the new nintendo 3ds and that new game has been confirmed to be supermario 3dworld2 that will not be a real core mario game as it is really like supermario3dworld for the wiiu exsplosed want a fack nintendo fan you are

  6. the zelda series is not a core series of games anymore. and so is mario and the mario series has no core series of games anymore as it could be supermariosunshine hd sequal or supermariogalaxy3 or supermario4 and supermario5 nintendo is not core anymore but casual

  7. the wiiu could have supermario4 and a sequal to sunshine and a sequal to supermario galaxy2 or the windwaker series so that means i dont need a new 3ds to play the next new main mario games or a sequal to supermario 3dworld

  8. i can play a new zelda game on my 3ds for a little while longer because grezzo is not makeing a new zelda for the new nintendo 3ds because that is called the legend of zelda shrimpshield is is being develpt by a thirdparty develper who works in japan

  9. new zelda game confirmed by a thirdparty develper in japan named GREEZO who worked on the remake of ocerina of time for the 3ds

      1. nintendo said that they are working along side with grezzo for the next zelda game it is not only for the new 3ds but it can be played in the old models and i can play the legend of zelda shrimpshield in my newnintendo3ds but it is for the old 3ds models really

      2. you will have to buy the newnintendo 3ds to play thelegend of zelda shrimpshield it is a exclive to this new nintendo console it wont play in the old models as it wont be compatable

  10. i think that grezzo is working on new zelda games alongside nintendo of japan to be show at the tokyo game show on september 18 in japan

  11. i think grezzo could be trusted to work on the new zelda games alongside anauma supervision and they can be trusted more than capcom in my opinion

  12. discontine the wiiu the wiiu has failed as a online console with real parentel controls to stop adult content on it a patch wont fix it you can not patch miiverse like you can not patch bayanetta2 for the wiiu game to handle 60phs or 50phs because the wiiu needs to be discontinued if the users can not be trusted with it and stop using it badly and being nasty on it then the wiiu will be discontinued and not supported

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