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Spikey Walls Set To Take Flight In European Wii U eShop By Early Next Year has announced via Twitter that Spikey Walls will grace the European Wii U eShop by early next year. The Flappy Bird clone has seen success on the North American eShop, largely due to its cheap as chips price tag and addictive nature.

But the grumpy little fly isn’t content with conquering the eShop charts overseas, so will spread its wings and set its sight on landing during the first quarter of 2015 in Europe. Pricing has yet to be revealed, but will surely stick within its low price range.

The developer also mentioned Europe would receive Blok Drop x Twisted Fusion – a cross-over between the addictive puzzle game and the lavish open world platformer by developer Leuvsion – within the same time frame.

22 thoughts on “Spikey Walls Set To Take Flight In European Wii U eShop By Early Next Year”

  1. yo i gonna list evrything that iz only 4 kids-nentindo, anime, skool, mannerz, anime, nentindo, nentindo, a job

    here iz wat reel men ar all about sun-
    swag, micosoft, call of doody, swag, xbox, fps gam, not nentindo

  2. LOL Nintendo has to rely on dumb flappybird clones to stay in business! Why can’t they make decent games? I’ll go back to playing COD on Xbox One with Ron and Hermoine.

  3. so its another knock off version of flappy birds? easy money for them i guess. shows they have no skills in developing video games though.

    Now I'm totally addicted to the new Flappy Bird clone on Wii U. (Spikey Walls) Thanks @rcmadiax! #eShop— Muhammad (@AbidEMuhammad) September 21, 2014

    they’re not even afraid to admit it.

  4. I’ll tell you h’what, my PS4 can run on propane but my Wii U doesn’t. I don’t want Bobby playing that got dang devil of a console.

  5. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

    “After a successful launch weekend, I can now confirm #SpikeyWalls will fly its way to Europe in Q1 2015! EXCITE!!! ”

    “EXCITE” is an over statement
    in fact mildly indifferent is an overstatement
    in fact an overstatement would be the testament to why this game exists.

  6. Why will porting this to a PAL Wii U take more than a day? The game barely took more than a day to make… From “What shall we make?” To “let’s send this to Nintendo.”

    Sad thing is that people are actually buying this…

  7. HOLY FUCKING SHIT!! SPIKY WALLS?!?! Ign Game of the Year!!! Fuck Splatoon!! Fuck Zelda U! Fuck Smash Bros!! SPIKY WALLS ALL THE WAAAAAYYYYY!!! 10000000/10!!

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