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Here’s Some Sonic Boom Wii U Footage From Tokyo Game Show

Last week’s Tokyo Game Show gave us a look at plenty of games that are currently in development and one of those games is Sonic Boom for the Wii U. The demo shows off a new stage for Knuckles and Amy in Sonic Boom and also gives us a first look at some of the 2D gameplay featured in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric.

Thanks, Don B

32 thoughts on “Here’s Some Sonic Boom Wii U Footage From Tokyo Game Show”

    1. I’m not sure about Sonic Boom. The concept is pretty cool and from what I’ve been seeing the gameplay is fine, but I wanna know if Sega used the GamePad well for this game. I do hope it won’t be a failure like Sonic Lost World though..

      1. SEGA is a publisher. Big Red Button Entertainment is developing Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (a Sonic spin-off) this time. You don’t have to worry about last year’s Sonic Lost World that Sonic Team had made.

      2. It looks like utter and total shit. Tedious, repetitive gameplay, unbearable voice acting, generic music, etcetera, etcetera! All hallmarks of a typical Sonic game. It must feel awful for you furfaglets to get one mediocre Sonic game after another. Haha or maybe you’ve grown so used to it that you actually think every one is good! Pathetic, delusional SEGA-ass-suckers!

  1. I feel like the game looks kinda sloppy still like the camera and character movements aren’t fluid Shouldn’t it be farther along than this

  2. I honestly don’t think this game will do good. I having feeling it’ll do a bit better than Lost World but that’s not saying much.

  3. this sonic game looks boring.
    i dont even look at the whole footage.
    i want just speed… speed… jump n run.

  4. I don’t understand how some people talk so bad, when the game is not released yet
    (the owner of the site should censor some inappropriate comment)
    to me personally, I like this game (this step reminds me of a level of Wario Land…)
    but I wait the final version and review…

  5. I don’t understand some people. Sonic fans especially. What kind of game play styles made up Sonic Adventure? Speed sections with Sonic and Tails. Exploration and platforming areas with Knuckles and Amy, shoot em up sections with E102 and Fishing with Big. Sonic Adventure 2 had the speed, exploration and shoot em up sections.

    Sonic fans refuse to believe Sonic 2006 is Adventure 3 (hint, it is) but they clamor for Adventure 3. What does this game have? Speed sections, beat em up sections, platforming and exploration sections. 2D and 3D gameplay. I think it looks pretty good for what it is trying to be. It’s not Sonic Colors of Sonic Generations, but it’s not trying to be.

    IDK, sometimes it seems people will only be happy if they take the Sonic Generations engine, completely re-do all the original Genesis Sonic games in that style, and allow you to play as Sonic/Tails/Knuckles and have them play the way they all did in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and/or have modern and classic versions of all the stages and give Tails and Knuckles a boost mechanic.

    1. I too am a fan of Sonic and I’m convinced that Sonic must evolve as Mario and not to be clinging to the past.
      see, for example, Mario Sunshine I really like because it is different from the previous and also uses the moves of Mario 64.
      Super Mario Sunshine shares many similar gameplay elements with its predecessor, Super Mario 64, whilst introducing various new gameplay features.
      In Mario Sunshine, he is joined by a robotic backpack named FLUDD (Flash Liquidizing Ultra Dousing Device), which uses the power of water to clean away slime and help Mario reach new places. Mario starts with two default nozzles for FLUDD, Spray and Hover, which he can quickly switch between. The Spray nozzle lets Mario squirt a stream of water which he can use to clean slime, attack enemies, and activate certain mechanisms. The Hover nozzle lets Mario hover in the air for a short period of time, allowing him to cross large gaps while simultaneously spraying things directly below him. As the game progresses, Mario unlocks two additional nozzles for FLUDD which can substituted with the Hover nozzle; the Rocket nozzle, which shoots Mario high up into the air; and the Turbo nozzle, which moves Mario at high speeds, allowing him to run across water and break into certain areas. Each of FLUDD’s nozzles use water from its reserves, which can be refilled via water sources such as rivers or fountains. There are also some areas where FLUDD is taken away from Mario, forcing him to rely on his natural platforming abilities.

      as a conclusion:
      a Sonic that flows only just at speeds 120 km in 2014 has no meaning…
      I repeat that I like this game :)
      but I wait the final version and review… confident :)

  6. Why does everyone hate on Sonic!?! Lost World was amazing. This looks like a lot of fun… Nothing’s ever good enough for you people!

    1. Lost World, (aka Flop World) amazing?! You really have your head deep in your own anus. Pull it out buddy. Lost World was a piece of shit. Not to mention it was a blatant rip off of Mario galaxy.

  7. This game looks terrible. The character movement looks as clunky as 1st generation, 2nd tier 3D platformer (N64/PSX era), and the graphics look like an up-res of a Gamecube/Wii game. The game is CLEARLY not built upon the merits of its gameplay mechanics ir stage design, but instead in nothing but a poor quality tie-in to the animated series.

    All I want from future Sonic titles is a solid gameplay engine with tight feeling speed and momentum based physics that make every stage feel like a playground where running the loops and bouncing off springs never gets old. After that, story and character design can come later … making it look as good as it can without sacrificing a moment of playability. A New look would be nice. Not just “Scarves” on the characters, but a total stylistic refresh of the world and characters to get away ftom the “Sonic Style” art of Billboard eyes and black-bean noses that were already feeling tired and old by the late 90’s.

    Let it look different and new, but play more like the spirit of the original games, where it was as much a physics simulation experiment in playing as a Ball Bearing in a world of ramps, loops and springs (more, actually) as a game of catchy music, iconic yet simple characters and laberenthian exploration.

    This Sonic Boom Game, and almost every 3D sonic game for that matter, is completely getting it backwards. They are soo focused on making things LOOK fast and exciting, and making the characters LOOK like their cartoon show counterparts that they sacrifice playability to give you unplayable quicktime events and animations, restrict character movement to suit the character models and animation style … and they have just completely forgotten to include the living-pinball, pseudo-physics, rolling-momentum based gameplay that made the Sprite Based originals so fun, timeless and entertaining in the first place.

    They need to stop crafting games that cater to the Sonic expanded-univese fan community, and just focus on making games where it is fun to push a spiky blue ball in one direction or another Really, Really Fast and delight in how PHYSICS (not on-rails paths, or scripted quicktime animations) make it roll and bounce and fly off the ends of ramps, or around giant loops … the way it used to be. Add great music, silly stage design and a simple story about rescuing forest animals from the bug baddie and So long as Sonic and Pals are there, the fans will come.

    I’m so sick of these themed, scripted, BS Sonic games. 2 decades later and the 16 bit originals are still more fun to play. Lost World actually at least LOOKED fun (but wasn’t when I actually played it). This one doesn’t even look like it is fun to play. Count me out.

    1. *Note* … it is really hard to avoid frequent typos when your mobile device does not spell-check and often does not let you see what you are typing on a laggy touch-screen keyboard. … or place the edit cursor anywhere below the 25th line, other than the very bottom, requiring entire paragraphs to be deleted and retyped to fix a single error.

      I should really just turn on my PC and log in again if I have something to say and avoid this low-res screen, android 2.3.5 hassle. (*said while still typing this from my android)

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