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Mother 4 Is Coming But It’s Made By The Fans

A team of talented individuals fed up of waiting for Mother 4 have decided to go it alone and make it their own. The fan made project will be coming later this year to PC, Mac and Linux for free. Mother 4 will remain faithful to the previous games and will look virtually identical to the games made before. You can watch a trailer, above.

Thanks, Wii U Master Race

52 thoughts on “Mother 4 Is Coming But It’s Made By The Fans”

      1. Lame. This is not even close to being Mother 4. It’s fan made, period. They could probably name it Mommy 4 or something along those lines.

        1. Are you judging something you’ve never played? Shigesato Itioi himself gave them his blessing and permission to use the name Mother 4. They’ve worked their butts off don’t be so rude

    1. Thx for posting, this trailer is literally 2013 if u check, but always great to remind ppl that a mother 4 is happening

      Im so incredibly hyped for this, i just wish i could pay for it so they can put more work into it

  1. Honestly I wish Nintendo was more willing to use their somewhat obscure franchises. The Wii U’s probably gonna sell 30-40 million at most in its lifetime, which is perfectly fine by me, but why not use this generation to experiment on their old titles? I’m all open for a Kid Icarus-like reboot of stuff like F-Zero, even the Mother series. I wanna see what huge changes/innovation Nintendo can bring to their games :)

  2. Bullshit, these fans have a lot of nerve using not only the concept and gameplay of a game but actually using the IP’s name itself. Fuck ’em! Nintendo better make these guys cease and desist right the fuck now!

    1. This has been going on for years and Nintendo hasn’t lifted a finger. I doubt they will now.

      Besides, it’s not like they’re doing this for profit anyway. Just a bunch of fans doing what they love. Nintendo should be impressed with how many people love the franchise.

    2. No, this is legal. The creator of Mother welcomed fans to create a sequel, because Nintendo wasn’t going to (nor did he want to). Nintendo didn’t even correct them. And why so angry about that copyright bullshit? They’re making the game BECAUSE THEY ARE REAL FANS OF THE SERIES AND ENJOY THE GAMES. They aren’t even making money off this!

    3. Wtf is wrong with you!? They asked permission form shines a to it on and he said that if is carries the same spirit of the series he’ll consider it a true sequel. How Could you be so ingreatful ?

          1. No you aren’t understanding. Itoi already said that he’s done with Earthbound. There isn’t going to be another so this is all we get and he already gave his blessing to these guys.

            In case you still don’t get it.

            Itoi, the director. Has already said that he’s done with earthbound. The series is over, its done, finito, no more.

            1. Right…so let it be done. If he doesn’t want to make more, then nobody else should make more. It’s like if I created Gary The Sewer Man and stopped after 2 games. Nobody should make a 3rd one for me even if it has a lot of fans.

      1. This IS original Itioi dropped it opened the slot for fans to continue the series. He even gave them permission to use the name. This is completely legal

    1. Itoi said in an interview that he welcomed fans to make a sequel themselves. Nintendo never corrected him. Therefore, they gave approval for Mother 4 to be created by fans, and this is legal.

  3. -Facepalm- The game has been in development since 2008. And Nintendo hasn’t done anything. It’s not making any profit what so ever so I can see why Nintendo has laid back. Not to mention Itoi said if the fans made a MOTHER 4 he would play it.

  4. Nintendo can’t stop them from making the game. They can only stop them from releasing the game. Which I guarantee you they will. I’d like to see a new Mother game too, but only if it’s made by Nintendo. It’s not right to just steal someone’s work like this. I hope it is never released.

    1. Itoi wanted fans to create it….. It’s not stolen… And yes, they CAN stop production of the game. Things like this happen all the time. Where did you get that crazy idea from?

      1. No, they cannot stop a game from being made for personal use. You can go on your computer right now, and make mario galaxy 3. For your own personal use. Nintendo cannot stop you from doing that as long as it is all original work. Your work. It’s when you try to distribute the game is when you run into legal problems. I do believe in this day and age youtube could be a form of distribution, so you could potentially get copywrite infringment for that. Obviously all the youtubers getting flagged is proof of this.

        Don’t confuse this with pirating exisiting work. That is illegal even for personal use obviously.

    2. They didn’t steal his work. It’s a completely original story. Itoi even gave them permission to use the name. Itoi is never going to make another Mother game so he said himself that if fans wanted to they could carry on the series. This is completely legal

  5. I thought Earthbound was a grinding piece of shit game anyway. The teaser does look good though, props to those guys, guess it’ll please the fans.

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