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Check Out The Adorable New Fantasy Life Trailer

Nintendo UK has uploaded a new Fantasy Life trailer before its release this upcoming Friday. The near four-minute trailer takes a look at living your life to the full with the ability to switch between twelve different jobs, ranging from Hunter and Magician to Cook and Tailor.

Discover your unique talents and travel around Reveria, slaying monstrous beasts and collecting bounties or materials to use in another life. Spend hours roaming the mountain peaks and forests, or take up a number of quests for your chosen life. Fantasy Life will arrive for the 3DS in Europe on September 26, and October 24 for North America.

10 thoughts on “Check Out The Adorable New Fantasy Life Trailer”

    1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

      I don’t really like it either, but I’ve been trying to find a game that I can play with my long distance girlfriend. And this is looking like the best alternative for…

  1. Kid-ish in nature, this game lacks a stragetic combat system, and is also taken down a notch for its non-combat roles being, to me as it may appear, repetitive….

    Though the multiplayer mode could keep one entertained for hours…

    Superior RPG are out there for serious gamers, but one looking for simple joy will love this game…

  2. I cannot wait for my pre order to arrive at my doorstep. It’s like Pokémon and Animal Crossing together (I think). Looks amazing! 30 Euro on if anyone is interested :)

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  4. Yea, I agree with you NintendoCore. This game is just a little too child-ish for my taste. The idea has so much potential though. If they just made the characters a little less child-like, added a pinch of strategy to the battle system and make the enemies just a bit more dark looking, this could be a really amazing game. I will still buy this game, becouse I do like the multiplayer side of it. It has potential, but I think ultimately level 5 games missed a good opportunity to make something really amazing here. Final Fantasy Explorers looks like an improved version of this game… Too bad we wont see that one…

    And I also don’t like how they call the class systems “lives”. They should just call them jobs, or classes. Anyways, I’ll give it a shot.

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