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Watch Dogs Wii U Won’t Be Getting DLC Or A Season Pass

The official Ubisoft Twitter account has confirmed that the forthcoming Watch Dogs on Wii U won’t be getting downloadable content or a season pass. The company pulled the aforementioned tweet, but that didn’t stop a Reddit user from posting it. Ubisoft announced that the Watch Dogs Bad Blood DLC is being released today for all the platforms that the game is currently released on.

288 thoughts on “Watch Dogs Wii U Won’t Be Getting DLC Or A Season Pass”

        1. Says the retard who attacks someone for merely saying people will buy this game. You have issues. People are allowed to express their opinion. You don’t agree, then state that. No need to call people retards all the time. Grow up.

      1. The Wii U aspects aren’t trash the Wii U is probably the most friendly development console in the market you can patch a game and update it with more ease in the Wii U, it’s friendly with the indie industry it has backwards compatibility which the Ps 4 lacks so because that’s sony way to release re-releases and make money the safe way why do you think that a the last of us remaste red and the new tomb raiden were realease? The only reason why developers ignore the Wii U despise been the second best console of the market is due the gamepad that developers don’t want to take advantage of it that and that the so call core audience and the AAA industry only focus on Shooters that sell well despise alot of them having bad scores in review like COD and most recently Destiny is like the michael bay’s movie equivalent of the gaming industry everyone say they suck and yet people bought them anyway besides developers should focus on making a great game before gaining money that’s why there is a new COD and Asscreed at least ones a year now and trust me going to hurt the industry on the long run if they don’t stop but is not going to stop Cuz gaming companies only care about money numbers rather than making good game and gaining trust and respect from the consumers

    1. I was going to buy it when they first announced the game, but after the delay I decided against it, also there are other far more interesting games coming out for the WiiU which I’d rather focus on. Ubisoft pissed me off twice with their delays of Rayman (in favor of other consoles) and then the delay of Watchdogs (again in favor of the other consoles) so to hell with them.

    1. This move proves otherwise. They’re saving money by not investing more into something that has already been condemned by Nintendo “fans”.

      Even if they put the DLC on there, chances are only a handful of people would buy it.

      Side Note:
      The game wasn’t that good anyway.

      1. Fuck. It sounds like you’ve played it… Did it get boring like AC3, for a Nintendo gamer with no open world games is there any chance I’ll like it?

        My interest has been severely shaken in this game, and not simply because ubisoft made it.

        1. I didn’t like AC III at all but it’s a different type of open world game. It’s more sandbox than just open world.

          For me, it was kind of boring from the start. If you have very limited open world experience, it might be fun for you. Overall though, I just thought it was a lackluster title. It had no real personality or anything to keep me playing.

            1. Don’t worry, Hollow. I enjoyed playing Assassin’s Creed 3. I really enjoyed playing as Connor. In fact, I was able to relate to him more than I was with Edward. Although, I did enjoy playing Edward immensely! It was awesome playing as a pirate with ninja skills. Too bad Ubishit went full retard on us with Watch Dogs for Wii U. I would have gladly gotten the game if they didn’t bury it themselves.

      2. We never would have condemned it, though, if Ubisoft didn’t go full retard on us with the Wii U port. Oh well. Their loss.

      3. Well what do you expect Ubisoft has been really jerky with the Wii U owners first with ZombieU lack of effort in the game ( it really looks like something they made to grab a quick buck) then Rayman which i think it doesn’t need explenation then there is the lack of support for the splinter cell port of the Wii U and yet still ubisoft ask why the core Wii U audience don’t buy their games besides ubisoft themselves amid that they only make games now only if they can make franchises to Milk which may explain why Watch Dogs sequelbaits so hard is not the Wii U fault neither Wii U owners fault; it’s Ubisoft own fault for treating their Wii U costumers like they don’t matter

    1. The Church of Sasori would like to praise its high priest Sickr for showing these Wiifags what they truly invested in…. And what’s that you may say. A box full of AIDS…. A gaming box with a terminal disease that Nintendo Commanders father couldn’t even suck off. We praise you sickr and we praise you Sasori Aizen for your forgiving of their sins..

      We offer you Selina Ruiz so you may “dispense” your spiritual offering….

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        Shrek is love…
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        1. ^lol at this clown
          even high priest sickr (lord sasori aizen’s fiancee) knows xbox one is superior and what is it about: eating doritos ’till death, drinking mountain dew until your bladder explodes while hailing some good ol’ satan.
          sasori forgive the drones and drive them on the right path

  1. Shocking. ubisoft is determined to piss off every Wii U owner to justify their own laziness. There’s no reason for this other than a way out of anything to do with Nintendo.

    1. Ubisoft was the Wii U’s biggest third party publisher when it first launched and Nintendo fans didn’t buy their games. Ubisoft not releasing DLC on the Wii U is likely a result of Nintendo fans letting Ubisoft down.

      1. I don’t think it’s really Nintendo fans fault. Just the fact that there aren’t enough people that own Wii U’s that are interested in these type of games. Look at Xbox One for example. That’s sold less than the Wii U but more people buy third party games on that system because that’s what they’re more interested in.

          1. In this article, Hollow’s with us on Ubishit being assholes towards us & accepts the fact we have every right to be pissed, but then goes right back to defending them in the Child of Light article and acting like we are in the wrong & should just lie down & take it. Maybe I should call him a flip flopper in a more serious tone. Every other time I called him that, I was mostly kidding.

            1. He’s a blind ass hypocritical sheep. He claims to be piss and even wouldn’t support them but still do it anyway. This is one of those moments when you realize people like him are beyond the stupid scale.

              1. That is complete and utter bullshit. How am I stupid just because I want to play their games? I could say the same thing about anyone that supports a company I don’t like. But I don’t because I’m not gonna stoop to that level. You can keep your Wii U and play only Nintendo games for all I care. I got one too so I’m not missing out on anything. And I’m gonna be enjoying third party games in the future when I get another platform. Just because you don’t like the company doesn’t mean you have to start taking trash every time you see someone say something positive about one of their games. Don’t treat video games like it’s a serious issue because it really isn’t. Just buy the games you want and enjoy! All the damn drama isn’t necessary.

            2. Where did I say Ubisoft was asshole? Stop trying to twist my words. And when I say Nintendo fans, I’m referring to the ones that play all the types of games. Not the ones that only own Wii U’s and talk shit about every third party. Those are considered “fanboys”. And they aren’t who I’m talking about. I want to ask you a question. If the Wii U never existed, would you be playing Ubisoft games? If the answer is no, then stop complaining about them not making games anymore. Common sense would tell you to get another platform to play them on. And I don’t care if you call me a sheep. Insults are worthless to me. I don’t have time to argue with people with that don’t want to have a decent conversation and resort to insults.

      2. Zombi U was a game that was simply re-tooled from an existing game build that was originally going to be about aliens, and was going to be released on PS360.
        Ubisoft took that game, which didn’t cost Jack to make since they already had the ground work done for it, and released it, buggy and all, to the Wii U install base when it was still tiny.
        That game went on to sell 700k copies.
        Seven hundred THOUSAND copies.
        To an install base that numbered LESS THAN 3 MILLION.
        In other words, it sold to nearly 1/3rd of the user base!
        And then Ubisoft had the gall to say it didn’t meet expectations.

        Dude, Nintendo gamers DID support Ubisoft.
        Don’t let them fool you into thinking otherwise.
        Ubisoft betrayed US. Not the other way around.

        1. I guess. But low install base or not, 700k is actually pretty terrible. :/ Especially when Ubisoft’s other games sell millions.

          1. But unlike their other games, Zombi U didn’t cost nearly as much to make.
            So they did more than break even with Zombi U; they made profit.
            They just decided that it wasn’t ENOUGH profit.
            They wanted AC4 levels of profit out of a game that didn’t have even half the time or care put into its creation.
            Does that not seem outlandish to you?

          2. no its not! if any game gets anywhere cose to a million its successful. especially when it costed them so little to make the game.

        2. Assassin’s Creed III, Assassin’s Creed IV, Rayman Legends, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Child of Light, etc. say otherwise.

          Ubisoft is trying to make money first. Not spend money and see no returns.

          Games development is expensive and now not even 1,000,000 copies sold is enough to break even with a lot of these bigger budget games.

          1. Like I and others have said, Zombi U didn’t cost nearly as much to make as most of their other games did.
            They actually made profit off of that 700K because of how inexpensive it was, yet they still said that it wasn’t enough for them.
            That’s just greedy, especially considering the size of the install base they were trying to sell to.

            1. I didn’t bring up ZombiU. Ubisoft put many other games on the system after ZombiU.

              You should also note that a lot of those sales figures of ZombiU include the bundled games that came with the Wii U deluxe. How much of a profit do you think Ubisoft really made from that game?

              I could put $1,000,000 into a business and make $1,002,000. Do you think that $2,000 profit is worth it? Not to anyone with good business sense.

              1. Yeah, but their comments regarding how disappointed they were with Zombi U’s profits was the beginning of the trust-breakage with the Nintendo fanbase.
                And Zombi U DID make quite a bit more profit than people think it did, because, as people said, it didn’t cost nearly as much as their other projects.
                It wasn’t nearly as bad as a 2k profit. I imagine they got at least double what they put into its development, all things considered.

      3. No it’s not Wii U owners fault nor is the Wii U fault it’s Ubisoft own damn fault for putting effort into their Wii U game and Wii U ports; ZombieU was a lackluster that seem that ubisoft made just for a quick money grab, Rayman been dalayed and then port it to other consoles to sale before the Wii U version then later not support it despide the fact that the Wii U version of the game is truly the ultimate edition of the game then not including the DLC for the Wii U version of AssCreed 3 and after that the lack of support for the Wii U version of Splinter Cell which it was probably what make the Wii U owner finally snap then the whole AssCreed 4 fiasco which it make things worse after that the Wii U community pretty much lost their trust in Ubisoft with all this bad Attitude to the Wii U owners and Ubisoft still has the guts to say the Wii U owners are not interest in mature hardcore games it’s not the Wii U owners fault that their game don’t sale well it’s Ubisoft own Fault for treating Wii U owners like they don’t matter that’s why the Wii U community started OperationPlatinum to prove Ubisoft and the rest of the gaming industry that there is a Wii U core audience that Wii U owners do buy Mature Games they just don’t buy crap

      4. Well It’s Ubisoft own Fault for Giving Wii U owner mediocre titles like ZombieU and horrible ports like Splinter Cell Black List Ubisoft only gives Wii U owners the short end of the stick

      1. No we don’t hate 3rd party titles we are just tired of been treated poorly by Ubisoft and the rest of the AAA industry we want good games and ports not have baked games like ZombieU or Bad ports like Splinter Cell black list we do want mature games but Ubisoft only give us crap

    1. Meanwhile at Ubisoft
      “Yeah we are porting Watch Dogs to the Wii U… What? What is that? You think we should put the DLC in the game? Well screw you, you ain’t getting it do you know how much would that cost? Do you think we are platinum games to put effort and hard work in a the game? No! We need a way to rip off Wii U gamers more money Muhahaha

  2. Hype Dogs? Unrelatedly, Ubisoft can do die in a hole!

    …Well, since they originated in France, the “hole” part is a bit redundant, innit.

    1. sorry you will have to explain to me why the fact they originated from France make the hole part redundant ????? Cause from what I can gather that a racist comment. And insulting every soldiers (Enlgish, US, French, Belgium and many othr nationality) who fought and died during the war.

  3. I am sorry for calling all Wii U games baby games…I think the Wii U must deserve more…I still love ps4 but Wii U is not baby games.

  4. Who cares? Ubisoft has generally published poorly made games on Nintendo systems. Remember Farcry Vengence or their over hyped attempt at Redsteel? The only exception (that I can think of) is Rayman.

            1. Hopefully they’re optimized for PC. At least The Crew will be since that seems to be the version they’re putting the most work into but Ubisoft has had a shaky track record when it comes to PC versions of games.

              1. I’ve heard. They better not dare do a “console port” with Assassin’s Creed Unity like they did with Watch Dogs. I don’t know why in the world they make you need such high specs when it isn’t really worth it since WD doesn’t look that great unlike the E3 demo. Sigh.

    1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

      Hey Captain. I’ve been meaning to re-create Mynintendonews in the form of a minidrama. I was going to use Tomodachi life, but it’s already populated to the brim… I want all of our most popular and loved Users…and…sasori… To be included in the wonderful story that will be the personification of the blog! The internet is not ready for MYNINTENDOLIFE~ A drama upon thee.

        1. No. They lied about everything. Starting from Rayman being exclusive, utilizing the Wii U’s full potential which they never did, 2 AC games ported over with nothing and now this. I say FUCK YOU to Ubisoft. I hope Sakurai updates Smash Bros. to remove all existences and reminders of Ubisoft like that Rayman trophy and thank god he ain’t in the game.

      1. And then they’ll blame us for the fact it didn’t sell, ignoring the fact they fucked the game’s sales up themselves.

  5. Why am I not surprised? Ubi is trying to keep that hook a little longer with this game, and make a sucker out of gamers again.

    I sincerely thank Sickr for posting this, otherwise nobody will know how Ubi will be screwing Wii U owners when they buy this game delayed, most likely at full price and no DLC.

  6. Well, it doesn’t matter to me. But it’s not like the game would’ve sold that well anyways to justify putting it on there. Nintendo fans have been saying how ever since the game got delayed that they wouldn’t even buy it so this shouldn’t affect most of them anyways. Good thing I read this news because now I will skip the Wii U version. I feel sorry for anyone that actually wanted the DLC, but if it concerns you that much, you can just buy another platform like I plan to do. Anyways, about the game, I definitely am interested in the Bad Blood DLC. Aiden doesn’t really seem like that interesting of a character but I definitely like his wardrobe. I think it’s cool. Lol.

          1. Don’t start taking anger out on me just because they aren’t making any games for Wii U. That’s not going to work.

    1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

      It’s their own damn faults. I loved Splinter cell black list so much. I really wanted this game. But what they’re doing is NAUGHT COOL. I hear them claiming that the WIi U edition is going to be superior. Honestly though, I imagine them sitting around, having playing paper soccer tournaments, and waiting for the release date so that they can just do something else already. -_- *Mega sigh*

      1. Lol Watch Dogs’ DLC is nothing special anyways. You won’t really be missing much. I’m just skipping the Wii U version anyways because I want the Bad Blood DLC.

      2. I loved Blacklist as well. One of the best single-player FPS (sorta) games I’ve played. Way better than CoD and lots of side missions. ZombiU remains a favorite of mine and I like the Navel battles in Black Flag and don’t see any glitches people mention.

        I was looking forward to this, but it’s been getting horrible, horrible user reviews on every platform. Not to mention Ubisoft admired it wasn’t that great. Soooo, now I don’t know. :/

        1. Don’t even bother looking at the reviews. Watch Dogs may not be the greatest game ever, but it doesn’t deserve 1’s and 2’s. Those are just a bunch of people that got disappointed by the game and decided to write terrible reviews for it. I haven’t played it, but I would probably give it a 7. It loss like a decent game. Not mind blowing or anything, but decent. Try the game when it becomes a lower price or get it used or something.

            1. Indeed! I would love an Edit button!

              There are just sooooo many bad user reviews on metactitic…for every platform. X.x That makes me worried. :/

              1. I suggest you watch Angry Joe’s review for Watch Dogs. He pretty much summed it up. Heck, he even mention the horrible reviews people are giving it and said it doesn’t deserve those. Lol bunch of overreacting gamers.

        2. i thought about buying zombie u. I played the demo before buying it and the demo kept glitching out! i’d try to recover my belongings off my old character and everytime i would start the character would freeze in action but the game would continue on. i already heard of plenty of other glitches in the game so i passed. doubt i’m really missing anything anyway.

    2. But that’s no fucking excuse to pull this kind of BS. They already drove away the fans by delaying the game..for a fuvking map on Gamepad thus lying about taking advantage of it and now instead of trying to win them back, they pull this shit off, as I expected.

      Now you see why we hate Ubisoft or you’re still gonna shove the blame up the pissed off fans ass? B/

      1. Well I do see that now. But I’m already getting another platform due to the Wii U’s lack of third party. So it doesn’t really affect me as much as other people here. But I would have bought it on Wii U if the DLC was there.

      2. This was a smart move. I do agree, that sadly it will probably sell horribly on WiiU. (we’ll see I guess) and there may be enough Ubi-haters that they heard ya loud and clear and are raising the white flag.

        1. How was it smart? They did nothing but anger the “almost” entire Nintendo fanbase (who have a brain and not sucking their dicks) by gimping games and never tried making themselves a positive name for Nintendo. Fuck them and fuck the idiots within our own fanbase licking their balls hoping for a bone.

  7. Even though I most probably would have not bought the DLC…
    Had something for that, but lost interest in the topic, I’ll wait for the steam sale for it to be 5€, closer to what its actually worth.

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  9. I am Sailor Moon! I am an enemy of Ubisoft! I will right wrongs and triumph over evil! In the name of the moon, I’ll punish those lazy turds!

          1. Don’t let the door hit me on the way out then! Still, Ubisoft is trying their hardest and we need to support them. I actually almost got Rayman, but then I decided to get it for the Playsattion. We all just need to plunge forward!

                1. *facepalm* Why should we support Ubisoft when they aren’t even supporting us.

                  And trying their hardest!? I have a video for that line of yours, dreager.

                  1. Well, we don’t need to support them with money, but with determination and trust. They gave the Wii U a few chances and it didn’t pan out. Let them wait a few years and then try again after Smash Bros increases the install base.

                    I guess that line didn’t fly huh? DX

                    1. Maybe. If they come back & give ACTUAL support to the Wii U & give us a reason to trust them again, then just maybe. Til then, fuck them.

              1. It probably won’t, but I’ll remind you that most ubi-haters also said this version wasn’t coming either. And for better or worse, it’s coming.

        1. The hypes over, they’ve seen it getting bad reviews, I’m worried it’s not going to be that good, even if the WiiU version is the best one. :/

          I think THEY believe Watchdogs is mostly a universal failure and have given up on this version. They’re going to lose money on the WiiU version, and they don’t want to lose more than they already are. Hopefully they’ve weighed that against how much they’ll lose by adding more gasoline to the burning bridge between them and Nintendo fans…

          1. They’re definitely treading a dangerous line here. They’re really going to need to make sure that the sequel is amazing to get everyone back on board. It’s supposed to come out next year or 2016 right? They should have enough time to pull if off.

      1. For fuck sake Ubisoft, if you keep giving us shitty ports; then no one will buy it, when are you going to learn, if you’re going to put in the work to bring this to Wii U, then at least give people the full package, nobody will buy this game, gamers don’t appreciate being fucked up the ass.

          1. Xbone/PS4 owners have nothing to worry about because they are getting Ubisoft’s games and all the DLC content.

      2. Now just waiting for the news

        ‘Watch Dogs delayed until next year’


        ‘Watch Dogs cancelled for Wii U due to technical reasons’

          1. When I first heard of rayman as an exclusive wii u game with a release date of February, i had a lot of respect for the early suport from ubisof, and i wasn’t the only one, but delay after delay, and actions like this one, i just couldn’t understand what happened to ubi :/ i truly have no words to explain this behavior of them….. :(

              1. Commander, I’ve been practicing on the demo version of smash, I’ve been eager to fight you, prepare yourself! I WILL DESTROY YOU! I shall be the new commander, YOU’LL BOW BEFORE ME! XD hahaha :p

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  You still have 2 months left for training until Smash Brothers Wii U comes out, I don’t even care for the 3DS version right now…

                    1. Such confidence, i can hardly wait to taste your oily tears of frustration when you realize that you can’t even land a hit on me, the bigger the ego the sweeter the victory :) am gonna have fun, i am gonna have so…..much……FUN! O:

            1. But Nintendo delays a game and it’s “Don’t rush a game! It’s cool!”
              Then it’s released with no voice chat, or no online, or shitty use of the game pad, and somehow it’s not gimped?

              Nintendoland I’d the only Nintendo game that comes close to rivaling the creative and innovative ways Ubisoft developed for with ZombiU and Splintercell and hell, even Rayman did decent with the game pad! Nintendo doesn’t do jack shit with it. (no offence to you, just sayin’)

      3. I’m gonna wait a bit…to see if Ubi does a 180 and release a GOTY Watch Dogs for Wii U. If the controls are gimmicky (with only map functionality), I’m just gonna pick up the Xbox One version.

      4. They’re TRYING to make me care less and less about this game lol. All they had to do was give us a GOTY Edition to make up for the late ass port but nope. So far (without seeing any sales first) they’re announcing that they won’t release DLC even before the game is out. If they really didn’t want to make this they should’ve just canceled it months ago, or just stopped talking about it like Destiny did. I suppose they’re hoping to leach some $$$ and hype from the new Wii U’s being sold around these next few months when people will be buying them as presents with Super Smash Bros. 4, Bayonetta 2 and Mario Kart 8.

        They could’ve AT LEAST gave a heads up to the Wii U core base and said hey, if it sells well enough we’ll give you guys the DLC later in one pack for a little less, and if that does well too we’ll think about Watch Dogs 2 Wii U in the future. Instead they’re (just barely) releasing this game like they were forced to because they advertised it forever ago…

        1. Hmm, I don’t know, revealing the issue concerning the DLCs -after- the release of the game would have given them even more negative backlash I believe. At least they decided to be honest about it instead of giving people a nasty surprise after they actually spent money on the game. If I intended to get the game, I’d want to find out about things like this in advance, not after buying it.

          1. I never said they should’ve kept it a secret- i’m actually glad they said this beforehand. I was just saying that before the game is announced they’ve already told us that the Wii U will not be getting Watch Dogs 2, and today they confirmed that Wii U won’t even be getting DLC for Watch Dogs. Clearly the platform isn’t a priority and releasing this version nearly half a year later after it’s been on every other gaming system and PC is a bad idea. They probably should’ve just canceled it.

            The money from the Wii U port will probably fund other mature Ubisoft games for Xbox One & PS4, etc. and any Wii U gamers who enjoy the game and want the sequel will be forced to buy one of those systems to play it on if they don’t already have one(and if you DO already have another system, you can buy Watch Dogs 1 on that system cheaper, sooner and get more content). Customers don’t really benefit from this version. Unless something changes Yves’ mind about mature games on Wii U; this game is sort of a disservice to Wii U owners.

            If you only have a Wii U and you’re dying to play the main storyline for Watch Dogs but you don’t plan on playing the sequel(s) (or if you know you’ll be buying another system but simply cannot wait until you get that system to buy the better version of this for less) then Watch Dogs Wii U is for you.

            1. Oh, I misunderstood what you said then, I thought you were talking about the DLC getting canceled prior release, sorry.
              But yea, it’s a tough situation, I suppose. I was going to suggest that they might have at least waited until the game is out and see how it performs before deciding not to bring the DLC to the WiiU, but that would have resulted in the whole thing seeming like they didn’t consider bringing it to the platform either way, which, for the same reasons I’ve described in my previous comment, would give them more negative backlash than they’re already getting.
              I don’t know, I’d like to say that they should have just went for it and brought the DLC to the WiiU either way, but to be fair, from a business standpoint, it probably wouldn’t be such a profitable decision.
              I guess the ideal situation would have been if they simply released the WiiU version at the same time as the other versions, so they wouldn’t have had to deal with these kinda things now, but yea.
              About Watch Dogs 2 though, they haven’t explicitly announced that it will be skipping the WiiU. I know they’ve said they have no further plans to bring any “mature” games to it anymore, but who knows, they might change their minds about it, there’s still a lot of time until we’ll actually get to see anything of that game after all.
              And don’t get me wrong, but anyone who bought a WiiU with the expectation to get decent 3rd-party support probably is to blame themselves, Nintendo has been missing out on many huge multiplats for quite a while now.

        1. If they pulled it, then wouldn’t that mean that the DLC might actually be coming after all? What if it was just a mistake? :O

            1. I’ll probably still get it eventually. But on a different platform. The Wii U version isn’t getting the DLC I want. :/

      5. What’s really a kick in the nuts though is that they pulled all people from wiiu version to finish the others so then when done they can concentrate on wiiu version but dont and still end up completing dlc on other versions first before wiiu game is finished



      7. Sorry ubisoft. You just lost a sale. That simple. Either give us a port with the same stuff as the other versions or don’t release the game at all. Bottom line.

      8. PLEASE PEOPLE! I suggest you reinvest your precious money and time in an appropriate game: BAYONETTA2 (+BAYONETTA 1 INCLUDED).

        BAYONETTA is a Q.E.M. game (Quality, Exclusive and Mature)

        MADE FOR US WiiU gamers, not a shitty port nor an obligated one.

        This holiday season please think about those $60 and use them wisely!

      9. This needs a movement like bayonetta 2…just inverse xD
        Go to every blog and every gaming website and tell the people that owns a Wii U “Do not buy this Shit!!!” We’ll may lose Ubsoft, but its not too much of a loss anyway.

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      11. i love ubi for zombie u, and hate them for everything else.
        i would buy watch dogs when it came out with the other ones.
        now i play it on ps3… and its crap.
        i wont buy it on the U

      12. I knew this was coming and to those still beyond blind as fuck to buy this game and/or keep defending Ubsoft of making Nintendo games when they pull this shit off, I hope you people look and feel so fucking stupid after this.

        This is solid evidence of how 3rd party treats Nintendo fans when they haven’t done absolutely jack shit for this to happen. They want this to bomb as their ticket to stop making games permanently. Oh well. Let them motherfuckers walk away. We don’t care and let this be a premanent example of how and why 3rd party FAILED on Nintendo.

        1. You already confirmed you weren’t gonna buy the game long ago even if they did put all the DLC in. So you don’t count. Lol however for the rest of Nintendo fans, then yes. They got screwed over. :p

            1. I definitely try! =) We all deserve second chances and we can’t blame a whole company for a quick game decision. I’m sure that justice will prevail in the end and Ubisoft will strike some kind of agreement with Nintendo.

          1. A mistake? Try 5 deliberate fuck ups to piss away the fanbase. They ain’t gonna change or learn and even if thry do, no one no longer gives a fuck and I hope it stays that way.

            Stop being such a fool kissing their ass in every wrong turn they INTENTIONALLY make.

            1. Ubisoft is a company and everything they do is for the good of the people. Never forget this. As long as there is money to be made, we can find them. That is the way of Ubisoft!

      13. To hell with this then. I had been waiting to buy it for my Wii U but now I’m just going to grab it during the Steam Winter sale in a few months with all the DLC for less than $20.

      14. Thank you, Ubisoft, for giving people more reason to skip the Wii U version. Though Nobody will buy Watch_Dogs for Wii U this holiday considering that Smash bros Wii U is coming around that time. Not to mention, with that freaking Gamecube adapter bundle…

        1. They really should not have posted that tweet. Their social media person should be written up. Although it probably changes very little, this definitely further decimates it’s chances to sell on WiiU.

        1. Ubisoft still has PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. The only time they really made any sales from Nintendo systems was with some smaller games on the DS (mostly shovelware that kids somehow loved) and the Just Dance series with the Wii.

          1. Doesn’t matter if they have those other platforms, it’s still not a sound business decision to piss off Nintendo fans. A small grassroots uprising against Ubisoft could easily escalate into a full blown riot. Why would Ubisoft want to even risk that? They are making stupid business decisions..

      15. -Reveals Watch Dogs too early
        -Delay all versions
        -Delay Wii U version
        -Lie about utilizing the gamepad to its full potential
        -Hype train dies
        -Gives us no DLC

        They didn’t learn a single shit.

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      17. And Ubisoft wonder why their games don’t sell well on Wii U (apart from Rayman Legends, ZombiU & Just Dance), I know that the Wii U version of Watch Dogs isn’t going to sell well but by removing the DLC it’ll even give less incentive in people buying it, if they included DLC they’d at least get a few more sales, heck they could’ve even included the Bad Blood DLC in the game if they didn’t want to bother selling the DLC separately on the eShop.

          1. Funny thing is they are still going to take a loss.

            I’d rather lose a ton of money & still have respect from my consumers for trying to give them the best product I can give them than to fuck them over & shit all over them.

            People like you can defend them all you want with the “it’s what’s best for their business” but it still doesn’t change the fact they cared more about their precious money than they did the very people they are supposed to make happy.

            This is exactly one of the reasons our world is in the shitty state it’s in now is because businesses care more about their money than they do their consumers. It’s better to lose money & have the love and respect of the people that go out to spend their own hard earned money for your product than to have them hate you for screwing them over with lies & a shitty product. It’s for this reason that Ubisoft is definitely on a highway road to hell in joining EA as the worst video game companies in the world if they don’t change their ways soon.

              1. Wow… You are being a sheep. So their minority of fans that can only afford one console should be screwed over? “Oh you bought a Wii U for our games & are mad we aren’t making any games you want for it? Well go buy another console then. What? You can’t do that? Deal with it!” In other words, they are effectively telling them what the former Xbox guy told people that didn’t like the Xbox One.

      18. am still getting the game anyway. nintendo fans and fanboys should really give this game a try. not getting the dlc means nothing to me. there still alot coll stuff to do with aiden hack abilities and the minigames. can’t wait to play the epic 1v 1 hacking online game with a friends.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Assuming it has online to begin with and why should we waste resources on a gimped delayed boring garbage for full price?…

          Only idiots buys things like this…

          If they atleast halfed the price on it then I would ATLEAST hate them less…

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      20. 3rd party should make games for 3Ds instead since Nintendo cares more about that than Wii U. When its Nintendo it’s 3Ds this and 3Ds that then new 3Ds yet we paid for an unknown GPUPU to be treated like a SNES and 3Ds. When the hell is Wiii U getting GameCube games? Wii u is a waste of money. You are paying for 3 cores that are hardly ever used.

      21. Ubisoft you want to make money put watch dogs on 3Ds. Nintendo doesn’t even think Wii U makes money. That’s why Luigi’s mansion was on 3Ds and Smash bros 3Ds came out first. Cap com was smart for not putting Monster hunter 4 on Wii U. If Nintendo doesn’t care about Wii U what makes 3rd party developers think they will. Sony cares about the PS4 more than Vita as a result 3rd party cares about PS4 over Vita.

      22. No thanks Ubisoft. Keep your crappy port. I will be buying Smash, Sonic, Pokemon Amiibo, Lego Batman 3 and Captain Toad, in November and I will buy other games I’ve missed out on Wii u and 3ds

      23. Remind me again why I should buy this? The sequel won’t be coming to Wii U, the DLC is not coming to Wii U, the special edition didn’t come to Wii U, the quality of the game is not too great… Up until last week, I was actually thinking of getting this game, but now it feels like a waste of money and time when so many other BETTER games are coming out for me to buy and spend time on.

        This game is NOT going to sell on Wii U and the only reason why is because Ubisoft has made it so unappealing. Usually, I am one who defends Ubisoft, but I can’t defend them with the way they are handling Watch Dogs on Wii U.

      24. They’re wondering why this isn’t going to sell. Why would people pay 60 dollars for an obviously inferior port of a game that everyone who wanted it already bought like six months ago? This seems to me that they planned on cancelling it, but they didn’t want to waste the development time and money.

      25. *claps* lmfao That’s it, Ubishit! Dig your game’s Wii U port’s grave even deeper! And I bet they did pull that tweet real quick! I bet tons of pissed off Nintendites leaped right onto that tweet & gave Ubishit all kinds of hell! First delaying the game so they can make the Gamepad take full use of everything Watch_Dogs had to offer, then revealing all they did was use the Gamepad for the map, & now this. I chose the nickname Ubibullshit very well. *shrug*

        Anyway, it is now Thursday for me! The wait is almost over! I’m going to so enjoy destroying dozens of enemies with Link!

      26. You know honestly if Assasins Creed was coming to the Wii U, I wouldn’t buy that game either. I’m so burnt out on that series. What games does Ubisoft have thats even appealing anymore? I guess Farcry would be the only one that would be worth playing….

        Keep making more people angry at you Ubisoft. Good business strategy..

      27. Wow, this is just a horrible way to sell this version of the game. I honestly don’t know why they’re even working on it at this point. The release is so delayed from the release on other consoles, so most people who want the game probably have it. The smart thing to do would be to have the Wii U version come with the DLC for free (maybe even on the disk / bundled with the eShop download). This would be a bigger draw for new consumers of the product.

        This is my problem with some of these third party releases. If you don’t want to put your game on the console, then don’t. If you are then go all in and put a quality product out there. Otherwise you’re just creating a bad image of yourself to a lot of potential customers.

        1. Thank you! That’s why some of us are getting so frustrated and/or pissed. Sadly, Ubisoft, and some of their fans on here, just refuse to listen. Is what they doing a good business decision? Not at all when you really think about it. There is more to business than just making money. It’s also about keeping your consumers happy & giving them the best product you can make. Sure they save money & keep from making losses to their bank account but they damage their image in the process. Because of this, they lost a buyer in a few of us. Yeah, some defenders of Ubisoft will gloat about how they are a big company with thousands of people buying their stuff, so why should they care about some small, dumb minority.

          Apparently Ubisoft, EA, & their fans that defend them are ignoring the fact the people hating on Nintendo use to be a small, “dumb” minority once upon a time, too. But NOW look at them. They number in the thousands. Maybe even millions. NEVER underestimate a small minority because they may one day grow to bite you RIGHT in the ass.

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      29. And ubisoft still wonder why the core wii u audience don’t buy their games is not Cuz people have interest on their games it’s Cuz they are giving the wii u owner the short end of the stick by no putting effort in their ports for the wii u like what happened with the splinter cell game for the wii u, if watch dogs doesn’t sell well on the wii u is not gonna be the wii u owners fault it’s gonna be ubisoft own fault for only caring about the money

      30. There is no excuse to not put the DLC in the game! For the love of all people at Ubisoft you with this they better make the Wii U version of Watch Dogs the ultimate edition of the game why? Because this version was dalayed by a long time meaning they had more time to improve everything in the game they better have fix the dumb police A.I, the driving, improve the hacking beyond press one button, the horrible godawful voice acting, the OP takedown move and specially the story that was filled with cliches if they didn’t fix any of this and instead just added a map use for the gamepad then Ubisoft deserve any hate and rage from every single Wii U Owner

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