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IQ Test Developer Ninja Pig Studios Announces Meme Run For Wii U

Ninja Pig Studios has announced that it is bringing Meme Run to the Nintendo eShop on Wii U. The upcoming endless runner promises to include funny memes, extremely difficult gameplay and an awesome air horn soundtrack. Scheduled to launch soon, the Wii U version of the game will run at 60 frames per second. Ninja Pig Studios’ IQ Test was released earlier this year on the Wii U eShop.

86 thoughts on “IQ Test Developer Ninja Pig Studios Announces Meme Run For Wii U”

  1. Ha ha ha! If this, alongside that crappy flappy bird clone, aren’t a signal that devs are uniting in releasing crap for the Wii U so that Nintendo can man up and have actual quality control, then I don’t know what this is.

  2. …Why?

    This is worse than “shovelware”. In this case it would be a pleasure to have a shovel, to scoop this s**t away.

    1. IQ test was TRASH as well. I can’t believe i spent money on that (hoping it would be good). I’m ashamed of myself.


            I was going to put a hanging guy on omegle to this song and it totally fits…. but there is damn music on that video so it’s ruined……

            Anyway that is a prank thing but even then staring at the swinging body gives me chills……. another reason not to go on omegle, especially video……. i don’t want to see that or a billion dicks.

  3. This looks like some junk flash game used to kill 5 minutes on some free website, like index of games. How did NoA ever approve this. If you’re making a meme game on a Nintendo console, at least make it a Nintendo meme based game, they have tons

  4. See how shitty wii u is? These are the type of games you guys get now lmao! How was all that damage control and iwata worshipping? Was it worth it, look what he has turned nintendo into… WIITARDENDO!!!!!

    Happy 125 years and r.i.p greatness.


        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          I don’t think it’s trash, I think they still haven’t justified the system…

          The only game that I’ve played so far that makes any justice was Pikmin 3 even though it was a bit too short in my opinion…

          1. I wish i would have waited till zelda u came out or something. It’s been almost 2 damn years!!!! This has to be the most worthless gaming console ever, i can’t think of one gaming console from a well known company (like sega, sony) that was this worthless after 2 years!!!!

            No game justified a purchase yet……. i really hope a game blows me away.

            The best game to release on wii u this year is shovelknight, Play it.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              What High Command needs to learn is to put their arrogance to the side and treat every new console as if it’s their very first machine ever made ever…

              And even if it’s not the best machine out there, it’s still better than any pathetic Xbot one…

              1. Nintendo is so arrogant. They need to have myamoto not have any power on decisions and let him just be limited to garage. We need a new mastermind, his time is over and he did his job but seriously he just fucks up things with a YES OR NO and tells devs what they can and cannot do.

                They need to get with the times with there systems and think about older audiences too. They treat everybody like damn kids and sold out to the casual market for almost a decade now. Bastards this is why your doing so bad and your rep is so bad now, the wii era. It’s there own fault for not noticing what they need to do.

                We need like returning ip’s all over the place and new ones for older audiences, not just mario and zelda and childish ones (like eternal darkness was). They need to drop these stupid worthless gimmicks too.

                I seriously feel that the damage has been done to far now… thanks iwata. If there next system is like wii u then say goodbuy nintendo. I wish sega was still around because maybe they would still be great and at there roots, not wiitardendo.

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  What they need to do is to get out the games in time and not overestimate their knowledge about new hardware…

                  And of course games that are the opposite of NSMBU…

            2. After 2 years of
              Mario 3D World
              Pikmin 3
              Mario Kart 8
              Donkey Kong TF
              Rayman Legends
              Wario Ware
              Wii Party U
              Windwaker HD

              On top of 3rd Party games such as
              Splinter Cell
              AC 3 and BF
              Need for Speed
              Disney Infinity

              I have definately gotten my moneys worth. Plus friday we have Hyrule Warriors, I dunno I have enjoyed my Wii U and look forward to 2015 and all the games it brings

      1. piss 4 has and will soon to come have WAAAY MORE games and QUALITY none SHOVELWARE support.

        Hide in iwatas tainted asshole sheep.

        1. er, two things. 1 your clearly a troll and i feel bad for anyone who responded to you falling to understand the joke (we’re on my nintendo news for fucks sake he was clearly joking). 2 if your gonna troll at least be funny.

  5. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

    Someone get me a gun, my faith in humanity is lost and I don’t want to live in a world where Candy Crush, Spiky Walls and Meme Run are considered real games.

  6. Trollface isn’t even remotely a funny meme. I’m cringing so hard at this shit. Don’t ever approve this pile of crap, Nintendo.

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  8. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

    Who looked at this and thought it was a good idea?

    Can we find them? Are they still alive? Let’s kill them.

  9. I’m a die hard Nintendo fan. I will never give up on the company that got me through my childhood. I mean, it’s not as though their first party games are bad!
    But… Why. Please, Nintendo. It took you this long to get into the digital download game and you fill your eshop with games that Steam Greenlight wouldn’t even support, in at least one case literally!
    The WiiU is officially the cheap whore of the consoles.

  10. I’m more concerned about copyright issues than anything.

    After all, the Scribblenauts got into legal trouble for including Keyboard Cat and Nyan Cat into the game under the mistaken belief that all memes are in public domain.

    While memes such as Troll Face and the other Rage Comic characters may be free for public use, I don’t know what memes can be legally used for commercial gain like what they’re doing and what can’t be used.

  11. This game looks awful, but its like that on purpose. If you ever seen a “Montage Parody” then you understand why it’s so weird. (Or you guys already know what they are, but think that they are absolute trash regardless of it being parody.)

  12. From what I can tell, this game only employs the most basic, bear-bones platforming mechanics (running, jumping, and ducking) with nothing to distinguish it from other platformers besides slapping memes all over the screen, which is gimmicky at best, and annoying at worst. I really hope this game turns out to be a flop. If it somehow manages to be a success, that would mean people want more of this sort of thing, which wouldn’t be a good sign in general.

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