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Looks As Though Super Smash Bros 3DS Could Be Getting Stage DLC


A user of the Smash Boards has discovered that additional stage downloadable content could be coming to the Nintendo 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. The content was found within the Super Smash Bros Nintendo 3DS ROM dump. Here’s the details that the user has found thus far.

The following text appears in the Smash Rom Dump:

Set the stages that won’t appear, even when selection is set to random.
All Off
All On
Turn all stages off.
Make all stages available when using random stage selection.
See stages you have downloaded.
See all regular stages.
Select OFF to exclude this stage from random stage selection.
Select ON to include this stage in random stage selection.

It matches the stage selection in additional rules perfectly.

Also note the notice the missing square, just like in the stage selection screen. That’s where you can select the DLC.

Thanks to those who sent this in.


142 thoughts on “Looks As Though Super Smash Bros 3DS Could Be Getting Stage DLC”

  1. If that 4chan rumor is true, I’ll be so happy! Not only for all these new features and stages but because like 95% of the community will stop being butthurt about Ridley and Mewtwo not being in!

            1. #RidleyTooBigForSmash?MoreLike2BigForUToPlayAs…LeaveHimToMe! :P (Paraphrasing from one guy’s title on the site)

              Ridley’s hardcore sir. I remember meeting him in Dead or was intense!

                1. Haha, it was just so awesome!! It’s helped you become one of the most memorable posters on MNN now, at least for me. No worries sir, I’ll always have the citation at the ready! :p

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          Because Pikmin 3 doens’t need to if you’ve played the other 2…

                          I’m a higher type of “slave”…

                          1. Which I never got the chance to because when I had the GameCube, I never heard of Pikmin until Wii days. I mostly played Metroid Prime on it. XP

                            Higher slave? Of High Command? XD

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              I would have *Cybernetic Facepalmed* if you didn’t mention the holy sacred artifact of my line of forces…

                              Of course…

                                1. They made Wii editions of Pikmin 1 & 2. They might be hard to find at this point, though. In other words, more expensive if you use the internet to order stuff.

                    1. I’m down with that. Metroid: Rise of Ridley. We play as Ridley as he rises in the ranks of the Space Pirates to become it’s new, most powerful leader!

                    2. *his* He deserves his own game. “Super Ridley Wii U” or “The Legend of Ridley” would be solid names for it. I’d actually have some pretty high hopes for such a game.

                    1. I’ll never get over it! Ridley was one of the big characters that I wanted in Smash.

                      1. Bass.EXE
                      2. Ridley
                      3. Roy
                      4. Mewtwo
                      5. Dark Link/Dark Samus as true characters
                      6………………Pichu. (He was epic to give yourself a handicap)

                    2. NEVAH!!! WE’LL SUPPORT RIDLEY TO THE BITTER END!!! aka when Super Smash Bros 4 Wii U comes out & doesn’t have characters that can be unlocked by connecting the 3DS version to the Wii U version. Then we’ll stop with the support… til Super Smash Bros 5, anyway… lol

                1. What I’d prefer to swe is dark Samus as playable. The assist trophy in the game has very unique mives , if it were in the game it would be quire varied from samus. Unlike Doctor Mario and Lucina. I also find it rediculous there is only one metroid character in smash not counting zero suit.

                2. Its pretty obvious that this was going to happen.
                  1) amiibo is a great way for Nintendo to make up for lost time when it comes to their loses, and they can sell DLC chariters with amiibo, and sell levels through eshop (they could even do modes, and weapons)
                  2) sakuri basicly had a deadline to make, and two games to push, so it makes sense that exctra content could later come. This was he could keep adding and improving the game.
                  3) smash well be one of the best sellers on the system (Wii U, and 3DS) and thus the potential to sell DLC would be worth the effort since sales would be so high.

                    1. By connecting ur 3ds to your wii u, u get bonus characters Ridley, Dixie, Mewtwo, Chorus men, and Impa(maybe) said to be stages as well. If nintendo did this its a great marketing move

                        1. Wait, so you would be down for having to purchase both the Wii U and 3DS copies instead of paying a small price for DLC? Why?

                          1. …..Well yeah! I’m completely and utterly against DLC. It’s simply an invention that I can’t stand by. I’m getting both versions regardless. Anything online like DLC is to be feared.

                            1. Yet you like EA who are practically releasing DLC in the guise of a new Madden game, Fifa game, etc for full price. And then adding even more DLC to go with the already released physical DLC.

                              1. Ah, but that’s a different story altogether. I don’t like DLC because it’s digital. If they started coming out with physical DLC, I’d be all for it. Like a disc that has characters and stages in it or something like that. Then it’d be totally okay. It’s why I don’t mind getting the new Sport games every year even though you can update the Madden rosters on the old Maddens. Nothing beats getting the new versions.

                                1. But the great thing about DLC is you don’t have to leave your house to get a hold of it. That means you save money on gas, stamps & paper while also saving time & energy. Also, it is called DOWNLOADABLE content for a reason, after all. It’s always going to be digital.

                                  1. Yes, but you can never trust digital. The hacks, servers compromising…etc. Once we finally get into Cyber Wars with other countries, those are going to go down right away while our disc based games will be safe.

                    1. It hasn’t been Nintendo’s style so let’s hope that it stays that way. The last thing we need is for Nintendo to finally sell out and start adding extra DLC and Season Passes everywhere. That wouldn’t be cool.

                        1. I think Hyrule Warriors is stretching it a little, but Nintendo’s been decent with the DLC so far. I still hope that it doesn’t become a regular thing with all of their games though.

                          1. Preorder DLCs, Club Nintendo DLCs, priced/free future DLCs, Nintendo is all over the place with this game. XD But I don’t blame them. Its receptions is good and the more DLCs, the bigger the hype. XP At least its not a trainwreak as BF4, Watchdogs or, unfortunately, like Destiny. XP

                            1. I can understand BF4 and I guess Watchdogs. (It’s underrated to be honest) but Destiny is doing pretty good. I think Nintendo’s just going up a pretty slippery slope with all of these DLC measures. They need to check themselves before they wreck themselves!

                                1. Yes, but let’s face it…the third parties don’t care. As long as people are buying, they’ll keep on taking us out with DLC. Nintendo seems to still try to keep the gamers happy, which is why they need to be careful so that they don’t become like the other companies. I’m already a loyal follower for whatever EA and Ubisoft dishes out. It’s too late for me. I just don’t want that fate to occur for others because of Nintendo :P

                                    1. I can’t! They always get me with the magazine articles explaining why (insert game) is going to be so great. The NFL themselves admitted that Madden 15 is amazing and I have to hurry because EA shuts down the servers pretty quickly. That’s why I have to buy all of their Sport titles every year. I don’t want to buy them, but they’re just so awesome. Madden 15 will be giving Smash Bros competition for best game of the year.

                                      1. And if you also keep acknowledging that they’re screwing you over every game you buy but still do it anyway, then you’re an idiot..perhaps the biggest one of all. XP

                                        Madden…as Smash Bros. 4’s competitor…for game of the year…you’ve already gone full blown retarded. XD Poor fool…

                                        1. Hey, it’s like buying a donut at Dunkin Donut’s. You never plan to get a coffee with it..but you just can’t resist. It’s like that for me and EA’s yearly installments for FIFA, MLB, NBA, and Madden. I just can’t stop…they’re too mainstream and fun D:

                                          Well, Madden does have some pretty great graphics and ultimate replayability so it should be a close/good fight. Of course, I’m getting Smash Bros on day 1 while I will wait a (short) bit for Madden.

                                2. I mostly agree, but Dry Bowser was in the last console Mario Kart, and they knew damn well that if they left him out of the launch, he would be a ringer to guarantee DLC purchases from the mature audience.

                                  They also deliberately separated Dry Bowser and Link so we’d have to buy both.

                                  In my opinion, the whole thing was just as shady as 3rd part tactics. Hardcore gamers and fans were perfectly targeted so we’d spend money on the game and all the DLC.

                                  So I was sold a game with critical pieces left out, only to be sold to me as DLC.

                                  That said, I definitely don’t think Nintendo is WORSE than 3rd parties, and I am glad I’ll at least get my driver, even if I feel he was excluded deliberately to soak me…and well, it worked. They are getting more $$ from me.

                                  1. Least they are offering both for a cheaper price than what it would have been if you bought them separately. If this was EA, I doubt we would have gotten a good “bundle” deal. We can just look at EA’s season passes to tell they would have charged more.

                                  2. i don’t really think they left them out, they coming so much later, one even a year later, from the game, makes it feel like they actually did develop this after they finish the game

                                  3. Critical pieces left out? Last time I checked Mario Kart 8 has 8 cups with 4 amazing, detailed tracks each…and are you REALLY buying the DLC for the characters?

                              1. At the same time, when a game is clearly finished, and the developer is taking the time to add patches (which has already happened) I honestly dont mind / look forward to DLC, it adds to replay value, it adds more to the game overall, it keeps the game fresh. When its a good game, why wouldn’t you want that?

                                1. But some people think any kind of DLC is bad. I won’t name names, though. Hollow knows who I’m talking about. >.<

                                2. It could still have been made into the game. At least 90% of the time, the add ons should have been included. The extra stages and characters in MK8 are a good example. The packs were ready very quickly so you just know that they would have been ready for the game. they just decided that they would make more money this way and that’s disappointing.

                          1. LOL! You are trying to lower people’s hopes. This rumor hasn’t been debunked at all. It seems pretty legitimate.

                            1. I hope so too! I currently don’t own a Wii U I hope they bring a bundle with the console, smash and gamecube adapter for the holidays. It will be my own Christmas gift lol

                        2. If they try to put stage builder 3Ds then what else is left for the definitive version? Its like Nintendo cares more on 3Ds than Wii U.

                            1. Yes, a collector of “physical” items. This is just Nintendo’s way to get more money from people. I can’t believe people are willing to spend additional money on games that are already expensive to buy in the first place. It makes me feel like Nintendo purposely left some content out of the game\s just so people would have to spend more to get it. Fortunately for me, I don’t give a crap about anything extra.

                        3. I figured that connecting both versions would unlock special characters and stages. Nintendo needs to give people some kind of incentive to get both versions other than just on the go play and HD graphics.

                          1. Yeah since Wii U version only offers 2 incentives which are better controllers and screen. That’s pretty much it. I bet this game doesn’t even use Wii U’s full core. Probably 25% of Wii U even though we paid $300 for an unknown GPUPU and 3 cores off a Power 7 but that gets treated like a 3Ds port. one of the biggest reasons to buy a Wii U. What a waste of good technology. All that inside the Wii U and a bunch of skin and clone characters for Smash bros? And no more NFC niche.

                        4. man looks like i’m late to the party! big news though and it sounds legit. I only hope we’ll end up seeing some character dlcs as well.

                        5. That extra characters by connecting the 3DS to the Wii U version rumor better end up being true. I need a good reason to double dip for both versions. And it would make the Wii U relevant again with more than just more control options, better graphics, & bigger screen. After all, it’s not like we care too much about better graphics… right, guys? I want my Ridley & even Mewtwo, damn it! I also want to hear the nay sayers cry as Ridley is in as a playable character while Dark Samus is just an assist trophy! Anyway, I think I will hold off on the 3DS version after all. I’ll wait til we get more information on the Wii U version. If they reveal we can only get Ridley & Mewtwo by getting the 3DS version & connecting it to the Wii U version, I’ll go out & double dip just for those characters alone. Oh & Ice Climbers. With them gone, I actually want them in more than ever even though I didn’t use them much in the previous two. Hearing people tell me I can’t have something just makes me want it MORE!!

                          1. I hope you are right about the connection but you know Nintendo doesn’t always think like that. Its like whatever year they are working on new games or hardware in their R&D and knowing in 6 years the hardware is out, for some dumb reason they don’t plan the hardware/software the features and power it needs 6 years from then. That’s why 3D World lacked online.

                          2. If Ridley gets in, I don’t know whether I should feel angry or happy. I never really cared for Metroid other than Samus (because she’s really awesome) and I didn’t even know who Ridley was until like 2011. He’s just a purple dragon to me. Nothing more. No disrespect towards Ridley fans though. I just don’t really care about him. If he gets in, he’s gonna look hilarious. I know he’s not gonna be his awesome gigantic form that he usually is, he’s gonna be downscaled to fighter size. And I won’t be able to take him seriously. XD According to Smash logic, I can grab him with Zero Suit Samus and launch him off stage. Freaking hilarious.

                            1. If Sakurai put up the time & effort, I’m sure he can make Ridley look very good. As I said countless times before, unless the Other M haters want to accept the game as canon & by extension means Ridley evolved from a little puffball, to a lizard, & finally to a space dragon, Ridley had to have been small at some point in his lifetime. Unless you believe humpback whales are all born at 39-52 feet which is impossible. But yeah. If people want to have some logical reason why Ridley has to be able to get into the game, that is one logical reason why he can be playable. But this is a video game, after all. Fuck logic! And this is a crossover game series, so fuck canon, too! lol

                            2. I like Ridly, but as a fighter in Smash? Hell no. Might as well have Lugia be a fighter too. If Metroid got more representation, which it should, the bounty hunters from Metroid Prime Humters would be perfect for smash. Yeah, the hunters aren’t as well known as Ridley, but they would make a billion times more sense as fighters.

                        6. I’m pretty confident DLC may be a thing for Smash U/3DS. With the good DLC MK8 has on the way, one can see DLC like stages or even characters coming to Smash. Maybe even something more unique like a new game mode perhaps.

                        7. You guys gotta think bigger! What if there were downloadable modes, like stage builder, event builder, or a melee-style adventure mode?

                        8. Has anyone considered the possibility that the text they found was pointing to a stage creator? One where you could share stages on miiverse or through the interconnectivity of the wii u and the 3ds, or the 3ds and the ammibo? Thats just what I thought of when I saw “downloaded stages” why wouldnt dlc stages just be in the same place as the other stages? It makes no sense to rope them off.

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