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Club Nintendo Europe Adds Kirby: Triple Deluxe Soundtrack To Stars Catalogue

Nintendo of Europe has added a new Kirby item to the Club Nintendo stars catalogue. Though it’s no adorable plushie like Yoshi and his scrumptious apple added earlier this month, Kirby fans will still love this musical offering.

For 2,000 stars, fans of the pink puffball can remember the invigorating levels Kirby ventured through in Kirby: Triple Deluxe with the complete soundtrack CD. Featuring 46 tracks, plus three bonus pieces, the insert includes liner notes from the game’s director and two composers for a touch of light reading. You can view or purchase the soundtrack on Club Nintendo Europe, here.

47 thoughts on “Club Nintendo Europe Adds Kirby: Triple Deluxe Soundtrack To Stars Catalogue”

    1. We never get anything good and we’re the ones supporting Nintendo, not these douchebags who buy fucking EA and COD games all the times like brain damaged idiots.

    2. You lot get virtual console games, we don’t, we still only get Wii/DSI points, even though the system is shut down. We get ripped off over here too, you think 60 dollars is expensive for AAA games? We in the UK pay 50 pounds, which is the equivalent of EIGHTY TWO DOLLARS.

  1. Europe… Oooooof course… It’s obvious though, we in America don’t like their games as much as Yurop does. Eurodoes what Ameridon’t.

        1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

          Lawl, no. He’d probably still be down though. Also… I heard that the anon icons differ based on the email you use. But… That means…
          Lord Aizen, the church of Sasori, Ps4, Sony commander kratos, stranga, Xbone260, that random Mexican chick with the makup vlogs who claims to have had sex with Sasori, PinkInk, Xbox#1, Rich684, Nintendo King Ambassador, Brinsa25, Skid, AND EVERYONE ELSE WITH THAT STUPID FACE ICON- ARE all Sasori Obinna Nairobi! :-O
          :-O :-O :-O Talk about a SERIOUS identity crisis!

            1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

              Only problem with that is that if you do not enter an email address, you get the anon icon, so they are most likely different trolls
              But HollowGrapeJ is correct, lord aizen is Obinna, he just changed his name but we all still know.

  2. Just ordered it before they go out of stock, good thing I got Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call and Hyrule Warriors the other day or no Kirby soundtrack for me.

  3. I have over 2000 coins on club Nintendo but there’s nothing worth spending them on the site.

    Does anyone know where I can check when my coins will expire?

    1. Are you stoned or just stupid? COD Ghosts BLOWS and its soundtrack is so lackluster that Han Zimmer pisses all over it from his house window..1027 miles away.

  4. So you give a link to lies and rumors?

    I see how you live your life…. – theres your truth….

  5. Not another dumb Music CD. Why can’t we have some good NES, SNES or N64 games for those fucking stars!? I mean, America gets them all and here in Europe… NOTHING!!!!!! This is utterly bullshit!

    1. You’re actually WANTING digital games on the European Club Nintendo? OMG! TAKE THEM, PLEASE! I DESPISE DIGITAL GAMES!!!!!!

    2. What are you talking about? Nintendo spoils the fuck out of UK with the good shit. All we Americans get is the same rerun giveaway of old games we already have before Wii U launched and the Club prizes…you can forget it. I can’t even describe its pathetic nature even more than I could.

  6. It’s always the Japan and Europe Club Nintendo that gets the good rewards. America gets diddly squat. In fact, it’s been months since the American Club Nintendo had ANYTHING. What’s up with that? Club Nintendo isn’t even worth participating in anymore.

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