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Ice Climbers Chant Glitch Discovered In Smash Bros 3DS Version

The Super Smash Bros 3DS version has been available in Japan for just over a week, but it’s no surprise players are discovering a few glitches within the game. Unlike the Peach turnip-plucking fiasco, this glitch provides players with a rather haunting vibe from the Ice Climbers.

As we reported last week, the Ice Climbers were removed from the 3DS due to technical limitations, thereby cutting them from the Super Smash Bros character roster on both Wii U and 3DS versions. But a discovery from Twitch streamer Gema Yue of the “Nana, Popo” chant – the signature song from the Ice Climber duo – can be heard after defeating a pair of Dr. Marios when playing as Villager, which can be seen in the video above.

It’s unclear whether the Ice Climbers were a hasty switch from the game’s development, but it’s certainly a haunting remnant of the duo. Though for now, it appears the glitch can only be found in the Japanese version of the game.

Thanks, Nonon Jakuzure

214 thoughts on “Ice Climbers Chant Glitch Discovered In Smash Bros 3DS Version”

      1. I wonder why the hell it was triggered with such a weird way.
        As i speculated before i think Ice Climber will come back (DLC) but as a single fighter … meaning both climbers are there but only one is fighting as the other doesn’t NOT have an attack A.I. this will sort of downgrade them but , hey, at least they are there!

      1. Yo commander. Get a gravatar already and represent us properly. The brown pixilated icon looks really noob. Unless you already used up all of your emails… I mean, as often as you come around here, I’m sure you wouldn’t be going out of your way,

      1. I see what you’re saying but I still want this to happen. Not being mean to people with the old 3DS but I need this game to have them. X) Besides it’s the 3DS’s fault there not in.

        1. Just play as Rosalina. She’s better than they are, if you compare abilities, because she has far more control over Luma, can Resummon it if it dies, and her recovery move isn’t affected if it dies.

            1. I know that.
              They’re better.
              I get it if someone disagrees based on just liking the Ice Climbers better as personalities, but in terms of abilities, Rosalina&Luma have a combative edge over IC’s.
              Anyone who played Ice Climbers easily adapt to gameplay as Rosalina.

          1. Least the Ice Climbers aren’t bloody clones, so fuck Dark Pit & Dr Mario. I’ll enjoy unlocking them just for the sole purpose of putting them at CPU level 1 & kicking the living hell out of their unoriginal moveset asses.

      1. No, he should just stop putting himself at the helm of something he clearly can’t give his 100% to and just become a consultant or a supervisor.
        Or you’re telling me you’re happy with a glitchfest of a 3DS game and a nerfed Wii U one?

          1. Yeah, except for the fact that he has some serious health issues at this time that handicap the efficiency of the work he can put into the game, making his decision of taking on everything all on his own seem selfish, as it’s going to be the consumers who are going to suffer from that very decision, seeing how rushed the game appears to be. Not to mention how unreasonable it was to make the WiiU version almost identical to the 3DS version, intentionally giving people a game not even remotely as good and full of content as it could easily be, just because the obviously weaker counter part can’t do better. Making a 3DS version in the first place was a damn huge mistake to begin with.

        1. Fuck you dude, there’s been like 2 glitches, this one not even being a big deal. He worked his ASS off on this game, coming in weekends and shit just so ungrateful punks like you can play his game.

        2. Yeah, let’s not talk about glitches in a game like, hmmm.. Skyrim, which was full of them if I remember correctly. It happens. There’ll probably never be a 100% glitch-free game.

          1. And that is very relevant because I play Skyrim and speak a lot about how it doesn’t have glitches, and have never ever mentioned it as another example of glitchfest.
            Also: Wrong+Wrong=/=Right.

        3. He is doing the majority of the developmental playtesting for the character roster all on his own WHILE SUFFERING FROM RSI IN BOTH WRISTS.
          Shut your mouth, you ungrateful, ignorant fuckwad.

            1. Translation “Waaaaa, he’s not doing everything >I< want him to do with the franchise so it's shiiiitttyyyy, waaaaaa!"

              Cry all you want, child. He's the CREATOR of the damned franchise, and the majority of his decisions have left us all with games we continue to play and enjoy till this very day.
              No game is perfect, and Smash 4 is looking glorious.
              If you can't handle a few things being cut out to make space for the game on the 3DS, then you can just skip playing it.

              Lord knows none of us here give a shit, and will actually be thankful we don't have to deal with you and your underwhelming talents in online battles.

        4. Actually the person to blame for putting smash on 3Ds is Reggie. At E3 2012 he announced the game was coming to 3Ds. Sakuri probably didn’t know and if could have been unexpected. And so not to make Reggie look like a dumb ass the game came out on 3Ds. That’s who the fuck to blame.

      1. Considering “Patching” only became big with Nintendo when they released Skyward Sword then I’d say a good fraction of their earlier games.

        1. I haven’t found any game-crippling glitches in most 3DS and Wii U games either.
          And let me just say, for a game designed for the same console that can play Bayonetta, Sakurai could have put more than ten polygons on each character.

    1. Really? Have you played C.O.D. or anything by Bethesda?
      Every game is gonna have a handful of glitches or bugs. Bug testing is an incredibly arduous process and there’s no way any company could possibly come up with every scenario to test. The more complicated the games get, such as this game vs the original on n64, the more code it’s going to require. The more code it requires, the more potential for bugs.

          1. It must be that imbeciles like you who don’t care to understand things before replying attracts them.
            I said I don’t play shit, not that I don’t play videogames, if you weren’t such a monumental idiot you would have understood that.

          1. Maybe if you weren’t a bunch of hive minded fantards you would see that I’m only speaking on our best interest as consumers, fucking retarded whiteknights always defending people who don’t give a shit about them, Sakurai spits in your face with a half baked game and you blame me for being honest about it?

            1. It not half baked, they’re been two glitches found, one was of servers that weren’t even up till the games release, and this, which has such a specific requirement to require its hard to see why they missed it, there’s no reason to be so worry that the game is going to do a battlefield 4, he’s also has had to make two version in 2 yrs. That is not a lot of development time compared to the past smash games

        1. The whiteknights and the fantards yell “troll” and “hater” and they believe they suddenly have the upper hand, no need for an actual argument, because thank god you live in the era of the hive mind where someone with unpopular opinions can be trumped in the eyes of most just by yelling “troll” and “hater”.
          I really feel sorry for brainless dumbfucks like you who’d rather not discuss intelligently, you may not feel the need to explain why this game is so wonderful and I’m just here trying to destroy it, but I do feel the need to tell you that if I’m expressing discomfort is because I CARE, do you think I would be here talking to inferior blobs of fat if I didn’t?
          “Trolls” and “Haters” are just the people with opinions you don’t want to face, you’d rather live blissfully ignorant.

    2. A harmless glitch that plays an Ice Climber song is somehow the red flag to you? lol

      What about BF4 constant crashing, what about COD Ghosts constant lagging due to Activisions dedicated servers lie, Watchdogs, an overrated POS poor man’s GTA with no punching, also having glitches and Arkham Origins game breaking glitches. You know the one thing these games and those assholes behind it have in common? They release expensive DLC packs before even considering on fixing the game..almost 5 months later. What Nintendo doesn’t do is that. They patch the shit as quickly and as best as they could before thinking about DLCs. That’s what separates Nintendo from those selfish assholes. Calm your tits fanboy. XP

      1. How about cutting out characters from the Wii U version because the 3DS version can’t handle them?
        Is that a red flag to you?
        If you lot are so sad about how Sakurai overworks himself then how come you don’t care to call out the cutting of content he put time on?

        1. Makes no sense business wise having a larger roster on one console over the other. Also 3 glitches have occured Robin awkward footstool height Peach turnip (mostly a server error) and now this which is not that big a deal but let’s include it. I have sympathy for Sakurai because he doesn’t serve me shit on a plate every year plus DLC for a large sum of money. (I’m talking to you EA and Activision) We get Smash once a console and it’s a satisfying game every release. So if a single bug or two pops up I’m not upset because once word gets out he will do his best to fix it because he cares about the quality of the games he releases. You play videogames but don’t play shit well in this day and age majority of the AAA games fall into the shitpile and the other are just 10 dollar steam indy releases that I won’t even bother with. So I don’t see where this hate is coming from. Troll or no troll there is a limit to stupidity and ignorance and you have long reached that point.

    1. Because it was supposed to be something great, but thanks to the idiot at the helm we get a glitchfest of a 3DS game and an inferior piece of shit on the Wii U

                  1. But you were putting games that have lots of glitches. Batman games are enjoyable and if AO only had a few issues, it doesn’t belong on your list. Lol

                    1. The game lags when too many enemies are on screen, crashes when moving through via the batwing along with a few spaghettie enemies when they are punch into a wall. People love to point out a finger but forget to realize 4 are pointing back at you

                      1. That depends on what version you’re talking about. I’ll be playing the PC version in the future, so I can’t guarantee I’ll be seeing those issues like lag.

                1. And Watch Dogs didn’t either. It was just over hyped. Other than that, it’s a pretty average game with decent controls from what I’ve seen.

                2. Battlefield 4 definitely had glitches at launch. I think they got most of them out, but I haven’t played it yet so I don’t know. BF4 looks awesome now though. Will definitely get it in the future. Feel sorry for anyone that got it at launch. :/

                  1. Oh they removed it alright…5 months later after all DLCs were released. Selfish pricks.

                    Looks awesome? Like COD, it looked EXACTLY like the last game but “you can collapse a skyscraper!”..what a gimmick. XD

                    1. That’s why it’s awesome. You can blow up buildings, skyscrapers, and tons of other stuff. Not to mention, the graphics are also amazing. It looks better than CoD imo. Don’t know about Hardline though.

                        1. Lmao you are blind, Stranga. Unless you are talking about the PC version. XD BF4 looks much better on PS4 and PC. You can just see the dynamic lighting and water effects they added. And the grass is just beautiful. :)

                          1. There has been a premium edition of BF4 since day 1. Doesn’t mean the DLCs have been out since day 1.
                            Premium membership, of course, does guarantee you every DLC that will come out for the game for a cheaper price than buying them seperately, but you can’t play them before they’re actually out, naturally.

                          1. Ooo, sounds good too. (:
                            I’m sure you can get it for a pretty good price too now, especially on PC. If you’re interested in DLCs, I’d personally recommend Second Assault or Dragon’s Teeth. d:

                            1. Definitely getting Dragon’s Teeth. Lol. It will be my first BF game and I am looking forward to it. Not really liking Hardline though. The whole cops and robbers thing doesn’t really impress me. Lol. But I’ll see what changes they added and see if it’s worth it. :p

                            2. I’m sure you’ll have a great time with BF4. (:
                              I personally am really looking forward to Hardline, actually. I’ve played the beta and it was pretty neat, really enjoyed it. It even was less buggy than BF4 was for a while, and that sure is a good sign, lmao.

                              1. What upcoming games are you looking forward to? I can’t wait to play GTA V, The Crew, and Assassin’s Creed Unity.

                                1. The Shadows of Mordor game has my attention. I think I might have to get the PS4 before Kingdom Hearts 3 & Final Fantasy XV comes out, because The Shadows of Mordor has my attention greatly.

                                  1. I haven’t seen anything about that game yet. I’ll look it up later I suppose. I’m interested in a few games coming out, but right now though, I am mainly focused on games that came out around 2011-2013. BF4, Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Hitman Absolution, Dishonored, Crysis 3, Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, Sonic Generations, Deus Ex Human Revolution, DMC Devil May Cry, Resident Evil Revelations, Batman Arkham Asylum, etc. WOW! So much stuff to play! Lol. I know you probably aren’t interested in even half of those though. XD

                                  2. I’m not so sure about GTA V, I got it on PS3 already, so unless they’ll offer a good deal for upgrading from last gen to current gen, I’ll probably stick to the PS3 version. Other than that, BF Hardline (obviously q:), Pokemon ORAS, LBP 3, Driveclub, Hotline Miami 2 (it’s just an indie game, but I enjoyed the 1st game a lottt, so I’m really looking forward to this), Freedom Wars, Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD remix and possibly AC Unity. That’s all I think, lmao. All of those coming out in 2014 still, they will definitely keep me busy for the upcoming months. q:

                                    1. I’ll consider getting a PS4 after FFXV comes. That game is definitely going to be great. Maybe KH3 too, but I don’t know anything about that series so I might not get it.

                                    2. Yeaaa, I’m so excited for that game, the trailer from the TGS just makes it even more difficult to wait for it. ;D
                                      Really looking forward to KH3 too, but you’re probably right, it might be difficult to understand the story if you don’t know much about the series. But who knows, maybe they’ll make the game comprehensible even for people who are new to the franchise. (:

                                      1. Like what they did with Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance for the 3DS. When something from a previous game gets mentioned, we unlock a journal entry that explains that stuff so people won’t be so lost about what the hell they just spoke of. Even though I knew everything about previous games, I still enjoyed reading over those journal entries for a recap of past events.

                                      2. With that said, I highly suggest getting Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Hollow. The game will tell you everything you need to know before Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out while also enjoying a new part of the bigger story.

                      1. And what is his excuse for the cutting of content, that was already up and running, from the Wii U version?
                        Why do the people who bought the superior console have to be saddled with an inferior version of the game? Because the people who don’t care to support Nintendo would cry foul?
                        I say let the cheap people who didn’t shell out the 250 bucks be saddled with the inferior version of the game, I want my 10GB roster and stage selection, not just a bunch of clones.

                          1. Wonderful, I get to pay for disc-locked content and cosmetic add-ons, hey there goes EA Games, why don’t you ask them what happened when they did that?

                        1. Exactly. If I buy a 1st class ticket I expect to get on the plane first, better sits and get served first not equally to people who bought coach tickets. If I buy a Lexus ES I expect it to be better than the Camry. If I buy an I phone 6 I expect it to have features the IPhone 5 doesn’t. Just like I expected Wii U version yo be better than 3Ds version. Yet Wii U only has like 3 reasons on why its version of Smash Bros is better than 3Ds version. Just having better controls and graphics for $20 more? That’s it?

                              1. LAMO. Just look up info on 3Ds version, the released game…duh. other than lack of better controllers and HD its the same game. The gap between the two are small. The gap between the Lexus ES and Corolla is huge though.

                        1. Why? The 3DS is not a sentient being with input in this game, the entirety of the fault lies in Sakurai for crippling the Wii U version so it matches the standards of the 3DS, there is no reason why the roster can’t be different and bigger in the Wii U version, If the Wii and the GameCube could do it, the Wii U certainly can.

                          1. He didn’t want to give the edge to one version. If the Wii U version had more characters, and the 3DS version didn’t, then what’s the point of even having the 3DS version? Putting it on the 3DS was the next step, a portable smash brothers. Sakurai is keeping the interest of everybody rather than favoring those who bought a Wii U. So I think he’s probably being a good guy rather than a dick forcing you to buy a console so you can get the “full experience”, something you should’ve been given on the 3DS.

                            1. Exactly, there shouldn’t have been a 3DS version to begin with. Super Smash Bros has always been on home consoles until now, so it wouldn’t have been surprising at all if they decided to keep it that way. The reason why they decided to make a 3DS version wasn’t because they care about their fans or anything like that, it was because Nintendo knew they would make lotsss of money with it, seeing how the 3DS has a damn huge install base. But they seem to have ignored the fact that the WiiU needs some serious support right now, seeing the struggle it’s going through. The 3DS is bringing in heaps of money either way, so not making a version for the 3DS wouldn’t have damaged them in the least. On the contrary, it would have helped them move huge amounts of WiiUs, which is what they exactly -need- at the moment, because, unlike the 3DS, it’s not selling well on its own.
                              Also, of course do people deserve a better version of a game if they decide to buy a better, stronger system they also pay more money for. There is literally nothing that speaks against the WiiU version having more/better content. The game doesn’t even support cross-platform play, so it wouldn’t be problematic in any way if the WiiU had, for example, a wider variety of characters in the roster. So, WiiU owners should very well be favoured, they paid for it after all.

                                1. But, but I basically said the WiiU deserves better and the 3DS version of SSB is in the way of the WiiU version because the WiiU could deliver a much better game… That’s positive…………. ):
                                  Mercy plz.

                                2. xD Now, now. I don’t agree with some of the things she says but I agree with her on this. We’re paying 20 bucks more for the Wii U version. That’s more than enough reason to give the Wii U version more exclusive content besides just modes, music, & trophies. If the 3DS owners have a problem with it, tough shit. They are only paying 40 bucks for their version. It’s only right that they get less content.

                                  1. Lol the 3DS owners are getting way more attention. They already have enough first party games and now they’re getting Wii U’s games, plus they get an upgrade to the 3DS with even more first party games. It’s almost as if Nintendo is BEGGING them not to get a Wii U. XD

                              1. The Wii U is stacked for the next year they will be getting a dick load of support top to bottom the 3DS is going to fall short next year. Next time look up what you are complaining about before you make half ass remarks. One is to take advantage of the 3DS market shit if you think Microsoft or Sony wouldn’t have done the same you are outta your mind they would have made DLC already had they been the ones behind Smash. Nintendo is a company they want money they produce a quality game we buy it they happy we happy period end of story. They also need a game to hold the fort for the next year This along with Pokemon remake will keep 3DS happy until they release their respective IP for the next year sparse as it is because of two flagships carrying the system.

                            2. Ignoring the exclusive features on the 3Ds though and put NFC on 3Ds even though it naturally didn’t come with it. So only thing that makes Wii U version definitive is better controls and graphics. And besides smash bros on 3Ds would have sold well even if Wii U version offered more characters. But I guess a person like you don’t want Wii U sales to sell better. I’m not even going to buy the 3Ds version anymore. I’m scared if I bought it, I wouldn’t have a reason to buy the Wii U one. There aren’t really enough incentives on why e need a Wii u version.

                      1. y’all are being stupid. a clone character does not limit the roster. more characters could have been added- you just have to stop adding them at a certain point. dark pit was added probably because it was easy to edit pit in late development, and sakurai knows that advanced players will appreciate the slight differences in play style. iow, go fuck you haters, cause i don’t see you bitching about other fighting games with smaller rosters.

                        1. I can’t understanding the twins were up and running on Wii U and not 3Ds then wouldn’t common sense tell you just make them available for Wii U? But come up with a shitty reason they are outdated and unpopular but give us Dog Hunt Dog. Its not even about the twins its about the fact smash was dumbed down for a weaker hardware. All ice climbers did was confirm Wii U owners are getting a slap in the face.

                    2. Hey look! >:3 a wanna be gamer complaining about games of nintendo. Hold on the voice is telling me something…beep. Ah yes did you heard? BF4 had a bug on the 1st day! wait what’s that? How many patched versions did ps3 have to help on some errors? 6.4 if you ask. Oh look!! 4 games on Xbox had glitches! Is that Skyrim!? quick ket’s glitch over the mountain with a dark horse! Did you heard that? Nintendo only had few games with glitches but not error. Oh Goodie Nintendo is dam good :3

                      1. Before the Internet, Nintendo NEVER had game-breaking glitches that suddenly popped out without some sort of strenuous tweaking, and I don’t see why having the capacity to fix them from afar now is an excuse for such a decline in quality.

                        1. It’s not glitchy though! There’s been like TWO glitches! And it’s being played like NONSTOP by a community, so there would TOTALLY be more now if it actually was glitchy! Booby’s just has some sort of vendetta against the guy who fricken MADE the franchise! Don’t listen to this kid!

                          1. It’s not even been a fucking week! Whenever have you heard of Nintendo ever releasing something that glitches out in the first few days?

                        2. Forming an opinion of something without owning that “something” does make your opinion anymore valid.
                          Nor does making up bullshit.

                          Glitches will always be in a game, no matter what. There is no excuse for a glitch, but sometimes no one can’t find it, because who would expect there to be a glitch if its found out by unorthodox means when all of the visible glitches are there or if there is just a certain way to get a glitch to happen that not many will have even the though of doing, especially if it doesn’t effect gameplay at all? Its like trying to search for the lost treasure of whatever famous pirate of the seas in the Atlantic Ocean without any clues or even a smidgen of a hint.

                          1. I’m not sure where exactly in my initial comment I have expressed an opinion ? But either way, I don’t see why I can’t form a valid opinion about something I don’t own just because I don’t own it. A car can, in my opinion, be a convenient object to travel with, even if I don’t own a car. Is that opinion not valid ? I believe it is.
                            Also, you just said it yourself, there is no excuse for a glitch, and that was what I was saying in my previous comment. I haven’t pointed out a specific glitch I was referring to, I was rather speaking about glitches in general, so it’s a bit strange of you to assume I’m talking about glitches that are hard to find or don’t affect the gameplay at all. The glitch this article is about isn’t the only glitch that’s been found in the gam, and even though I agree that this one doesn’t really affect gameplay, there are others that very well do.

                    3. Do you have any idea how much work Sakurai is putting into this game just to satisfy his fans?? He tries his best to develop this game and his “fans” act like it’s not enough. Why don’t you try and make a game for people who’ll just point out your mistakes and act like they’ve done it for 40 years or something. It’s like baking a cake for a bunch of toddlers who won’t stop chanting about what they want you to cook in the cake. This whole hate thing is annoying.

                      1. I never asked him to invest such time on it, there’s other people in and out of Nintendo that can do a better job in half the time, if he really cared to make a good product he would limit himself to being a supervisor or an adviser, wanting to do everything by himself is not noble, he’s just on a power trip, hoarding the franchise so he can paste his name on it for the rest of his life.
                        And again, if we complain is because we CARE, we don’t want to support mediocrity, much less uphold it as an example of good game making, you don’t get to just label and single out people as “trolls” and “haters”, doing so just means you don’t have an argument so you’ll just exploit the hive mind of the fanboys, it’s no different from saying that a homosexual or a black person are subhumans simply because you personally don’t like what they stand for.

                        1. No, you’re not complaining because you care.
                          You’re complaining because you don’t like the roster, hate the fact that he decided to give an equal experience to both versions, and are using both as excuses to be an ungrateful little child towards the one person who cares most about this game.
                          Play as a new character, accept the fact that the majority of the fan base wanted and appreciate the portable version, and QUIT FUCKING WHINING!

                              1. WTF you talking about? If they didn’t offer NFC tech and same characters majorty of the people wouldnt sacrifice on the go for the best experience.

                              1. Smash bros ain’t selling in Japan because its on the go its selling because its the first smash bros. Game since 2007. Of course its going to sell.

                            1. You should quit having fag fantasies about that stuff.
                              He’s getting defended because, unlike you, he’s doing something useful with his career and life.
                              Keep crying, kid. Even a non-Nintendo fan can recognize Sakurai’s efforts, which just goes to show how blatantly idiotic you are.

                          1. smashbrolink why don’t you do us a favor and jump off a cliff? And while you’re at it also take your mother so she doesn’t spawn any more weak minded people like you.

                            1. If I jump off anything, I’ll jump from a plane, with a wing suit/parachute, so I can toss a bomb through your roof.
                              I’d be doing the world a favor. You’re too stupid to let live.

                        2. no you are definitely a hater. you are calling the game mediocre because of one character being cut lol. i’m going to enjoy being able to play smash bros in the comfort of my home and also on the run with friends, like at a club meeting.

                          1. LOL exactly, Anon. These people are overreacting to the max because some characters they don’t like got in the game. Oh boo hoo. Lmao. But I do kind of wish they would’ve just made it Wii U exclusive so there might have been more content. Oh well. I’ll enjoy HD Smash and then eventually Smash on the go.

                        3. also, if other people could have made a better game they would have done it already. gee, i wonder why it hasn’t happened. the idiots who thought they could make a better game made playstation all-stars lol. which development team could do a better job? you haven’t named one you dibshit, and you are acting like sakurai developed the whole game on his own lololol

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                    5. Why not make the Ice Climbers a single character then? I Mean like instead of two just one and you can choose between Nana and Popo as Costumes. Four for Nana and four for Popo they can have the same move set expect the Special Up they could ride a pterodactyl or something would be awesome

                      1. Because that would take work.
                        Let me ask you, WHY NOT LET THE WII U VERSION BE AS GOOD AS IT CAN?
                        I don’t mind not having the Ice Climbers in the 3DS version, if the console can’t handle it then that’s it, I won’t complain, BUT WHY CUT THEM FROM THE WII U VERSION WHERE THEY’RE ALREADY UP AND RUNNING?
                        Why is Sakurai nerfing the Wii U version only so the 3DS one keeps up? What’s so bad about giving the people who actually paid for the superior console and are willing to pay 20 extra bucks for that console’s version of the game, A SUPERIOR VERSION OF THE GAME?

                        1. Because then 3DS sales would cripple slightly and fans would rage that the WiiU has more characters than the 3DS and call it an evil attempt to force people to get a WiiU? Do you think before you type or does the shit just come out on its own?

                          1. To be fair, the 3DS was never supposed to be getting the game to begin with so it doesn’t really matter if they if they get less content. Screw 3DS owners anyways. The handheld is already selling well enough and has enough good games on its own. Nintendo needs to cater to the system that isn’t doing so good.

                    6. Yes i’m sakurai And I’m apart of Nintendo. Let’s rush a game with a horrible roster attachted to it. The people won’t care because they will pour money to us no matter what.

                      1. Exactly, the worst part is that your comment, clearly ironic, is the honest to god mindset of most people commenting here, they’ll actually turn on people who are trying to defend their best interest as consumers, and for who? A man who doesn’t give a fuck about their existence.

                        1. You don’t know what IS in our best interests as consumers.
                          You’re just trying to pass off your arrogant and ungrateful whining as some sort of justified crusade.
                          If you think smash 4 sucks so bad just because the portable version dictated the roster size, then don’t fucking play it!
                          Good knows no one here is going to miss someone add ungrateful as you in the community.

                        2. Yup. See fake Nintendo fans is the reason Metroid and Starfox is taking forever to come out because they eat anything Nintendo shits out. If we don’t start complaining now the next smash bros will also be dumbed down too. I I thought common sense and logic would have told him what the 3Ds can’t handle is an exclusive to the Wii U. Its only like 2 or 3 reasons that Wii u is the definitive version for $20 more.

                    7. LOL “Nana, Popo…!”
                      This… is an indirect insult to the Ice Climbers players!! I’m even a main Wolf player myself and I’m not proud of Sakurai for dismissing him and Lucas! But Ice Climbers not being in Smash it just can’t be Smash anymore. I hate looking at the roster now.
                      But yes my second option is Yoshi and now Yoshi would be the only main I would have at Sm4sh.

                      1. One more thing:
                        Villager = Ice Climber (Replacement). I bet he has the exact model size as Popo.
                        Also, the fact you can change from male to female villager could be the same fact you could change costume to play as Nana or Popo main attackers on previous installments of Smash, with Nana being the “female Villager”.

                        1. Everything in this games is just an endless recycling, In an earlier post there’s a quote from Sakurai saying he didn’t include other characters like Mewtwo because he couldn’t import the Melee data, like, he’s admitting he’s a lazy fuck who won’t actually program shit for these games, he’ll just pull it from the old ones, if so then what’s the fucking point? Why don’t I just keep playing Brawl for the next four decades?

                          1. Wait after 13years he couldint get the Mew two data? Bullshit and what’s the reason for Lucus? Let me guess 3Ds can’t handle it? That’s why there are like a ton of skin characters so 3Ds can handle it. Just admit he fucked up in working this game around the weaker hardware. Babying the Wii U version in tons of skin characters is dumb and stupid.

                              1. How many gigs you think Smash for Wii u will take up if downloaded? I think 2 gigs since skin characters don’t use like nothing.

                        2. I assume you haven’t played the demo. Villager plays nothing like Ice Climber(s). If anything Villager is more like a cross between Jiggilypuff and ROB. He’s got the harassment of Jiggilypuff and the delay/range of ROB. And his Tree/ Gyroid specials feel unlike any move in previous versions. He’s honestly a strange character to play as, and I can see him being one of the greats.

                          Kinda bummed that Ice Climbers and Wolf didn’t make it (my brother mains Wolf), but that’s just the way it is. There are plenty of new comers with unique attacks and play styles, so I’m pretty happy. The only real exception are Lucina, Dr Mario, and Dark Pit, who are blatant clones. If they switched these three with Ice Climbers, Wolf, and Mewtwo (or new comers with different moves) I would honestly call this the perfect roster.

                          And Yoshi is your only main? Just wait a little while and try playing as some of the new comers/ buffed veterans. At least from the demo, Mega Man and Villager are very unique, so just try looking for a character(s) that just feels right. Sure, I’ve got my trusty Sheik/Ike/Jiggilypuff that I could always dish out, but, I think I’m gonna try out all the new characters before I really “train” with these three.

                        3. The ICs are brother and sister you CAN’T have them seperated it would defeat the purpose and the challenge of fighting them. That’s the gimmick they fight together they win together. Do people honestly turn their brains off when complaining about something.

                      1. Or it could be: one of the developers is playing a prank, or it is left over data, or it is a glitch, or it is a fake video. It could be many things.
                        But, my guess is, they brought in assets from Brawl, remade/ refined them, and forgot to take some of the assets out. Not sure why it triggered, but KOing two Dr Mario’s with a home run bat is really obscure.

                    8. Its funny how you think that Sakurai would screw over people with the 3DS. You say you care, but you obviously don’t otherwise you would know that not all can afford the Wii U and that both games should be equal otherwise there would be more hate. Another thing that bugs me, the clones Dark Pit, Dr Mario, and Lucina, DON’T take away from original characters. They are just added near the end as a bonus.

                      1. You think both games should be equal? Then so should the price! I guess you suggest Toyota and Lexus too? Also I guess one who went to school and got his degree and makes 6 figures a year should be equal and leave next to a college drop out. NOT!

                      2. I wish I could stab you in the eye, I really wish.
                        So you say WIi U owners don’t matter?
                        Newsflash cunt, I’m not richt, I saved for months to fucking buy the Wii U, but I did so because I wanted to support it, and now I get to play a glorified port for 20 extra bucks which I can barely afford, oh, but it’s ok because the little dipshit already convinced himself that I’m fucking rich.

                    9. I’ve read the comments here, and although that Booby’s kid is flaming, I agree with some of the pionts he said. First, his hating on Sakurai is stupid, ignorant, and childish. Second, complaining about the glitches is repulsive being there’s only been 2 or so glitches found and to me this is more of an Easter egg than a glitch. Now, I actually agree with Ice Climbers. The 3DS version held down the Wii U’s. You can try to concoct whatever excuse you can, its a fact. Sure, he tried to cater to the 3DS audience, but doing so only hindered it from being what it could have been on Wii U. I paid 300$ for my Wii U. When my brother got it back on launch it was 350. 3DS is 100$ less than it, and the game is 30 more than its 3DS counterpart. We SHOULD have a better roster. In making the 3DS version the best it could be, they took away from Wii U. No matter how good the Wii U version is, it could have been better had it not been so focused on not outdoing the 3DS. Cutting the Ice Climbers was a move I’ll never ever understand. I HOPE they put them in as DLC… But who knows. I think if enough people complain sooner or later he may… Maybe he already is working on them to be in it. I hope they make it, because unlike Dr. Mario, they were unique and original. They belong here. Without them, I still say the game is incomplete. I said at the very beginning I don’t care if Snake is cut. Or Ivysaur or even Metaknight. But cut any of my Melee veterans who made it to Brawl, and then I will have a problem. The fact that they were in the game originally on Wii U is what blew my mind. Still can’t believe they would cut them out just cause 3DS didn’t have the power.

                      1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

                        My biggest beef has always been Jigglypuff. Sakurai promised that he would never remove the original fighters from the roster. She isn’t as popular as before, so what’s the point? I mean, he used to be in the top 5 most popular pokemon, but now he’s not even on the map. I hope she doesn’t make it into the next installment. But I’m no gonna be surprised of he is.

                      2. They don’t care no matter how nicely you put it, I’ve been in this site for years under several names and they never hear to anything I say unless I throw it in their faces, if they don’t think it affects them they won’t show the littlest bit of solidarity to me, you or anyone in the unpopular crowd, they have their perfect 3DS game, and since they don’t care about supporting the Wii U they won’t support its owners either, which means you and I and everyone who paid for a better gaming experience gets shafted and tossed aside.
                        On your gripes, the reason I badmouth Sakurai is because of his awful design choices, his idiotic PR behavior and his self entitlement, yes, I cuss a lot, but I also make real points, he is crippling the game, not only because he insists on dumbing it down for the sake of the 3DS, but also because he is ill and yet he won’t allow anyone else to step in and take charge, he’d rather rush and ruin the game than understand he’s not in condition to be working almost by himself on it; and he’s been saying the stupidest shit lately, that the Ice Climbers are not worth a shit, that he won’t put Mewtwo in because he can’t bring himself to reprogram the Melee data, it just comes off as arrogant ramblings.
                        And complaining about game breaking glitches is not repulsive, when a glitch bars you 24 hours from online because they didn’t care to code it appropriately it is not wrong to complain, and this fucking chanting is just a mockery by this point.

                        1. I’ve agreed with some of your points but you are being pretty hateful with your comments, though, so I don’t blame some people for calling you a troll or something else to that effect. You really aren’t helping your case by insulting people or wishing you could stab them in the eye.

                    10. Yeah At least the glitches tells us the Game took full advantage if 3Ds. Too bad I can’t say the same for Wii U. What idiot makes their biggest tittle to be worked around the weaker hardware? I guess Toyota should strip the IS’ features like 300hp since the corolla platform can’t handle it. Or take away the Nissan Altima’s features to help the sentra. Better yet give IPhone 5 owners the same features as the new IPhone 6 owner even though it cost $600 to buy that new phone. If every business thought like Nintendo they too would see a lost in revenue.

                    11. Ice Climbers = Nintendo’s secret way of getting more money, by offering them later as DLC. Fortunately, I never cared about the Ice Climbers. So their absense from the game doesn’t bother me.

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