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New Nintendo 3DS & New 3DS XL Will Arrive In Australia And New Zealand November 21, 2014

Nintendo of Australia launched its first Nintendo Direct earlier today – much to the surprise of many fans. The presentation detailed a number of future arrivals for Australia and New Zealand on the 3DS, but the company also announced a release date for the New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL.

Tom Enoki, managing director at Nintendo of Australia, sent word over that the new 3DS hardware will arrive on November 21, 2014. While Japan receives it this October, Nintendo fans in North America and Europe must wait until 2015, though both regions have yet to receive a specified release date. For those who missed the Australian Nintendo Direct broadcast earlier, you can watch it in the video embedded above.

The new 3DS standard version will mark its entrance in white and come with a price tag of $219.95 AUD, while the new XL will come in two colour variations – Metallic Blue and Metallic Black – and is priced at $249.95 AUD. The presentation also confirmed 20 interchangeable face plates, which are also releasing in Japan this year. For the first time, Nintendo fans will be able to experience the new 3DS and 3DS XL at PAX Australia between October 31 and November 2.

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107 thoughts on “New Nintendo 3DS & New 3DS XL Will Arrive In Australia And New Zealand November 21, 2014”

    1. He said in the direct that the consoles didn’t include an AC adapter. That seems like a really weird move. I mean, I already have two of them… Or three? I have like four of these things. But it still seems really bizzare not to include them.

      1. It’s a waste when most people like you already have one, or two, or three, or four of those things. I wished all electronic manufacturers would just quit giving me the damn USB cable’s. Everyone owns more that one. Take the free money. Same for the earplugs. They suck and everyone has them. Just give us the phone, DS, or whatever we want without the cables and sell those separate or give people the option to get them for free when they purchase the device.

      1. i always thought that EU and australia was connected, at least in games section is always called “EU and Oceana”.. so i really really hope this would come as early in EU, or during xmas!

      1. Now Nintendo can charge massive prices for their stuff in Australia (as usual) and nobody will complain (because prices haven’t even been revealed for other territories).

  1. They’re probably holding it back for US and Europe so it doesn’t interfere with all the bundles and limited edition 3DS’ they announced for the holiday, as well as give them something strong to start off the new quarter

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    1. Biggest Nintendo fan since NES

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                3. Why don’t you thank people for submitting some things Silver, but thank them for others?


                  Not to be an ass about it but you guys are super late to almost everything Nintendo news related, so I know nearly 90% of the stuff here is submitted by the users of the site. Sometimes you guys are days late to news that is everywhere else, just like with Nintendo’s anniversary.

                  I’m sure I wasn’t the only person who submitted this earlier but it’s just funny I submit this hours ago and it shows up shortly after but with no thanks to anyone again when it was already known before that also and it wasn’t posted on this site until I submitted it. Unless it’s just a huge coincidence the articles I submit even show in the same order I’ve submitted them in, like with yesterday, you posted three articles I submitted in the same order I even sent them in, but you didn’t thank anyone for them.

                  I don’t care about my name being known at all or under every single thing I submit, but just a general thanks is nice.

                  1. Hi, I’m really sorry you were not thanked for any of the articles you sent in via email, Michelle. As I’ve explained to others in the past, Sickr handles the news tips and emails that come in and unless he forwards them on to me, I never see them. Yesterday, he was otherwise engaged and I was the only reporter on site.

                    Sometimes we’re late in getting news like the Australia Direct up because it happens in the early hours of the morning for us in the UK. Unfortunately, we can’t work around the clock with news like this between the three of us on this site – we’re only human, after all.

                    If you’d like to send me any news tips on the days I usually frequent the site (Mon – Wed), you can either send them in a direct comment to me on the first article I post, or you can contact me via my Twitter handle @ColetteStirling – where I always check my notifications each morning.

                    Again, really sorry you didn’t get thanked for anything you sent in. It really was a coincidence. So thank you, and thanks to everyone else who sends things in. It is much appreciated. :)

                      1. No problem, just assumed every one of you checked what was submitted. I guess we must think alike because that is a crazy coincidence indeed.

                        Anyway, I’ll keep that in mind for future reference, as I was also not aware that only three people ran the site.

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                  3. *spits out drink* LEAVING JAPAN ALREADY!?! O.O So… when is the US release? I hope it’s in a month I can actually afford it. If not, bleh. I’ll just get it when I can.

                  4. People actually play in NewZealand and Australia? Why would they be getting it before the biggest potential sales spot US?

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