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PictoChat 2 Stage Detailed In New Smash Bros 3DS Screenshot

Though Super Smash Bros 3DS is available in Japan, the game’s director Masahiro Sakurai is still continuing his “pic of the day” screenshots for fans overseas. Today, Sakurai showcases the PictoChat 2 stage with Pac-Man entering the arena. Almost a decade since PictoChat launched on the Nintendo DS, the messaging app has made its second appearance as a stage in  the Super Smash Bros franchise, with its debut in Brawl. Here’s what Sakurai said on Miiverse:

“PAC-MAN makes an appearance on the PictoChat 2 stage. We’ve included this as an element from Pac-Pix, which was released in 2005. It was quite revolutionary.”


“There are a lot of new elements in the PictoChat 2 stage. In this screenshot, it looks like there is depth to the stage…or like there isn’t. The illusory nature of the drawing is meant to challenge your perspective.”


21 thoughts on “PictoChat 2 Stage Detailed In New Smash Bros 3DS Screenshot”

  1. They really need to remake pictochat and make it online… Oh wait they already did but some wad decided it’d be funny to send children dick picks… *Sigh* I miss swapnote

      1. If they can incorporate all of its features into Miiverse, actually allow messaging and friend request without the fucking codes, then we wouldn’t need Swapnote anymore. X3 Oh and have offline use to draft messages and cards for later.

          1. Yeah. I was hoping the 3DS update would replace FCs forever but thanks to perverted fucks who used Swapnote for underaged porn, we may not see such changes and features anymore, at least on the 3DS.

            1. I don’t get why Nintendo is so hell bent on keeping kids safe. Trust me, if they want to find another way of communicating they will, most children have phones or tablets these days and almost every household has a computer, if there isn’t any they’ll just use one at a friends. So what sense is there in making the 3DS so limited socially? None.

              Makes even less sense when they aren’t that strict about the Wii U when just as many kids or pedophiles could abuse that also, hell it even has video chatting and you can add random people just from playing a game with them.

              It is almost like the war on drugs, just pointless. You aren’t ever going to completely stop children from making stupid mistakes either or stop pedophiles from taking advantage of those mistakes. Even worse when most these kids are literally asking for trouble, they want to act like their adults and hang out with them but they aren’t mature enough to know why these adults are usually hanging out with them in the first place.

              I would also say it has a lot to do with good parenting, sure a parent can’t watch everything their child does, but what happened in Japan was a bit extreme. How you don’t know your young daughter is going out to hotels and having sex with multiple men at the same time is a little odd to me. If you read the story, you probably would’ve immediately noticed that that girl was talking to these people on a computer long before her 3DS anyway… So the 3DS really had nothing to do with it and the nude pics are nothing compared to the fact she was literally already having sex with these grown men.

              3DS would be the least of my worries when it comes to these issues, how about the fact you go by any school today and you see all these little girls dressed like strippers, as if that is going to help anything. I drop my little sister off at school sometimes and I’m appalled at how some of this children dress or why their parents think that is okay.

              1. Sigh… That is disgusting. Lol. Those men should be ashamed. But of course that girl should also know better. The hell is wrong with people nowadays? XD

              2. It does make the parental controls & the warnings to parents that they aren’t responsible for online interactions pointless. They can be family friendly without completely hindering the enjoyment of people ages 16 & up. At the same time, I don’t think it’s Nintendo’s main HQ in Japan that’s the problem but the conservative idiots in charge at Nintendo of America. You can go to the Japan section of Miiverse & tell it’s mostly the idiots at Nintendo of America that’s the problem, since they aren’t as strict in the Japan section of Miiverse.

                But I could be wrong…

              3. I think it’s more of a lawsuit thing. Parents buy their children 3DS’s so that their child will have entertainment. It’s not their fault then that suddenly their child is exposed to all sorts of porn and pedophilia because of their 3DS. Then they have a case to take up with Nintendo. So, yeah, you can claim that some how they’ll lose their innocence, but Nintendo doesn’t want to be the one to do that.

  2. I always loved this stage on Brawl. It was amazing to fight on with all the stuff it kept drawing. That’s why I love Smash Bros because of awesome stages. It’s so fun with items on. :D

      1. Items are for the truly hardcore, to be honest. The items, especially Pokeballs & Assist Trophies, cause the battlefield to be very chaotic so therefore you have to be even more on your game than you would with items off.

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